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Capt. Behl – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. Orals Questions

Capt. Behl – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. MMD Exams Surveyor Orals Questions. Prepared as per Latest Dates:

11-MARCH-20How to take over anchor watch? 20 pts. 2 buoys. Cardinal. And preferred channel. Cargo operation is finishing in 2 hrs. Prepare vessel for sea. How will you prepare? Then  which book you will refer for pasage planning? BPG.. He  even wants the colour of the book. Narrow channel. Sv 2kts.  Ur vsl 4 kts.  Action. In that shallow water effect. Bow cushion Limitations of radar. Alarms in ecdis. If manufacturing instruction for correcting equipment is printed. How will u know ur equipment are good or not?? Ans : Performance standards each equipment. How much steering helm u give for trying out. If engineer vl tell u he wants to out try engines what action?.check mooring tights.. Check for boats tugs clear them away.. Propeller clearance…
8-FEB-20ECDIS passage planning. In brief. Duties as OOW when pilot comes over. He needs at least 20 points. GPS errors Buoys. And light signals of them. He had removed the top mark. ITCZ AKA Doldrums. No rules no cards
7-FEB-201. True alt @40°N at winter solstice what will be sun true alt at merpass 2. Factors effecting squat 3. Bouy identification “pref channel to port reg b & west cardinal mark ” without top marks 4. Situations involving narrow channel , tss , overtaking 5. Passage planning important things to mark on chart 6. ECDIS limitations 7. Ram cbd definition n lights 8. Departure checklist important points 9. Navigation in costal water important points 10. Grounding action
6-FEB-20 • Taking over navigation watch  • prepare bridge for sailing  • entering narrow channel precautions  • situations cards  • IALA buoyage
7-SEPT-19No rules. No situations. No cards. No buoys. How will you take over anchor watch (He wanted 25 points) At least 7 note you’ll write on chart…(apart from the things which master decides like stand by engine , call master etc). And then he started asking questions on Celestial navigation which I don’t remember then Meteorology. What is radiation fog? Different type of currents
5-MAY-185 to 10 night cards. Any 5 distress signals. size of cone & anchor boll diameter. Satuation head on , crossing, overtaking. what is maneuvering signals. vessel in sight of one another in a narrow channel overtaking signals. What is v correction & d correction? What is aspects? When to call master? What is squat? Alams of gps. What is aio & alarms? What is radiation fog? What is head reach? How many volume in asd? Echosounder errors.
13-APRIL-18His standard situation. Overtaking sailing vessel in narrow channel Wig craft.. lights. Buoys. ROR understanding. Taking over anchor watch. Control testing. Squat and many basic questions. Advection fog.
11-JAN-18List of info u will write during passage plan on chart What is wheel over point Name the publication which u will refer in passage plan- bridge procedure guide Action in case of grounding
19-DEC-17Bouyage system. Reason B, East cardinal buoy. Flags Bravo and hotel and purpose. 2 situations in narrow channel where he wanted to hear I will call master. Along with ur answer. And said Vibhuti sir has passed u so I won’t ask u much in situations. Definition of RAM vessel.  Lights of WIG craft. Errors of echo sounder. 7 things u will mark on Passage plan.   Few Ror nights cards. Action in case of grounding. Gave me Lt house of chart and asked me to identify all the information.( Like Fl wr 12s 35m 13M).  When will u call master.  Lights of NUC. Ur engines stopped at  mid sea  action. MOB procedures and recovery methods.
19-DEC-17introduction… said ur hairstyle is pretty good .. said i think u r still not out of the phase of cadetship ..then started iala buoyage light identification preferred channel. passage planning.  WOP.. discussion in deeply. abort point. told me to go and find the formula for WOP when i came back he said now i will asked different ques.. vsl aground action RAM definitions pre departure checks…
23-NOV-17Situations in narrow channel, IALA buoyage system in detail,  you joined the vsl and within 2 hrs..sailing.. what all preparations u will do on bridge.. he wanted to hear all control test in detail, …
3-NOV-17Situations in narrow channel n TSS.. MOB, Grounding, check for preparing vessel for sea Night cards,aground n nuc. TRS n avoiding action
12-SEPT-17He said u have only 5 should i even consider it. I said ext said depends on Behl if he considers u, so Behl was like so u know I’m going to take ur orals and started laughing. I said yes sir. So he said so are u prepared will all my sets I said confidently yes. He started with his same pet situation of vessel on port. Emergency wreck marking buoy Mob on stbd side and shallow patch on stbd side. Action: Alter course to stbd and clear the person from propellor as the ship will juts move few cables away. After that hard over to other side and use Anderson or  Scharnov turn Warm occulded front from east side. Draw Wop and rot.  Bore tide. Some questions from PON.  Main engine failure action. Ans After informing master change the lights as required send SAFETY msg and update info on ais. Rest same actions what v study Asked me if u know ecdis. I said had it on first ship so he asked senc raster vector and alarms on ecdis. Could not answer much Final quest 7 things to plot on chart.
11-SEPT-17Cards trawler, mining vsl, aground and nuc, day card ram dredger, cardinal, preferred channel, vsl @ anchor signals, towing vsls, Cbd crossing from own port side action? TRS conditions required for formation, weather Routeing, Routeing charts n contents,passage plan from mumbai to Brazil, how to take noon sight, merpass sight, angle of squint,side lobe error, NUC head-on with pd vsl? Muster list emergency signal, relation between rule 18 and 13, SENC, SCAMIN, ECDIS brief explain, difference vector raster.
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