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Capt. Harinder – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. Orals Questions

Capt. Harinder – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. MMD Exams Surveyor Orals Questions. Prepared as per Latest Dates:

5-JAN-21* Different type of contour setting on ECDIS * How do you set sector on ECDIS * Shallow water effects * 4-5 cards both day and night * Head on situation what will be your action. I said i will give 1 short blast and alter to Stbd the he said as soon as you altered to stbd you see a shallow patch on stbd now what. Cross questioned me a lot in this question but finally i answered what he wanted to hear i.e 360deg turn from port side (rule 2). * Gave me a situation in which my vessel was near an area of RV and wanted me to quote 19d. * Limitations of Radar * CATZOC, SCAMIN, wheel over point, turning circle * Formula for calculating squat * Sailing directions and how to update * Vessel reporting system * SOLAS chapter 5 * Inspires, AUSREP, AMVER * IAMSAR volumes and contents of volume 3 * Search patterns * What is datum point * Alarms on ECDIS * TRS origin, path, then gave me a situation like where will be navigable semicircle. * CBD, Ram, NUC, Not to impede definitions and sound and light signls of lots of vessels. * Taking over nav watch * ECDIS Presentation library 4.0 * S-57, S-62 * Passage planning and publications required
7-OCT-201. How to make deviation card 2. Reserve and emergency source of power, which chapter in SOLAS describes the specifications for them 3. Maximum gyro error 4. Maximum compass error 5. Is TSS mandatory ? Where is it written ? 6. ASD, how is it corrected, amendment file details 7. Routeing chart and update interval
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