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Capt. JB Singh Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. JB Singh Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

2-APRIL-18JB SINGHWhich type of vessels u have done? Grain stability criteria? Types of gas tankers? How to load 25tons steel coils and it’s securing? COW requirements?  What is IMSBC code? Non volatile cargoes? VEF in details?F2
11-APRIL-18JB SINGH1. Chemical tanker hazards 2. ‎loading of Hazardous chemicals,  precautions 3. ‎what all information you will get from IBC code 4. ‎cargo not in COF, action.. Will u load or refuse cargo and on what basis 5. ‎timber deck cargoes,  define and what all lashings required.. Y not wood pulp 6. ‎why grain is not in IMSBC code 7. ‎what all do u know about IMSBC Code 8. ‎precautions for concentrates 9. ‎container lashing systems 10. ‎difference between RORO and CAR carrier 11. ‎how will u maintain stability on RORO 12. ‎define heavy lifts and precautions 13. ‎which code gives DG cargoes 14. ‎how will u stow IMDG cargoes 15. ‎requirement for IG systems on tankers 16. ‎what info do u get from Stability booklet 17. ‎what will u first check in that when u join a ship 18. ‎what is GZ curve, what info,  draw 19. ‎stability criteria for grain 20. ‎what all will u check for enclosed space entry 21. ‎type of gas carriers as per Imo ( LNG,  LPG,  AMONIA,  CHLORINE,  ETHYLENE,  REFERIGATED) 22. ‎what is Reliquifaction 23. ‎what is high density bulk cargoes 24. ‎timber deck loading and stowage 25. ‎what is mates receipt and when is it made 26. ‎what is bill of lading, when does master sign it( once it is confirmed freight is payed)..  Who issues it and on whose behalf 27. ‎what is foul Bill of lading 28. ‎how will u take lashings for equipments on deck before rough weather 29. ‎what all docs will u sign after loading cargoF2
15-MAY-18JB SINGHContents of chain register. How will you load steel plate of some dimensions he will give. Types of gas carriers as per IMO ( 6 types… Lng lpg ammonia etc) Types of containers. Types of refrigerated cargoes. IMDG code applies to dangerous cargoes carried via sea or all modes of transportationWhat are the disadvantages of loadicator.F2
17-JULY-18JB SINGHLoad density Ship sweat and cargo sweat Cargo planning as a chief officer What will see 1st in stability booklet after joining Code of safe working practices?published by whom? Urea loading precautions. Css code. While loading grab got stuck action Dangerous goods manifest, why we require to have dg manifest Various types of container Precaution while loading reffer container What is timber vsl How will you load timber cargo What are pcc and roro vsl Loading heavy lift cargo explain procedure Types of refrigerated cargoes Explain ig system Explain framo pumps Loadicator what all info.. Cow procedure and requirements Content of p and a manual Types of gas tanker as per imo Mates receipt. Nop How many types of bl ( i said 12 he told 14)F2
2-AUG-18JB SINGHGA and Capacity Plan all info, prepare for loading, timber code n timber vsl, imsbc, grain, isgott code, stability booklet, loadicator, vsl sailing from montreal to india precaution for urea n mop, types of reefer cargo, pcc & roro vsl, types of containers, gas carriers as per imo, segregation table, mate receipt n BL when will master sign, Dg Manifest Note of protest, contingency plan.F2
14-AUG-18JB SINGHHow will you load steel slabs Testing of cranes using proof load Urea precaution during voyage Types of refrigerated cargoes & precautions B/L & types how many- 14 Mate receipt Document credential system Why grain is not listed in IMSBC code Dg manifest How will you load Dg cargo & classes of it Loading explosives precautions How will you determine angle of repose ? How will you prepare a loading plan from brazil to sydney Thats all i remember guys.There were other questions also which i dont remember.Oral went for 2 hrs almost.He is difficult man.Azad was sitting nxt to JB Singh so he didn’t ask me any question & signed Exn.F2
