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Manuevers in Ship Handling

Crossing in clear Visibility:

When a vessel is crossing another vessel in clear visibility, the OOW (Officer on Watch) should take the following actions as per the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGs):

  • Keep a sharp lookout: The OOW should maintain a constant watch and look out for other vessels that may pose a risk of collision.
  • Determine the risk of collision: The OOW should assess the risk of collision by taking into account factors such as the distance, bearing, and speed of the other vessel.
  • Take early action: If the OOW believes that a risk of collision exists, the OOW should take early action to avoid a collision by altering the vessel’s course and/or speed. The OOW should also communicate with the other vessel using other means, such as VHF radio, to establish contact and exchange information as necessary to avoid a collision.
  • Avoid crossing ahead: If the OOW determines that a crossing situation exists, the OOW should take action to avoid crossing ahead of the other vessel. The OOW should also sound the appropriate sound signals to indicate the vessel’s intentions.
  • Monitor the other vessel: The OOW should continue to monitor the other vessel and take action as necessary to avoid a collision. If the other vessel does not take appropriate action to avoid a collision, the OOW should sound the appropriate sound signals to indicate the vessel’s intentions.
  • Record the incident: After the situation has been resolved, the OOW should record the incident in the vessel’s logbook and report it to the Master as soon as possible.
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Rules of the Road (ROR)

On Questions regarding ROR, ensure that you answer word to word from Cockroft- ROR book.

How many rules in ROR?

There are a total of 38 rules in the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS), which are commonly known as the “Rules of the Road.” These rules were established by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and are intended to promote safe navigation and prevent collisions between vessels at sea.

Part B Section 3 of ROR:

Part B Section 3 of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS) pertains to conduct of vessels in restricted visibility.

Restricted visibility is defined as any condition in which visibility is restricted by fog, mist, falling snow, heavy rainstorms, sandstorms, or any other similar causes. In such conditions, the OOW must take appropriate measures to navigate the vessel safely and avoid collisions.

Key Rules under Part B Section 3 of COLREGS:

  • Rule 19: Every vessel should proceed at a safe speed that is appropriate for the conditions, while taking into account any restrictions to visibility.
  • Rule 20: Every vessel should use its navigation lights to signal its presence and its status to other vessels in the vicinity.
  • Rule 21: Every vessel should sound the appropriate signal for restricted visibility to indicate its position, course, and speed to other vessels in the vicinity.
  • Rule 22: Every vessel should listen to the appropriate signal for restricted visibility and take the necessary action to avoid collision.
  • Rule 23: Every vessel should use radar to determine the presence, course, and speed of other vessels in the vicinity, and to take appropriate action to avoid collision.
  • Rule 35: Every vessel should avoid anchoring in or near a narrow channel or where it may obstruct or foul a channel.
  • Rule 36: Every vessel should avoid impeding the passage of other vessels in a narrow channel by taking action well in advance, using all available means, to keep clear of other vessels and avoid causing a danger of collision.

In summary, Part B Section 3 of COLREGS provides guidance for the safe navigation of vessels in conditions of restricted visibility, including the use of navigation lights, sounding of appropriate signals, use of radar, and taking action to avoid collisions.

Rule 29: Pilot Vessels

  • (a) A vessel engaged in pilotage duty shall exhibit:
  • (i) at or near the masthead, two all-round lights in a vertical line, the upper being white and the lower red;
  • (ii) when underway, in addition, sidelights and a sternlight.
  • (iii) when at anchor, in addition to the lights prescribed in subparagraph (i), the light, lights or shape prescribed in Rule 30 for vessels at anchor.
  • (b) A pilot vessel when not engaged on pilotage duty shall exhibit the lights or shapes prescribed for a similar vessel of her length.

Rule 6 b of ROR:

Every vessel shall at all times proceed at a safe speed so that she can take proper and effective action to avoid collision and be stopped within a distance appropriate to the prevailing circumstances and conditions.

In determining a safe speed, the following factors shall be among those taken into account:

b) Additionally, by vessels with operational radar:

  • (i) the characteristics, efficiency and limitations of the radar equipment;
  • (ii) any constraints imposed by the radar range scale in use;
  • (iii) the effect on radar detection of the sea state, weather and other sources of interference;
  • (iv) the possibility that small vessels, ice and other floating objects, may not be detected by radar at an adequate range;
  • (v) the number, location and movement of vessels detected by radar;
  • (vi) the more exact assessment of the visibility that may be possible when radar is used to determine the range of vessels or other objects in the vicinity.

