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Capt. Panigrahi Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Panigrahi Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

2-JUNE-17PANIGRAHI1. Wind heeling criteria (GRAIN AND RORO) Didn’t look satisfied 2. Grain loading how would you calculate Grain wind heeling moment Not satisfied 3. Concentrate precautions 4. ISGOTT contents word to word 5. Ship shore Safety checklist ( almost everything) 6. Loading of heavy cargo on deck 7. Survival capability for Oil, chemical and Gas 8. Dangers associated with RORO 9. Oil coming out from Mast Riser.  Action .. answer action for a mate only. No other crap 10. Vessel lists suddenly .. action? 11. COW checklist everything. 12. Grain stability criteria.   Make the graph .  ( He gets into details , so be quiet sure)F2
15-JAN-20PANIGRAHIISGOTT, IBC, IGC Code Full Content.. Concentrate hazard.. COW Checklist all 3 checklist.. Flammability Diagram draw and explain.. Survival Capability of Oil Or Chemical Or Gas Tanker..F2
15-JAN-20PANIGRAHIShip shore safety checklist CODE grain…imsbc…IBC…isgott…stcw…ism (Content word to word ) Dg manifest Concentrate hazardF2
12-MARCH-20PANIGRAHIRORO discharging, carriage and loading and hazards associated with RORO vessels. What all are arrangements are made in case of water ingress in the cargo spaces in RORO ships? Heavy Lift cargo. How will you discharge after 30days long voyage across ocean? Contents of IBC code Chapter 17 and chapter 19 of IBC code IMDG Class 1 loading How you will load as per IMDG code? (Asked by Capt. Behl) A random container loaded onboard by shore crane operator with smoke coming out of it. Action. (Asked by Capt. Behl) VGM VGM MSC circular and MS notice number? (Asked by Capt. Behl) Contents on a bulk cargo shipping declarationF2
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