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Tallying of Cargo

Tallying of Cargo as per stowage plan on completion of loading:

Once the cargo has been loaded on board the vessel will expected to make an accurate tally of the total number of units loaded onboard and their destination ports. Although in many ports this will be provided to the vessel by the tally clerks, it is common practice that many ports are entirely dependent on the tally provided by the ships staff. So in this respect it is important that procedure is in place to ensure that ship side tally is well maintained and is reported and confirmed with the operators and stevedores to prevent any short landing / Overlanding Discrepancies.

Tallying of Cargo as per stowage plan on completion of Discharging:

Prior vessel arrives at the first discharge port it is important that a shortlanding/ overlanding checklist is Completed and sent to the respective discharge ports stevedores through the agents. During the loading stage the duty officers and crew where totally involved in the stowage/segregation process so once the vessel leaves the last loading port it is important that the chief officer carries with him all the crew and officers for cargo rounds and familiarize the cargo plan and the precautionary areas where due to location of cargo in hidden spaces / areas they might be overlooked. These areas should be promptly marked and identified on the cargo plan.

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