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Capt. Anish Joseph – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. Orals Questions

Capt. Anish Joseph – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. MMD Exams Surveyor Orals Questions. Prepared as per Latest Dates:

14-FEB-19Rules 18 quote & explain each point… What do u mean “Not to Impeded” a couple of crossing situations One RV situation Meaning of “Take all way off” Fishing vessel & Trawlers all lights…
9-FEB-19Quote Rule 18, situation tss own pd vsl in tss sailing vsl crossing from stbd to port who is give way vsl. Situation of which rule overide rule which rule “impedes” word comes – 8f,9,10,18. Quote rule 8f. which rule superimpose all rules – rule 8f, cbd on port crossing situation yr pd val. Who is give way vsl.which rule apply why don’t u cross from ahead. Then he put nuc vsl in place of cbd action same repeated questions like above. When we overtake so how many miles you will go ahead of that vsl for finally past & clear. Shall not Impedes & keep clear difference . Light fishing vsl at anchor. Which ships carry masthead light.
8-FEB-19Tell me rule 10.. in your understanding.. Which organiser, how u knw dt imo hs adopted TSS..frm wher….i said colreg…he replied me…no…wrng…den i ansd..srry ..its imo routine guide..yes dtz d correct ans… .seprsn zone def?  started situations. 1.In tss SV crossing frm stbd side..u r pd vsl..whs give way…nd wat actn? overtaking u frm stbd qtr ..actn wt explanation.. 3.same ovtrking…vsl chngd…nw u r overtaking another …tek actn..wit explanation….frm wich side u ll over take nd why..?nd why nt frm another side.. TSS..u r pd vsl nd othr pd crossing u frn stbd side ..action….nd as per wich rules. .wil u tek actn directly as per rule no 15..?? cbd vsl more than 100 mtr underwy..lights , day signal & veritcal nd horizontal distance as per annex.?
11-OCT-1820Night cards, no day cards Situations In Lat 80° N, how will you find direction? GPS errors (in detail) Errors of magnetic compass (in detail) Errors of gyro (in detail) What is the conflict between Rule 18 and Rule 13. Quote 19.
10-MAY-18Started with company name, told you’ve got good marks in external now lets open up your mind, asked abt asd – content, corrections, how will you do, show it, gave situations – FV CROSSING frm port side..action,  lights, day signal, justification for action, will you cross ahead or not, how will you check effectiveness of your action, trial manoeuvre, overtaking from port side action and cross questions.. very impressed with the answers.. asked from where did you learn ROR.. said cockroft and some videos by capt Bhatia
2-NOV-17NUC lights day signal. Aground lights n day signal. Two situations – CBD overtaking PD in TSS and change to Narrow. Sound signal in narrow channel Cross questions on action, responsibility, sound signal. Pd crossing nuc. Action. Rule 19 explain. GPS theroy  principal Working+ 2D 3D  meaning, what X,Y,Z means + errors. What information u  get from GPS. All chapter of GPS. Send me outside two time for GPS questions.
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