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Sulphur in Bulk Carriers

Hazards with shipment of Sulphur in Bulk:

  1. Explosion Hazards: – Sulphur is flammable substance in both solid and liquid state. The dust is characterized by a very low ignition point of 190oc compared to other dust which is combustible and dust clouds are readily ignited by weak frictional sparks. Dust containing 25% or more. Elemental sulphur may be almost as explosive as pure sulphur.
  2. Incompatible Chemicals: – Explosive mixtures may be formed if sulphur is contaminated with chlorate nitrates or other oxidizing agents.
  3. Static Electricity: – Sulphur has excellent electrical insulation properties and under the right conditions will readily pick up static electricity which of discharged can result in ignition.
  4. Fire: – Solid and liquid sulphur will burn to produce sulphur dioxide gas, which is extremely irritating and toxic. The effects of the fire hazard itself are slight.
  5. Emission of H2S: – When sulphur is re-melted it may release small quantities of H2S gas which is both flammable and toxic.
  6. Dust Explosion:- In sulphur dust produced is flammable in nature. Apart from rupture it can cause massive explosion if ignited.
  7. Corrosion:- The sulphur forms sulphuric acid under favourable condition which is very corrosive in nature.
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