14-SEPT-18JB SINGH*Asked me which all ships have I done till now. I said only LPG. Said ok. – IMDG segregation of cargoes. (Started telling him in between he stopped n said dont give me values, why is it done tell me. He wants to hear that it is better to keep this dg cargo away from other cargo as well as away from PERSONNEL) – What are livestock carrier ships? I said they carry animals. He said that even cadet knows. From where you will get info about how to load, carriage n other stuff. I said I dont know. He said there is no International Regulation as such. Normally these types of ships mostly trade from 3 countries namely Australia, New Zealand and Brazil having Cattle, sheep n beef as their cargoes respectively. These countries/ports have their own national/local regulations which you need to follow. – IMSBC full form. Why IMSBC is different and grain code different. Why not same. Gave him couple of answers. Was not satisfied. Says as grain is the largest commodity shipped all over the world thats y. – Types of gas carriers. He does not want 1G, 2G n all. He wants his ans which is types of gas carriers are lpg, lng, ethylene, chlorine, ammonia, butadiene etc. I knew this so gave and first time he smiled n said ok good. – Precautions with carriage of urea on a voyage from montreal to vizag. Moisture n sweat ans u hav to give – How will you load steel plates of dimensions 6”x2”. Didn’t knows this ans. – Mate’s Receipt – Types of cold cargoes. Air chilled, frozen n 1 more which I forgot along with their temperatures. – Difference between PCC and PCTC. Former you can carry only cars whereas in the latter along with cars you can carry trucks and heavy items too. Was satisfied. – What is B/L. How many types? Who signs. When do you sign. If master signs after receiving cargo at load port and then freight is not paid to owners at disch port what will happen? (Told him what all I knew, god only knows what he was expecting. Last part I din get) – How will you stop cargo incase of an emergency on a gas carrier. I told him we have an emergency shut down button. Asked locations for the button. Gave him 6-7. Kept on saying and and finally I could tell 10. – What is timber code. Draw timber load line. – Dg Manifest. Purpose and what info do you get from it. – Why do we have these codes such as imsbc, igc etc and why do we need to follow? He wants to hears as a code is a law we need to follow thats it.F2
8-OCT-18JB SINGH1) How u’ll prepare loading plan for voyage kuwait to auckland 2) How u’ll use stability booklet in preparing plan 3) What is timber ship 4) What is diff bet pcc n roro 5) Diff types of containers 6) Diff types of referigeted cargo 7) How many types of BL… 14 8) Mates receipt 9) NOP 10) what is dangerous cargo n how it is segragated 11) what is dg manifest n how it is useful?F2
10-JAN-19JB SINGH1. Grain code timber etc. what are they and why necessary? 2. Type refrigerated cargo 3. Type gas carrier 4. Ro-Ro PCC 5. What is dangerous cargo( cargo mention in imdg code) 6. Capacity and general plan 7. Content of stability booklet 8. Some definition load density etc. 9. Loading of urea voy Canada to Mumbai precaution 10. ISGOTT content 11. Dg manifestF2
18-JUNE-19JB SINGH1. what is code? 2. why IMDG,IMSBC code and so many codes  required on board? 3. what all precautions. Will you take while loading heavy lifts? 4. you are about to load oil cargo  in gulf and discharge at new Zealand how will you go about? 5. what is DG manifest and contents of it? 6. contents of stability booklet? 7. what information you get from displacement chart given in your stability booklet? 8. contents of damage stability booklet? 9. different types of refrigerated cargo as per IMO? 10. different types of refrigerated ships as per IMO? 11. what are contingencies?F2
11-SEPT-19JB SINGH1. Mates receipt. I answered everything about it but he was not happy. 2. B/L – how many? I started saying names he said he want nly figure i said 14. 3. Lifting gear stopped wrking n having load suspended on it. Action. 4. All about loadicator. 5. Steel plate of some dimensions (i forget )needs to be loaded. Load it using sling . As i started answering he stopped n said wat material of sling shud be- I couldn’t answer. 6. Why separate code fr grain. I said abt AOR non cohesive n hazards of shifting n settling etc.he said no you r wrong. I mentioned abt the incident which tuk place while carrying grain n al. He said no.. 7. Contents of timber code. 8. Reefer cargo types n temps. 9. Gas ships as per imo. I said LPG LNG ethylene chlorine etc he said no. I started saying 1G 2G n al he said no. I started saying fully pressurised n al he said no n shifted to other question. 10. Who signs BL and what is purpose. 11. Explosimeter and tankscope. 12. Convert Propane tank to butane. 13. Type of heavy lifts.F2
