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Capt. Oak Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Oak Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

14-FEB-18OAKRULE 8 Region b preferred channel to port draw.  Kept two vsl Rv radar inoperational fog horn from port bow action. I told slow down and take all way off. He kept more closer what now. I could not able to answer. He showed two buoy safe water and w cardinal buoy and asked how will u identify at night. Day signals for trawler hauling net. Draw flag G. Collission.action master fainted. No cards How many spring tide and neap tide in a month. Diff bet current and tide Emcy steering frequency and procedure. Course up north up head up. Naming of amplitude. 9 deg north declinatio 20 deg south draw RH DIAGRAM name the amplitude. Draw symbol of flood. Synopisis and prognosis. How trs forms. Approaching sign of trs. Spare of gyro.F1
13-APRIL-18OAKFlood tide symbol Wreck with historical data symbol Shown me west cardinal mark and isolated danger mark and told me to identify them Light of fairway bouy In Japan u see (2+1) flashing green which side to alter Quote rule 8 What do u mean by “constraint imposed by radar range scale in use” Ecdis what are various alarm What are spare of gyro on board Latitude 18 S and declination 45 N draw it and show on rational horizon ,what will be azimuth Port 45deg vsl coming down and our vsl doing 000 ROC exsist in rv What action radar inoperational ( I told I will increase the frequency of fog signal and will post a lookout ahead and will reduce my speed or take all way off)  How will u let other vsl know that u have taken all way off (when PD not making way 2 prolong blast in interval of 2 min) In r.v how will identity vsl is nuc or ram or tug ( he wants to hear they will transmit security message and tell him content of security message…he doesn’t  want to hear that we will get it’s info from Aid etc) U have a vsl ryt ahead in TSS moving on same course in rv how will u overtake ( I told I can overtake her from any side ) He said OK if overtaking from port side of target now what action (Basically he wants to hear ship to ship interaction wala condtns while overtaking) While overtaking engine fail what action ( I told inform master and vts and will enter in separation zone and will drop anchor there) At what speed u will drop anchor ( less than 0.5 knots) Now u have current in there so what will u do now …how will u know which current is there ( he wants to hear about tidal diamond wala funda. .like what info we get from the tidal diamond tables etc)F1
7-MAY-18OAKRULE 8 quote ROR situation: vessel CBD is overtaking your vessel from stbd side and vessel right ahead: Action? Draw Bench mark symbol Flag G and Z. Restricted visibility: radar un-operational: vessel on your port bow 1.5 M. What action? Dangerous quadrant? Seasonal corrections. Why do we do? Buoys: preferred channel to port in region B Barometer errors, Collision. Action. Gyro spares, Steering drill reqs dec 16 N lat 34 N..tell me azimuth?….F1
15-MAY-18OAKSituation 2 nos. No ROR card. Flag G. Preferred channel to port reason B. Content of Polar code Spare of Gyro. Radar range and bearing discrimination. Draw Latitude and Dec he gave me some values and told me to name morning Amplitude. Some 5011 symbols like depth doubtfull, no bottom at certain depth. Transmit safety message. Spares of Gyro. Correction to aneroid barometer. Formation of TRS. Distance between lights.F1
7-JUNE-18OAKROR cards Rule no 8 Historical wreck symbol Made some symbols on papers Nd asked what is it Depth symbols Lateral and cardinal buoysF1
8-JUNE-18OAK-Rule 8 -Situations 1) Vsl in fog, radar inoperative, u hear sound signals ahead of u, action, wat all sound signals?? 2) Own vsl overtaking in tss, fog , How will you overtake, action?? Wat all sound signals?? -Vsl collided, action -Amplitude, explains it to Cadet how will u carry out naming of amplitude, not to use formula. -clearing mark nd clearing brg -U r on bridge, ur third mate on watch, heavy fishing traffic, ur action as mate, as per stcw? -sound signal of aground vsl, length 120m, table pe tap karke sound karne bola. He wants to hear tapping noise on table. -safe water mark bouy showed and asked wat bouy is it? What is top mark of dis bouy, what is difference between ball and sphere. -what signs in waves, seas, clouds u see incase of trs generation. I answered it, he strtd to add and to every ans i gave, atlast i said barometer tendency. By the time he changed Q. -life boat ration expiry?F1