Rule 19 b of ROR:

Every vessel shall proceed at a safe speed adapted to the prevailing circumstances and conditions of restricted visibility. A power-driven vessel shall have her engines ready for immediate manaeuvre.

Rule 32: Definitions

  • (a) The word ‘whistle’ means any sound signalling appliance capable of producing the prescribed blasts and which complies with the specifications in Annex I11 to these Regulations.
  • (b) The term ‘short blast’ means a blast of about one second’s duration.
  • (c) The term ‘prolonged blast’ means a blast of from four to six seconds’ duration.

Rule 34(d):

When vessels in sight of one another are approaching each other and from any cause either vessel fails to understand the intentions or actions of the other, or is in doubt whether sufficient action is being taken by the other to avoid collision, the vessel in doubt shall immediately indicate such doubt by giving at least five short and rapid blasts on the whistle. Such signal may be supplemented by a light signal of at least five short and rapid flashes.

Rule 38: Exemptions

Any vessel (or class of vessels) provided that she complies with the requirements of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, 1960, the keel of which is laid or which is at a corresponding stage of construction before the entry into force of these Regulations, may be exempted from compliance therewith as follows:

  • (a) The installation of lights with ranges prescribed in Rule 22, until four years after the date of entry into force of these Regulations.
  • (b) The installation of lights with colour specifications as prescribed in Section 7 of Annex I to these Regulations, until four years after the date of entry into force of these Regulations.
  • (c) The repositioning of lights as a result of conversion from Imperial to metric units and rounding off measurement figures, permanent exemption.
  • (d) (i) The repositioning of masthead lights on vessels of less than 150 metres in length, resulting from the prescriptions of Section 3(a) of Annex I to these Regulations, permanent exemption.
  • (ii) The repositioning of masthead lights on vessels of 150 metres or more in length, resulting from the prescriptions of Section 3(a) of Annex I to these Regulations, until
  • nine years after the date of entry into force of these Regulations.
  • (e) The repositioning of masthead lights resulting from the prescriptions of Section 2(b) of Annex I to these Regulations, until nine years after the date of entry into force of these Regulations.
  • (f) The repositioning of sidelights resulting from the prescriptions of Sections 2(g) and 3(b) of Annex I to these Regulations, until nine years after the date of entry into force of these Regulations.
  • (g) The requirements for sound signal appliances prescribed in Annex I11 to these Regulations, until nine years after the date of entry into force of these Regulations.
  • (h) The repositioning of all-round lights resulting from the prescription of Section 9(b) of Annex I to these Regulations, permanent exemption.

Which all rules apply in restricted visibility?

When a vessel is operating in restricted visibility, which is defined as any condition where visibility is restricted by fog, mist, falling snow, heavy rainstorms, sandstorms, or any other similar causes, the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGs) require that certain specific rules be followed to prevent collisions. Here are some of the key rules that apply in restricted visibility:

  • Rule 19: Conduct of vessels in restricted visibility: This rule requires that vessels in restricted visibility proceed at a safe speed, use their radar and other navigational aids to the fullest extent possible, and avoid any maneuvers that would create a risk of collision. If necessary, vessels must take early and substantial action to avoid a collision, and if a risk of collision is detected, they must use all available means to determine the other vessel’s course and speed.
  • Rule 35: Sound signals in restricted visibility: This rule requires vessels in restricted visibility to make appropriate sound signals to indicate their position, course, and speed. Vessels should use the appropriate signals based on their size and type, and should also listen for signals from other vessels to help determine their position and course.
  • Rule 7: Risk of collision: This rule requires vessels to use all available means to determine if there is a risk of collision, and to take action to avoid such risk. In restricted visibility, this may involve using radar, sound signals, and other navigational aids to detect the presence and course of other vessels.
  • Rule 8: Action to avoid collision: This rule requires vessels to take early and substantial action to avoid a collision, and to make the action apparent to the other vessel as soon as possible. In restricted visibility, this may involve using sound signals, altering course, reducing speed, or taking other appropriate actions to avoid a collision.
  • Rule 19(d): Departure from these rules: This rule allows vessels to depart from the rules in order to avoid immediate danger, but only to the extent necessary to avoid such danger. If a vessel departs from the rules, it must sound the appropriate signal to indicate its actions to other vessels.

Short Blast:

In the context of marine navigation, a short blast refers to a sound signal made using a vessel’s whistle or horn. The sound of a short blast is a sharp and brief emission of sound, typically lasting about one second.

