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Capt. C.L. Dubey – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. Orals Questions

Capt. C.L. Dubey – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. MMD Exams Surveyor Orals Questions. Prepared as per Latest Dates:

17-Dec-17As I entered the room capt dubey and mudli were sitting so I wished gm in return he replied softly rule 2 hahaha lol ok let’s start how it went
Rule 2 6 9 10
Situations all in rv and all possible u can think Off. situation with radar not working
How to check gyro error at sea
How to take amplitude, amplitude diagram do u know how to derive the amplitude formala. Write the amplitude formula
Conduct a detailed passage plan
Asked abt MDR in that. N it’s details. Give me the publication which only fell abt distance from point a to point b. Chart correction.
3-Sep-17Very good serveyor
Explain indsar, inspire, amwer.
All met equipments
ROR rule 5-6
Only 2cards
Admiralty publication explanation.
23-Jul-17Rule 5,6,19. Situations. 
methods of finding GPS error out at sea. radar limitations
equipments for lookout available on bridge, about ecdic
find lmt merr pass. wot is merr pass. sector search, TRS. 
Aneroid barometer. What is it used for?
What is atmospheric pressure n wot does it give? How wil u know weather is good or bad?
How will u know bad weather is approaching?
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