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Capt. Uppal Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Uppal Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

4-JUNE-18UPPALBulk carriers not sailed but must know – how u carry out draught survey. Difference between PV valves and pv breakers – they work for same cause but why different construction.  Tanks fully loaded u just signed on Master asks calc the cargo . Principal of UTI Requirements for loading grain . Compactibility n segregation as per Category 1 .F2
18-JUNE-18UPPAL-why draft survey of ballast vl – use of constant – draft survey calculation – why trim correction – what is fwd perpendicular – what is frst trim correction – Bill of lading – what will shipper do with it – why PV valve is not ig line -how will u load class 1 good – compatiblty and segregation for class 1 – subclass of class 1 – grain stability requirements – full grain stability calculation and explain me with diagram, why it’s like that – what is void in grain ship – what is chain register – why annealing is Carried outF2
11-OCT-18UPPALLast failing questions Concentrates hazards How can you rely on certificate given by shipper for tml. I said many points but what he wanted to hear is that the laboratory which gives this cert is it approved by administration. You are joining as a mate on a loaded tanker to take over. Calculate the cargo loaded. Gave him all the steps of calculation but he figured out that i have never used api tables in actual. VGM, flammability diagram in detail, what is purging, inerting…..F2
11-MAR-19UPPALHow many vols are there in imdg . What all is included in the supplement How will you use mfag What is imdg class 1 and it’s relationship to segregation and compatible tables. Types of gas carriers. – he wanted to her the survival capability. And asked to explain. Isgott and what are its contents. Not word to word. Just a brief understandingF2
8-APRIL-19UPPAL-Draft survey explanation, all steps of calc -bill of lading, who signs it nd issues it, when not to sign BL -what is HVVV -PV valve -PV breaker -diff between pv valve nd pv breaker, why two system given -asked hv I done dry dock, I said yes during cadetship, so aksed what is shear strake, deck plate joining shear strake, what is that plate called. What is purging, why is it done when hold is already in inert condition -little bit of cross Q, not much.F2
6-MAY-19UPPALTank cleaning and tank entry procedure for oil Tankers, purging and gas freeing methods Content of Imdg and IMSBC DOA in detail, stability requirement for grain Method for checking the mc of concentrate on board, precautions for loading concentrate Imdg supplements in detail Flammable diagram understanding Hvvv’s and why vent speed is 30m/sF2
13-MAY-19UPPAL– Imdg volumes – Imdg segregation – load class 1 with class 1 cargo – what is magazine? – Types of magazines – pv breaker and pv valve difference – why pv breaker is not in all tanks and what if we will put PV valve of same pressure instead of pv breaker – Purging and inerting, why we purge which is still in inert condition – TLV – why initial draft survey is carried out – Draft survey – why 1st trim and 2nd correction? – Is any segregation in imsbc – Coal loading in detail – Principle of css Code – how to go about cargo which are not in imsbcF2
3-JUNE-19UPPAL1. Loading of Coal. Hazard, precautions. 2. What is concentrate? Loading of concentrate. 3. What is TLV? 4. Draft survey in full detail. ( Lot of cross questioning) 5. IMDG contents 6. How will you segregate Class 1 (Also list the sub classes of class 1) 7. Contents of IMDG Supplement.F2
17-JUNE-19UPPAL1. Chain register. Who issues it? 2. Loading of iron ore in monsoon in India. Which circular what it mentions? 3. Hazards of ores 4. IMSBC codeF2
17-JUNE-19UPPAL1. Purging (Wants to hear gas freeing of tank in inerted condition) 2. What is TLV,TWA, STEL and ceiling limit. 3. Timber code contents and lumber load line. Is there any difference between lumber summer draft and normal summer draft & y? 4. On a bulk carrier Initial Draft survey in full detail. Why 1st trim correction 5. IMDG contents and Supplements 6. What is Ems 7. Segregation as per Imdg. 8. Chain register 9. HVV? Why 30m/sec 10. Bill of lading? Who issues it?F2
9-SEPT-19UPPALTanker calculation in detail. Draft survey calculation and why we do. Static and dynamic test. Iron ore and concentrate loading, including precaution and hazards. Chain register. He is much in IMDG explosive. Classes of IMDG Subcategory of explosive Segregation of explosive( not away from, seperated from) Principle of UTI What is compatibility and segregation of class 1 IMDGF2
13-MARCH-20UPPAL1. Why are there different arrangements for PV Valve and PV Breaker it they are there for the same purpose? 2. What is the compatibility table and what is the segregation table for class 1 Cargo? 3. How will you go about a draft survey on a bulk carrier? Why do we add or subtract the first and second trim correction? What is the purpose? 4. How will you perform a flow test? What is TML?F2
3-AUG-21UPPAL-Imgd code how many volume explain each volume and chapter.(he wanted to know how many pages for volume 2 dangerous goods list and how many columns what information is written in columns) -ISGOT what it contains. -Imsbc contents , concentrate hazards and loading procedure – coal hazards loading procedure -As choff what factors to consider on bulk carriers. – grain stability requirement. – flammability diagram explain, what is purging why it is done, what is critical dilution line. -Mate’s receipt -What is bill of lading who issues it. -Dg manifest. Some more I don’t recollectF2
4-AUG-21UPPALImgd code salient feature and chapter quote, Many Cross questions on imdg on basis of both volumes chapter wise, Imsbc contents , concentrate hazards and loading procedure, As choff what factors to consider on bulk carriers, Chemical taker types and define, Chemical tanker Construction parameters, Ig gas and proportion of all gases, Type of deck seals and explain wet type, Mate’s receipt, Bill of lading who issues it, Dg manifest and explain, Imdg code what all colums in list of dg, Some more I don’t recollectF2
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Capt. Srivastava Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Srivastava Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

15-JUNE-18SRIVASTAVA-Parametric rolling -Synchronous rolling -Grain loading -What is lean gas and reach gas and their content. (Lean and Rich gas are type of natural gas. Lean gas high concentration of methane and ethane (95% or more) Rich gas have higher concentration of propane, butane and the intermediate weight hydrocarbon pentane C5, heptane C7) -Boiling point of Propane, Butane and Ammonia. -Explain full procedure to load propane and butane. -How to control cargo boil off during voyage – reliquifaction plant.F2
6-JULY-18SRIVASTAVA1. Def of AOR n TML 2. Grain loading. Procedure. When i said VHM he asked wats d value of allowable VHM. 3. Precautions at sea when carryin iron ore 4. What are high density cargoes 5. Container bay plan 6. Container lashings 7. EMS and MFAG 8. Container lashings 9. CSM 10. VgmF2
