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Capt. Devesh Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Devesh Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

19-JUNE-18DEVESH1. Contents of ISGOTT 2. Procedure to prepare tanks for man entry after discharging 3. Working principle of tankscope 4. Which gas will you use to calibrate O2 sensor. 5. How often will you calibrate gas meters? 6. Requirement of gas meters on non-tankers 7. Hazards of coal 8. How will you use trimming tables. 9. How will you come to know the contents inside a refeer container just loaded on your ship are in good condition. 10. Why no draft survey required on tankers?F2
3-JULY-18DEVESH– Cargo record book. Annex 2 discharge criteria. – What are groups for IMSBC.. – If cargo liquifies what action. – What is saucering – bundling. – Pyrophoric oxidation ? – IMDG applicable to chemicals ? – asked me to load plan with 4 grades of cargo – clean BL ? – Pump room ventilation requirements – Timber lashing – loading grain without DOA – PA manual – Angle of repose ,, when is it dangerous ? – Ship shore safety checklistF2
11-SEPT-18DEVESHWhich ships cannot load grain i said all without doa? Not satisfied with DOA answer Union purchase system? Why draft survey calculation is not done on tankers but carried out in bulk carrier.? Various question on timber ships? Which ship can carry timber cargo? cross questions Cargo dispute after discharging what action as mate? Coal ventilation requirement?F2
4-NOV-18DEVESHWhich ships cannot load grain i said all without DOA? Not satisfied with DOA answer. Union purchase system. Why draft survey calculation is not done on tankers but carried out in bulk carrier? Various question on timber ships? Which ship can carry timber cargo? Cross questions. Cargo dispute after discharging what action as mate? Coal ventilation requirement?F2
11-DEC-18DEVESHHow do you load water in slop tanks? How much water you will load for cleaning of tanks? How will you do pressure testing of cargo chest valve loadicator failure? Significance of CSC plate as mate. What information will you take from CSC plate as a mate was what he asked? Broken stowage it’s unit!!! Load density and from where will you find broken stowage and load density on ship.F2
12-DEC-18DEVESH1. Asked which vessel. I said Gas Carriers. 2. Types of Gas carriers. Including cargo wat dey carry n temp. Containment system etc. 3. Use of anti-rolling tanks on containers. 4. CSC n its significance. 5. How will u know that u can carry IMDG in container on ur ship. 6. Prep your hold for carrying Coal. 7. Fire in hold with coal. Action. (FFS not working)- too many cross question. 8. What ventilation on coal cargo n why. 9. All about COW n its requirement. 10. Why IG necessary for COW. 11. General cargo ship carrying timber in hold n other it is loaded Container. Which loadline to use. I said the normal assigned loadline 12. Now if she loaded that cargo ok deck. 13. Checks in Load line survey. 14. What is straight BL. 15. Can non-negotiable BL be negotiated? I said no. He said den it does not serve the purpose of BL if it is non-negotiable.F2
6-MAR-19DEVESH– Define Load Density. Explain – Explain working of Centrifugal Pumps. – During a cargo discharging tank comes to 3 m sounding and you hear abnormal noise / hunting, first Reactions. – If vessel does not have DOA can she still load grain ? Criteria / how can a ship load grain without DOA ? – Requirement to carry loadicator on-board, is it mandatory? Mandatory as per what regulation. – Procedure for monthly testing of loadicator. – COW washing procedure & requirements. Role of IG during COW. – Coal Hazard – Concentrate Hazard – Contents of ISGOTT – Contents of IMDF2
9-JULY-19DEVESHWhat all ship did, said tankers then he said why no one asked single qstn from tanker in last 3 attempts- my bad 1. Pressure testing of line requirement and procedure. Will you use stripper pump for line testing 2. Tell something about surging 3. Asked pressure gauge is fwd or aft of manifold valve 4. Loading 3 grades of cargo 5. Has freeing of tanks 6. Loadicator rest requirement and how these test are donF2
9-SEPT-19DEVESHDocumentary credit system. Coal loading. BL types, Explain straight BL. LPG calculation. Tanker types for gas ships, Difference in LNG types (I’m a gas hand), Gas propulsion, Container types, Reefer precautions, Coal why does it spontaneously combust (dont answer as per notes) he wants details, Chemical tanker passivation, Which is better active or passive tank, Some other stuff, CSS code and CSC plateF2
16-SEPT-19DEVESHPrevious oral questions How will you carry out the cargo seachest test? One of the PV valve is leaking heavily and need to do maintenance. Action? ODME test procedure. When it is to be carried out? How does the sensor detects the instantaneous rate of discharge 30 litres/NM? What would happen if its more? Alarms related to ODME? What is the source of water to flush the sample line? Why do we need to keep the bilges dry in cargo hold? How will you try out the bilges? What are the precautions for carrying coal? If coal is on deck and deck is to be washed, will u flush it in overboard? What is draft survey? What is 2nd trim correction? Why do we add the 2nd trim correction?F2
4-MARCH-20DEVESHDevesh asked me what all ships you have done. I said LPG. He started with Loading from start to end , cross question and went in deep Documents on gas carrier Cargo at disch port arrival is less than BL  action Compressor fails action Crane test- Proof load Cert of fitness Gas monitoring equip. OnboardF2
4-MARCH-20DEVESH– what is Q-H curve – all topics on coal ( hazards , loading ) – all topics on grain – ig system failed on ship , ur actions – pyrophoric iron sulphide – P/v valve leaking during loaded voyage at sea , ur actions – Stcw amendments – anchor cable maintenanceF2
12-MAR-21DEVESHPassage plan from argentina to rotterdam, ITCZ, ROR situation, crossing and rv, cross qts, how loadline zones are decided, argentina to rotterdam gc or rumb line, skiffs approaching action, diff between psc and flag state, AOA and CBA, crew did not get salary for last 2 mnths action as a mate, coal precaution, loading high density cargo so calculate max cargo for that hold, type of gas meters carried onboard, before container loaded on ship where all does it go through, spontaneous combustion (cross qtns…why temp increases, how co2 is formed, how it ignites), purpose of ig system, on ships where ig system is not mandatory what do they use? VGM, what is use of soft iron spheres, ballast water regulation D1 and D2, requirements for ballast water exchange, certificates as per ISMF2
5-APRIL-21DEVESHCan you calculate SF & BM Manually onboard ships. Loadicator Requirement on ships. Testing of Loadicator, who approves it. Can you load all types of IMDG containers on a container vessel. What factors does an administration consider when issuing Document Of Compliance to ships. Wash water requirement on tankers & calculation. Cargo sea chest testing requirement. RA for fitting of a spool piece. When do you carryout RA. Mooring tail replacement and as per which publication? Can a mate write anything in chain register, if yes then in which section and what entries? Hazards of coal. Why spontaneous combustion occurs? Can spontaneous combustion in a coal occur if I keep a bag of coal here ? Why ? Where will you find load density?F2
8-APRIL-21DEVESHWhat is Reefer Monitoring System on container ships? What procedure you will follow in case of a reefer malfunction? If you receive claim for that cargo, what will you do? What all documents Shipper gives for carriage of general containers, reefer containers, DG cargo? Is there any Bill of lading signed on container ships? No Then how does Master acknowledges receipt of container cargo onboard? What document he signs? Cargo crane breakdown? Action.F2
8-APRIL-21DEVESHGrain loading how will u do? Can u load all IMDG cargoes in container ships? Tankers how PV valve n PV breaker works How to load grain cargoes without loadicator? Last cargo coal n next cargo grain, how will u prepare holds? Will u discharge the chemicals used for cleaning with bilges?F2
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