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Q) Write short notes on the following: Types of bulkheads.

Ans:- Bulkheads:- Vertical partitions on a ship are called bulkheads.

Types of Bulkhead as per Orientation:

  • Longitudinal: Placed in longitudinal direction on a ship.
  • Transverse: placed in Transverse direction on a ship.

Types of bulkheads as per construction:

  1. Watertight bulkheads: These bulkheads are water tight and prevent flooding. Numbers of Watertight bulkheads: 1- Collision bulkhead, 1- aft peak bulkhead, 1- Bulkhead of engine room and 1- bulkhead aft of engine room. Aft peak bulkhead and bulkhead aft of engine room may be combined into the additional bulkheads are to be provided as per rules depending upon the length of the ship & requirements.
  2. Non-watertight bulkheads:
    • Are screens in accommodation and do not contribute to strength or water tightness.
    • Used to subdivide compartment into smaller units of accommodation of stores Non-watertight Bulkheads.
    • Non-watertight bulkheads perform supporting function.
    • Its stiffeners have to be sufficient for the load carried.
    • Corrugated bulkheads may be used.
  3. On-tight or tank bulkheads: Form boundary of oil tanks. Are oil tight in nature & are tested for the same.
Types of Bulkheads
Types of Bulkheads