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Capt. Deshpande Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Deshpande Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

7-JUNE-18DESHPANDEStarted with basics load density stowage factor permissible load density Loading heavy lifts in detail everything Loading high density cargo by checking it from IMSBC Loading Grain and how u will use grain code How to use IMSBC code Documents required to load IMDG Change of grade in tanker what action u will take as mate and vessel at berth Hazards of heavy density cargo Ship listed 5* stbd side due to cargo become fluid action as a mate? ( Both were taking orals at same time and they were quite satisfied with Function 2 but finally internal did not give though I got 6/10. Internal said study Kore about tankers as I am bulky guy and for exam purpose should know about tankers…as can’t put limitations on COC)F2
15-JUNE-18DESHPANDEWhat ships have you done? Why do you not have DC. I said that I don’t sail on tankers. He said you should still have. I said okay Started with basics 1. Angle of repose and what you understand from it 2. Stowage factor. Load Density 3. Received instructions to load Iron ore. How will you go about doing it? 4. Precautions while loading. 5. Care for cargo during voyage. Here I accidentally said ventilation for Iron ore so he asked again. Then I said no you won’t. 6. Ventilation criteria ( Dew point ) 7. Ship sweat. Cargo sweat. 8. CSM contents 9. How will you secure Iron Ingots. Draw and show. Here I just made a box shape vessel so he asked me to draw a transverse section of bulk carrier. 10. Alternate hold loading 11. Types of dunnage 12. How will you secure a container on general cargo vessel. 13. Flammable limits. Flammable range 14. How to measure CH in tank. 15. Explosimeter explain 16. Purpose of BL. How many original copies 17. Negotiable and non negotiable BL. Why to have non negotiable BL 18. Stability criteria for general cargo ship. 19. What is angle of loll 20. Vessel at angle of loll. ActionF2
3-OCT-18DESHPANDE1. Loading of concentrated with hazards, MC, TML, FMP. 2. Contents of Grain Booklet. Loading of grain with DOA. What is DOA. How will you compare heeling moments of grain obtained? Angle of repose. 3. Hazards of Coal, precautions. 4. Test for loadicator. 5. IG system on tankers, alarms, flammability diagram and hazards. 6. Draft survey. What is the importance of initial draft survey. 7. Letter of protest and why do you issue. Have you issued any LOP and why??? 8. Functions of Bill of Ladding. Why so important? 9. CSS Code and contents of CSM Code. 10. Loading on Bulk carriers and types of loading. 11. Stability criteria of Car Carrier.F2
11-OCT-18DESHPANDEIMDG content IMSBC- he said tell me everything u know abt imsbc. Annex 2 Marpol – he said tell me everything u know abt Annex 2 What is DPP How you will change from dpp to cpp. What is rocking test What  is padding? Crew burn his hand with Sulphuric acid- ur actionsF2
3-OCT-18DESPHANDEWhat is polymerization? How will you carry out a cargo tank cleaning. Cow procedure? 4 Advantages and 4 Disadvantages of COW? What is VGM? Cargo gear breakdown. What action as per Mate? What is critical Temperature? Procedure for Purging and inerting. Can Purging be done in inerted condition? What is multistage centrifugal pump? Primary and secondary venting arrangements and the pressure settings CCR. Container lashings.F2
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