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Capt. Srivastava Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Srivastava Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

15-JUNE-18SRIVASTAVA-Parametric rolling -Synchronous rolling -Grain loading -What is lean gas and reach gas and their content. (Lean and Rich gas are type of natural gas. Lean gas high concentration of methane and ethane (95% or more) Rich gas have higher concentration of propane, butane and the intermediate weight hydrocarbon pentane C5, heptane C7) -Boiling point of Propane, Butane and Ammonia. -Explain full procedure to load propane and butane. -How to control cargo boil off during voyage – reliquifaction plant.F2
6-JULY-18SRIVASTAVA1. Def of AOR n TML 2. Grain loading. Procedure. When i said VHM he asked wats d value of allowable VHM. 3. Precautions at sea when carryin iron ore 4. What are high density cargoes 5. Container bay plan 6. Container lashings 7. EMS and MFAG 8. Container lashings 9. CSM 10. VgmF2
12-JULY-18SRIVASTAVAPolymerisation in detail. Inhibitor in detail. Loading of 4 grades of chemicals, 2 reactive and 2 non-reactive, in detail (He wants to hear everything from the voyage order to loading operation). You have started loading, now your duty officer is on watch, you go and take a deck round, tell me what all things you ll see. Chemical spill, action ( Again he wants to hear everything from alarm to spill collection). Product carrier- Precautions required during voyage. Load two grades of white oil in a product carrier and precautions( in detail). You have to do hot work in a COT. Explain the full procedure. Critical temperature. What is its significance. Angle of repose. Hazards of bulk cargo with examples of each. Testing and maintenance of cargo hoses. 2 criteria for Static accumulating oil. Where can you get guidelines for carrying out hot work. how will you take water in your slop tanks. How will you inert your DB tanks. Primary and secondary means of venting.F2
12-JULY-18SRIVASTAVAIMDG-Classes, Contents, Documents, Precautions before loading IMDG container, Stowage & segregation. Phosphoric acid loaded in all the tanks, what all precautions to be taken during the voyage. Chemical cargo spill at manifold, take action. Make a discharge checklist for discharging of 4 grades of chemical. Types of chemic tankers. Load 4 grades of product in a product, in detail, precaution to be taken for their segregation, contamination. Top view of pipeline system for product tanker and chemical tanker. Bill of lading- What is it, how many copies, issued to whom, copies for which all parties, why u have this many no of copies. Note of protest in detail. Role of P&I club. Both to blame clause. Angle of repose. Stowage factor. Load density.F2
7-SEPT-18SRIVASTAVAIron ore loading Stowage plan Hw wd we monitor stress on capesizers while loading iron ore(hull stress monitoring sys). Can we load alternate hold loading( as per solas ships with 150 m n above  losds 90% of its deadweight s prohibited ) Rolling period n its formula How we ship behaves n angle of loll, TMP Angle of repose (how would u go about trimming cargo – he wants to hear about trimming procedure as per IMSBC) Flammability diagram –limits and what u measure with Explosimeter (HC gas lel in %)F2
14-DEC-18SRIVASTAVAIron ore cargo loading. Can u load Alternate? Coal Loading – voyage Care- Discharge Crosses questions on Loading precautions…y this y tht. Grain Loading…criteria etc. ISGOTT, IMSBC, BCH, COW,, tankscope, Ig system, Chem vsls, how to find rolling period, loll angle, Heavy Lift, CSS, Container loading precautions.F2
14-MAR-19SRIVASTAVAAsked which ship I have sailed, he said he is master of LNG/LPG vessels. Definition of Gas as per IGC code, mollier diagram, absolute pressure, gauge pressure, vapour pressure, governing factors for setting of MARVs, asked me to draw Reliq plant, purpose of suction knock out drum in Reliq plant, what if liquid goes to compressor and safety arrangement for that, cargo containment, ESD1 and ESD2 differenF2
14-MAR-19SRIVASTAVAHe asked me which type of ship, flammability diagram for LPG, boiling point for propane, Butane, Ethylene, cargo tank containment, Procedure for grade change, procedure for gas freeing before entering dry dock, LPG overflow at manifold action, Power cut during loading action, procedure for inerting, Bill of lading, no. Of originals issued, note of protestF2
15-MAY-19SRIVASTAVAWhat is IMSBC code…wht all information u get…contents of imsbc…what is angle of repose… what is hazardous cargo with high AOR or cargo with low AOR,how will u figure out A.O.R of particular cargo…load density, stowage factor , broken stowage…wht is imp for u as a chief officer at the initial stage of cargo planning… Container bay row tier system…can u load container on a vessel not design for carriage of container…which code…any particular lashing requirement…show how will u lash it…show diagram as per css code…( I said since there is no such eye on the deck I will weld one with proper swl)length of timber shoring…hazards of coal, sulphur, concentrates,how will u carry out grain loading… hazards…what chemical  used for fumigation?? precaution during fumigation….can u load grain in wing tanks???I said if there is provisition then yes….and provided vessel is certified to carry in wing tanks…wht is bill of lading..who issues it?? information on b/l…who can sign it….wht is electronic bill of lading…wht is LCL and FCL..purpose…what is gross weight of container….what is CSC plate…have u ever seen a customs plate on container…wht is stack weight???F2
19-JUNE-19SRIVASTAVAContents CSM, monitoring of lashing on container ships, instructions for OOW, VGM, IMDG code contents, stowage categories, how to load imdg container, information in doc for dg goods, fire fighting arrangements on container ships carrying dg, procedure to plan loading conatiners- in what sequence and order will you load what measures to be taken, non negotiable b/l purpose, how many copies of b/l issued, letter of creditF2
3-JULY-19SRIVASTAVA1. How will you go about loading IMDG cargo on your ship. 2. Give short description of IMDG Code and Storck Guide. 3. How are Hatchless container ships constructed differently from Hatch cover container ships. 4. What safety measures are provided for cargo holds carrying IMDG cargo. 5. Recently there was a Maersk vessel that had a DG fire near Lakshadweep (Maersk Honam). What was the reason for the fire? And how did it spread so fast. 5. What Bilge Monitoring system is present on container ships. 6. What is verified gross mass. Give short info. 7. How is IMDG segregation carried out as per IMDG code. 8. What is CSC plate. 9. How is lashing carried out on container ships? 10. What kind of stresses are most common on ultra large container carriers. 11. How to check on these stresses during Cargo operations in port? 12. How does Anti heeling tanks play a role in maintaining stability in portF2
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