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Capt. Chand Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Chand Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

17-JULY-18CHAND1) IMSBC code. Content n importance. 2) IMDG code. 3) CSS code. 4) Cargo securing manual. 5) Chain register. 6) ISGOTT content . 7) COW requirement. 8) Tare weight , Stack weight , CSC plate , Bay plan 9)Proof Load. ( carne SWL 20T) 10. Concentrate hazard n precaution. 11. Heavy lift lading preparation , precaution. 12. Oil spill action . Entry in which log book. Under which point you will mention oil spill.F2
11-SEPT-18CHANDIBC Code Flammability wants in detail IMDG oiltankers don’t carry…but why do u have that code as per which regulation Crane markings (swl and what else) where can we find what markings to b there Proofload of crane Purging and gasfreeing what is more dangerous BL (ans as per actual BL as seen on ships not notes answer) LOADICATOR not working how will u calculate cargo + stresses In detail ( college u did box shape ship what is in actual ship)F2
7-NOV-18CHANDHow will you prepare hold for grain loading after coal discharging CSC plate. Proof load of 30Mt crane. How will you prepare your vessel for crane testing various method of crane testing? Grain code content. Grain loading condition. Will vessel load grain without DID. CSS code content and how it will help chief officer IMSBC code content. Group of cargo under IMSBC code. Which chapter is more important for chief officer from IMSBC code? Container segregation table. What is x in segregation table? ISGOTT content.F2
7-NOV-18CHANDWhat is difference between survey and audit? What audit you did? How take external audit? Various case of for Dredge vessel right ahead action. Light fishing vessel shooting net and hauling net. Can you load grain whose angle of repose more than 60. What is maximum angle of repose till you load grain cargo?F2
15-NOV-19CHANDStarted with what is the proof load 10t crane and how much proof load Prepare for crane survey you have 24 hours Lpg grade change, loading of butane and propane What docs you need for lpg Can you burn lpg as fuel As a mate what all you need to check for lpg loading Docs for lpg Can you jettison cargo Oil spill during bunkering actions as mate (fn3) Offical log book and sopep in relation to oil spill How will you assist master in oil spill events Grain stabilityF2
16-NOV-19CHANDSWL of crane on last vessel? Proof load of crane? Crane test to be carried out, preparations for the surveyor? During cargo operations ship listed 7 degree, Action? During Cargo operations shore gantry broke and fell on vessel, Action? Contents of DG manifestF2
13-DEC-19CHANDGrain Loding manual, ISGOTT content, IMDG content and Class, MFAG, EMS, What if DG container on fine? Type of LPG. Draft survey formulas. Caine Test. SWL proof load. CSS content. CSM. Precautions for iron Ore , DRI , Sulphur.F2
18-DEC-19CHANDInformation available on gen argmnt plan Info given in IMDG pertaining to mate Tanker loading… topping up in progress..chickson burst..action? Types of heavy oil and light oil P & A manual What is FCL and LCL wrt container Types of containers and explain them What is electronic B/LF2
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