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Capt. Ajay – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. Orals Questions

Capt. Ajay – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. MMD Exams Surveyor Orals Questions. Prepared as per Latest Dates:

5-SEPT-18Passage Plan. Monitoring in detail. Navtex and its setting. Rule 9,13 and 6 quote. What do you understand by safe speed? Gps errors. Barograph. What is traffic separation scheme and which vessels can enter ? Relative Humidity and how to calculate? What do you understand by foul ground ? Drew all the wrecks you know. No cards. No situation.
15-MAR-18Explain passage planning. safe speed Narrow Channel. Publications used in passage planning Difference between lights on chart and in list of lights book Radar range and bearing composition or X band and S band radar difference
18-JAN-18Which ship sailed on ….and routes and all… Asked about my captain. .and previous school. ….he was from rimc  ….sainik school guys would now that .. Startd with questions. Ror …rule 5….8….13….one situation of rv …egc in satc….msi…..errors of gps …..anchor watch duty….distrs alert action ….iamsar search pttern….avoiding action in tss ….tide current and ocean current. ..asd details… u know anchor drag ….annex 1 in ur word s…and some more ….easy ones ….
16-JAN-18External took 4-5 questns then handed over to trainee surveyor Range discrimination bearing discrimination , ships routine ~ why it’s there if TSS is given on charts and why it’s kept on masters cabin?…Asd all alrs correction in detail …U HV joined as a third officer n wat u LL do with annual summary to notices..Y x band radar compulsory .N y we can’t place two x band radar ..Distress how you got it n procedure after seeing it ..Chart correction catalogue ..How to TK compass error contents of  compass error book .Contents of wheel house poster…Some ror cards…Some crossing situations …Rule 15 6 17 quote. .annex names..What info from asd all ..N lighthouse characters r given on chart y we need all …Is magnetic a requirement. .Diffrnc btw gyro n y we need gyro. .Limitations of ARPA…NFU mode how it’s different from hand steering ..If ur navtex not receiving any message ur action….Wat r the different ways of rcvng nav warnings.   Echo sounder alarm…
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