12-JULY-18SRIVASTAVAPolymerisation in detail. Inhibitor in detail. Loading of 4 grades of chemicals, 2 reactive and 2 non-reactive, in detail (He wants to hear everything from the voyage order to loading operation). You have started loading, now your duty officer is on watch, you go and take a deck round, tell me what all things you ll see. Chemical spill, action ( Again he wants to hear everything from alarm to spill collection). Product carrier- Precautions required during voyage. Load two grades of white oil in a product carrier and precautions( in detail). You have to do hot work in a COT. Explain the full procedure. Critical temperature. What is its significance. Angle of repose. Hazards of bulk cargo with examples of each. Testing and maintenance of cargo hoses. 2 criteria for Static accumulating oil. Where can you get guidelines for carrying out hot work. how will you take water in your slop tanks. How will you inert your DB tanks. Primary and secondary means of venting.F2
12-JULY-18SRIVASTAVAIMDG-Classes, Contents, Documents, Precautions before loading IMDG container, Stowage & segregation. Phosphoric acid loaded in all the tanks, what all precautions to be taken during the voyage. Chemical cargo spill at manifold, take action. Make a discharge checklist for discharging of 4 grades of chemical. Types of chemic tankers. Load 4 grades of product in a product, in detail, precaution to be taken for their segregation, contamination. Top view of pipeline system for product tanker and chemical tanker. Bill of lading- What is it, how many copies, issued to whom, copies for which all parties, why u have this many no of copies. Note of protest in detail. Role of P&I club. Both to blame clause. Angle of repose. Stowage factor. Load density.F2
7-SEPT-18SRIVASTAVAIron ore loading Stowage plan Hw wd we monitor stress on capesizers while loading iron ore(hull stress monitoring sys). Can we load alternate hold loading( as per solas ships with 150 m n above  losds 90% of its deadweight s prohibited ) Rolling period n its formula How we ship behaves n angle of loll, TMP Angle of repose (how would u go about trimming cargo – he wants to hear about trimming procedure as per IMSBC) Flammability diagram –limits and what u measure with Explosimeter (HC gas lel in %)F2
14-DEC-18SRIVASTAVAIron ore cargo loading. Can u load Alternate? Coal Loading – voyage Care- Discharge Crosses questions on Loading precautions…y this y tht. Grain Loading…criteria etc. ISGOTT, IMSBC, BCH, COW,, tankscope, Ig system, Chem vsls, how to find rolling period, loll angle, Heavy Lift, CSS, Container loading precautions.F2
14-MAR-19SRIVASTAVAAsked which ship I have sailed, he said he is master of LNG/LPG vessels. Definition of Gas as per IGC code, mollier diagram, absolute pressure, gauge pressure, vapour pressure, governing factors for setting of MARVs, asked me to draw Reliq plant, purpose of suction knock out drum in Reliq plant, what if liquid goes to compressor and safety arrangement for that, cargo containment, ESD1 and ESD2 differenF2
14-MAR-19SRIVASTAVAHe asked me which type of ship, flammability diagram for LPG, boiling point for propane, Butane, Ethylene, cargo tank containment, Procedure for grade change, procedure for gas freeing before entering dry dock, LPG overflow at manifold action, Power cut during loading action, procedure for inerting, Bill of lading, no. Of originals issued, note of protestF2
15-MAY-19SRIVASTAVAWhat is IMSBC code…wht all information u get…contents of imsbc…what is angle of repose… what is hazardous cargo with high AOR or cargo with low AOR,how will u figure out A.O.R of particular cargo…load density, stowage factor , broken stowage…wht is imp for u as a chief officer at the initial stage of cargo planning… Container bay row tier system…can u load container on a vessel not design for carriage of container…which code…any particular lashing requirement…show how will u lash it…show diagram as per css code…( I said since there is no such eye on the deck I will weld one with proper swl)length of timber shoring…hazards of coal, sulphur, concentrates,how will u carry out grain loading… hazards…what chemical  used for fumigation?? precaution during fumigation….can u load grain in wing tanks???I said if there is provisition then yes….and provided vessel is certified to carry in wing tanks…wht is bill of lading..who issues it?? information on b/l…who can sign it….wht is electronic bill of lading…wht is LCL and FCL..purpose…what is gross weight of container….what is CSC plate…have u ever seen a customs plate on container…wht is stack weight???F2
19-JUNE-19SRIVASTAVAContents CSM, monitoring of lashing on container ships, instructions for OOW, VGM, IMDG code contents, stowage categories, how to load imdg container, information in doc for dg goods, fire fighting arrangements on container ships carrying dg, procedure to plan loading conatiners- in what sequence and order will you load what measures to be taken, non negotiable b/l purpose, how many copies of b/l issued, letter of creditF2
3-JULY-19SRIVASTAVA1. How will you go about loading IMDG cargo on your ship. 2. Give short description of IMDG Code and Storck Guide. 3. How are Hatchless container ships constructed differently from Hatch cover container ships. 4. What safety measures are provided for cargo holds carrying IMDG cargo. 5. Recently there was a Maersk vessel that had a DG fire near Lakshadweep (Maersk Honam). What was the reason for the fire? And how did it spread so fast. 5. What Bilge Monitoring system is present on container ships. 6. What is verified gross mass. Give short info. 7. How is IMDG segregation carried out as per IMDG code. 8. What is CSC plate. 9. How is lashing carried out on container ships? 10. What kind of stresses are most common on ultra large container carriers. 11. How to check on these stresses during Cargo operations in port? 12. How does Anti heeling tanks play a role in maintaining stability in portF2
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Capt. Sharma Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Sharma Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

3-APRIL-19SHARMA1. Definitions stowage factor load density and angle of repose which is good low or high angle of repose 2. ISGOTT content 3. IMSBC contents & Amendment 4. AOA amendments 5. MLC contents 6. Boat note 7. Timber freeboard why less 8. Critical period why criticalF2
10-JULY-19SHARMAIMDG code. Loading of DG cargo. Types of reefer cargoes. Loading of freshly cut pulses.(cooled or chilled cargo). Lashing of containers. How to Chek the lashing. Solas chapters for csm. DG cargo and its segregation. Cargo liquefaction. How to test? Shipper’s declaration. Documents for loading dg What is doc dg?F2
13-AUG-19SHARMA-Past Failing Questions -CFR regulation related to IMDG for car carrier ( fuel oil tank and batteries) -Class notation for PCC -Loading precautions in PCC -LFL, FOB, MBL -SOLAS Ch 12, reg 12 & 13 -Can testF2
13-SEPT-19SHARMA-Past Failing Questions -CFR regulation related to IMDG for car carrier ( fuel oil tank and batteries) -Class notation for PCC -Loading precautions in PCC -LFL, FOB, MBL -SOLAS Ch 12, reg 12 & 13 -Can testF2
