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Enclosed Space Entry on Ship

Check list prior to Entry into a space that has been closed for an extensive period of time:

Enclosed Space Entry Permit:- This permit relates to entry into any enclosed space and should be completed by the master or responsible person and by any persons entering the space, e.g. competent person and attendant.

Precautions to be taken prior, during and after entering enclosed space:

Before EntryAll parties to discuss the job to be done in the space: What are the hazards of the space and how can they be controlled?What are the hazards of the job and how can they be controlled?  
Risk assessment: Document the hazards and necessary safety measures and controls.  
Secure the space: Empty the space if necessary and take steps to prevent the space filling up:Lock out valves and pumps and Place notices forbidding their operation. Is the space adjacent to other tanks, holds, or pipelines which if not secure could present a danger?  
Ventilate: Allow sufficient time for the space to be thoroughly ventilated naturally or mechanically. Guard any openings against accidental and unauthorized entry.  
Test: Test the atmosphere in the space for oxygen content and the presence of flammable and toxic gases or vapours. Do not enter until the atmosphere has been determined to be safe.  
Permit – complete an enclosed space entry permit to work, confirming that: The hazards of the job and of the space have been dealt with. The atmosphere in the space is safe and ventilated. The space will be adequately illuminated. An attendant at the entrance has been appointed. Communications have been established between bridge and entry point, and entry. Emergency rescue equipment is available at the entrance and there are sufficient personnel on board to form a rescue party. All personnel involved are aware of the task and the hazards, and are competent in their role.
During EntryEnsure the space is suitably illuminated.
Wear the right PPE.
Continue to ventilate the space.
Test the atmosphere at regular intervals.
Communicate regularly.
Be alert, and leave the space when requested or if you feel ill.
After EntryEnsure all equipment and personnel are removed from the space.
Close the access of the space to prevent unauthorized entry.
Close the entry permit.
Reinstate any systems as appropriate.

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