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Capt. Azad – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. Orals Questions

Capt. Azad – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. MMD Exams Surveyor Orals Questions. Prepared as per Latest Dates:

4-DEC-19Safe speed, Sound signal in rv for my vessel underway,makingway,anchor, Aground Rule 14,15,16,17 imp points own word Situations one vsl ford of stbd beam 3 point you are able to see 2 white and side light take action. Another sit 2 crossing vessel port bow stbd bow and head on action. I answered alteration of course to stbd..he wanted to listen wide alteration of cource to stbd Visibility range of side light.
4-MAY-18Passage planning code rule  1, 2, 5,6 nd 13, 15 , Echo sounder error,  gps errors,  what is specialty of rule 1, 5 important flag and explanation, annex 4, Satuation 3point stbd bow , and 4 points stbd bow what is safe speed

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