15-NOV-19SHARMAPrevious attempts question u have to tell him he will verify n not ask anything unless u tell him atleat 50%. All abt LPG operations as i am LPG guy(suggestion- he will ask u abt last ship cargo u carried and basis on that he will question max of d questions). How many B/L – i said 12( as per Capt. JB singh) he started laughing. Documents for cargo operation. Grain hazard. Concentrates. High density cargo- he wanted to hear it will affect the stability more – as chief mate concern. Methods to secure grain cargo- i started mentioning abt bundlng saucering n al he said its all obsolete- den i mentioned abt special construction of bulk carrier with topside tank n al he was happy but asked how will u secure cargo which is between the deck level n hatchcover top(basically inside hatch coaming area) – i got stuck so he said u answered settling as hazards so how will u take care- i said i m not aware he said dont worry amount of grain in dat area is very less it will not shift. Action – cargo liquified/ i said abt reducing speed adjusting ballast course n al he said if it liquified u cant do anything u will straight go in water. Better take precautions before loading. Asked me abt TMC n MC. LPG discharge ops in detail.. Why we use heater? Why we use booster pump? (All dis were based on my answers to him). ImDg in detail kept me asking abt class segregation. As i explained he asked how will u stow m from where u will get- as per him it shud b stored as per category in DGL ( he said imdg not upto the marks). Types of LPG ship. Proof load n criteria. He is very humble and polite person and listens to ur answer very calmly. Gets frustrated if u answer him wat he dnt wana listen. If u get stuck in between he will explain u so that u can recollect n answer him. At 1830 Capt. Sundaram asked me if i can come on monday as he was having some imp stuffs to attend n seemed busy. He said its ur call if u wana come or i will sit n take ur orals now. Gave me 5 mins to think outside. (Just to confirm with fam n al if i got any commitments on monday). I went inside and told him i will come on monday- he said ok come prepared.F2
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Capt. Santosh Darodkar Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Santosh Darodkar Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

15-MAR-17SANTOSH DARODKAR1. What is form E 2. Content of form E 3. How will you assist 2 mate in passage planning 4. How will you assist master in sigapore strait. 5.mlc work and rest hour 6. Latest amendment of solas and marpol 7. What do you mean by mandatory.F2
17-MAR-17SANTOSH DARODKARSegregation table to dram Explain segregation in brief Csc plate and what all thing mentioned on csc plate Fire on 5th tier of container how to extinguish if water not be used it is a imdg cargo. Ring main and direct line system Ig sytem flammable diagram. Bay plan of container. Chemecal category xyz Prewash on chemical tanker Type of container. Car lashing on general cargo Car loading on flat rack containerF2
7-FEB-18SANTOSH DARODKARAll grain questions Grain code Procedure to start loading Stowage plan of grain make before loading Where will u get info of coal if shipper does not provide What is IMSBC What r hazards of grain Procedure to load pipes Hazards of pipe loading Concentrates hazardsF2
15-JUNE-18SANTOSH DARODKARPrecautions of concentrates Heavy lift Summary of isgott What all plans to be referrred prior loading Load density Stowage factorF2
6-DEC-18SANTOSH DARODKARLoading precautions for Iron ore. What all things you will check before you plan for loading Iron ore cargo? If two crude oil (heavy crude and light crude) cargo vapours got mixed with each other before issuing NOP how will you collect evidence for the same.F2
11-JULY-19SANTOSH DARODKARWhat is load density, storage factor, broken stowage, Angle of repose for grain cargo, How will you load grain as a mate, Stability criteria for loading grain with doa and without doa, Hold preparation for grain after loading coal, lashing code, What are trim tables, where you will get information for a particular solid bulk cargo, how will you load iron fines (do mention MS notice 9 of 2010), Actions in case of lifting gear breakdown, What is mimic plan, Actions in case of heavy weather as per css code, Hazards of concentrates.F2
3-JULY-19SANTOSH DARODKARGrain stability calculate With and without stab booklet If two oil cargoes contaminated wat will u do ?? Latest Solas amendments in chapter 2 Bi party triparty He send me outside to find out questions which i dint ans…F2
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Capt. Panigrahi Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Panigrahi Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

2-JUNE-17PANIGRAHI1. Wind heeling criteria (GRAIN AND RORO) Didn’t look satisfied 2. Grain loading how would you calculate Grain wind heeling moment Not satisfied 3. Concentrate precautions 4. ISGOTT contents word to word 5. Ship shore Safety checklist ( almost everything) 6. Loading of heavy cargo on deck 7. Survival capability for Oil, chemical and Gas 8. Dangers associated with RORO 9. Oil coming out from Mast Riser.  Action .. answer action for a mate only. No other crap 10. Vessel lists suddenly .. action? 11. COW checklist everything. 12. Grain stability criteria.   Make the graph .  ( He gets into details , so be quiet sure)F2
15-JAN-20PANIGRAHIISGOTT, IBC, IGC Code Full Content.. Concentrate hazard.. COW Checklist all 3 checklist.. Flammability Diagram draw and explain.. Survival Capability of Oil Or Chemical Or Gas Tanker..F2
15-JAN-20PANIGRAHIShip shore safety checklist CODE grain…imsbc…IBC…isgott…stcw…ism (Content word to word ) Dg manifest Concentrate hazardF2
12-MARCH-20PANIGRAHIRORO discharging, carriage and loading and hazards associated with RORO vessels. What all are arrangements are made in case of water ingress in the cargo spaces in RORO ships? Heavy Lift cargo. How will you discharge after 30days long voyage across ocean? Contents of IBC code Chapter 17 and chapter 19 of IBC code IMDG Class 1 loading How you will load as per IMDG code? (Asked by Capt. Behl) A random container loaded onboard by shore crane operator with smoke coming out of it. Action. (Asked by Capt. Behl) VGM VGM MSC circular and MS notice number? (Asked by Capt. Behl) Contents on a bulk cargo shipping declarationF2
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Capt. Oak Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Oak Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

15-JAN-18OAKWhat all test on container and programme for testing.. Said ACEP and period but wanted types of test.. I knew there are 6 in CSC code but never came out in words!!!! What does the container number i.e Alphabetical and numeral digits mean.. What is a check digit Problems faced with Container and RoRo ships Effect of wind.. Severe heeling criteria and how are the levers formed Where to find stowage factor.. What is CSM and its contents Imsbc code.. How to load concentrate You have 50 DG containers.. How to load What all documents to sign Imdg code and supplement.. Action in fire.. EMG MFAG You want to load heavy lift on the hatch of container what to check Isgott.. Static electricity and static cargoes.. Requirement for cargo to be static cargo wrt electric conductivity Dilution and displacementF2