The purpose of a short blast is to communicate a specific message or warning to other vessels in the vicinity. Short blasts are used in a variety of situations, including:

  • When a vessel is changing its course to port (left), it should sound one short blast to indicate its intention.
  • When a vessel is changing its course to starboard (right), it should sound two short blasts to indicate its intention.
  • A vessel may sound one short blast when approaching a bend or intersection in a narrow channel or fairway.
  • When underway but stopped and making way through the water, a vessel may sound one short blast every two minutes to indicate its position and direction of movement.
  • In restricted visibility, a vessel should sound one short blast every two minutes to indicate its position and direction of movement.
  • A vessel may sound a series of short blasts to signal danger, such as an obstacle or other hazard.

Prolonged Blast:

A prolonged blast is a continuous sounding of a horn or whistle on a vessel. The purpose of a prolonged blast is to signal the vessel’s presence and its intention to maneuver in a certain way or to warn other vessels of danger.

Here are some points on when and how to use a prolonged blast:

  • A prolonged blast of at least 4-6 seconds is used as a warning signal to indicate that a vessel is about to get underway and is making way through the water.
  • A prolonged blast of at least 4-6 seconds is used as a signal for a vessel to signify that it is changing its course to port.
  • A prolonged blast of at least 4-6 seconds is used as a signal for a vessel to signify that it is changing its course to starboard.
  • A prolonged blast of at least 4-6 seconds is used as a signal for a vessel to signify that it is stopping or reducing its speed.
  • A prolonged blast of at least 4-6 seconds is used as a warning signal to indicate that a vessel is approaching a bend or area of reduced visibility on a narrow channel or fairway.
  • In foggy conditions, a prolonged blast of at least 6-8 seconds is used by a vessel at anchor to signal its presence.
  • A prolonged blast of at least 4-6 seconds is used in case of danger or emergency situations, such as to warn other vessels of the vessel’s position, to request assistance or to warn other vessels to keep clear.
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Second Mate F.G. Orals Surveyor Question Set Function 3

