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Capt. Agarwal – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. Orals Questions

Capt. Agarwal – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. MMD Exams Surveyor Orals Questions. Prepared as per Latest Dates:

3-FEB-21Rule 6, 8, 13, 14, 15, 18 CBD RAM NUC, DAY SIGNAL RAM NUC CBD night signal, Situation 3-4, Cards 3-4,   Pilot vessel rv signal, Passage planning, Publication on board & correctn What information you gt from ASD Corrections , Sextant errors, Ranging and phasing of echo sounder & errors Why gyro show errors in higher lat?
5-JAN-21Amver  IAMSAR Gyro in high lat Errors of barograph Routing charts Various situations about crossing and overtaking Rule 6 and 18 8 e
4-DEC-20ROR rule 19,3,7,3, 18. NUC lights and shapes. Alpha flag what indicate. Diving operation lights. Shapes dimensions. ENC correction detail. Ranging phasing. Limitations of ECDIS. Performance standards of ECDIS. Mumbai to Tokyo which publication you will refer. 4 cards. Simple situation crossing and overtaking. Narrow channel overtaking what sound uh will give. Track path TRS origin. Names of metrological equipment on board. Annex 4
6-NOV-20Rule 6, 13, 14, 15 , 18 Cards: NUC, Ram, cardinal marks, preferred channel. Grounding vsl light day light signal, space between balls and specifications, Ram day light signal and specifications, NUC day and night signal, fog signal all VSL, H and P Morse code signal , turning circle, GPS error, Situations: crossing, overtaking. how will you come to know that your chart is corrected, echo sounder error, phasing and ranging, inspires, squat and how to mimimize the squat, sextant errors, routine chart detail, annex 4 in detail, gyroscope principal, gyro error, one condition you are in China and you had a collision with fishing vessel take action in synchronization.
6-NOV-20Principal of gyro Gyro errors RAM day signal night signal Day signal ball dimentions Day signal Diamond dimentions Buoys cards , ror cards Rule no 13,18,19 Fog signals of PD , PILOT VESSEL 3 situations Crossing  and overtaking
5-NOV-20Rule 6, 9, 19, 18A Cards: Nuc, Ram, cardinal marks, isolated danger, preferred channel. Situations: crossing , overtaking. How to correct paper chart, how will you come to know that your chart is corrected, Enc corrections, AIO , echo sounder error, chart datum, IAMSAR search pattern, Amver , inspires, squat and how to mimimize the squat, sighted rocket parachute flares take action, How to test sart and when ? Barometer errors, how you will find height to apply barometer error, Sextant errors, onload offload test of GMDSS battery, daily and weekly checks of GMDSS equipment
9-OCT-20(Mainly asked old questions from my previous orals) -Rule 19,18,6,9,15 -annex4 -definitions & day shapes and specifications of RAM, CBD, fishing vsl etc -INSPIRES, managing authority of it -INDSAR. managing authority -Sextant and its errors, glasses, etc. -gyro fail actions as OOW -deviation card -after departure from port u saw lot of fishing traffic around your vsl, suddenly u heard a loud noise. Your actions -errors of barograph -situations in narrow channels (about 90%), crossing, RV, head on, overtaking, sailing -Cards on RAM, NUC, anchored vsl, aground vsl, north cardinal mark
4-MARCH-201) use of lightning holes 2) saucering and bundling 3) precautions of coal 4) sheer plate, camber 5) content of sopep 6) GMP requirements 7) requirements for lowering L/B 8) IMSBC Groups 9) take over cargo watch 10) while using DCP extinguisher why CO2 doesn’t come out
2-MARCH-20Passage planning.How ill u use ASD from where u gets information of asd. What all info u get from ASD?Chart symbol, wrek swept by wire, wrek dangerous to navigation.Echo sounder error? Pythagoras in detail.Limitation of ECDIS?Chart correction?CNM?Alrs volume? & name?Aneroid barometer error. How will u correct index error?Control test?Ror-13 ,19, flag O ,H ask colour and signal?Situations crossing, narrow channel ovtkg, headon.Amplitude, azimuth etc not remember
13-FEB-20Started with general intro and his guidelines for answering Commenced with fxn1 Passage plan publications, ALRS volumes in detail, ITU manual, ASD contents, other publications, Chart corrections, NTM asked to correct a chart with some notices, Echo sounder: errors, phasing, explain how to obtain morning and noon sight, sextant errors, SART testing procedure, ROR Rules 19,18,7 emergency as gyro failure and actions. Laid down some courses of the same and asked what course to steer in this case Some Situations of PD and SV, Cardinal buoys, E cardinal mark light, etc.