8-JUNE-18OAK-Rule 8 -Situations 1) Vsl in fog, radar inoperative, u hear sound signals ahead of u, action, wat all sound signals?? 2) Own vsl overtaking in tss, fog , How will you overtake, action?? Wat all sound signals?? -Vsl collided , action -Amplitude, explains it to Cadet how will u carry out naming of amplitude, not to use formula. -clearing mark nd clearing brg -U r on bridge, ur third mate on watch, heavy fishing traffic, ur action as mate, as per stcw? -sound signal of aground vsl, length 120m, table pe tap karke sound karne bola. He wants to hear tapping noise on table. -safe water mark bouy showed and asked wat bouy is it? What is top mark of dis bouy, what is difference between ball and sphere. -what signs in waves, seas, clouds u see incase of trs generation. I answered it, he strtd to add and to every ans i gave, atlast i said barometer tendency. By the tym he changed Q. -life boat ration expiry?F1
13-JUNE-18OAK1. Many buoys and there meaning 2.  Fishing boat and signals 3. 3 situation easy ones and one rv..  in one situation after taking action he said vsl collided and action.. so collision  actions as per chief officer.. Capt. is unconscious  then actions… 4. Gyro general 5. How will u carry out emergency strg drill 6. Amplitute how will u train ur cadet.. draw rational horizon diag and explain 7. currents across oceans 8. duties as watch keeper as per stcw ..i ans few and got stuck.. 8. shapes and there dimentions 9. anx 1 of ROR.. in genral horizontal spacing.. 10. complete visbilty criteria.. 11. TLDZ and the wx associated with it.. 12. few wx symbols  cold front warm front etc etc 13. Draw turning circle and explain  its terms..F1
12-JULY-18OAKWest cardinal buoy top mark missing alpha flag. Region B buoy rhythm lateral marks and also preferred channel buoy marks Isolated Danger mark. You are coming out of Mumbai green buoy right a head action. Vessel aground action. Rule 8, 19 (only explained not quoted) 3-4 RV situations and Normal situations Around 10 cards Chart Symbols Historic wreck, wreck dangerous to navigation, swept depth sounding 26m Performance standard of Radar Performance standard of ROTI TLDZ weather associated with it Barometer Correction TRS avoiding action Flag for Emergency steering. Around vsl signals and lights Passage plan from Gulf to China Spring tide neap tide proxegian spring tide. Weather chart symbols. What is pressure tendency?F1
17-SEPT-18OAKQuote rule 8 Situation one vessel on stbd after overtaken us and going parallel with same speed and one head on vessel One RV situation ROT cards mostly day signal and flags Requirement of ARPA Chart symbols as per ISOF1
18-SEPT-18OAKRule 8, 18. 5 ROR situations good visibility and RV. 5 Buoy identification and action, lateral mark, preferred chnl to stbd, safe water, west cardinal. 4 Flags Identification. 4 Chart Symbols, wreck different types, pa, sd, rock awash. In passage plan what u will check Performance standard of RADAR. Gyro Errors, if error 2 deg low what course u will steer. Pilot ladder requirement, if damaged how will u repair, dimension of ropes and steps. Tld & weather associated with it. How often there is spring and neap tide occur.F1
12-DEC-18OAKBuoy east cardinal and fairway buoy without top marks and identify lights at night Flags to identify A, C and Y. What is occurrence of spring and Neap tides in a month? Day signal for vessel aground. Situation simple head on and beam vessel overtaking sight of one another action. RV fog signal fwd of the beam radar not operational action If Ur on bridge wing how to know gyro has failed. 