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Capt. Jairam – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. Orals Questions

Capt. Jairam – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. MMD Exams Surveyor Orals Questions. Prepared as per Latest Dates:

12-DEC-19Asked abt last attempt Wht questions were wrong asked again Transverse thrust Vsl in Port nd fire in galley Squat Pilot vsl card ND trawler card Limitations of ecdis Rules 7&13 ALRS contents Preferred channel buoys
11-APRIL-19Started with cards day signal and night Then some stn Fishing vsl port bow doing 2 knts Own vesl 4 knts As per aspect we are overtaking so increase speed and clear Then buoyage system. He put all the buoys asked me take vessel to berth. ASD, Chart correction. Last 2 years chart not corrected. Winter solstice u r at 40 lat. T alt of sun at mer pass? At anchor take over watch.
8-FEB-19Cards – p/d vsl, cbd, fv Limitations of ecdis Sextant error, parallel indexing, wop and how to mark it on chart, abort point, how to do passage planning from point A to B, squat how to reduce it, diamond shape dimensions, cylinder dimensions, transverse thrust, gnomonic charts, difference between raster and vector charts, Indsar, iamsar, inspire, how to take over navigational watch… And many more…. But all easy one’s
2-JAN-19What happened last time? Cards towing vl, Buoy cards, day cards, What is composite group flashing (2+1), Quote rule 13 and 15, 1 day card, IAMSAR and search patterns, Limitations of ECDIS, Aneroid barometer errors and how do u log it down and what data log down, How will u do coasting, squat, Bow cushion and bank suction, Transverse thrust, Errors of echo sounder, How do u conduct fire drill on ship, What is wake current?
9-AUG-18How will I make passage plan. What publication u will reffer , and from where u get the info about them. What all things u mark on passage plan. Abord point. Parallel indexing explain practically. What is iamsar what info u get from it. Pilot vl cards each point nd action saperately. Region B preferred channel to port . Fire in fpk during loading cargo on tanker,all necessary immediate actions. Anchor dragging,action All alarms u get when Anchor dregg, Swinging circle. How to order Enc’s . Transverse thrust. Wake current. Skew wake. Conduct of vl in RV., In very precise way. Internal – capt. Behl Practically tell each and every thing ,prepare vl for departure as u hv joined the vl 2 hrs before departure.. cross questions.. testing of aldis lamp., What u check in course recorder ,nd what u adjust , echo sounder settings. Steering gear testing. Turning circle ,, Advance and tactical diameter of your all ship , calculate nd tell.. Situation- vl crossing from port to stbd ,, 1 St step 3 miles away , keep decreasing the distance continuously upto .5 miles , and then shallow patch on stbd ..guys pls don’t forget to call master in such situations ,,that’s ur passing point. Situation- on your port bow at one point target vl and u r overtaking and u hv your arrival port on stbd side ,in RV … 2 nd situation- Then he putted rough weather nd swell ,wind on port side ,action What is windage area,, Effect of windage area ,on turning Why bow of vl moves into the wind , Turning circle in shallow water ,small or large.. I said large ,then why,, Effect of shallow water on turning circle.. West cardinal mark without top mark ,every thing almost ..

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