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Capt. Daniel Joseph – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. Orals Questions

Capt. Daniel Joseph – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. MMD Exams Surveyor Orals Questions. Prepared as per Latest Dates:

4-NOV-19Few night cards nuc towing ground IALA .. safe water mark card Above cards on port bow.. crossing,  action? Telegraph orders
4-JUNE-19Rule 3… What NUC……what can b the reason to b a NUC What is restricted visibility What is a RAM vsl Errors of eco sounder
15-FEB-19Night card vessel aground,pd vsl pushing ahead… Mine clearance vessel ahead take action as per ror,company policy and BPG. Quote rule 19,7,8,18 and 1 What are dimenson of day signal and there spacing. Draw diagrame of Turning circle
2-JAN-19Towing vessel card whole content action was 1 short blast alter course to stbd. He said why 1 short blast, i said bcoz i am altering stbd. He asked why 5 times then he said which rule, I said 34(a) then he said quote, then another card with 2 possibility nuc and aground, I told the content then he said in reality how will u identify she is nuc or aground, I don’t wang card probabilities, i said by fog signal he said did i mention rv, another case i said we can look at the vessel whether moving or not if moving then nuc and not then aground, he said and how else i said we can see the size of vessel and we know the depth of water if depth is much more we cannot say this vl is aground , he said what is the another case u can identify whether nuc or aground, I said nuc 2 balls and aground 3 balls, then told quote rule 15 then all u know about ntm’s and then all u know about ECDIS.
15-DEC-17picked up cards & showed around 5-7 night cards. • Company UKC policy • Draw preferred channel to starboard mark in region A • Draw isolated danger mark,then also asked me characteristics for this mark. • Meaning of Flag U,F,L & later asked me for each flag how do they look. • Storm Signals
4-MAY-17Asked me why you transferred you file here? Asked about my professional info after telling him about 2-3 minutes I stopped He told in the same way you tell to your girlfriend also? Mariners professional info should be like endless I smiled and told him everything voyages type of cargo carried vettings bla bla bla Suddenly showed me one card tell me what’s this Cbd underway seen from stern I told him word to word One it came to action he asked me why you alter to stbd. Then next card NUC makingway seen from stern I was telling him the second probability he told me ok and qoute rule 14 I started quoting rule 14 word to word in the mean time he took my EXN sheet
17-FEB-17180 course n south cardinal bouy action Safe water marking buoy Two cards NuC n fV One situation his fav one – I said I will alter to port then argued on it he said Yu r taking wrong action and plus try to prove it right 😂 Quote rule 17,7,8
13-JAN-17Started with cards in full detail,  about 10-15 cards and cross questions in between…Confusing one’s. Wants everything behind the card.. AIS requirement and types.
10-JAN-17Last attempt questions , interco , where you hoist flags on ship nd reason for that , I just said wht we do on ship dn he asked abt the flag we hoist on stern and all dt, meaning of flags A to Z , cards Nuc pilot Cbd one white light all confusing cards askd me about making way and underway , stw/sog , lrit carriage req, rule 10/19, safe speed define , manoeuvering characteristics, do rule apply to warships , bpg/bmdg, i don’t knw whts bmg .

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