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Capt. Coutino Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Coutino Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

17-MAR-18COUTINO– Draft survey. – IMSBC – Concenterates. – If you found cargo damaged in cargo hold #3, as a mate what actions you will take and what advice will you give to master regarding singing of bill of lading? – Stability requiremnts for general cargo. – What kind of cargo you can take on your last vessel. I said last vessel being a semisub DP vessel, we were limited  to heavy lifts. – How will you load heavylift? (Many cross questions)F2
17-MAR-18COUTINO– Mates receipt. – Bill of Lading & types. – Cargo Manifest. – Boat note. – Stowage factor & where you find it. – Load density & where you find it. – Trimming tables & it’s use. – Grain Code. Stability criteria. Loading with DOA & without DOA. (Asked me again which vessel other then DP have you done?) – Test on containers. – CSC – CSS – CSM – How will you load DG cargo. (Lots of cross question.) – What is check digit? – Container not on loading plan but about to be loaded. Action? – You are loading two different chemicals. Procedure? – Shore stops one chemical. Action? – IG fails. Action? – Publications to refer for loading and tank cleaning on chemical tanker?F2
18-JUNE-19COUTINOHow will you load steel coils? how will you load Reefer ? wt all documents? There is a problem with the refer your action? How will you load IMDG? What are the information in schedule 1 of DOC? How will u go about loading grain? Publication you will refer? Hazards of grain? CSM applies to which all ships? a bit of cross questions on this topic . Stowage Factor? Load density? Broken stowage? B/L not ready at departure what will u do? Procedure if master does nt sign the B/L? (then he asked me Ship specific questions like)  what is the regulation for  how much fuel is carried in the cars fuel tank ? the air pressure on the tyre of a car ? how will u discharge a car with a flat tyre?F2
11-SEPT-19COUTINOBale capacity, load density, stowage factor. CSS code. CSM.  How will you load different grades of cargo on oil tanker? Different types of oil tanker. Venting arrangements. Grain loading. DOA. Intact stability criteria. VHM. Critical period & critical instant. Mates receipt? BL. Can you write remarks on BL?F2
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