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Capt. Meena Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. P.C. Meena Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

7-AUG-18MEENA1. LNG cargo operations scupper plug requirements. 2. LNG Drip Trays requirements. 3. Collision situations 4. ROR Cards 5. Action as a ch mate after Collision 6. Weather routing 7. Ice navigation 8. Polar code requirements, training requirements 9. Buoys 10. Rule 10F1
10-AUG-18MEENA1. Started with voyage planning. What makes you mandatory to do voyage planning. Where it is written dat it’s mandatory.Which regulation which convention. 2.Bridge equipment and their Test 3.When to take VDR back up and how? 4.After collision when u will take VDR Backup ( not immediately after some time about hour or so coz he wanna listen VDR should record all actions you have taken after collision) 5. Bridge Electronic Publciation? How to correct them? How to check it’s corrected or no? What to do if not able to update? 6.What information given for light house on chart? What is Nominal and Geographic range ? Which publication to refer for? 7. Height of light house and bridge given on  chart? (For light house and other object MHWS for Bridge and overhead cable HAT ) what is chart datum? 8. SW Monsoon. Why SW? After saying Coiroilis and Gradient next question 9. Coriolis and Gradient Force? 10.Situation RV target vslon stbd qrtr and not appearing on radar but sound singal increasing action (Increase interval of sound signal and post lookout on to check any change, inform master, adjust radar setting and check if target appear) nothing asked then 10. How you will assist master in decision making 11.high Latitude navigation planning and precautions (Ice navigation) 12. How LRIT work ? How you will come to know LRIT Working or not? 13. ECDIS Performance test? Why to perform? ( But this test is now not required to do if upgraded to 4.0) 14. ECDIS advantages 15. Bore Tide, Spring and Neap Tide 16. How you will consider tide in passage planning and which publication ? 17. Gyro error? How will you apply course lat error? NO rules and cardsF1
14-AUG-18MEENA1. Ice navigation 2. Requirements for ice navigation 3. Polar code 4. Types of weather chat 5. How will u assist master in decision making 6. PWOM 7. RV situation 8. Cold weather precautions 9. Effect on gyro at high lat. 10. U are n bridge and there’s explosion in 2 port cargo tank, Ur initial action. 11. Collision, action master is disabled. 12. Types of ice 13. Quote rule 19 d, e 14. Flags. 15. Meaning of one flag, 2 flags and 3 flags raised on mast 16. Benegula current characteristics and were it is found 17. TRS avoiding action 18 how will you know if you can navigate in polar water 19. What equipment in bridge helps to see, is it mandatory, why, where it is mentioned? 20. Bore tide. 21. Types of current.F1
11-SEPT-18MEENAEcdis counter setting, alarms, corrections, testing, Rule 10 explaination, ROR cards towing, fishing, trawler, AIS, How will you assist master in decision making.F1
11-SEPT-18MEENAECDIS counter setting, alarms, Corrections, testing, Rule 10 explanations, ROR cards towing, fishing, Trawler, AIS, How will you assist master in decision making?F1
11-MARCH-20MEENA1) if you have to sail more than 66 degree lat what ventures you will find in passage? 2) sailing from Korea to chille what will you do with gyro? 3) requirements for calling magnetic compass adjuster? 4) which ROR rule is very robust means you cannot change or override in section 2 of steering and sailing rule?F1
16-MARCH-20MEENAVsl 1 pt stbd …can see both side lt n mast head lt…action… 1short blast co altr stbd Rv situation AB reported fog signal cming frm stbd quater n sound intensity increasing….action…inform master…chng fog signal to aft altr co to port till sound intensity decrease…ask action as per which rule Passage planning from Rotterdam to Shanghai using northern route….. Screening of lights….distance Between nav lightsF1
11-NOV-20MEENA-polar code -why gyro n magnetic are unreliable there -working of gnss compass -passage planning as ch mate in polar regions -a vessel at stbd quarter…exactly 22.5deg abaft beam…spd 21kts…own spd 12kts…both side lights visible and masthead lt…action Then he changed it…similar situation, cpa is 0…action? -stbd quarter fog signal…nothing on radar…signal increasing…action? Answer is maintain co n spd…do not alter anywhere.F1
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