13-APRIL-18OAKTypes of dunnages Content of imsbc and csm ( no need to tell chapter wise …bas Fta fat bolo he will change the qstn ) what are the group of imdg not class ( never hear groups in imdg) Draw and explain me how G shift during heavy lift operation What is tlv,static accumulator What precaution u will take when loading static accumulator oil (Initial loading rate to be 1m/s until bottom structure is covered And then maximum 7m/s) How will u load grain on general cargo ship (Ship must have DOA and grain loading manual Then explained him about Vhm ) Timber lashings  How much separation is Allowed in UPRIGHTS (for a ht of below 4 m  timber deck cargo 3 m separation is required In uprights Ht of 4 m and above 1.5 m separation is required in uprights ) Wids (for bulky water detection alarm system requirements) Then ship specific What type of tanks did u have What is emrgncy framo pump at what pressure it work .. What hydraulic oil u use in framo ,where will u find info about itF2
8-JUNE-18OAK-define sf -what all cargoes cn be loaded in bulk -groups of cargo -group 123, what does that mean as per imdg. -timber cargo lashings u cn do, what are uprights/stays, what are their requirements? -cargo trimming, calculate nd show. -tankers what alarm are der in pump room. -whats diff between flame arrestor and flame screen. -how will u load imdg cargo in general cargo ships? What u’ll chk?? -content of CSM. -Few Q’s tanker, which i cud hardly ans, told u shud do group studies much.F2
8-JUNE-18OAK-define sf -what all cargoes cn be loaded in bulk -groups of cargo -group 123, what does that mean as per imdg. -timber cargo lashings u cn do, what are uprights/stays, what are their requirements? -cargo trimming, calculate nd show. -tankers what alarm are der in pump room. -whats diff between flame arrestor and flame screen. -how will u load imdg cargo in general cargo ships? What u’ll chk?? -content of CSM. -Few Q’s tanker, which i cud hardly ans, told u shud do group studies much.F2
12-JULY-18OAKContents of IMSBC Contents of BLU,CSS Types of pump on ur last vessel Explain full discharging procedure including COW Loading Plan from Gulf to China what all points to consider. Cohesive and Non cohesive cargoes Classes of IMSBC , IMDG Can u load IMDG cargo on General cargo vsl. Grain loading and Segregation. Securing of timber, action on sighting a snake, snake has bitten u what action. Helicopter operations. ISGOTT contents (many questions from ISGOTT all normal ones like flammability diagram and all) Storm valve Static accumulator Oil definition, precautions while loading this types of cargoes Pyrophoric reaction. VEF how to determine ,  when will it not be applied.F2
17-SEPT-18OAKStatic accumulator oil loading specific requirements ISGOTT Contents MSDS contents Trim and stability booklet contents Hydraulic oil used onboard name – VISGA 46 And loading and heating of the same Detailed grilling on cargo heating Steam system with leakage identification Timber loading and lashing Snake loose on timber vessel on deck-ActionF2
18-SEPT-18OAKHow will u load iron ore. Pump room ventilation requirement. How will u load heavy lift on hatch cover of container. Types of dunnage, how to load a heavy lift on it? Load density, where to find it. Prepare hold for reefer ship, Brine contents. Grain code, lashing procedure. IMSBC code, types of cargo. Subsidiary risk, how will u identify subsidiary risk of package. VGM. Trimming question- gave me initial trimm final trimm and amount of cargo to be loaded, asked distribute in no 1 and 9 hold, need to explain him what values to take from hydrostatic table and do it on paper. IG system alarms. U have discharged cargo, consigner is saying cargo is damaged and issued letter of protest, action.F2
13-DEC-18OAK1. What ships have you sailed on 2. Loading 6000t to go. Present trim 1 m. Final trim req 0.6m. How will you go about if lodicator has failed. 3. Loading heavy density in a gearless container hatch cover. 4. Coal loading and on fire 5. Types of cargo damages 6. Timber uprights distance 7. Infact stab criteriaF2
12-MAR-19OAKLoad Density Hazards of Concentrates How will u measure MP Which valve used in bilges (Ans-Nrv i.e Screw down NRV) n how will do maintenance Draft Survey- Calculations Tanker- Calculations What is Purging?F2
13-SEPT-19OAKload density ….  types of dunnnage …loading imdg on general cargo …subsidary risk …general stabilty  criteria …stabilty booklet … coal hazard loading …tml …tlv …water ingress system …types of  valves .. accumulator …acctuator …framo pump …pressure surge …static accumlator oil …protective tank chemical …p and a manual …testing steam pipes …imdg in depthF2
5-DEC-19OAKLoad density BLU code contents PV valv pressure Dilution and Displacement Static accumulator oil Consignee sends u letter that Cargo is damaged , Action ? How to take sample from bilge and for what we take sample? inspection of cargo tank , what all things u will report to supritendent What is whipped corrosion?F2
13-JAN-21OAK1) Types of temperature gauge on gas carriers? 2) Requirement of gas detectors on gas carriers 3) DCP requirements on gas carriers 4) Why gas carriers freeboad high 5) Timber- spacing of uprights 6) Marvs settings how to change requirements as per igc 7) Load density 8) IMSBC contentsF2
4-FEB-21OAK1. Started with group of cargo in bulk carrier 2. What is low angle of repose? 3. Loadicator failed have to do final trimming 6000 mt remaining on completion trim should be 60 cm how you will load 4. Why vessel trim when vessel goes from dock water to salt water 5. How you will test loadicator and tolerance limit and what data you get? 6. Types of dunnage. 7. How to clear cargo bilges if the nrv flap is stucked do you cargo . 8. How will you load heavy lift on a container vsl  if you don’t have securing arrangment 9. If cargo is damaged on arrival how will you save your back 10. What is cohesive cargo 11. What to the temp inside hold loaded with coal is increasing 12. Ro Ro lashing  13. Draw flammability diagram and explain. 14. How will you calibrate gas meter?F2
12-APRIL-21OAKIMSBC Contents. Why IMDG book carried  on tankers? Testing of steam lines. Explanation of container number. Timber spacing of stays requirements. BLU code. How will you load when loadicator failed. Testing of containers. Hazards of coal. How will you prepare stowage plan? Windage area of container. Main stability concern on container ship. Smoke from IMDG container action. Testing of containers.F2