125 true , error is 3 degree low , what course to steer Np 5011 symbols. Indsar requirements and where to get the co-ordinates from Symbol for historic wreck Symbol for wreck not dangerous to surface navigation Symbol for wreck dangerous to surface Alarms of ECDIS. Performance standard of radar Correction for enc update in ECDIS Navigation equipment connected to emergency power How to know that other vessel going astern in rv How to take star sight Emergency steering procedure And requirements for the same Overtaking in RV IN TSS What signal you will give and which side to overtake? Precautions while overtaking in RV. Interaction between vessels while overtaking. Polar code and polar water operations manual. Some abbreviations from np5011 (Sd, pb). If your proceeding on a course of 090 and see a wreck which is not dangerous to surface navigation action. Approaching signs of TRS. Actions to be taken during coastal watches with heavy traffic densitF1
13-DEC-18OAK1. How to identify Golf flag 2. How to identify Hotel flag 3. Situations same as his set    1. One vessel head on one vessel overtaking you      from stbd what is your action     2. In RV you hear on the port Bow the fog signal of another vessel 4. Actions after collision. No.2 db bilged 5. Chart symbols    1.Historic wreck    2.What does PA mean    3.What does SD means and what does sd mean.. one in caps and one in small    4.What does sh mean 6. Polar code contents and certificate under it 7. Fairway buoy identify at night 8. Range of sound signals 9. Vertical spacing of mast head lights.F1
10-JAN-19OAKDescribe flag Golf and purpose IHO symbols draw and purpose SD, PA, Benchmark Historical wreck Describe region B preferred channel to port Various RV situations Upon my astern propulsion to keep clear  he said vessel ahead anyway came and collided you ruptured your 2DB .. master fell and serious injury  .. Action Damage control plan in detail Medical assistance and evac procedure in detail Helicopter equipment use and procedure how will you prepare master for evac Heavy traffic situation – make watch schedule as per STCW. TRS. Which is dangerous semicircle, dangerous quadrant, Action when in dangerous quadrant. What is veering and backing?F1
14-FEB-19OAKCardinal buoy isolated danger buoy, Three Flags meaning 4 situation RV Arpa performance Standard radar four five chart symbol historic wreckF1
12-MAR-19OAKFlags -A, K Buoys -Lateral n Cardinal buoys Draw Pref Channel Specs of Pilot ladder n draw Situation from his notes TLDZ n wx associates wid it Clearing mark n bearing AIO, ECDIS Updates, n Publications Updates Performance of ECDIS, Radar n Arpa. What is Relative n True Mode related to Sea n Ground Stabilisation? Symbols- Historic wreck, SD, SD, SH, PB, Benchmark, Ebb n flood current.F1
13-SEPT-19OAKStarted with flags Azimuth diagram on paper pilot ladder specification emgcy genrator emgcy  steering spare for magnet compass …anchor testing turning circle …buoys gave situations in  japan and  all  areas …Ror grilled heavily …Vl agorund and other lights sound signals …chart symbols many …emgcy communication …TLDZ  all  dettails …aneroid barometer everything …TRS  all things ….tides  all details from spring neap to calculation … aground situation  actions.F1
5-DEC-19OAKFlags Identification Chart Symbols RV situations Buoys Difference between close quarters and Risk of collision Emergency supply to which all equipments on bridge Various Alarms on bridge Android barometer Lat 20S Dec 20S draw diagram and name Azimuth. What is TLDZ?F1
14-FEB-20OAKFavorite flag identification A , C ,F,Y ,G,H Cardinal buoy identification without top mark (N,S, and W important) and action on seeing on N heading  or S bound. Safe water buoy, red cone. raw preferred channel to port in region B. Aground action. Types of seabed and abbreviation. Sh favorite , SD ,sd , flood tide, ebb tide, current symbols as per 5011 Which site preferred for star sight and why. Frequency of occurrence of spring tide and neap tide .how many times it occurs. Arpa performance standards. Rule 19 part e quote. Situation of RV, wherein fv on our port and another vsl on stand quarter action with radar working and with radar not operational. RV signals.F1
