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Capt. Iyyer Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Iyyer Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

13-FEB-17IYYER1) What is flow moisture point , wer it is given, how to tackcle it 2) Why we can’t do saucering in bulk carrier – guessed but not correct 3) Grain loading procedures, vertical shift of g ….wasn’t happy don know wat he wants to hear. 4) imdg code 5) loading containers as per imdg 6) asked me to draw timber loadline 7) isgott contents 8) 2×2×2 parcel weight 2T aksed to find load density and stowage factor 9) wat is d angle to prevent tipping nd sliding 10) one cylindrical heavy weight showed me the picture asked how to load stowage and securingF2
3-AUG-17IYYERDraw timber load line. Than gave a photo of a big machine. Which had its weight..lenght..height mentioned. Asked can we load this on a bulk carrier. Asked to calc the load densitt. Wht al lashings..and how to take it. Imdg code. Its contents Etc. Classes of imdg. Markings on a dg container. Wall wash methods on Chemical tanker. How to to open a framo pump. What are the key points? What is explosivemeter? What is tankscope. What is the diff..and which to be used when. What all cargo docs u will be dealing with as a mate.F2
12-NOV-18IYYERGas meters! Tankscope and explosimeter and their calibration What is surge pressure and how will you control it Types of gas carriers based on construction Types of tanks of gas carriers Load density calculation Stowage factor calculation Showed me a picture of a cylindrical tank with dimensions and said it’s a heavy lift and asked how will you go about loading the cargo and proper securing of it. What all will you do prior loading during landing and after the loading of such cargo with cross question in whatever you tell him?F2
9-JAN-19IYYERLashing of timber i said hog lashing n he went into detail evn i draw it he said what else While loading container found container giving smoke, Imdg content n more details in supplement What is liquefaction n what all precaution u ll take for the same How to load grain without loadicator n asked me wat all details u get it from loading manual Contents of Grain, IMSBC n CSS Code draft survey on bulk carrier, Load a cylinder on bulk carrier how I’ll u proceedF2
16-SEPT-19IYYERStarted with previous attempt questions first…. Contents of IMSBC code, contents of IMDG code, contents of ISGOTT, stiff-tender ship, precautions for heavy lift, loading-carriage-discharging-tank cleaning for Palm oil, documents with respect to cargo claims, cargo gear breakdown actions, Hazards of concentrates, method for determining angle of repose, types of RORO shipsF2
9-DEC-19IYYER1. Securing of Oversize cargo 2. Types of timber lashing 3. Grain lashing and VHM 4. Container lashings, reefer boxes checks, racking stresses and where they will be maximum 5. Difference between IMDG and Bulk cargo Segregation table 6. Bilges leaking in cargo hold. State your actions 7. What all documents are signed by chief officer ( ship type specifically) 8. Loading plan ( ship type specific) 9. Stowage factor and load density 10. Calculate SF and LD for 2*2*2 mtr and weight 2 tons 11. Where do we load IMDG cargo and from where to findF2
9-DEC-19IYYER•what is liquefaction and actions u will take for the same While loading how will you knw MC of the cargo is above TML •imsbc contents •calculate lD and SF of cargo which is 2x2x2 and of 2t •calculation of grain – cross questions in that how will u get VHM and WHM •what all securing methods of grain •why we can’t use saucering on bulk carriers and only for grain- I said grain has more shifting hazard compare to all other cargoes I don’t know whether it was correct or not •Does segregation for imdg and imdg containers are same or different and why – it is different but why didn’t knw •THIS IS HIS PET QUESTION- he will show u picture of a cylindrical tank and say it’s a heavy lift how will u go about loading and securing it • what is sliding and tipping •pv valve and pv breaker difference  •what is surge pressure •what arrangements are given on tankers to avoid mixing of vapoursF2
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