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Capt. Jairam – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. Orals Questions

Capt. Jairam – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. MMD Exams Surveyor Orals Questions. Prepared as per Latest Dates:

12-DEC-19Asked abt last attempt Wht questions were wrong asked again Transverse thrust Vsl in Port nd fire in galley Squat Pilot vsl card ND trawler card Limitations of ecdis Rules 7&13 ALRS contents Preferred channel buoys
11-APRIL-19Started with cards day signal and night Then some stn Fishing vsl port bow doing 2 knts Own vesl 4 knts As per aspect we are overtaking so increase speed and clear Then buoyage system. He put all the buoys asked me take vessel to berth. ASD, Chart correction. Last 2 years chart not corrected. Winter solstice u r at 40 lat. T alt of sun at mer pass? At anchor take over watch.
8-FEB-19Cards – p/d vsl, cbd, fv Limitations of ecdis Sextant error, parallel indexing, wop and how to mark it on chart, abort point, how to do passage planning from point A to B, squat how to reduce it, diamond shape dimensions, cylinder dimensions, transverse thrust, gnomonic charts, difference between raster and vector charts, Indsar, iamsar, inspire, how to take over navigational watch… And many more…. But all easy one’s
2-JAN-19What happened last time? Cards towing vl, Buoy cards, day cards, What is composite group flashing (2+1), Quote rule 13 and 15, 1 day card, IAMSAR and search patterns, Limitations of ECDIS, Aneroid barometer errors and how do u log it down and what data log down, How will u do coasting, squat, Bow cushion and bank suction, Transverse thrust, Errors of echo sounder, How do u conduct fire drill on ship, What is wake current?
9-AUG-18How will I make passage plan. What publication u will reffer , and from where u get the info about them. What all things u mark on passage plan. Abord point. Parallel indexing explain practically. What is iamsar what info u get from it. Pilot vl cards each point nd action saperately. Region B preferred channel to port . Fire in fpk during loading cargo on tanker,all necessary immediate actions. Anchor dragging,action All alarms u get when Anchor dregg, Swinging circle. How to order Enc’s . Transverse thrust. Wake current. Skew wake. Conduct of vl in RV., In very precise way. Internal – capt. Behl Practically tell each and every thing ,prepare vl for departure as u hv joined the vl 2 hrs before departure.. cross questions.. testing of aldis lamp., What u check in course recorder ,nd what u adjust , echo sounder settings. Steering gear testing. Turning circle ,, Advance and tactical diameter of your all ship , calculate nd tell.. Situation- vl crossing from port to stbd ,, 1 St step 3 miles away , keep decreasing the distance continuously upto .5 miles , and then shallow patch on stbd ..guys pls don’t forget to call master in such situations ,,that’s ur passing point. Situation- on your port bow at one point target vl and u r overtaking and u hv your arrival port on stbd side ,in RV … 2 nd situation- Then he putted rough weather nd swell ,wind on port side ,action What is windage area,, Effect of windage area ,on turning Why bow of vl moves into the wind , Turning circle in shallow water ,small or large.. I said large ,then why,, Effect of shallow water on turning circle.. West cardinal mark without top mark ,every thing almost ..

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Capt. Iyyer – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. Orals Questions

Capt. Iyyer – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. MMD Exams Surveyor Orals Questions. Prepared as per Latest Dates:

9-JAN-19OVERTAKING AND HEAD ON ….BASIC Can you cross green to green in head on?What will be the distance you will maintain when you pass green to green How will you determine ROC ?Opened chart in which he had drawn a passage from one point to another ,and asked me whats wrong in this passage ? (Not following TSS)How you will join and cross TSS?Gave radar sheet with targets , asked how will u determine from which target roc exist ?Gave another sheet with targets , asked is this relative vector or true ? (Said true vector) then asked how will you determine roc ?(increase vector length )steering fail action ?from bridge can you use NFU mode ? Nd how ?aground vessel lights?tracing paper , whats the meaning of cross on it ? How wil you verify that you have aligned it properly ? (By checking nearby sounding)ECDIS , asked to utter whatever you know about it?TRS?No go area ?How to mark ?How to update ASD ?Section 6 of WNM ?Content if WNM ?Cardinal points Flag T and P notices Mob on port, action ?Gyro fail, action ?Rule 17
3-APRIL-17Started with few night cards Sound signal of aground vessel Meaning of Sailing vsl showing cone apex down NUC light WIG craft light when taking off Isolated danger mark light South Cardinal mark Rule 19,13,15 How to obtain gyro error Meaning of cross on tracing paper used for charts correction T and p correction on ecdis Notice to mariner Alrs ALL Asd Passage planning in detail Gives a radar plotting sheet having lots of targets showing relative lines of approach.. Asks to explain what is this and with which vessel roc exists Radar plotting and aspect Gives a situation of overtaking (both pd vsl) explain duties of overtaking vsl Shallow water effect.
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Capt. Harinder – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. Orals Questions

Capt. Harinder – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. MMD Exams Surveyor Orals Questions. Prepared as per Latest Dates:

5-JAN-21* Different type of contour setting on ECDIS * How do you set sector on ECDIS * Shallow water effects * 4-5 cards both day and night * Head on situation what will be your action. I said i will give 1 short blast and alter to Stbd the he said as soon as you altered to stbd you see a shallow patch on stbd now what. Cross questioned me a lot in this question but finally i answered what he wanted to hear i.e 360deg turn from port side (rule 2). * Gave me a situation in which my vessel was near an area of RV and wanted me to quote 19d. * Limitations of Radar * CATZOC, SCAMIN, wheel over point, turning circle * Formula for calculating squat * Sailing directions and how to update * Vessel reporting system * SOLAS chapter 5 * Inspires, AUSREP, AMVER * IAMSAR volumes and contents of volume 3 * Search patterns * What is datum point * Alarms on ECDIS * TRS origin, path, then gave me a situation like where will be navigable semicircle. * CBD, Ram, NUC, Not to impede definitions and sound and light signls of lots of vessels. * Taking over nav watch * ECDIS Presentation library 4.0 * S-57, S-62 * Passage planning and publications required
7-OCT-201. How to make deviation card 2. Reserve and emergency source of power, which chapter in SOLAS describes the specifications for them 3. Maximum gyro error 4. Maximum compass error 5. Is TSS mandatory ? Where is it written ? 6. ASD, how is it corrected, amendment file details 7. Routeing chart and update interval
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Capt. Devesh – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. Orals Questions

Capt. Devesh – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. MMD Exams Surveyor Orals Questions. Prepared as per Latest Dates:

2-FEB-21Ecliptic Favourable conditions for lunar eclipse to happen Keplers law of motion 3 situations Mine clearance vessel lights, why not RAM light in it How to update charts in ECDIS ECDIS correction log How to check charts updated or not in ECDIS IMSAR search patterns How to determine shallow water according to company requirement? Shallow water effects on ship.
3-DEC-202 situations GPS error GDOP IAMSAR search patterns (creeping line search/expanding square search) Narrow channel u want to overtake what signals? In agreement of overtaking what signals? Flag C meaning. Malacca strait lost engine action.
6-NOV-20Azimuth define Amplitude define Pzx triangle Use of corrector mag in magnetic compass -What bucket of mag compass contains? What transverse thrust all the things in detail Deviation card define in detail Damping in tilt define? Sperry mk 20 gyro compass principle? Crossing RV situation and cards
6-NOV-20Criteria to be a RAM vessel? mine clearance vessel lights & shapes? Is mine clearance vessel a RAM vessel, if  yes, then why not exhibit RWR    color lights? Fishing vessel 75m at anchor which lights to exhibit? What is critical rpm? What is Navtex, it’s frequency & range? From where we receive nav warnings? What is Racon?
9-SEPT-20What is Azimuth? Why do u take compass error? When to take amplitude? Diff patterns of IAMSAR Lateral port hand buoy Safe water mark Fishing vsl at anchor lts Towing vsl card South cardinal mark lts How will u take radar fix? How to decide datum point in search pattern? Steering gear test Emergency steering gear test duration
5-SEPT-19Asked why failed i said difficulty in quoting rules And askd Rule 19 but this time i hv prepared Cards : Fishing vsl seen frm aft Gear >150 more,   Trowlr anchr , shooting net , CBD ,NUC n many more. some fog signal fishing vsl anchor lghts Dist bwn lghts.
11-JUNE-19No card, No rule. Draw trwaler vsl at anchor. Draw fishing vsl at anchor. Fog signal of RAM. Which all vsl sound 1 prolong n 2 short blast. Towing vsl RAM fog sound signal.. How u check ecdis is updated? Do u manually do any corrections? Do u maintain any log for ECDIS updates? WIll NUC vil show anchor lights? Gps alarms? DOP values? Position fixing system? Diff btw TRS $ TLD. Diff btw current $tides. How current occur? Draw warm front. Vsl at back near d stern wht vil be ASPECT? She wnt to overtake u ROC exist…wht is ur action? Wht equipmt u hav onboard to take action? How vil u use trial manoeuvre..? How vil u knoe radar is in trail manoeuvre mode.. Wht is delay tym?
4-JUNE-19Started with normal intro U saw a rocket parachute flayer on ur one point stbd…action Gmdss equipment test and what is the period u do the test Errors of magnetic compass What are the soft sphere on the magnet used for How is deviation card made How do u make it on board and when One situation U r doing g 000° and u see a trawller on ur post side 330° and the trawller is doing 085° risk of collision exist action U hear one short blast at an interval of 1 min which vsl could it be
17-APRIL-19Amplitude. Azimuth. Equipment errors. How will you calculate sextant error? What do you mean by Catzoc in detail (position and depth accuracy?) How will you do T& P correction in ECDIS? How will you show all charts are corrected? How will you take correct decision on the basis of equipment and how will you come to know thw action is accurate. Ship handling –  Advance transfer track reach head reach Imo requirement shallow water effect and how will you minimize it with explanation in detail . How will you take water temprature and its significance during weather repo. Sector lights and its use Solar eclipse condition various situations lights by drawing on book. What do you mean by impede the passage and  impeding safe passage? When to call master? Is there any rule in ROR to call the master? Rule no 8 in detail. If you see horizon full of FV what will be your action.
14-MAY-18What happened last time, started with few cards pilot vsl, mine clearance, fv – all with 2 possibilities and hears everything, pilot vsl at anchor why required to show white over red all round lights-does it make any difference if not shown? More such practical questions, created 2-3 situations out of cards, cross questioning on each, spacing of lights, tides and currents diff- told everything in detail abt the causes spoke continuously for few minutes, compass err – what is it,  why to calc, Deviation – what is it, deviation card how to make,frequency critical rpm, asked if worked on ecdis, psc imspector onboard how will you demonstrate compliance with Ecdis – told him everything abt NP133C and few more straightforward questions
13-DEC-171 Merpass , how to go about it full story? 2 How do u take noon sight? 3 What is the difference between noon sight n noon       position? 4 what is prime vertical? 5 How do you correct sailing directions?      6 Problems with Ecdis and it’s all alarms? 7 Which all equipments affected by GPS failure. 8 Gyro compass errors 9 RoR cards – trawler and fishing vessel,mine clearance 10 Send distress msg – vsl on fire
9-NOV-17Meaning of some 5-6 flags, pushing vessel and a buoy card, purpose of racon other than range and bearing, The reason racon shows exclamation mark, IAMSAR who keeps vol. 1,2 of IAMSAR, gps errors in detail, Asd in detail and its corrections, shallow water effect, interaction, smelling the ground, squat and formula, bank suction
20-SEP-17Markings on sextant, Errors of sextant, What is wind rose and draw it, ur course 270 and west cardinal buoy ahead action?, cards and cardinal marks, Diff between current and tides, when a height clearance from a bridge is given what is the reference point marked on chart, MHWS, Why a Racon shows a dash when appreared on a radar, How does a racon work, The delay time of a BNWAS, Gyro errors, Magnetic offcourse alarm, Williamson’s turn, Isobars and many more cant remember.
16-Sep-17Why do u take amp n azimuth, What is it, what is better? 4 cards,2 sitns, gyro maintenance, routeing guide use, tss mandatory or not n will u use it, rule 17d explain, mersar, IAMSAR, what r  tidal streams n currents, trs dangerous semicircle, asd, what are the effects of shallow waters on ship, u did ecdis course right why us ecdis training mandatory,
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Capt. Deshpande – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. Orals Questions