5-JULY-21OAK1. Take over as chief mate on chemical tanker. 2. Loadicator tests. 3. What cargoes carried previously? What precautions for methanol? 4. Cargo Sample failed at discharge port? How will you prove that you took proper care of cargo during voyage? 5. Intact stability of cargo ship. 6. Contents of Stability booklet. 7. Heavy lift defn. How will you go about planning to load heavy lift? 8. Bay plan. 9. What types of pumps worked on? (Framo) How to operate them? What oil is used in them? (Hydraulic) What is the exact name? 10. What is MSDS? What info will you get from it? 11. Lashings on timber deck cargo. 12. Spacing between stanchions as per timber code. 13. What is TML? 14. What is ASTM? How many tables? 15. What table do you use on chemical tanker? 16. What is BLU code?F2
6-JULY-21OAKWet shift, dry shift, Load density, Stowage factor, Stiff and tendor ship. Imdg segregation, Coal carriage requirement, Hazards of coal. Fire in hold carrying coal, How to take gas sample and check temperature? Gas meters onboard carrying coal. Why we discharge bilges when carrying coal? How to check ph value? Hazards of iron ore. How will u load? Difference between inerting and purging. Different types of cargo claim. Discharging coal….grab gets stuck in hold in the cargo….action. Type of valve at hold bilges, their location and construction. Stability criteria….why is it required. Timber carrier…..distance between uprights. Lashings as per timber code. Angle of repose 17 degree…..load as per what? 6000t cargo remaining at intermediate draft survey… 1 and 9 are trimming holds….present trim 100cms….trim to achieve 40cms…..loadicator not working….no trimming tables….how to distribute?….i explained the procedure as per hindship….but then he wanted exact formulas.F2
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Capt. Johri Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Johri Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

18-SEPT-17JOHRIWhat is IMDG and explained the procedure how will you load a d.g container? Segregation and stowage table details and latest amendment Stability criteria of timber carrier. What is hog lashing? Contents of IMSBC. Hazards of concentrate. Loading preparation for coal and precautions. Hazards of grain and what are the securing method. Contents of ISGOTT. Types of chemical tanker. What is cargo record book and details? Then he comes to the container … What is bay? How to locate a container on board a ship? Container marking and explain them like container code and no.  What is CSS and CSC code and contents of them?F2
18-SEPT-17JOHRIContent of IMSBC. Content of ISGOTT. What is lashing code ? What a STP ship? Certificate A & B of Passenger Ship. How are cargo hazards of IMSBC identify. What is tpd? Boatnote. Types of Sweat. Voyage from UK to India , what about ventilation of hold. Flow moisture point. Hazards and precautions for cargoes that may liquefy. Bill of lading and purpose. How to determine moisture content onboard Where is it given If you do the above test and it’s showing moisture action ? ( Told him send samples for lab analysis ) Lab report is positive , will u load the cargo ?F2
18-JUNE-18JOHRIISGOTT content. IMDG content. MFAG procedure. CSC plat content. Test of container and why they do that. How container located onboard (Bay Plan), Lashing code content.  Grain loading. Grain stability criteria also draw on paper. Angle of repose – whts for grain and water. How to check onboard AOR. Where to find it and why it is important. Loadline stb side. How to use loadline? What is Solas ch.12 and then screwed me there – asked for all regulations To whom it apply, whts endorsement in it * couldn’t and this but sent me out for 2 min to find abt ch.12. Bulk carrier alarms. BL why it is imp? Types? Mates receipt. Boat Note. COW. Heavy lift precautions. Ships and Cargo SweatF2
11-JULY-18JOHRILoading heavy lift precautions & while loading crane, cargo hold hatch cover, cargo hold got damaged tell action as a C/O, What is angle of repose, tell few cargoes angle of repose, is the angle of repose given for any cargo very accurate, grain stability criteria, can vsl load without DOA criteria for that, timber & tanker stability criteria, hazards of concentrates, how to load high sensity cargo and its hazards, why grain code for loading grain? Contents of ISGOTT, IBC, what is B/L and its functionsF2
13-SEPT-19JOHRI-Explain WNA in loadline -DOA -Grain stability Criteria -Grain loading in USA, which document is important before loading (National Bureau Certificate NBC issued by USDA) -Using shore side Grab in ships crane, what all checks u will do(he wants to hear about certificate stating SWL) -through B/L -loading in tropical zone for winter zoneF2
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Capt. JB Singh Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. JB Singh Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

2-APRIL-18JB SINGHWhich type of vessels u have done? Grain stability criteria? Types of gas tankers? How to load 25tons steel coils and it’s securing? COW requirements?  What is IMSBC code? Non volatile cargoes? VEF in details?F2
11-APRIL-18JB SINGH1. Chemical tanker hazards 2. ‎loading of Hazardous chemicals,  precautions 3. ‎what all information you will get from IBC code 4. ‎cargo not in COF, action.. Will u load or refuse cargo and on what basis 5. ‎timber deck cargoes,  define and what all lashings required.. Y not wood pulp 6. ‎why grain is not in IMSBC code 7. ‎what all do u know about IMSBC Code 8. ‎precautions for concentrates 9. ‎container lashing systems 10. ‎difference between RORO and CAR carrier 11. ‎how will u maintain stability on RORO 12. ‎define heavy lifts and precautions 13. ‎which code gives DG cargoes 14. ‎how will u stow IMDG cargoes 15. ‎requirement for IG systems on tankers 16. ‎what info do u get from Stability booklet 17. ‎what will u first check in that when u join a ship 18. ‎what is GZ curve, what info,  draw 19. ‎stability criteria for grain 20. ‎what all will u check for enclosed space entry 21. ‎type of gas carriers as per Imo ( LNG,  LPG,  AMONIA,  CHLORINE,  ETHYLENE,  REFERIGATED) 22. ‎what is Reliquifaction 23. ‎what is high density bulk cargoes 24. ‎timber deck loading and stowage 25. ‎what is mates receipt and when is it made 26. ‎what is bill of lading, when does master sign it( once it is confirmed freight is payed)..  Who issues it and on whose behalf 27. ‎what is foul Bill of lading 28. ‎how will u take lashings for equipments on deck before rough weather 29. ‎what all docs will u sign after loading cargoF2
15-MAY-18JB SINGHContents of chain register. How will you load steel plate of some dimensions he will give. Types of gas carriers as per IMO ( 6 types… Lng lpg ammonia etc) Types of containers. Types of refrigerated cargoes. IMDG code applies to dangerous cargoes carried via sea or all modes of transportationWhat are the disadvantages of loadicator.F2
17-JULY-18JB SINGHLoad density Ship sweat and cargo sweat Cargo planning as a chief officer What will see 1st in stability booklet after joining Code of safe working practices?published by whom? Urea loading precautions. Css code. While loading grab got stuck action Dangerous goods manifest, why we require to have dg manifest Various types of container Precaution while loading reffer container What is timber vsl How will you load timber cargo What are pcc and roro vsl Loading heavy lift cargo explain procedure Types of refrigerated cargoes Explain ig system Explain framo pumps Loadicator what all info.. Cow procedure and requirements Content of p and a manual Types of gas tanker as per imo Mates receipt. Nop How many types of bl ( i said 12 he told 14)F2
