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Capt. Daniel Joseph Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Daniel Joseph Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

16-FEB-17DANIELWhich ships have u sailed on. VLCC. can u load chemical on VLCC? Loadicator tests carried out and how u do it Tolerance limit for lodicator values. How is permissible What is SMPEP? Types of chemical tankers with definitions of eachF2
16-MAR-18DANIELWhat is ISGOTT ?? Next ques he asked what types of ships u r sailing on : I said Gas carrier He told me that is bad for you i am LNG guy. Different types of gas carrier as per cargo ?? Different types of gas carrier as per igc code How will you go about loading ?? What are limits sets for loading in Gas carrier or how much you can load your charterer is asking??  What is boil off?? What are hydrates?? Explain liquefaction cycle with diagram various cross questioning. What is knock out drum he asked me that as i had drawn in liquefaction diagram?F2
12-SEPT-18DANIEL– Gas tankers. -Each and every thing u can think of Gas tankers – Draw reliq plant . Cross question on this – write down safety features in compressor room . – Cross questions on knock out drumin compressor room.  – Tanker calculation – How do u test low level and high level alarms in gas tankers . – IMDG Amendments Many more but grilled nicely on gas tankers only.F2
14-FEB-19DANIELHow will you load sulphur in India? As per what Indian Reg? As per what MS Notice?? What u will do if PV breaker leaks? MLC requirement for Indian ship? MS act? Regulations in MS act? What is your role as per MS act? What is IOPC? Fund? Maximum liability? Supplementary fund? What is SDR? Calculation for SDR? What is certificate A and certificate B?? Many more questions for Indian ships as per rules and regulation.  He said u should know regulations for Indian ships also??F2
12-JAN-21DANIELProcedure fr tank cleaning. What all precautions? One crew feell down in tank action? What is static accumulator oil? What all precautions fr electro static hazards? How will u test heating coil at what pressure? What is test presure fr fire line? Where pressure gauge is situated fr fire line? What is usually working pressure of fire line? U hav to carry 9 parcel of chemical how will u go about that? If one of the parcel is not in COF what will u do?? Stability critaria fr the vessel? What is AOR ? which is more dangerous low or high AOR? what is bay ? How it is numbered? If one container seal is broken what will u do? Example of cargo claim? Load density?F2
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