Capt. Deshpande – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. MMD Exams Surveyor Orals Questions. Prepared as per Latest Dates:

12-MARCH-20Very practical person he wants what we will actually do onboard and nothing from book Passage plan – ecdis , paper chart. I started with appraisal and all he said he don’t  want hear that  actual plotting course and publication how to use and all, ordering permit,update of charts etc. More cross questions on ecdis procedures. Correction of charts both ecdis & Paper C. Rule 8, 10, 18. Chart symbols. Ship Reporting System. IALA buoyage. Squat. Block coefficient of last vessel. Amplitude procedure to calculate and diagram. PZX triangle. Situation in TSS: own vsl cbd trawler crossing from stbd side. He wants to hear altering to stbd and not reducing speed. Stopping distance of last vessel. Turning circles. Man overboard action. All Nautical publications how to use and how to update. Gross and net tonnage of last ship and difference. Masters standing order. Company Procedure. When will you call master.
16-OCT-19Passage plan ecdis CATZOC Smelling ground Cards fishing ,trawler, nuc , aground Tactical Diameter,transfer draw advance Squat and how to reduce Radio medical advice procedure. Errors of echo sounder.
15-OCT-19– Say last two ports company, Oh dual ECDIS ok so Passage planning on ECDIS between these two ports – ECDIS correction – One two situations – ROR cards for NUC, aground Sound signal for them, day signal – GMDSS area distress alert – Rule 19 spd reduced at which she can be kept on her course (steering speed). – Fronts: cold, warm and occluded – Effect of fronts on navigation – Nav warnings – Navtex explain – Ocean current why and tell few examples – effects of front on navigation – how front forms – Routeing charts, information, draw and explain wind rose. – ADC catalogue. – Contents of admiralty chart catalogue – Select required charts on ECDIS – updated or not how to find – ECDIS chart correction how – How u come to know ENC is updated or not if not how to do it?
11-FEB-19*Tell me about you. *What all equipment’s were on bridge on last ship. *What ECDIS related accidents you have heard about. *What is meant by check page.(Route check in Ecdis) *By mistake if you use small scale chart instead of large scale    chart,how will you come to know. *Can someone use small scale charts deliberately?if he does what bad can happen. *Correction of ENC proper procedure *After you request new permits, how much it requires to get them onboard? *what do you mean by permits. *Backup systems for charts. *What are T&P corrections. *T&P corrections for both charts and Ecdis. *Errors of Echo-Sounder. *What do you mean by” Swinging of compass” *For what do you refer to. *did you have variation card? From where do you get it then. *if Gave var and correction for year , can you calculate present var? *Great circle sailing, how to transfer on Mercator. *do U have gnomonic charts on Ecdis. *Advantages of sailing on great circle. *If ur ship is going to N of N lat( higher lat) what all measures u will take w r.t Ecdis permits and what will u consult with master. *When u order charts, do U do payment or who does that. *Whirling psychrometer,why and what is dew point. *What search and rescue manual u have onboard. *Full form of iamsar *MOB stbd side, action. *how will you know how much your ship take distance to turn as per Williamson turn.(Wheelhouse poster) *Make Turning circle of last ship with all lengths. *Why do we have to know about Advance and transfer of our ship. *In TSS, one pdv crossing from your port side.what all action u will take.And justify as per which rule u took action. *what are the lights of Purse seine type fishing vessels. *why are there special lights for purse seine. *Difference between NUC & RAM. *Difference Between prolong blast and short blast.
11-FEB-19*All situations (More than 10) (mixed level of difficulty) In between was asking related questions of ROR. *What do you mean by impeding the passage.How is it different from ROC. *Situation regarding being a Pdv and NUC on our port side(open Sea), why we alter to stbd and pass astern or slow down, why not cross ahead.(8a) *Can you use VHF for collision avoidance? *In rule 19, why context “Take all way off” is used. *if u determine no ROC for a vessel fwd of your beam in RV, What action will you take. *how can we find out an advance assessment of collision. *have you tried Trail manoeuvre, how can u know it’s ON? *Lights of NUC (all scenarios) *characteristics of Masthead light. *When to Call Master. *going to encounter RV, actions.
11-OCT-18ECDIS passage planning. Contents of ALRS. Various alarms on ECDIS. 7 isobaric patterns. Pattern of TRS. How to avoid TRS? Factors affecting Manoeuvring characteristics of vessel. Draw Advance and tactical Diameter. Requirement for Advance and Tactical Diameter. And under what imo resolution is that mentioned. Which side turning circle will be smaller. Safety contour. What is it and how does it help. How to get Nav warnings How to get medical assistance on board. ROR Situations. Screwed up in that hence didn’t ask anything else.