2-AUG-18JB SINGHGA and Capacity Plan all info, prepare for loading, timber code n timber vsl, imsbc, grain, isgott code, stability booklet, loadicator, vsl sailing from montreal to india precaution for urea n mop, types of reefer cargo, pcc & roro vsl, types of containers, gas carriers as per imo, segregation table, mate receipt n BL when will master sign, Dg Manifest Note of protest, contingency plan.F2
14-AUG-18JB SINGHHow will you load steel slabs Testing of cranes using proof load Urea precaution during voyage Types of refrigerated cargoes & precautions B/L & types how many- 14 Mate receipt Document credential system Why grain is not listed in IMSBC code Dg manifest How will you load Dg cargo & classes of it Loading explosives precautions How will you determine angle of repose ? How will you prepare a loading plan from brazil to sydney Thats all i remember guys.There were other questions also which i dont remember.Oral went for 2 hrs almost.He is difficult man.Azad was sitting nxt to JB Singh so he didn’t ask me any question & signed Exn.F2
14-SEPT-18JB SINGH*Asked me which all ships have I done till now. I said only LPG. Said ok. – IMDG segregation of cargoes. (Started telling him in between he stopped n said dont give me values, why is it done tell me. He wants to hear that it is better to keep this dg cargo away from other cargo as well as away from PERSONNEL) – What are livestock carrier ships? I said they carry animals. He said that even cadet knows. From where you will get info about how to load, carriage n other stuff. I said I dont know. He said there is no International Regulation as such. Normally these types of ships mostly trade from 3 countries namely Australia, New Zealand and Brazil having Cattle, sheep n beef as their cargoes respectively. These countries/ports have their own national/local regulations which you need to follow. – IMSBC full form. Why IMSBC is different and grain code different. Why not same. Gave him couple of answers. Was not satisfied. Says as grain is the largest commodity shipped all over the world thats y. – Types of gas carriers. He does not want 1G, 2G n all. He wants his ans which is types of gas carriers are lpg, lng, ethylene, chlorine, ammonia, butadiene etc. I knew this so gave and first time he smiled n said ok good. – Precautions with carriage of urea on a voyage from montreal to vizag. Moisture n sweat ans u hav to give – How will you load steel plates of dimensions 6”x2”. Didn’t knows this ans. – Mate’s Receipt – Types of cold cargoes. Air chilled, frozen n 1 more which I forgot along with their temperatures. – Difference between PCC and PCTC. Former you can carry only cars whereas in the latter along with cars you can carry trucks and heavy items too. Was satisfied. – What is B/L. How many types? Who signs. When do you sign. If master signs after receiving cargo at load port and then freight is not paid to owners at disch port what will happen? (Told him what all I knew, god only knows what he was expecting. Last part I din get) – How will you stop cargo incase of an emergency on a gas carrier. I told him we have an emergency shut down button. Asked locations for the button. Gave him 6-7. Kept on saying and and finally I could tell 10. – What is timber code. Draw timber load line. – Dg Manifest. Purpose and what info do you get from it. – Why do we have these codes such as imsbc, igc etc and why do we need to follow? He wants to hears as a code is a law we need to follow thats it.F2
8-OCT-18JB SINGH1) How u’ll prepare loading plan for voyage kuwait to auckland 2) How u’ll use stability booklet in preparing plan 3) What is timber ship 4) What is diff bet pcc n roro 5) Diff types of containers 6) Diff types of referigeted cargo 7) How many types of BL… 14 8) Mates receipt 9) NOP 10) what is dangerous cargo n how it is segragated 11) what is dg manifest n how it is useful?F2
10-JAN-19JB SINGH1. Grain code timber etc. what are they and why necessary? 2. Type refrigerated cargo 3. Type gas carrier 4. Ro-Ro PCC 5. What is dangerous cargo( cargo mention in imdg code) 6. Capacity and general plan 7. Content of stability booklet 8. Some definition load density etc. 9. Loading of urea voy Canada to Mumbai precaution 10. ISGOTT content 11. Dg manifestF2
18-JUNE-19JB SINGH1. what is code? 2. why IMDG,IMSBC code and so many codes  required on board? 3. what all precautions. Will you take while loading heavy lifts? 4. you are about to load oil cargo  in gulf and discharge at new Zealand how will you go about? 5. what is DG manifest and contents of it? 6. contents of stability booklet? 7. what information you get from displacement chart given in your stability booklet? 8. contents of damage stability booklet? 9. different types of refrigerated cargo as per IMO? 10. different types of refrigerated ships as per IMO? 11. what are contingencies?F2
11-SEPT-19JB SINGH1. Mates receipt. I answered everything about it but he was not happy. 2. B/L – how many? I started saying names he said he want nly figure i said 14. 3. Lifting gear stopped wrking n having load suspended on it. Action. 4. All about loadicator. 5. Steel plate of some dimensions (i forget )needs to be loaded. Load it using sling . As i started answering he stopped n said wat material of sling shud be- I couldn’t answer. 6. Why separate code fr grain. I said abt AOR non cohesive n hazards of shifting n settling etc.he said no you r wrong. I mentioned abt the incident which tuk place while carrying grain n al. He said no.. 7. Contents of timber code. 8. Reefer cargo types n temps. 9. Gas ships as per imo. I said LPG LNG ethylene chlorine etc he said no. I started saying 1G 2G n al he said no. I started saying fully pressurised n al he said no n shifted to other question. 10. Who signs BL and what is purpose. 11. Explosimeter and tankscope. 12. Convert Propane tank to butane. 13. Type of heavy lifts.F2
18-NOV-19JB SINGH– Chain register as per which regulation( Required as per ILO under Dock labour act & chain register is issued by any dock labour organisation) – Loadicator ( mention it’s a ship specific instrument) – BL ( contract of carriage is not mentioned on reverse side of BL but only carriage requirements) – Why grain code separate from IMSBC( mentioned in Solas ch 6 part C) – Timber ship definition ( ship of length more than 24 m fitted with fixed lashing equipment to carry timber on deck) – Dangerous goods ( goods mentioned in IMDG) – Types of heavy lifts ( semi-submersible type & project cargo ships) – Steel plates of some dimension to be loaded on the ship using what type of lifting equipment? ( Self locking wire sling)F2
5-DEC-19JB SINGHPrecaution while loading h2so4? Precaution while loading urea from Canada to India? Content of stability booklet Diff between CPP nd car carrier Segregation table as per imdg What is timber..grain..imsbc code? Type of refer cargo with temp? What is b/l? What is DG manifest?F2