12-FEB-20– rule 18,19, CBD – Passage planning (not exactly PP but general stuff ) – Various Fog signal – Annex 2 – Taking over watch – Situation head on, crossing (rule 2 involved)
3-FEB-20Cards reg – Preferred channel to port/ Stbd, Towing vessel, Fishing Vessel.Situations.RV, when own vessel slow down there is a vessel right behind so cannot slow down and vessel on starboard side very close. So justify going to port using 2b.OV in TSS crossing vessel from starboard side. So in TSS normal rules apply i.e own vessel to give way. Above situation but in Narrow channel then own vessel becomes stand on vessel. CBD vessel. CBD has PD vessel on starboard bow. So has to know CBD does not have right of way and has to reduce speed, however the PD vessel may give way depending on the situation but is not required. Towing vessel. Towing vessel on port bow.  So has to know that own vessel is stand on vessel unless towing vessel is showing RAM lights.PD vessel being overtaken by FV. So has to know the irrespective of the type any vessel overtaking has to give way. What is passage plan and stages of passage plan. What is clearing bearing?What is Margin of Safety?What is Amplitude and when is taken. How do you take noon position by sight. Explain fully. What if you get clouds during noon sight. What are options. How to do corrections on ECDIS? How to do T&P corrections in ECDIS? What is Catzod in ECDIS charts?What are the minimum inputs in ECDIS? What are routing charts?Error echo sounder. Explain stylus speed error
8-JAN-20Limitations of ECDIS. Tell me about IAMSAR. Draw sector search. Many different cards including day shapes too. (Tried to confuse by showing day signal of 3 black balls in a vertical line and later 3 red lights in a vertical line cards). What is squat? How to reduce it? Method to obtain accurate gyro error? (transit lights). Signs you’ll get of approaching TRS. Wind is veering and you are in South China Sea, which semicircle you’re in? (You’re in NH) Now you got all the signs of TRS, take action. Buoys ballot law? What is interaction? Why is barometer used? Why is anemometer used?
6-JAN-20Emergency wreck marking buoy. Rule 19, Rule 9, Rule 14, Rule 15. Crossing narrow channel and overtaking situations with 3 vessels (lots of cross question related to the situation only). Limitations of ECDIS. Errors of echo sounder. What is Pythagoras error? Sea stabilization mode. Ground stabilization mode. What is Isobar? Sign of formation of TRS. Errors of aneroid barometer. You add or subtract the height correction in aneroid barometer Saw rocket parachute flair at port bow…action? CBD card and CBD definition. INDSAR, Pilot vessel lights. Fog signal of pilot vessel. Fishing vessel light at anchor. Fog signal of aground vessel
19-DEC-19What is rule 19,5,13,14,17 CBD RAM NUC definition light n day signal Chart symbol How will u find ur position no equipment working Heading 090 east cardinal mark right ahead action Limitation of ECDIS Why gyro showing error at higher latitude Error of gps echosounder n many more cross questn in between like what is Pythagoras error n abt error Seen rocket parasute action
16-DEC-191. Rule 18 in own words 2. Cross qns n asked CBD and Ram vessel definitions 3. 2 situations 4. Echo sounder error 5. Cards of bouys isolated danger mark and east cardinal bouy 6. Rule 19 explanation 7. Inspires?? couldn’t answer this 8. Gyro yy not working in higher latitude 9. You see red flare on ur starboard bow, take action. 10. Limitations of ECDIS
5-DEC-19Taking over cargo watch at sea (at night) Passage planning in detain name of all publications used in passage planning How to correct ASD on board. Lots of card RAM, NUC, CBD, trailer, pilot vsl, Length of the cylinder and dia. Quote rule 6, 13, 18, 19, 3. Definition of CBD, NUC. How will you correct charts? How will you know the vsl that is nearby you is a NUC or a aground vsl. WT will be the day and night signal
