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Capt. Behl Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Behl Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

19-JUNE-18BEHL1. Tell me about the different pumps you know of. 2. What is NPSH? 3. What is cavitation? 4. What information will you get in the stability booklet? 5. You as a chief officer on chemical tanker have received a query from charterers to load 4 different cargoes. Prepare a stowage plan for the same. He wanted a detailed answer. 6. What is polymerisation? 7. What is putrefaction? 8. What is rollover? 9. Hazards of gas tankers 10. What all information provided in shippers declaration for solid bulk cargoes 11. What all information provided in individual schedules for solid bulk cargoes in IMSBC. 12. You see smoke coming out of an IMDG container on your watch. What action?  I said will first immi refer to the DG Manifest, he cut me short and said your cadet lost it, what now? I said will identify the class of the container from the placard. (Had read this from one of his previous sets). He just laughed. 13. What is COGSA? 14. Which are the rules which govern COGSA and multi modal transport Act? Had no idea about this. 15. What is FOB, FAS? No idea again. He told me these are INCO terms but said at ur level i can understand but not for a masters candidate. 16. On arrival discharge port, receiver asks you to discharge his 1200 m3 parcel, will you? I said will ask for the B/L stating its his parcel. He asked no B/L, what now? I said wont discharge. Will contact charterers and owners. 17. What is a LOI? Does it hold any value? I said from a shipper it doesnt. He asked and from a receiver? I hesitantly said yes. Guys does it? Just want to confirmF2
2-AUG-18BEHL1. Dry dock.. Documents required. 2. Anchoring procedure when tight space. Explain in detail. Draw. 3. MARPOL annex 1 – oil record book for cargo entries 4. Drills frequency. 5. Ship shore checklist 6. Duties of mate as per ISM 7. Load line survey, what will you check as mate?F2
9-DEC-18BEHLLashing of timber carrier I told all lashings but he wants how much u will tight hog lashing. I told I will keep it a bit loose later I will tighten it…but he says I also know that….tell me how much will you tighten it? Dimension of hog lashing wire and wiggle wire…. When is DOA supplied to a ship …he don’t want basic answer….he wants answers as per chief mate. Who supplies DOA. How will you order nav bulb? I told about impa and all..also about filament and all….he wants volt…I told I will ask E/O… He made pig face…. 3rd mate calls u on watch …..and he will give u situation and some buoy around and 2 mile CPA… Take action take action take action fast he keeps on moving the target towards u he is telling u have no time to think…..F2
14-MAY-19BEHLIMSBC n categories under it ISGOTT. Draft survey Coal loading Many other ship specific questions MLC. Doc validity Noise pollution: MLC amendmentsF2
18-JUNE-19BEHLhow to prepare load plan for car carrier how to lash a car (standard car ) how to load a car (  not standard dimensions ) draft survey in details. then  he asked  which ship u have prepared well expect car carrier. I said ask me anything. he said if I ask from tankers about  spiked crude cavitation npsh curves and phrophoric oxidation u want be able to answer.F2
16-NOV-19BEHLBlue card, Certificate of entry Types of welding What is TIG? What is the use of tungsten? What is the use of slag? Defects in welding caused by slag? Marlpol regs effective from 2020 MGO reg. from 2020 D2 reg, ballast performance standard? Tell me the contents Marpol Annex 1 apart from discharge criteria? Tell me the contents of Marpol Annex 4 apart from discharge criteria? Tell me the contents of Marpol Annex 6. Details of Nox/Sox technical manual, VOC, ODS? Tell me everything that is covered by ISM? SMS onboard as per what reg? What certificate issued as per ISM? Audit criteria for SMC? Fund convention? What liabilities does fund cover? Sound pollution convention? Where will you find duties of crew Anti fouling convention? What is banned and permitted as per Anti fouling convention?F2
18-NOV-19BEHLLoad density If carhi hold load density 10t and coil density load density 15t ..can u load?? Imsbc content Heavy lift def and precautions Cargo damage which docs required Loadicator test DOA Can we load without DOAF2
11-MARCH-20BEHLIMDG detailed Timber stability Heel due to wind How will u load class 1.1( wants to hear inform mmd prior) Care on reefer cargo Loadicator fails, how will load on bulk carrier in final stages to achieve 12.5 even keel. ( Use trimming tables.. explain how to use it)F2
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