7-DEC-19JB SINGHGrade change for gas carriers. Working of compressor and condenser in the reliquification plant. IMDG classes. And why call 4-5-6 start from 4.1 etc. Note  of protest.  How many bill of ladings are there- 12. Loading carriage and discharge of urea. Transported from montreal to kakinada How to determine max loadables from a voyage from ras laffan – Australia. What is a loadicator. – wants to hear ship specific computer based programme.F2
12-MARCH-20JB SINGHQ. Imsbc code and why grain code when already Imsbc code present? Q. Imdg code in detail and segregation? Q. Types of gas carriers? He wants to hear the ones from his set not LPG, LNG. Refer pawan notes Q. Difference between Roro and Pcc? In Pawan notes it’s only mentioned that trucks can be loaded which I told him but he said no loaded trucks and said you need passenger cert for Roro as truck drivers will also stay on board which is not in Pcc. Q. Mates receipt? Q. Bill of lading types? He says only say 14 types no need to list them. Q. Checks to be carried out after completion of discharge on bulk carriers? He meant hold inspection by officer where he wanted to hear damage by payloader to the nuts of DB tank manhole and regular checks. Q. What is loadicator and what all details will it provide? Q. Who prepares stability booklet? It’s made by Shipyard with help from Class and submitted to Flag state for approval. Say this only. Q. Types of heavy lifts? Only say submersible and non submersible type Q. What is ORB why and who requires it? Q. He drew just plimsoll mark and deck line without load line marks on a piece of paper and asked which type of ship has this? Answer is ship which can only sail in summer zoneF2
8-MAR-21JB SINGHWhy so many Codes. What is code  ..answer it is law Why grain code …why can’t u carry as per IMSBC.. Tell angle of response is different.. so Type of container, Type of open container. What is high cube container? IMDG classes. Timber intact stability criteria He will say u have cert of fitness ..can u load grain.. Say grain required DOA . Explain DoA Load ship without DOA Explain segregation as per imdg What is DG it helps. Difference between roro and pcc..tell roro we can carry trucks and pcc only cars. Type of heavy lift carrier ships . Action if any emergency on will u assist master. LOP And NOP explain in detail Urea carried from Canada to dome country.. action Type of gas carrier ..(LNG LPG ethylene butadine chlorine carriers) Steel coil loading ..action n precautions. BL main function and types of BL (he wants exact no of BL are there)F2
5-JULY-21JB SINGHBoiling point of propane, butane, VCM, butadiene, ammonia Types of gas carriers as per IMO What all contingencies you have on gas carriers RORO and car carrier difference Which certificate for gas carriers How will you gas up a tank after dry dock gas free condition?F2
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Capt. Jairam Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Jairam Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

7-SEPT-18JAIRAMAngle of Repose TML, Concentrates High density Cargo Grain loading Full Chemical tanker loading full Heavy lift loading Shipper’s declaration Breaking Stress of Wire Rigging PlanF2
6-DEC-18JAIRAMGrain loading. Concentrates. How will you go about loading heavy lift with ships crane? What will happen to metacentric height when you just pick up cargo? Coal cargo loading. Angle of repose, TML. Loading of sulphur in full detail.. including chemical formulas when mixed with water. How will you prevent dust for sulphur cargo? Why would you use a spray of fw and not SW? What would contaminate the cargo? What’s the chemical formula for by product if you use SW and not fw..a lot more questions on the same topic? How will you determine TML? If shipper has declared a certain TML, and if you feel tml of cargo you’re loading is right on the borderline, what would your actions be as a mate. NOP. Who nortarizes it? Bl types. What’s a received for shipment bl, who signs it. Rigging plan. How will you go about loading steel coils, plates and what lashings you’ll use? You’ve to load 3 types of cargo on a chemical carrier, what instructions you’ll give your duty officers. IMDG code and it’s supplements..F2
6-DEC-18JAIRAMGrain loading (each and everything) Precautions on loaded passage with Coal cargo Ship grounded, actions and if there is a hole on ships side and water coming inside tank, what is your actions as chief officer Oil spill during discharging in US port , actions Who appoints QI IMDG code contents and how many classes of IMDG cargo Formula for volumetric heeling momentF2
12-DEC-18JAIRAMGrain loading. Concentrates. How will you go about loading heavy lift with ships crane What will happen to metacentric height when you just pick up cargo Coal cargo loading. Angle of repose, tml. Loading of sulphur in full detail.. including chemical formulas when mixed with water. How will you prevent dust for sulphur cargo..why would you use a spray of fw and not SW. What would contaminate the cargo..what’s the chemical formula for byproduct if you use SW and not fw..a lot more questions on the same topic. How will you determine tml. If shipper has declared a certain tml, and if you feel tml of cargo you’re loading is right on the borderline, what would your actions be as a mate Nop. Who nortarizes it. Bl types. What’s a received for shipment bl, who signs it. Rigging plan. How will you go about loading steel coils, plates and what lashings you’ll use. You’ve to load 3 types of cargo on a chemical carrier, what instructions you’ll give your duty officers. Imdg code and it’s supplements..F2
9-JAN-19JAIRAMGrain loading in detail Chemical tanker loading procedure Ms Reference for loading iron ore in India (MS notice 09/2010) Heavy lift precautions Gases carried in gas tankers Hazards of gas cargo Container loading and lashing in detail CSS code and csm manual Draught survey all calculations ISGOTT contents COW procedure Wall wash test dry docking with damage forwardF2
9-JAN-19JAIRAMLashing code and contents IMSBC code Loading sulphur what instructions to 2nd and 3rd officer. Sulphur dust explosion actions Why use fw and not sea water (He was not satisfied with corrosion or formation of h2so4 answer). He said as choff you should know(failing quest) IMDG classification What is COW? Types of gas carriers as per IMO What is 1G as in what is 1 and what is G? Why use IG? What is pv valve, location requirement? What is heavy lift, precautions, why vessel heels on side load is lifted (failing question)?F2
12-MAR-19JAIRAMGrain loading. Concentrates. How will you go about loading heavy lift with ships crane? What will happen to metacentric height when you just pick up cargo? Coal cargo loading. Angle of repose, tml. Loading of sulphur in full detail.. including chemical formulas when mixed with water. How will you prevent dust for sulphur cargo..why would you use a spray of fw and not SW? What would contaminate the cargo..what’s the chemical formula for byproduct if you use SW and not fw..a lot more questions on the same topic How will you determine tml If shipper has declared a certain tml, and if you feel tml of cargo you’re loading is right on the borderline, what would your actions be as a mate Nop. Who nortarizes it? Bl types? What’s a received for shipment bl, who signs it Rigging plan How will you go about loading steel coils, plates and what lashings you’ll use You’ve to load 3 types of cargo on a chemical carrier, what instructions you’ll give your duty officers IMDG code and it’s supplements..F2