18-NOV-19JB SINGH– Chain register as per which regulation( Required as per ILO under Dock labour act & chain register is issued by any dock labour organisation) – Loadicator ( mention it’s a ship specific instrument) – BL ( contract of carriage is not mentioned on reverse side of BL but only carriage requirements) – Why grain code separate from IMSBC( mentioned in Solas ch 6 part C) – Timber ship definition ( ship of length more than 24 m fitted with fixed lashing equipment to carry timber on deck) – Dangerous goods ( goods mentioned in IMDG) – Types of heavy lifts ( semi-submersible type & project cargo ships) – Steel plates of some dimension to be loaded on the ship using what type of lifting equipment? ( Self locking wire sling)F2
5-DEC-19JB SINGHPrecaution while loading h2so4? Precaution while loading urea from Canada to India? Content of stability booklet Diff between CPP nd car carrier Segregation table as per imdg What is timber..grain..imsbc code? Type of refer cargo with temp? What is b/l? What is DG manifest?F2
7-DEC-19JB SINGHGrade change for gas carriers. Working of compressor and condenser in the reliquification plant. IMDG classes. And why call 4-5-6 start from 4.1 etc. Note  of protest.  How many bill of ladings are there- 12. Loading carriage and discharge of urea. Transported from montreal to kakinada How to determine max loadables from a voyage from ras laffan – Australia. What is a loadicator. – wants to hear ship specific computer based programme.F2
12-MARCH-20JB SINGHQ. Imsbc code and why grain code when already Imsbc code present? Q. Imdg code in detail and segregation? Q. Types of gas carriers? He wants to hear the ones from his set not LPG, LNG. Refer pawan notes Q. Difference between Roro and Pcc? In Pawan notes it’s only mentioned that trucks can be loaded which I told him but he said no loaded trucks and said you need passenger cert for Roro as truck drivers will also stay on board which is not in Pcc. Q. Mates receipt? Q. Bill of lading types? He says only say 14 types no need to list them. Q. Checks to be carried out after completion of discharge on bulk carriers? He meant hold inspection by officer where he wanted to hear damage by payloader to the nuts of DB tank manhole and regular checks. Q. What is loadicator and what all details will it provide? Q. Who prepares stability booklet? It’s made by Shipyard with help from Class and submitted to Flag state for approval. Say this only. Q. Types of heavy lifts? Only say submersible and non submersible type Q. What is ORB why and who requires it? Q. He drew just plimsoll mark and deck line without load line marks on a piece of paper and asked which type of ship has this? Answer is ship which can only sail in summer zoneF2
8-MAR-21JB SINGHWhy so many Codes. What is code  ..answer it is law Why grain code …why can’t u carry as per IMSBC.. Tell angle of response is different.. so Type of container, Type of open container. What is high cube container? IMDG classes. Timber intact stability criteria He will say u have cert of fitness ..can u load grain.. Say grain required DOA . Explain DoA Load ship without DOA Explain segregation as per imdg What is DG it helps. Difference between roro and pcc..tell roro we can carry trucks and pcc only cars. Type of heavy lift carrier ships . Action if any emergency on will u assist master. LOP And NOP explain in detail Urea carried from Canada to dome country.. action Type of gas carrier ..(LNG LPG ethylene butadine chlorine carriers) Steel coil loading ..action n precautions. BL main function and types of BL (he wants exact no of BL are there)F2
5-JULY-21JB SINGHBoiling point of propane, butane, VCM, butadiene, ammonia Types of gas carriers as per IMO What all contingencies you have on gas carriers RORO and car carrier difference Which certificate for gas carriers How will you gas up a tank after dry dock gas free condition?F2
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