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Responsibilities of Chief officer with respect to Documents on board

Responsibilities of Chief Officer with respect to signing of Mates receipts:-

  • Remarks to be made as to the order and condition of the consignment. This document is usually prepared by the terminal or shipper’s representative at the terminal.
  • In addition to the condition of the cargo it will usually the description of the goods, the shipper’s quantity and/or weight and usually the packaging.
  • This receipt is signed, after loading, by the Chief Officer as an official receipt for the goods onboard. The original mate’s receipt is then usually presented to the carrier and exchanged for signed original bills of lading issued by the carrier using the quantities shown on the mate’s receipt. These original bills of lading then act as the receipt for goods.

Responsibilities of Chief Officer with respect to issuance of letter of protest to shippers and cargo receivers:-

  • A Letter of protest, simply known as Protest, is a written communication, intended to record dis-satisfaction on the part of one party concerning any operational matter over which the recipient or other party has control, and holding the other party responsible for the consequences of the matter being complained of.
  • Most commonly a protest is in connection with cargo, although they may be written about almost any matter where there is a contractual arrangement. e.g. Use of berth or use of equipment.
  • A Letter of Protest helps substantiate a claim by owners or vice-versa, and may prove useful, if properly filed, when a dispute is being resolved long after the related event.
  • A Letter of Protest is thus different from a Note of Protest or lodged with a consul or notary public.
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