13-MAR-19JAIRAM1. Angle of repose 2. Loading of sulphur,  why sea water is not sprayed 3. Breaking stress of wire rope 4. Cow operation 5. Content of IG 6. Precaution to be taken while Loading 2 different grade of cargo in tanker 7. Timber cargo loading precaution 8. Heavy lift cargo loading precautions 9. Type of refer cargo 10. IMSBC content 11.  Grain loading without DOA 12. Car loadingF2
8-APRIL-19JAIRAMHazards of Sulphur. Hazards of grain. Loading criteria for grain with DOA and without DOA. Grain loading calculation.   Definition of AOR, load density. CSM manual.      F2
8-APRIL-19JAIRAM-IBC code contents, IGC code.              -IMSC code, Shippers declaration -Sulphur Hazards.                -Coal precautions. While long voyage for at least 25 days -Loading three different grade chemical, how will u load. IMDG code contents.       Heavy lift precautions,      F2
14-MAY-19JAIRAMSulphur loading and precautions. Why only FW for dust why not salt water? IMDG code in detail. Heavy lift precautions, then he went in deep about stability during lift. ISGOTT. IG system. Grain stability criteriaF2
13-AUG-19JAIRAM1. IMDG contents, classification 2. IMSBC contents, stability booklet contents 3. How will you load graIn a as Choff in America 4. How will you load coal, what precautions, what type of ventilation 5. How will you load 3 chemical cargo At one tIme such that you are arriving port, action as per choff 6. Heavy lift cargo by using Own ship gears ,precaution  as Mate, what will happen to stability At each stage 7. What is lashing code (CsS) 8. What is Receipt for shipment AnD who issue it. Others don’t rememberF2
19-NOV-19JAIRAM1. Hold preparation for concentrate 2. U are carrying coal, 25 days voyage,  as a Chief mate what u will do 3. P. V. Valve setting 4. U r in U. S.  Waters loading oil,  pollution takes place what action 5. Precautions while loading n discharging oil cargo. 6. What is load density 7. Precautions to be taken while loading heavy lift cargo. 8. Is the pressure setting and vacuum setting in P. V. Valve is same or different.F2
13-FEB-20JAIRAMLoad density, angle of repose. Bulk carrier loading procedure Loading in US what extra thing . Oil spill in US waters whom to inform. Types of bill of lading. NOP. Content of IMDG ISGOTT. How will you load heavy lift. Wire breaking stress formula Loading of steel coil. How will you secure what you will check as mate. Breaking stress of that chain. Coal hazards Grain stability criteria On tanker how will load 2 grades of cargoF2
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Capt. Iyyer Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Iyyer Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

13-FEB-17IYYER1) What is flow moisture point , wer it is given, how to tackcle it 2) Why we can’t do saucering in bulk carrier – guessed but not correct 3) Grain loading procedures, vertical shift of g ….wasn’t happy don know wat he wants to hear. 4) imdg code 5) loading containers as per imdg 6) asked me to draw timber loadline 7) isgott contents 8) 2×2×2 parcel weight 2T aksed to find load density and stowage factor 9) wat is d angle to prevent tipping nd sliding 10) one cylindrical heavy weight showed me the picture asked how to load stowage and securingF2
3-AUG-17IYYERDraw timber load line. Than gave a photo of a big machine. Which had its weight..lenght..height mentioned. Asked can we load this on a bulk carrier. Asked to calc the load densitt. Wht al lashings..and how to take it. Imdg code. Its contents Etc. Classes of imdg. Markings on a dg container. Wall wash methods on Chemical tanker. How to to open a framo pump. What are the key points? What is explosivemeter? What is tankscope. What is the diff..and which to be used when. What all cargo docs u will be dealing with as a mate.F2
12-NOV-18IYYERGas meters! Tankscope and explosimeter and their calibration What is surge pressure and how will you control it Types of gas carriers based on construction Types of tanks of gas carriers Load density calculation Stowage factor calculation Showed me a picture of a cylindrical tank with dimensions and said it’s a heavy lift and asked how will you go about loading the cargo and proper securing of it. What all will you do prior loading during landing and after the loading of such cargo with cross question in whatever you tell him?F2
9-JAN-19IYYERLashing of timber i said hog lashing n he went into detail evn i draw it he said what else While loading container found container giving smoke, Imdg content n more details in supplement What is liquefaction n what all precaution u ll take for the same How to load grain without loadicator n asked me wat all details u get it from loading manual Contents of Grain, IMSBC n CSS Code draft survey on bulk carrier, Load a cylinder on bulk carrier how I’ll u proceedF2
16-SEPT-19IYYERStarted with previous attempt questions first…. Contents of IMSBC code, contents of IMDG code, contents of ISGOTT, stiff-tender ship, precautions for heavy lift, loading-carriage-discharging-tank cleaning for Palm oil, documents with respect to cargo claims, cargo gear breakdown actions, Hazards of concentrates, method for determining angle of repose, types of RORO shipsF2
9-DEC-19IYYER1. Securing of Oversize cargo 2. Types of timber lashing 3. Grain lashing and VHM 4. Container lashings, reefer boxes checks, racking stresses and where they will be maximum 5. Difference between IMDG and Bulk cargo Segregation table 6. Bilges leaking in cargo hold. State your actions 7. What all documents are signed by chief officer ( ship type specifically) 8. Loading plan ( ship type specific) 9. Stowage factor and load density 10. Calculate SF and LD for 2*2*2 mtr and weight 2 tons 11. Where do we load IMDG cargo and from where to findF2
9-DEC-19IYYER•what is liquefaction and actions u will take for the same While loading how will you knw MC of the cargo is above TML •imsbc contents •calculate lD and SF of cargo which is 2x2x2 and of 2t •calculation of grain – cross questions in that how will u get VHM and WHM •what all securing methods of grain •why we can’t use saucering on bulk carriers and only for grain- I said grain has more shifting hazard compare to all other cargoes I don’t know whether it was correct or not •Does segregation for imdg and imdg containers are same or different and why – it is different but why didn’t knw •THIS IS HIS PET QUESTION- he will show u picture of a cylindrical tank and say it’s a heavy lift how will u go about loading and securing it • what is sliding and tipping •pv valve and pv breaker difference  •what is surge pressure •what arrangements are given on tankers to avoid mixing of vapoursF2