Second Mate Orals F.G. Orals Exams Surveyor Question Set Mumbai Function 3

AGARWAL13-MAR-21-SMPEP & which annex -ORB part 2 entries -GRB parts -garbage management plan -galley fire (ur on cargo watch on deck and chief cook came running to u) action -TPC, MCTC and where u will find it -solid floor, plate floor, intercoastal girder -striker plate – how do air vent maintain watertight integrity and prevent water from entering -frame numbering -types of ext and color coding -ext to be use on electrical equipment ,can u use water type will u get shock,why not dcp -DCP ext inspection (from where u will know it is as per plan) -SOPEP contact list interval -SOPEP equipment -A60F3
AGARWAL12-MAR-21Ship collided with jetty hole in fore peak tank carry out damage assement in detail Will try to confuse u here. Like if we say will enter tank then who will carry enclosed space procedures. Then I said I’ll see from top. Then again he asked draw foreperson tank construction. Then he asked now u have so many strength members down their how will u be able to see from top. Then he had confused me a lot I ended conversation that I don’t know. Various stability definitions. Fire in galley. Moulded draft. Intact stability criteria for cargo ship. Angle of lol. Kn curves. Life raft carrying requirements. SF BM. Panting pounding with diagrams to compensate it Medical advise. Stbd side rocket parachute seen action. TLV, STEL, TWA. Life boating launching procedure but with one crew member on board , No remote control lowering . Wants to hear in detail. Like laying to embarkation ladder for the person who is lowering life boat.F3
AGARWAL10-MAR-21* Oil spill at manifold *How many annexes in MARPOL name them *Annex 1 special area *Annex 2 X Y Z Discharge criteria *MCTC formula and where u will find *Sopep contents nd whom to contact while near coast nd in open sea *Fire Extinguisher colour coding *Reserve buoyancy of what use *Life buoy requirements *L/B monthly maintenance (Stick to maintenance)F3
AGARWAL4-DEC-20Reserve buoyancy TPC Striker plate Marpol annex 2,1. Discharge criteria. Marpol certificates. Striker plate. Stability grain criteria Hog ,sag ,bending moment, shearing forcelife buoys requirement. MLC. Preparation for seq survey.F3
AGARWAL13-FEB-20Marpol annex 1, ISPS, Annex 6 gases and requirements of annex, SOPEP manual and its content in detail.. Asked about which authority to be reported and how will u find it in the manual, liferaft requirements, food and water, TPA, Lifebouys, may confuse u very much, certificates of Marpol, SOLAS pack A&B, watertightness, LBP, panting, camber, stealer plate and other such basic definitions, markings on liferaft capsule as well as on liferaft after floating, HRU in detail and may be some basic other ques i m missing outF3
AGARWAL12-FEB-20– What all things to do and check while lowering lifeboat. Also frequency of lowering. – Regulation for lowering – Rescue boat – Lifejacket all requirement – Fire fighting requirements – Annex 1 – ODME in detail – Special area – Angle of lollF3
AGARWAL3-FEB-20What is Marpol annex V discharge criteriaWhat is Marpol annex I discharge criteria Can you dish engine room bilges in special area (Yes, if not antartica and OWS filled with stopping device).Operation of HRU.What is instantaneous discharge rateWhat is SOPEPWhat is updated in SOPEP at regular intervalDuring bunkering drop of oil leaking from manifold connection, action (Stop immediately)What are trimming tables?What is SF and BMWhat is deck head, Floor plate, Garboard strake, etcWhat is a strake and What is a frameHow are frames numbered, can there be a negative frame numberHow are strakes numbered/markedWhat are stealer platesF3
AGARWAL19-DEC-19Diff b/w low n high expansion foam SOPEP locker equipment Oil pollution in Bombay port whom u inform Annex 1 discharging criteria Wht is ODMCS OIL filtering equipment Annex 6 gasses Stability definition block coefficient RB TPC FWA many more Construction definition rise of floor camber Intact stability criteria for general cargo ship (F2) Drill frequency lowering of l/b L/b launching procedure HRU N weak link TPA and immersion suit difference Life jacket requirementF3
AGARWAL16-DEC-191. Machinery space disch criteria annex 1 2. Intact stability of cargo ship 3. Marpol annex 1 discharge criteria 4. Camber projection 5. Numbering of strakes 6. Lifebuoy for vessel less than 100 mtrs in lenght 7. International shore coupling 8. Galley fire action 9. Monthly maintenance of lifeboat 10. CO2 extinguisher and precautions 11. Annex 6 gases?? 12. All annex of marpol 13. Any 6 convention of imo 14. Any 6 distress signalF3
AGARWAL5-DEC-19Lowering if life boat in heavy weather, What is the frequency of life boat drill? What is TPC? Angle of loll how to correct ? What MCTC? What info do we get from trim tables? What is hydrostatic draft? How to calculate it? Block coff. Def. Name any 3 conventions. Name any 3 survey. What is TPA? How many tpa on board and where will you find them? Oil spill during bunkering action. What are the sopep equipments? Where will you find the person to contact when there is an oil spill? Why forward liferaft has no HRU? annex 2 discharge criteria. Annex 1 discharge criteriafrom machinery spaces. Annex 1 special areas. What is annex 6. Garbage record book part what is e waste. Orb 1&2F3