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Capt. Daniel Joseph – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. Orals Questions

Capt. Daniel Joseph – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. MMD Exams Surveyor Orals Questions. Prepared as per Latest Dates:

4-NOV-19Few night cards nuc towing ground IALA .. safe water mark card Above cards on port bow.. crossing,  action? Telegraph orders
4-JUNE-19Rule 3… What NUC……what can b the reason to b a NUC What is restricted visibility What is a RAM vsl Errors of eco sounder
15-FEB-19Night card vessel aground,pd vsl pushing ahead… Mine clearance vessel ahead take action as per ror,company policy and BPG. Quote rule 19,7,8,18 and 1 What are dimenson of day signal and there spacing. Draw diagrame of Turning circle
2-JAN-19Towing vessel card whole content action was 1 short blast alter course to stbd. He said why 1 short blast, i said bcoz i am altering stbd. He asked why 5 times then he said which rule, I said 34(a) then he said quote, then another card with 2 possibility nuc and aground, I told the content then he said in reality how will u identify she is nuc or aground, I don’t wang card probabilities, i said by fog signal he said did i mention rv, another case i said we can look at the vessel whether moving or not if moving then nuc and not then aground, he said and how else i said we can see the size of vessel and we know the depth of water if depth is much more we cannot say this vl is aground , he said what is the another case u can identify whether nuc or aground, I said nuc 2 balls and aground 3 balls, then told quote rule 15 then all u know about ntm’s and then all u know about ECDIS.
15-DEC-17picked up cards & showed around 5-7 night cards. • Company UKC policy • Draw preferred channel to starboard mark in region A • Draw isolated danger mark,then also asked me characteristics for this mark. • Meaning of Flag U,F,L & later asked me for each flag how do they look. • Storm Signals
4-MAY-17Asked me why you transferred you file here? Asked about my professional info after telling him about 2-3 minutes I stopped He told in the same way you tell to your girlfriend also? Mariners professional info should be like endless I smiled and told him everything voyages type of cargo carried vettings bla bla bla Suddenly showed me one card tell me what’s this Cbd underway seen from stern I told him word to word One it came to action he asked me why you alter to stbd. Then next card NUC makingway seen from stern I was telling him the second probability he told me ok and qoute rule 14 I started quoting rule 14 word to word in the mean time he took my EXN sheet
17-FEB-17180 course n south cardinal bouy action Safe water marking buoy Two cards NuC n fV One situation his fav one – I said I will alter to port then argued on it he said Yu r taking wrong action and plus try to prove it right 😂 Quote rule 17,7,8
13-JAN-17Started with cards in full detail,  about 10-15 cards and cross questions in between…Confusing one’s. Wants everything behind the card.. AIS requirement and types.
10-JAN-17Last attempt questions , interco , where you hoist flags on ship nd reason for that , I just said wht we do on ship dn he asked abt the flag we hoist on stern and all dt, meaning of flags A to Z , cards Nuc pilot Cbd one white light all confusing cards askd me about making way and underway , stw/sog , lrit carriage req, rule 10/19, safe speed define , manoeuvering characteristics, do rule apply to warships , bpg/bmdg, i don’t knw whts bmg .

