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Capt. Johri Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Johri Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

18-SEPT-17JOHRIWhat is IMDG and explained the procedure how will you load a d.g container? Segregation and stowage table details and latest amendment Stability criteria of timber carrier. What is hog lashing? Contents of IMSBC. Hazards of concentrate. Loading preparation for coal and precautions. Hazards of grain and what are the securing method. Contents of ISGOTT. Types of chemical tanker. What is cargo record book and details? Then he comes to the container … What is bay? How to locate a container on board a ship? Container marking and explain them like container code and no.  What is CSS and CSC code and contents of them?F2
18-SEPT-17JOHRIContent of IMSBC. Content of ISGOTT. What is lashing code ? What a STP ship? Certificate A & B of Passenger Ship. How are cargo hazards of IMSBC identify. What is tpd? Boatnote. Types of Sweat. Voyage from UK to India , what about ventilation of hold. Flow moisture point. Hazards and precautions for cargoes that may liquefy. Bill of lading and purpose. How to determine moisture content onboard Where is it given If you do the above test and it’s showing moisture action ? ( Told him send samples for lab analysis ) Lab report is positive , will u load the cargo ?F2
18-JUNE-18JOHRIISGOTT content. IMDG content. MFAG procedure. CSC plat content. Test of container and why they do that. How container located onboard (Bay Plan), Lashing code content.  Grain loading. Grain stability criteria also draw on paper. Angle of repose – whts for grain and water. How to check onboard AOR. Where to find it and why it is important. Loadline stb side. How to use loadline? What is Solas ch.12 and then screwed me there – asked for all regulations To whom it apply, whts endorsement in it * couldn’t and this but sent me out for 2 min to find abt ch.12. Bulk carrier alarms. BL why it is imp? Types? Mates receipt. Boat Note. COW. Heavy lift precautions. Ships and Cargo SweatF2
11-JULY-18JOHRILoading heavy lift precautions & while loading crane, cargo hold hatch cover, cargo hold got damaged tell action as a C/O, What is angle of repose, tell few cargoes angle of repose, is the angle of repose given for any cargo very accurate, grain stability criteria, can vsl load without DOA criteria for that, timber & tanker stability criteria, hazards of concentrates, how to load high sensity cargo and its hazards, why grain code for loading grain? Contents of ISGOTT, IBC, what is B/L and its functionsF2
13-SEPT-19JOHRI-Explain WNA in loadline -DOA -Grain stability Criteria -Grain loading in USA, which document is important before loading (National Bureau Certificate NBC issued by USDA) -Using shore side Grab in ships crane, what all checks u will do(he wants to hear about certificate stating SWL) -through B/L -loading in tropical zone for winter zoneF2
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