AGARWAL13-NOV-19IMO convention’s , MARPOL annex 1 & 5 (annex 1 : disc criteria , annex 5 discharge table), CLC convention, stry certificates , hssa , life boat and life rafts requirements , equipments, TPA and immersion suit ( everything related to it ), camber, flare, moulded depth, statuatory freeboard , longitudinal framing, panting pounding and there strengthening members, rocket parachute.F3
AGARWAL4-SEPT-19All annexes names, diff between TPA and immersion suit, Solas requirements of life boat , lowering frequency of life boat, PSSA with 4 example, fire extinguisher which one where u will use , latest amendment of Solas& marpol, annex 1 special area, emission control area, annex 6 gassesF3
AGARWAL7-AUG-19Started Mrpol quote all annex Discharge criteria annex 2 and annex 1 machinary spaces Slop requirement sub divisional loadlines some construction definitions, ISM, MLC No lsa/ffa questions as was not happy with aboveF3 
AGARWAL3-MAY-19Life Raft requirements? Angle of loll? Action? Moulded draft (couldn’t answer) Shell plating strake numbering? What is garboard strake? State any 6 IMO convention?? What is CLC ??F3
AGARWAL4-APRIL-19Lowering if life boat in heavy weather. What is the frequency of life boat drill? What is TPC? Angle of loll how to correct. What is MCTC? What info do we get from trim tables? What is hydrostatic draft? How to calculate it? Block coff. Def. Name any 3 conventions. Name any 3 survey. What is TPA? How many TPA on board and where will you find them? Prepare a muster list on board. Oil spill during bunkering action. What are the SOPEP equipment’s? What is oil boom? How to use it? Where will you find the person to contact when there is an oil spill. Taking deck round u find one scupper is not plugged WT will you do a now (I said I will go n plug both started laughing ….I don’t know you so I also laughed)? He cont. Saying one of the crew members left it open to drain the water and to prevent water fill near the bilges. I said it doesn’t take long time for water to drain from the scupper but if suddenly oil spill occurred oil will go in water can there can be more problem for the vsl and port How many lsa gear in life boat. Y liferat kept fwd. And y it’s has no HRU. Annex 2 discharge criteria. Annex 1 discharge criteria from machinery spaces. Annex 1 special areas. What is annex 6. Garbage record book part what is e waste. Orb 1 & 2F3 
AGARWAL15-FEB-19Annex 5 discharge criteria. What is eca  seca and what all gas are there in annex 6 Monthly inspection of fire extinguishers. Difference between neil robertson strecher and other stracher. Testing of Sart.F3
AGARWAL19-JUNE-18Hru in detail Weak link functioning and why it is ? Monthly routine maintenance of extinguishers and life boat,discharge criteria of tanker bilges, all annexes names, annex 4 in detail,some deffinations mctc,lbp,metacenter… Tpa requirement.F3 
AGARWAL13-APRIL-18Special area as per annex 5 Camber sheer Tpc Shell expansion plan Lifeboat lowering proceedure (Cross questions) Venting arrangement in co2 Entry in co2 roomF3
ANISH6-AUG-21Oil spill action, will you use OSD. What is OSD, will you take permission before use. Draw DB tank of you ship. what is floor and why there is a hole in between. what is lightning holes,air holes and drain holes. Convention with example , protocol with example. As per Marpol Annex 1 what are the means to prevent oil pollution. SOPEP Manual , plan and what are the sopep equipments. Marpol Annex 2 certificate. What are the contents of Certificate of fitness. CIRM. Give 5 medicine name and their use. Abondon ship drill procedure. How will you preapare life boat for  lowering? Life boat lowering procedure. Life raft testing and checks. after what period life raft is discarded. intact stability criteria for chemical tanker. what gm you used to maintain in your ship. Fire triangle , what happens  when we remove Heat. which extinguisher gives cooling effect. What effect does foam extinguisher gives?F3
ANISH8-MAR-21Angle of lol (was asked again but the scenario was different) Fire in galley SOPEP Types of extinguisher in galleyF3
ANISH10-AUG-19Rapid fire -Annex 2 discharge criteria -certificates under annex 2 -which is the best extinguisher..i said CO2..he said its ok but he want to hear DCP -where to get medical information onboard -what is medical chest -say few medicines on board i started with morphine -narcotis,drugs,where to keep and why(he said habit forming drugs thatswhy) – something “CRIM” i dont know clearly what it was but it says sometiong about a cost staion in italy for medical advice -which publication to refer(ALRS vol 1) -DOC,SMC,DPA -anti exposure suit, where it is found, have you seen it -difference between TPA and imm. Suit -pressure testing of immersion suitF3 
ANISH9-FEB-19Latest amendment of annex 5. ISM details. Other questions- how will know TSS made by IMO. In rule 10 it mentions TSS adopted by organisations  That’s ok but Ans – By IMO routing guide.F3