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Capt. Azad – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. Orals Questions

Capt. Azad – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. MMD Exams Surveyor Orals Questions. Prepared as per Latest Dates:

4-DEC-19Safe speed, Sound signal in rv for my vessel underway,makingway,anchor, Aground Rule 14,15,16,17 imp points own word Situations one vsl ford of stbd beam 3 point you are able to see 2 white and side light take action. Another sit 2 crossing vessel port bow stbd bow and head on action. I answered alteration of course to stbd..he wanted to listen wide alteration of cource to stbd Visibility range of side light.
4-MAY-18Passage planning code rule  1, 2, 5,6 nd 13, 15 , Echo sounder error,  gps errors,  what is specialty of rule 1, 5 important flag and explanation, annex 4, Satuation 3point stbd bow , and 4 points stbd bow what is safe speed

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Capt. C.L. Dubey – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. Orals Questions

Capt. C.L. Dubey – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. MMD Exams Surveyor Orals Questions. Prepared as per Latest Dates:

17-Dec-17As I entered the room capt dubey and mudli were sitting so I wished gm in return he replied softly rule 2 hahaha lol ok let’s start how it went
Rule 2 6 9 10
Situations all in rv and all possible u can think Off. situation with radar not working
How to check gyro error at sea
How to take amplitude, amplitude diagram do u know how to derive the amplitude formala. Write the amplitude formula
Conduct a detailed passage plan
Asked abt MDR in that. N it’s details. Give me the publication which only fell abt distance from point a to point b. Chart correction.
3-Sep-17Very good serveyor
Explain indsar, inspire, amwer.
All met equipments
ROR rule 5-6
Only 2cards
Admiralty publication explanation.
23-Jul-17Rule 5,6,19. Situations. 
methods of finding GPS error out at sea. radar limitations
equipments for lookout available on bridge, about ecdic
find lmt merr pass. wot is merr pass. sector search, TRS. 
Aneroid barometer. What is it used for?
What is atmospheric pressure n wot does it give? How wil u know weather is good or bad?
How will u know bad weather is approaching?
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Capt. Behl – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. Orals Questions

Capt. Behl – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. MMD Exams Surveyor Orals Questions. Prepared as per Latest Dates:

11-MARCH-20How to take over anchor watch? 20 pts. 2 buoys. Cardinal. And preferred channel. Cargo operation is finishing in 2 hrs. Prepare vessel for sea. How will you prepare? Then  which book you will refer for pasage planning? BPG.. He  even wants the colour of the book. Narrow channel. Sv 2kts.  Ur vsl 4 kts.  Action. In that shallow water effect. Bow cushion Limitations of radar. Alarms in ecdis. If manufacturing instruction for correcting equipment is printed. How will u know ur equipment are good or not?? Ans : Performance standards each equipment. How much steering helm u give for trying out. If engineer vl tell u he wants to out try engines what action?.check mooring tights.. Check for boats tugs clear them away.. Propeller clearance…
8-FEB-20ECDIS passage planning. In brief. Duties as OOW when pilot comes over. He needs at least 20 points. GPS errors Buoys. And light signals of them. He had removed the top mark. ITCZ AKA Doldrums. No rules no cards
7-FEB-201. True alt @40°N at winter solstice what will be sun true alt at merpass 2. Factors effecting squat 3. Bouy identification “pref channel to port reg b & west cardinal mark ” without top marks 4. Situations involving narrow channel , tss , overtaking 5. Passage planning important things to mark on chart 6. ECDIS limitations 7. Ram cbd definition n lights 8. Departure checklist important points 9. Navigation in costal water important points 10. Grounding action
6-FEB-20 • Taking over navigation watch  • prepare bridge for sailing  • entering narrow channel precautions  • situations cards  • IALA buoyage
7-SEPT-19No rules. No situations. No cards. No buoys. How will you take over anchor watch (He wanted 25 points) At least 7 note you’ll write on chart…(apart from the things which master decides like stand by engine , call master etc). And then he started asking questions on Celestial navigation which I don’t remember then Meteorology. What is radiation fog? Different type of currents
5-MAY-185 to 10 night cards. Any 5 distress signals. size of cone & anchor boll diameter. Satuation head on , crossing, overtaking. what is maneuvering signals. vessel in sight of one another in a narrow channel overtaking signals. What is v correction & d correction? What is aspects? When to call master? What is squat? Alams of gps. What is aio & alarms? What is radiation fog? What is head reach? How many volume in asd? Echosounder errors.
13-APRIL-18His standard situation. Overtaking sailing vessel in narrow channel Wig craft.. lights. Buoys. ROR understanding. Taking over anchor watch. Control testing. Squat and many basic questions. Advection fog.
11-JAN-18List of info u will write during passage plan on chart What is wheel over point Name the publication which u will refer in passage plan- bridge procedure guide Action in case of grounding
19-DEC-17Bouyage system. Reason B, East cardinal buoy. Flags Bravo and hotel and purpose. 2 situations in narrow channel where he wanted to hear I will call master. Along with ur answer. And said Vibhuti sir has passed u so I won’t ask u much in situations. Definition of RAM vessel.  Lights of WIG craft. Errors of echo sounder. 7 things u will mark on Passage plan.   Few Ror nights cards. Action in case of grounding. Gave me Lt house of chart and asked me to identify all the information.( Like Fl wr 12s 35m 13M).  When will u call master.  Lights of NUC. Ur engines stopped at  mid sea  action. MOB procedures and recovery methods.
19-DEC-17introduction… said ur hairstyle is pretty good .. said i think u r still not out of the phase of cadetship ..then started iala buoyage light identification preferred channel. passage planning.  WOP.. discussion in deeply. abort point. told me to go and find the formula for WOP when i came back he said now i will asked different ques.. vsl aground action RAM definitions pre departure checks…
23-NOV-17Situations in narrow channel, IALA buoyage system in detail,  you joined the vsl and within 2 hrs..sailing.. what all preparations u will do on bridge.. he wanted to hear all control test in detail, …
3-NOV-17Situations in narrow channel n TSS.. MOB, Grounding, check for preparing vessel for sea Night cards,aground n nuc. TRS n avoiding action
12-SEPT-17He said u have only 5 should i even consider it. I said ext said depends on Behl if he considers u, so Behl was like so u know I’m going to take ur orals and started laughing. I said yes sir. So he said so are u prepared will all my sets I said confidently yes. He started with his same pet situation of vessel on port. Emergency wreck marking buoy Mob on stbd side and shallow patch on stbd side. Action: Alter course to stbd and clear the person from propellor as the ship will juts move few cables away. After that hard over to other side and use Anderson or  Scharnov turn Warm occulded front from east side. Draw Wop and rot.  Bore tide. Some questions from PON.  Main engine failure action. Ans After informing master change the lights as required send SAFETY msg and update info on ais. Rest same actions what v study Asked me if u know ecdis. I said had it on first ship so he asked senc raster vector and alarms on ecdis. Could not answer much Final quest 7 things to plot on chart.
11-SEPT-17Cards trawler, mining vsl, aground and nuc, day card ram dredger, cardinal, preferred channel, vsl @ anchor signals, towing vsls, Cbd crossing from own port side action? TRS conditions required for formation, weather Routeing, Routeing charts n contents,passage plan from mumbai to Brazil, how to take noon sight, merpass sight, angle of squint,side lobe error, NUC head-on with pd vsl? Muster list emergency signal, relation between rule 18 and 13, SENC, SCAMIN, ECDIS brief explain, difference vector raster.
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Capt. Baweja – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. Orals Questions

