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Capt. Baweja – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. Orals Questions

Capt. Baweja – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. MMD Exams Surveyor Orals Questions. Prepared as per Latest Dates:

9-MARCH-20Charts corrections on ECDIS ECDIS perf std ROR cards Rule 6,5 quote Smelling the ground Echo sounder errors Meteorology eqps Amendments to IAMSAR Arpa alarms
6-FEB-20 • how 2 make gyro north seeking  • manual inputs in gyro  • gyro principal  • gps principal/limitations  • pp on ecdis frm Colombo to Singapore  • What all things to refer during planning a passage  • ecdis in detail  • shallow contour, safety contour, deep contour, safety depth, catzoc defn  • head on situation with shoal patch on stbd side  • 7-8 cards  • taking ovr bridge watch in open sea  • diff btwn gps and dgps
4-FEB-20Limitations of ECDIS Alarms of Arpa IAMSAR in detail Day cards Rules 5,6,17,19 ECDIS updates T&P corrections Williamson turn
14-OCT-19T and P notices ASD volumes and corrections Radar performance standard Trial manoeuvre Ground stab sea stab Ecdis AIO Passage planning on Ecdis ROR cards 5 Rule no 39 40 41 Chart corrections Amplitude azimuth Muster card preparation Crossing situations Overtaking situation in clear and restricted visibility Factors affecting maneuvering characteristics
7-FEB-19NUC or aground card, towing vessel seen from stern card No situation Advance, transfer, head reach, tactical diameter How many volume of Asd why we use Asd, what information can get from Asd How to start marine radar.
23-NOV-17How to start radar. Controls of radar. Limitation of radar. Limitation of ECDIS. Trial maneuver. Rule 5,13,18. One situation regarding overtaking vessel simple one Card 6 to 7. Chart symbol wreck,pilot reporting, Cardinal marks, Special marks
2-AUG-17Performance standard of arpa , Set up of radar , gain , Sea n rain  function , GPS errors – correctable n not correctable , Ecdis passage plan , Rule 10,19,5 … Ror cards
2-AUG-17Performance standard of ARPA , Set up of radar, Gain, Sea n rain function, GPS errors – correctable n not correctable , ECDIS passage plan, Rule 10,19,5 … ROR cards
13-JULY-17Magnetic compass and gyro compass principle. Ecdis alerms, raster chart and vector chart diff. Ror cards. Two white light in vertical line. Anchor light and under way light Safe water mark. Isolated danger mark. ram vessel light. In this he fuck me. Becouse wanted card word to word if u forget one point he will.never pass u in function 1. He just fail me becouse I was not given some point in ror card. Situation in crossing
13-Apr-17Regulation for GMDSS red button
What are nav areas and how do you get msgs
Asd no. of volumes and content
Possibilities if seen one red light
Possibilities if seen two red lights
Routine chart
Isolated danger mark
New danger mark
In performance monitor of ARPA how many targets you can acquire.
25-JAN-17Passage planning? Stopped me in between and asked me you have to go from Singapore to Japan straight northerly course would you do GC ? Rational horizon? How to correct chart? You receive a new edition of ASD how will you correct it ? Rules 7,8,9,10,17,19. He wants word to word I was fluent with rules so he was stopping me in between showed me almost 35 cards ?(he wants everything written behind the card). 3-4 simple situations ? How will you switch on radar? How will you take over watch at open sea ? How will you take over watch in restricted visibility? Asked me the meaning of flag T and R? Ship handling characteristics? Transverse thrust? Squat?
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