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Capt. Santosh Darodkar Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Santosh Darodkar Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

15-MAR-17SANTOSH DARODKAR1. What is form E 2. Content of form E 3. How will you assist 2 mate in passage planning 4. How will you assist master in sigapore strait. 5.mlc work and rest hour 6. Latest amendment of solas and marpol 7. What do you mean by mandatory.F2
17-MAR-17SANTOSH DARODKARSegregation table to dram Explain segregation in brief Csc plate and what all thing mentioned on csc plate Fire on 5th tier of container how to extinguish if water not be used it is a imdg cargo. Ring main and direct line system Ig sytem flammable diagram. Bay plan of container. Chemecal category xyz Prewash on chemical tanker Type of container. Car lashing on general cargo Car loading on flat rack containerF2
7-FEB-18SANTOSH DARODKARAll grain questions Grain code Procedure to start loading Stowage plan of grain make before loading Where will u get info of coal if shipper does not provide What is IMSBC What r hazards of grain Procedure to load pipes Hazards of pipe loading Concentrates hazardsF2
15-JUNE-18SANTOSH DARODKARPrecautions of concentrates Heavy lift Summary of isgott What all plans to be referrred prior loading Load density Stowage factorF2
6-DEC-18SANTOSH DARODKARLoading precautions for Iron ore. What all things you will check before you plan for loading Iron ore cargo? If two crude oil (heavy crude and light crude) cargo vapours got mixed with each other before issuing NOP how will you collect evidence for the same.F2
11-JULY-19SANTOSH DARODKARWhat is load density, storage factor, broken stowage, Angle of repose for grain cargo, How will you load grain as a mate, Stability criteria for loading grain with doa and without doa, Hold preparation for grain after loading coal, lashing code, What are trim tables, where you will get information for a particular solid bulk cargo, how will you load iron fines (do mention MS notice 9 of 2010), Actions in case of lifting gear breakdown, What is mimic plan, Actions in case of heavy weather as per css code, Hazards of concentrates.F2
3-JULY-19SANTOSH DARODKARGrain stability calculate With and without stab booklet If two oil cargoes contaminated wat will u do ?? Latest Solas amendments in chapter 2 Bi party triparty He send me outside to find out questions which i dint ans…F2
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