ANISH11-OCT-18Packs A B and their contents Marpol & Solas & Mlc amendments(not just headings and dates, with details of amendments) Garbage record book Part 2 amendment ( in detail) Everything you know about MLC STCW and MLC work/rest hours Some easy construction terms. benefits of ISM onboard. All SMS manuals onboard Name any few medicines u can give onboard. And reasons Items in Lifeboat. CO2 fixed fire fighting system operation for E/R FIRE.(in detail) What does CO2 do to extinguish fire. Why CO2 is used. High expansion and low expansion foam ratio. discharge criteria for Annex 1.F3
ANISH16-JAN-18How does ISM code  applied onboard ship? What is sms? Have u read ur company’s SMS…WHAT WAS written in that? What all plans onboards? What is D1 and D2 compliance in ballast water management What is BLEVE..when it happens….he asked me all questions which i was cross marked in my file..F3
ANISH21-SEPT-17Intact stability criteria for tanker, flare rise of floor,ababdonship  action, CO 2 system, transom floor, web frame,angle of loll , discharge criteria annex 5 , req for life raft ,Islam ,mlc, BWM ,Gmp,seemp, edi ,convention and code ,solas amendment Pssa that’s itF3
ANISH21-JULY-17What ships have u done? Wht do u kno abt self trimming holds?Draw n explain?.It’s purpose?.. Pointing  tst and upper stool space on diagram ..Their purpose n advantages..Why do u need tst?..Req for Liferafts both Solas and LSA code…Their stowage requirements?..Why side to side transfer needed for ships of large vsls?.. Requirements for transverse and longitudinal  framing..Purpose of girders.. Requirements for having side girders. Lifeboat requirements.. Docs for isps onboard.wants to hear security log book and checklists…Intact stability criteria for tankers..Needs full explaination.. Implementation of ism onboard…Docs for ism onboard..Types, Requirements and purpose of floors..Air/drain/lightening hole purpose..Draw n explainF3
AWASTHI16-MARCH-201. Muster list 2. As per what convention muster list is required?  3. TPA 4. Immersion suit 5. What is panting beam,  where is it located?  6. How many frames where there in your ship? 7. What was fixed fire fighting system onboard your ship? 8. What is DCP? Content? Draw molecular structure of mono ammonium phosphate? 9. Molecular structure of Sulphuric acid ND hydrochloric acid?  10. Ism code objective? 11. How will you calculate trim and stability of your ship?  12. What are the contents of stability particularsF3
AWASTHI11-AUG-19Marpol Annexes SOPEP. Under which Law ISM What is a convention Stress and types HRU, weak link How many rescue boat , life boat , life raft on board you had ? Contains ? Length of the painter. TPA, Immersion suit.? Fix firefighting on board. Explain Types of extinguisher onboard? Where was Co2 available? Explain your ship from forward part As a second officer how will you help chief officer and master to safe marine environment and as per Marpol?F3 
AWASTHI15-FEB-19You have to prepare a muster list. How will u do it, where will u refer. Fire in galley- action Much more cross questioning on that… what is fire alarm, what portable ext for oil fire, All about AFFF, how does a portable ext work, weight of cartridge. Fire pumps not workin, how will u extinguish fire? Tell 2 ways. Then cross questioning abt emgy fire pump and ISC. Construction of bulk carrier and general cargo. Nothing abt tankers.F3
AWASTHI11-JUNE-18Stealer plate Life raft construction Lowering of life boat Flooding StandingF3 
AWASTHI19-MAY-17Why marpol is called 73/78? What is protocol? What is treaty? Your vessel has collided…you as a 2nd mate assist C/O to estimate damage…what all things you check and how you go about it? Markings on liferaft? What all things you find in lifeboat? Difference between recovery strops and FPD? How do calculate vessels stability?F3
AZAD16-AUG-17(Said u got less marks in ext, you did nt give full contents of stability booklet) -what is Trim table -enclosed space entry procedure -How will you chk gas mixture in forward fore peak , before entry. (I said using oxygen analyser and multigas detector ,he asked how? Would u enter directly wearing it? I said no I was unable to give him any answer at this stage. He said study enclosed space entry procedure properly and try next time.)F3 
AZAD16-AUG-17(Said u got less marks in ext, you did nt give full contents of stability booklet) -what is Trim table -enclosed space entry procedure -How will you chk gas mixture in forward fore peak , before entry. (I said using oxygen analyser and multigas detector ,he asked how? Would u enter directly wearing it? I said no i was unable to give him any answer at this stage. He said study enclosed space entry procedure properly and try next time.)F3
AZAD2-JUNE-17Went deep into enclosed space entry procedure. Cross questioning and needs elaborating of each point. Checks to be carried out for SCBA set in details Was trying to confuse in +ve and –ve pressure test. SCBA requirements, and charging procedure in details Needs practical answers.  Small mistakes in quoting rules is allowedF3 