13-NOV-19ROR understanding can do no need to quote. Rule 13, 18, 8. Situations, day and night signal’s card . Windrose with description , Chart datum, Phasing mode (echo sounder ) Gyro failure, Why do gyro fails over 70 ‘s, Bouyage system n thr lights (Isophase, acculting, flashing), Order charts on ECDIS, Your vessel aground action, Distress signals annex 4
11-NOV-191. What rules applies in sight of one another? 2. Rule 6,19 and 14 code 3. 9,10 cards night ,day and buoy 4. Symbols 4,5 5. Day n night signal for ram ,nuc, fishing and action and dia of shape,and there spacing (anex 1) 6. Storm ,u r in NH.  How to find u r in dangerous semicircle or navigable Semicircle 7. What is RHSC, Veering, path and track in TRS 8. Situation in narrow channel overtaking vessel. .and sound signals . .all about narrow channel 9. Errors of echo sounder 10. What is phasing in echo sounder? 11. What is INSPIRE and who controls it 12. Anderson turn .when to use n how to use 13. Passage planning from Mumbai to haldiya 14. How to monitoring in passage plan 15. All publication. After that what is d use of ASD and it’s contents 16. 2 point on stbd bow red flare seen .what it is .and what actions u will take 17. 2 all-round red light and white light on her aft .sighted what actions u will take. 18 . E. Cardinal mark sighted right ahead 19. What is RAM vessel (all 6 poits) 20. How to do correction in ECDIS 21. Errors of GYRO And how to current this errors 22. What is muster card and it’s contents 23. How to take Parallel indexing? 24. Tell me about running fix 25. Error of sextant  26. Ur duty as a navigation officer.
3-MAY-19Ext started with introduction; company name, vessel sailed and types, verified with attached sea time letter, said so you are sailing as AB. Prepared?? From which function shall I start? I said prepared and start with anything sir. How will you correct ASD?? How will you correct paper chart?? How will you come to know it’s upto date? Tell me about ECDIS, how will you correct ENC?? Who supplies correction? Correction how will you apply?? What do you understand of permits?? What all shallow water effects?? How you will come to know if it’s smelling ground?? Ship model there, gave overtaking and another vessel crossing, cross questioning What is rule no 13?? What is NUC?? Lights?? vertical distance?? day signal?? Dimensions? What is CBD? RAM? Day and night signal? Dimensions of cylinder? What do you understand restricted visibility?? Quick flashing 3 lights?? Where it can be found?? Describe what it indicates?? North cardinal mark?? Showed lateral mark told to identify.(cone region A stbd side). Day signal of pilot vessel? Showed card of pilot vessel having hotel flag. Fishing vessel card. Fog signal of various types of vessel. Again ship model for situation. Safe speed how you will determine?? What do you mean of T &P correction? You are on navigation watch, gyro failure. What is restricted visibility? How will you test sart?? Wanted to listen the action prior commencing the test , I told the procedure but then added that announce safety message on ch 13 to indicate vessels in vicinity. Special measures of navigation in RV. How will you identify TRS?? If approaching action?? What are routing chart? How it’s useful in passage planning? What is eye? Eyewall?? Sextant errors?? GPS errors?? Echo sounder error?? Height correction to barometer? Why?? How to take sight ?? At 8 am one sight taken and at afternoon another, explain how and why ?? What kind of PLs will be obtained? I told by plane parallel sailing, apply run and transfer 8 am PL on noon PL which will be calculated by having lmt merpass. Why long by chrone and lat by meridian?? It was like exhausting, he received a phone call I took out bottle and drunk water.
