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Capt. Devesh – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. Orals Questions

Capt. Devesh – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. MMD Exams Surveyor Orals Questions. Prepared as per Latest Dates:

2-FEB-21Ecliptic Favourable conditions for lunar eclipse to happen Keplers law of motion 3 situations Mine clearance vessel lights, why not RAM light in it How to update charts in ECDIS ECDIS correction log How to check charts updated or not in ECDIS IMSAR search patterns How to determine shallow water according to company requirement? Shallow water effects on ship.
3-DEC-202 situations GPS error GDOP IAMSAR search patterns (creeping line search/expanding square search) Narrow channel u want to overtake what signals? In agreement of overtaking what signals? Flag C meaning. Malacca strait lost engine action.
6-NOV-20Azimuth define Amplitude define Pzx triangle Use of corrector mag in magnetic compass -What bucket of mag compass contains? What transverse thrust all the things in detail Deviation card define in detail Damping in tilt define? Sperry mk 20 gyro compass principle? Crossing RV situation and cards
6-NOV-20Criteria to be a RAM vessel? mine clearance vessel lights & shapes? Is mine clearance vessel a RAM vessel, if  yes, then why not exhibit RWR    color lights? Fishing vessel 75m at anchor which lights to exhibit? What is critical rpm? What is Navtex, it’s frequency & range? From where we receive nav warnings? What is Racon?
9-SEPT-20What is Azimuth? Why do u take compass error? When to take amplitude? Diff patterns of IAMSAR Lateral port hand buoy Safe water mark Fishing vsl at anchor lts Towing vsl card South cardinal mark lts How will u take radar fix? How to decide datum point in search pattern? Steering gear test Emergency steering gear test duration
5-SEPT-19Asked why failed i said difficulty in quoting rules And askd Rule 19 but this time i hv prepared Cards : Fishing vsl seen frm aft Gear >150 more,   Trowlr anchr , shooting net , CBD ,NUC n many more. some fog signal fishing vsl anchor lghts Dist bwn lghts.
11-JUNE-19No card, No rule. Draw trwaler vsl at anchor. Draw fishing vsl at anchor. Fog signal of RAM. Which all vsl sound 1 prolong n 2 short blast. Towing vsl RAM fog sound signal.. How u check ecdis is updated? Do u manually do any corrections? Do u maintain any log for ECDIS updates? WIll NUC vil show anchor lights? Gps alarms? DOP values? Position fixing system? Diff btw TRS $ TLD. Diff btw current $tides. How current occur? Draw warm front. Vsl at back near d stern wht vil be ASPECT? She wnt to overtake u ROC exist…wht is ur action? Wht equipmt u hav onboard to take action? How vil u use trial manoeuvre..? How vil u knoe radar is in trail manoeuvre mode.. Wht is delay tym?
4-JUNE-19Started with normal intro U saw a rocket parachute flayer on ur one point stbd…action Gmdss equipment test and what is the period u do the test Errors of magnetic compass What are the soft sphere on the magnet used for How is deviation card made How do u make it on board and when One situation U r doing g 000° and u see a trawller on ur post side 330° and the trawller is doing 085° risk of collision exist action U hear one short blast at an interval of 1 min which vsl could it be
17-APRIL-19Amplitude. Azimuth. Equipment errors. How will you calculate sextant error? What do you mean by Catzoc in detail (position and depth accuracy?) How will you do T& P correction in ECDIS? How will you show all charts are corrected? How will you take correct decision on the basis of equipment and how will you come to know thw action is accurate. Ship handling –  Advance transfer track reach head reach Imo requirement shallow water effect and how will you minimize it with explanation in detail . How will you take water temprature and its significance during weather repo. Sector lights and its use Solar eclipse condition various situations lights by drawing on book. What do you mean by impede the passage and  impeding safe passage? When to call master? Is there any rule in ROR to call the master? Rule no 8 in detail. If you see horizon full of FV what will be your action.
14-MAY-18What happened last time, started with few cards pilot vsl, mine clearance, fv – all with 2 possibilities and hears everything, pilot vsl at anchor why required to show white over red all round lights-does it make any difference if not shown? More such practical questions, created 2-3 situations out of cards, cross questioning on each, spacing of lights, tides and currents diff- told everything in detail abt the causes spoke continuously for few minutes, compass err – what is it,  why to calc, Deviation – what is it, deviation card how to make,frequency critical rpm, asked if worked on ecdis, psc imspector onboard how will you demonstrate compliance with Ecdis – told him everything abt NP133C and few more straightforward questions
13-DEC-171 Merpass , how to go about it full story? 2 How do u take noon sight? 3 What is the difference between noon sight n noon       position? 4 what is prime vertical? 5 How do you correct sailing directions?      6 Problems with Ecdis and it’s all alarms? 7 Which all equipments affected by GPS failure. 8 Gyro compass errors 9 RoR cards – trawler and fishing vessel,mine clearance 10 Send distress msg – vsl on fire
9-NOV-17Meaning of some 5-6 flags, pushing vessel and a buoy card, purpose of racon other than range and bearing, The reason racon shows exclamation mark, IAMSAR who keeps vol. 1,2 of IAMSAR, gps errors in detail, Asd in detail and its corrections, shallow water effect, interaction, smelling the ground, squat and formula, bank suction
20-SEP-17Markings on sextant, Errors of sextant, What is wind rose and draw it, ur course 270 and west cardinal buoy ahead action?, cards and cardinal marks, Diff between current and tides, when a height clearance from a bridge is given what is the reference point marked on chart, MHWS, Why a Racon shows a dash when appreared on a radar, How does a racon work, The delay time of a BNWAS, Gyro errors, Magnetic offcourse alarm, Williamson’s turn, Isobars and many more cant remember.
16-Sep-17Why do u take amp n azimuth, What is it, what is better? 4 cards,2 sitns, gyro maintenance, routeing guide use, tss mandatory or not n will u use it, rule 17d explain, mersar, IAMSAR, what r  tidal streams n currents, trs dangerous semicircle, asd, what are the effects of shallow waters on ship, u did ecdis course right why us ecdis training mandatory,
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