AZAD6-APRIL-17def of tpc, mctc n many more… from where u find these values requirements of lifebouy …how many to carry requirements of liferaft…?maintainance of liferaft..markings on liferaft? muster list in details…how will u prepaire muster list n muster card fr yard delivery ship? stable /unstable n nutral equilibrium… righting lever(GZ) oil spill during cargo operation..Action as oow? how will u prepaire ur vessel for bunkering operation? m n ms notices? who issued?F3
B. KUMAR11-OCT-18Discharge criteria for ANNEX 5 and new ammendments Sopep forms and equipments Oil spill action during bunkering Purpose of OSD Dcp mentaincenceF3
BAWEJA9-MARCH-20Special area Enroute Solas pack A nd B Lifeboat lowering in heavy weather Annex 1 special area Fire in galley SOPEP and SMPEP (equipments also) Conventions under maritime safety Annex Vl certificates COF COBF3
BAWEJA11-APRIL-19SMPEP What all equipment’s you required for SMPEP Which annex it applies to TPA and immersion suit difference. Ballast tank name what all structures are there. Floor plating. Type of fires. DOA of bulk carrier. Critical flammability line. Lowering of lifeboat in rough weather. Fire in Galley. Marpol annex 5. Q on minimum exposure limit. Frequency of Ba bottles testingF3 
BAWEJA5-FEB-18IMO convention garboard strake use life boat launching procedure lifebuoy specification annex1 special area angle of lolF3
BAWEJA2-AUG-17ISM , ISPS , Marpol all annexes wd detail , nxl substances criteria , sopep , smpep , life boat qns  & on load – off load … HRU specifications , tpa – anti exposure suits diffrentiate , life raft solas recquirementsF3 
BAWEJA2-AUG-17ISM , ISPS , Marpol all annexes wd detail , nxl substances criteria , SOPEP, SMPEP , Life boat qns  & on load – off load … HRU specifications, tpa – anti exposure suits differentiate, Life raft SOLAS requirementsF3 
BAWEJA19-APRIL-17Questions of last attempt Soda acid extinguisher contents ISPS documents and certificates CSR Ships medical guide/cirm Which ships are weather tight / water tight. Camber.F3 
BEHL13-JAN-201. Fixed Co2 maintenance. (Msc.circ.1432) (it’s his favourite question) 2. Life boat static dynamic tests. 3. Name 10 conventions 4. SCABA checks.F3
BEHL7-SEPT-19Names of gases in annex 6 NOX discharge criteria Annex 1 discharge criteria What is form R Certificates carried on board And Attachments for those certificates Amendments in Marpol Annex 5.F3
BEHL19-JUNE-18Radar error, limitations , performance check, Ecdis performance check, He was happy with me ans No rule, no situations , no cards… Cargo watch take over, Deck round in detail each & everything he wish to hear Code of safe working practice…contents, Draft survey, Life boat annual maintenance, How foam system works on ur last ship,if chief cook of your ship has wound the hand and nerves r cuted bllod is coming like fountain take action….F3 
BEHL13-APRIL-18Hiemlich manoeuvre (First aid) Csr Forms ESP surey report file contents Fixed fire fighting system maintenance ( he wil cross question a lot.. wants to know how exactly the testing is done and how does it releases) monthly ; annually; intermediate ;5 yearly maintenance. Principle on the working BLEVE LTA requirements How to apply sutures ( Stitching) He asked me specifically share f3 questions with all of you…. F1 was good but F3 was a challenge… Csr forms and esp can be found in Imo resolutions Refer to Msc circular for maintenance of fixed co2 fire fighting appliancesF3 
BEHL19-MAR-181) SEEMP and what role does 2/o has in it , 2)fixed fire fighting on last ship explain everything from piping ,pump ,foam tank ,check and maintenance Carried out , weekly , monthly , annually ,5 yearly he will ask many questions 6) how foam is generated 7) from where does air comes in deck foam 8)CSR and how do you number it 9)ESP and all documents about it and what all things are covered in ESP 10)how to use ship medical guide,he will tell you the name of drugs and will say how to use this 11)Crew fallen in E/R bilges how will you go ? 12)what is shock?? 13)life boat lowering procedures 14)marine pollutants as per annex6 17) Voc what is it how does it comes 18)VECS requirement 19)EEDI and under what regulations it comes and which notice?? 20) Upcoming solas amendment,BWMP and explain D1:D2 and B4 21) annex 5 special areas , water contain in wash water of hold action??will you discharge??F3
BEHL23-NOV-17What are class A & class B ship as per ILL & Which types of ships comes under class B, What is Class A “60” bulkhead, What is Intercostal bulkhead, What is D1 compliance under ballast water management, Foam system working,  How to give stitches……said u dont know how to give stich…i cant give u f3F3 
