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Capt. Awasthi – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. Orals Questions

Capt. Awasthi – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. MMD Exams Surveyor Orals Questions. Prepared as per Latest Dates:

16-MARCH-201. Crossing and overtaking situation 2. How will you identify a vessel is overtaking you?  3. What is lookout? 2. Rule 2,7,13 3. Passage planning Cochin to Chitagong. 4. What is NP100? 5. Where is IMO? What does it do?  6.  Boxing of compass S to E 7. Master standing orders 8. Can you reduce the speed to avoid collision without consulting master? 
4-NOV-19Sextant errors and their correction. Passage plan Mundra to Jakarta. Fire you are in your cabin, fire alarm, action. How to escape in such situation nearest exit? Rule 21. Sat C Basic procedure for hand steering.. what to check? Prepare muster list. Components of magnetic compass ..have u seen onboard. Sight procedure and what is chronometer and its error with correction req.. gps not working. Dist. between two day signals (shapes).
11-AUG-19Passage plan from Kochi to Far East , position plotting etc . (Weather Conditions, HRA , Traffic ) Situation Lights shapes and signals ( mining , fishing vessel , nuc etc ) Distance between to vertical lights ? Emergency : M/E failure while approaching port action , Master not picking up the call action , etc ( Main Indication of Lights and Shape ) ASD , chart catalogue. IAMSAR . What volume should be available on bridge? Sextant Errors, Index Error and correction.
6-AUG-19Sextant errors and thier correction Passage plan Mundra to Jakarta Fire ..u r in ur cabin, fire alarm, action How to escape in such situation..nearest exit Rule 21. Sat C. Basic procedure for hand steering..what to check? Prepare muster list Components of magnetic compass ..have u seen onboard? Sight procedure and what is chronometer and its error with correction req..gps not working. Dist between two day signals (shapes).
15-FEB-19Passage plan- KG Docks Kolkata to Jakarta, Indonesia in detail. What publications? What is ASD? Volumes? How will you know which ASD to refer to? What is chart catalogue? What all info does it provide? ALL, ALRS all info.. Explain routeing charts, wind roses.. how to read them. Quote rule 5, 15, in ur own words. ROR convention name and year.. Situations, no cards or buoys.. Which authority carries out inspections in Australia (AMSA, he asked cuz i said ive been there.). Errors of sextant, how u correct them. Short blast, prolonged blast, How to calculate height of eye? What do u mean by conning?
14-FEB-19ECDIS passage plan… With reference to Distance Tables from Mumbai to Liverpool…& full passage plan Mumbai to Singapore.. How to use Ocean Passages.. T&P correction in Chart/ ECDIS.. What is NTM Roueting Charts.. Annex 4 Pyrotechnics on Bridge..
9-AUG-18Passage Planning in detail. GPS failure- how to fix vessels position? Definition of Dlong , Dlat, SHA,GHA,etc. Why position line is perpendicular to Az? Errors of sextant and how to correct them? How to take Ex meridian sight? Difference between ECS and ECDIS? Limitations of ECDIS RADAR(with all IMO requirements)AIS Control test when how? Steering test requirements? Contents of ASD, Ocean Passages of the world, info in ALRS all volumes, Routing charts? What is wind rose and how to predict the wind for the month? Rule 5 in detail, Rule 8,10,19,13 Rule 17 in detail When doubt will arise whether vessel is overtaking or crossing?- in this he expects the practical cut off of lights as per Annexe 1 explanation. Anti grounding settings in ECDIS – expects to know about anti-grounding cone. Safety Depth, Safety Contour, Shallow contour, Drying height and their colours? What is s57 and s52? What is catzoc? Simple overtaking and rv situation
11-JUNE-18passage plane (Asd and alrs focus) Sextant error Cards (night only) How u will determine ur position
14-DEC-171. Rule 5 and 6 wants some explanation  in between. 2. One white light possibilities . 3. Humidity and dew point. 4. How to take over watch and keep a safe watch. 5. Fog signals and lights randomly of all vessels. 6. Spacing of lights. And then stopped in between.
21-NOV-17Rapid fire Spacing of lights, passage plan from mumbai to jedda.. Ecdis, Banwas, how to prepare vssl for coal, how you ensure that ur vssl is not making pollution on a voyage from mumbai to jedda, chart correction, Light characteristics, lowering of lifeboat, life boat bottom plug material, Last ships Fresh water tank capacity…asking how many tanks.. capacity of each tank…Nav light characteristics, vsl listing while loading action
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