Capt. Baweja – Function 1 – 2nd mate F.G. MMD Exams Surveyor Orals Questions. Prepared as per Latest Dates:

9-MARCH-20Charts corrections on ECDIS ECDIS perf std ROR cards Rule 6,5 quote Smelling the ground Echo sounder errors Meteorology eqps Amendments to IAMSAR Arpa alarms
6-FEB-20 • how 2 make gyro north seeking  • manual inputs in gyro  • gyro principal  • gps principal/limitations  • pp on ecdis frm Colombo to Singapore  • What all things to refer during planning a passage  • ecdis in detail  • shallow contour, safety contour, deep contour, safety depth, catzoc defn  • head on situation with shoal patch on stbd side  • 7-8 cards  • taking ovr bridge watch in open sea  • diff btwn gps and dgps
4-FEB-20Limitations of ECDIS Alarms of Arpa IAMSAR in detail Day cards Rules 5,6,17,19 ECDIS updates T&P corrections Williamson turn
14-OCT-19T and P notices ASD volumes and corrections Radar performance standard Trial manoeuvre Ground stab sea stab Ecdis AIO Passage planning on Ecdis ROR cards 5 Rule no 39 40 41 Chart corrections Amplitude azimuth Muster card preparation Crossing situations Overtaking situation in clear and restricted visibility Factors affecting maneuvering characteristics
7-FEB-19NUC or aground card, towing vessel seen from stern card No situation Advance, transfer, head reach, tactical diameter How many volume of Asd why we use Asd, what information can get from Asd How to start marine radar.
23-NOV-17How to start radar. Controls of radar. Limitation of radar. Limitation of ECDIS. Trial maneuver. Rule 5,13,18. One situation regarding overtaking vessel simple one Card 6 to 7. Chart symbol wreck,pilot reporting, Cardinal marks, Special marks
2-AUG-17Performance standard of arpa , Set up of radar , gain , Sea n rain  function , GPS errors – correctable n not correctable , Ecdis passage plan , Rule 10,19,5 … Ror cards
2-AUG-17Performance standard of ARPA , Set up of radar, Gain, Sea n rain function, GPS errors – correctable n not correctable , ECDIS passage plan, Rule 10,19,5 … ROR cards
13-JULY-17Magnetic compass and gyro compass principle. Ecdis alerms, raster chart and vector chart diff. Ror cards. Two white light in vertical line. Anchor light and under way light Safe water mark. Isolated danger mark. ram vessel light. In this he fuck me. Becouse wanted card word to word if u forget one point he will.never pass u in function 1. He just fail me becouse I was not given some point in ror card. Situation in crossing
13-Apr-17Regulation for GMDSS red button
What are nav areas and how do you get msgs
Asd no. of volumes and content
Possibilities if seen one red light
Possibilities if seen two red lights
Routine chart
Isolated danger mark
New danger mark
In performance monitor of ARPA how many targets you can acquire.
25-JAN-17Passage planning? Stopped me in between and asked me you have to go from Singapore to Japan straight northerly course would you do GC ? Rational horizon? How to correct chart? You receive a new edition of ASD how will you correct it ? Rules 7,8,9,10,17,19. He wants word to word I was fluent with rules so he was stopping me in between showed me almost 35 cards ?(he wants everything written behind the card). 3-4 simple situations ? How will you switch on radar? How will you take over watch at open sea ? How will you take over watch in restricted visibility? Asked me the meaning of flag T and R? Ship handling characteristics? Transverse thrust? Squat?