4-APRIL-19Taking over cargo watch at sea (at night) Passage planning in detain name of all publications used in passage planning How to correct ASD on board . Lots of card Ram,nuc,CBD,twraller,pilot vsl, Length of the cylinder and dia. Quote rule 6,13,18,19,3 Definition of CBD ,Nuc. How will you correct charts , How will you know the vsl that is near by you is a nuc or a aground vsl WT will be the day and night signal
14-MAR-19R 18,13,6 Cards day/night Narrow channel/head on situations, sound signals, NUC, Aground lights, muster list contents, TRS, Chart corrections, emergency source of power on bridge, squat factors, shallow water factors, annex 4, barometer corrections, How will u know ur ENC is updated, TRS path in SH, crossing situation, CBD on own vsl port side roc exist who is stand on, towing vsl port side crossing, smelling ground, buoys, turning circle factors
15-FEB-19IALA-NORT,SOUTH,SAFE WATER MARK,REGION B PREFF CHANNEL TO PORT ……tell light and there rethym. Night card piolt vessel,day card trawler hauling net Rule 19 and 18 full word to word. You see vessel with flage A take action. Error of echo sounder. What is squat and causes? How to update PPR chart and ECDIS? WNW full content. India in which nav area What is AMVER and inspire In your ship which side turning circle was small port or stbd and reason. PSC onboard how you will show to them that your charts are upto date in ecdis.
4-OCT-18Passage plan, publication, Cardes around 10 both day and night, wop formula, how will u do chart  correction, situation simple head on, u wanna overtake vsl in narrow channel from port side what signal will u give and if she agree what signal she will give, quote rule 15,14, and 13, name the rule no 34,how will u do correction in ecdis, prolong blast, annex 4,distance between 2 light, mob on port side, flag o, meaning of flag A and B, chat datum, arc of stern light and mast head light, Mercury barometer error, TRS any 2 approaching sign.
7-SEPT-18Publications used for passage planning. West cardinal buoy. South cardinal buoy. ROR situations crossing and headon together. Rule 3 -sailing vsl, CBD vsl. Rule 6, 14, 15. Lights and shapes of CBD, NUC, Agroung. Size of cylinder shape. 7 Distress signals as per Annex 4. Ship collision action. Type of message to be transmitted. What is Sea Area A1. Sextant Errors and how to correct it. First 3 things to be done on a Navigational Watch. Masters Standing order.
9-AUG-18Rule 13 19 and 14. Head on situation. Few cards. Rocket parachute seeing on stbd bow action in sequence. Wat is dgps. Passage planning in between ask containes of nautical publication how to correct charts. Few small general question not remember Gave me 8 marks Internal Capt PC meena Around all symbol of storms where vl display this symbol on port Different between rule 2 and 18, different between rule 6 and 19 , Ecdis data presentation, digital nautical publication Finally he asked me regarding vdr which I didn’t answer so he told me come tomorrow find out all details regarding vdr he wrote pass on my exn sheet bt kept tht with him only today morning I report him at 9:30 he called me inside 11 o clock and asked what is the use of vdr Dnt know the answer of this 2 question who vl retrieve info frm vdr after collision and is coastal navy Wat vl do with vdr??
13-JULY-181. Quote rule 13 and rule 6….best way to quote rule is start with part B steering and sailing rules Section 2 in sight of one another  Rule 13  overtaking then quote all points. 2.Passage planning as a second mate here he wants answer in 4 stages of planning and want to here all nautical publication you will use while passage planning 3. how many volumes of ASD, how will u come to know which ASD to use 4. wreck dangerous to navigation and wreck showing part of hull draw 5. wind rose draw 6. Routine charts info 7. How many ALRS volumes And tell me content of volume no 6 8. How u will correct charts onboard 9. Cbd definition 10. what is DGPS Explain 11. What is chart datum 12. Seen red stars on u r port side….he wants answer for this in sequence sir this distress signal…….i will inform master and inform crs….so on 13. Gyro fail 200 (true) is ur course and gyro course was also 200 and magnetic is 175….what action u will take….here also he want answer in a sequence  1st I will take wheel on hand steer with magnetic as 175….then inform the master and so speak rest all the points. When u will apply var and dev when u r gyro is failed…from where u will get variation and deviation? 14. Errors of GPS what is ionospheric error? 15.  From where u will get chart symbols and abbrivation 16. What is smelling the ground 17. Tell me three Factor affecting squat 18. Tell me Formulae of block coefficient used in squat 19. how will u know whether u r charts are corrected or not ? 20. Contents of ASD 21. one vsl crossing from your port side and one vessel Is head on to u….take action….i appied rule 2 here special circumstances…we can not alter to port for vsl on port…and I hav head on also so I gave one short blast alter stbd pass astern of vsl crossing from port….In situation he will try to confuse you to take wrong action…but apply ROR in mind then open u r mouth…and remember to start with take series of bearing determine ROC exist…
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