6-OCT-20OAKAground vl light, NUC definition, NUC light making way, Trawler day signal, Trawler shooting net day signal, Rule no 8, ROR situation, TSS, RV Overtaking, Many more, TLD, Why south Atlantic no trss, TRS formation. How to determine wind in TRS? Vl NH TRS action draw, keeping changing ship position. What is veering n backing? Different type of occlusion, Amplitude, He gave some value lat n declination rising sun. Draw n hw vil u calculate. STCW, Passage planning. vl at singapore starit at critical point master not receving call action (medical emergency). Gyro error, Gyro spare, What is roaring forties? Anchoring, Ground tackle, Navtex frequency, Nav area. hw many nav cordinate in india, who issue nav warning in india. list of equipment on emergency power, ALRS volume. steering test, emergency steering test. Tide, Lunar tide. PM standard or radar in detail, DIP. Visible horizon sensible horizon draw. Clear bearing clearing mark draw. Parallax horizontal parallax. Different ocean current & many more … plenty cross question.F1
3-NOV-20OAKAground vl light, NUC light making way, Trawler day signal, Trawler shooting net day signal, Rule no 8,19, ROR situation In TSS, RV, overtaking, TRS and it’s avoiding action, TRS formation, What is veering n backing? Passage planning, Vl at Singapore strait at critical point master not receiving call action (medical emergency), What is roaring forties? Anchoring. Ground tackel, Navtex frequency Who issue nav warning in India, List of equipment on emergency power. ALRS volume, Steering test, Emergency steering test. Pm standard or radar in detail, Different ocean current, Plenty cross question.F1
11-NOV-20OAK-flags J, K, G -Buoys identification and lights -day signals for aground -Narrow channel situation: sv crossing -one vsl on stbd beam 5 cables…parallel course n same speed. Another vsl head on…tcpa 5min…action -spore tss engine failure near 1 fathom bank -bow cushion effect -Tld weather -symbols SD, PA, benchmark, obst -front symbols -fog signals -how to send urgency msgF1
7-DEC-20OAK1. ROR situations of crossing situation in R. v ; overtaking in RV ; TSs ; narrow channel… (Guys he changes the situations again once you give your answer and hel ask question as per which rule you took action) 2. Asked light rythm of Special buoy; prefered channel to starboard in region B; west cardinal mark; east cardinal Mark 3. Ur vessel in TSS in restricted vissiblity n u want to overtake one vsl ahd of you.. Action and sound signal….  (Guys he wants to hear dat 1st action vl b that you call Master on bridge) 4. Gyro spares 5. Gmdss batteries and testing procedures.. Daily and yearly requirements including d voltage 6. Annex 4 7. Polar code 8. Definition of NUC and RAM  .. Rule 3 9. Day and night signal of NUC; RAM; CBD and their fog signal in restricted visiblity 10. Tidal stream and how dey are formed 11. Spring and neap tides in details and how many times will you get them in one month 12. How many Navareas in world and india falls under which Navarea 13. Navtex frequency and under which volume of ALRS ul refer to select Navtex station whole planning passage 12. How to plot great circle on paper charts and ECDIS 13. Asked me abt ADLRS and how to install them and how many icons will b visible. Snd in each icon which all volumes are covered. 13. AIO corrections and T n P. (He wants to knws that not all countries produce AIO.. The list of those counties who gives AIO vl b found in d Base CD) 14. Formulas of GYro error.. Damping error and CSE 13. Vessel aground.. Watch actions 14. Steering fail in TSS… Wat actions 15. Fog signal of vessel at anchor and Aground vessel in restricted vissiblity 16. Vessel going astern propulsion fog signal in RV 17. Dragging anchor vch flag will you hoist and colour of Y flag. 18. Golf flag when made by trawling vessel.. Wat does it mean.. Golf flag to draw and to show colours. 19. Chart symbol to identify of Ocean current; wreck ; histroic wreck ;bench mark ; sand; SDF1
14-JAN-21OAK1) How to beach the Vsl? 2) Azimuth circle diagram and naming of AZ. 3) Details In TRS. 4) LTA throwing procedure. 5) Various ROR situation. In overtaking, RV, head on, crossing. With cross question in between. 6) Preferred channel buoy specition. 7) Fishing vsl light and specification, spacing between them. 8) Shapes and specification, spacing between. 9) Interaction between vsl. 10) About Singapore one fathom bank. Guys looks like very basic but sometime we forget basic only… And if back to back someone ask this we might not reply fast…and correct. I able to manage to get out of this.F1
