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ISM Code helps to tackle on emergency situation

How ISM code helps to tackle on Emergency Situation:-

  • Objective of ISM Code is to ensure safety at sea, prevention of human injury or loss of life avoidance of damage to environment especially to marine environment.
  • Purpose of ISM Code to provide an international standard for safe management, operation of ships and for pollution prevention.
  • Emergency Preparedness: ISM Code ensures the following procedures are implemented
    • The Company should establish procedures to identify, describe and respond to potential emergency shipboard situations. 
    •  The Company should establishes programmes for drills and exercises to prepare for emergency actions.
    • The SMS should provide for measures ensuring that the Company’s organization can respond at any time to hazards, accidents and emergency situations involving its ships.
  • Emergency situations included in ISM code:
    • Grounding
    • Flooding in Engine Room
    • Fire
    • Collision
    • Black out
    • Oil Spill
    • Leakage/ overflow during discharge
    • Emergency steering
    • Medical Emergency
    • Abandon ship