12-APRIL-21OAKFlags. Buoys. Head on situation. Quote rules – 7,8,10,19d,e. Situation – Head on / overtaking. Restricted visibility overtaking in TSS. GNSS working principle. Gyro not working in hugh latitudes – why. Gyro spares Chart symbols Interaction in Bend in narrow channel. What forces acting?F1
5-JULY-21OAKStarted with which all alarms did you experience on the bridge. I mentioned a few on ECDIS, GPS, etc. but he then asked about Auto Pilot Alarms and what all adjustable parameters. Vsl in Japan, preferred channel to port buoy shape, characteristic, etc. Asked how will you identify fairway buoy by day and by night and then asked about emergency wreck marking buoy. Flag G & B and describe. Rule 8 quote and 2-3 situations. One was RV situation. Asked how will you indicate to other vsl that our vsl stopped in RV. Basically tell him about fog signal. When can you be alone on bridge and which publication mentions it. Define Tide and current and name a few currents. When I said Labrador he stopped and asked where is it experienced. TSS formation requirements.F1
5-JULY-21OAK1. Sailed on which ships, trading areas. 2. Are you aware of OFB ( One fathom bank) in Singapore strait. How much is 1 fathom? 3. You are a loaded tanker, westbound in TSS, you have a loaded bulk carrier right ahead of you? How will you overtake her? What sound signals? 4. Will you ask her permission for overtaking in TSS? Why not? 5. Let’s say you are overtaking her from stbd side, you are parallel to her. Now your engines failed? Action? In above situation when will you call master? Suppose master is not answering, what will you do? Suppose master is unconscious in his cabin, what will you do? Who will attend him? (2/off) Then who will go for anchor station? (3/off).  How will you reduce speed in this situation? (Rudder cycling).                         At what speed will you drop anchor? (0.3kts) Who will take responsibility in absence of master?                          How will you arrange for medical help to Master? 6. Symbol Flood tide, Flag A, Cold & warm front, occulsion. 7. What is TLDZ (Temeprate Latitude Depression) and weather associated with it? 8. Region B preferred channel to port. 9. RV. You listen fog horn on port bow? Radar in operational.Action. (Rule 19e) 10. NUC day and night signal. 11. Performance standards of radar? How many targets can you select on ARPA? 12. How many log books on bridge? 13. Aneroid barometer correction. 14. GMDSS tests? 15. On/Off load test of GMDSS battery. What maintenance on battery? How much is the voltage? 16. How will you know that Nav lights are working? What is name of that panel on which you have nav lights indication? 17. What all controls on steering panel? ( Say all autopilot controls and NFU, hand , auto) 18. Emergency steering frequency and procedure. 19. What is STCW? Why do we have CODES? 20. Your duty as per STCW, how will you establish watch keeping arrangements? (Managing crew work/ rest hrs).                                  How much rest? 21. Mer pass limits? Where to find? (Norris) Approx. limit (66 min) 22. How will you assist master in heavy traffic? 23. Gyro 2 deg high? True co:125, what gyro course to steer?F1
6-JULY-21OAKEquipments connected to emergency supply ( he wanted to hear nav lights) MOB on stbd side….action 3 points on stbd bow ….masthead light and both sidelights seen….just sighted…..what is the range? Explain the situation. Performance standard of radar Isolated danger mark Region b preferred channel to stbd Synopsis and prognosis Dilution of precision TSS with fog ….u are overtaking another vessel action Westbound approaching OFB….Engine failure in TSS still having headway which lights to display Wind force 4….both bulbs of forward masthead light fused…..action You are on bridge wing….how will you know steering has failed…….further what steps you will take…..emergency steering drill explain and duration How does TRS behave in the northern hemisphere? Define dangerous quadrant You receive info….TRS in vicinity…..action Rule 13, Williamson turn.F1
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