BEHL15-SEPT-17Introductions, company, functions course etc. Started with EEDI, SEEMP, How can you contribute to the same as a 2nd officer. Annex 6 gasses, (he said CO2 does not constitute in Annex 6, i  said eedi is in Annex 6 and it is basically CO2 emissions, to this he asked me to check again, as I was getting up he started with next question) Angle of lol, action, the vessel has e/r controlled blasting, what orders will you give to the 4th eng. Fixed fire fighting system in last ship, maintainance (weekly, monthly, yearly, 3 yearly and 5 yearly) Asked a few regulation of the same I didn’t know Enclosed space entry in 4s COT, what all steps. (I started with Purging, risk assessment, gas check) cut me off and asked about calibration. Explained calibration. Asked where the regulation for maximum concentration for various gasses are written. I answered isgott, he asked from where does isgott get its values – I didn’t know this, he explained tlv and all. Now started going onto technicals of the newest gas detector (multi gas detector, neither tank scope nor explosimeter.) couldn’t answer this either. He asked me about UTI. Working principle. I explained what I know from manuals I have read on board. He was impressed with this. He then asked how does it detect the interface. I said conduction principle. (at this point he explained capacitance and all the funda) After this he said he would have given 10 if I had gotten capacitance and the new Gas Detector right..F3
BEHL14-JUNE-17how to order ration for life boat , how to lower life boat in heavy weather , fixed fire fighting system maintenance , scba in detail , visibility from bridge n many more ..F3
BEHL19-MAY-17Sopep, Smpep All latest ammendemts Angle of loll in deep and correction Girder ,brackets,frames,joints Sheer strakes About Ism,isps, Ism surveys and few moreF3
BEHL17-MAY-17Your food ration is for 10000kj how will you find it(wants to hear reference to lsa code) . What’s extra precautions in lifeboat in tankers (Sprinkler and air support sys) and its exact purpose, pressure of air bottles, maint. Of fixed foam (do tell him abt fixed isolation v/v), angle of lol in terminal loading cargo action, hssc, fpd and hanging off pendant difference (don’t tell him their lengths as mentioned in polaris its not a req) use of fpd, intercoastal bulkhead, all 6 gases in annex 6,why bwm needed lastest conventional and concept, Seemp in detail, you are second off how can you contribute to seemp, taking over cargo watch steps (wants to listen abt sf, bm stresses), racking stress, damage control plan, form r meaning, medicines decided and issued by whom, if flag state don’t provide any guidelines which medicines you will use and where you will find it(ANS master medical guide), doc and SMC inspection interval and difference.F3
BEHL18-APRIL-17Annex 6 marpol all 6 gas including seemp and eedi, lifeboat static dynamic test requirements, mantainance of lsa, lifeboat markings and where will u get it, solas ch3,  ocean currents warm ad cold examples with rough drawing on location, bore tide, spring tide, form E and Form R don’t say it’s a certificate it is just a supplement to certificate, errors of radar side lobe and multipath error, and qus on Meteorology again, drydock lifeboat maintenance .F3
C. L. DUBEY15-NOV-18TPA/ immersion suite Fire drill on passenger ships Annex 5 SOLAS CH 9 Weekly life boat maintenance Enclosed space entry checks BWM …explication. ..D-2 standards How did u implemented garbage management on board ur last ship Medical scale Medical chest From where will u find.. the medicine required on board ur ship SOPEP plan content.F3 
CHAND6-FEB-201) Lowering & recovery of  life boat. (He wanted to know about name of each parts & terminology being used during entire ops). Also asked about testing intervals & type of tests 2) Types of life boats. 3) SART & EPIRB (alert, how to activate, solas requirement, how to cancel alert etc.) 4) HRU & spring load mechanismF3
CHAND19-MAY-17Define pollution ( want to hear it is due to human error) Annex V Lifeboat equipment Medicines in lifeboat Requirements of medicine to be carried in lifeboat under which regulation Fixed Fire fighting system Co2 maintenance N few more can’t remember He will not give time….he jst want key points n when he will find dat point in ur answer he will stop you….F3
COUTINO15-JUNE-18Annex all? Garbage discharge criteria?sopep?n contents? U R on anchor 25 nm will u throw foodwaste? Fire in hold , action? Muster list? How u will prepare? How u will observe the stresses while cargo operation? Lowering and manoeuvring of lifeboat? I was explaining procedure he said duration? Pms?-(my failing question?)asked company name – ( NITIN was also from fleet, he caught me there n asked all pms programs of fleet n all) n stopped asking N said thank u, sit out side.F3 
DANIEL5-SEPT-19very strict and be ready for insult if not prepared well. What blunders you made in previous attempts ? I honestly told my mistakes and corrected answers same time. Took it very friendly (so surprising) What is SECA?? What factor to check encountering SECA ( I quickly said sulphur content in fuel oil LSMGO LSFO) happy with it. Nox tiers?? All three quickly, stopped in between. SPL Area for NOx Give your EXN Signed and said , chalo go passed you are second mate.F3
DESHPANDE16-OCT-19Annexs of MARPOL Can cooking discharge criteria Ann 5 dich criteria Hydrostatic draft Gm gz Weather tight water tight Loss of buoyancy Watch taking over in restricted visibility Mlc n rest hoursF3
DESHPANDE15-OCT-19Marpol annexes wid certfcts, Annex 6 amendments Hose burst during bunkering. U have rescued a L/R…how wil u come to knw of its identity (wntd to hear Callsign) Any sensor activated…wht hapns on bridge Does fire alram ring thn. Is der any delay period. What will u do wid control panel on bridge when at port? Last ship engine room ffa. Areas coverd by hypermist. Smoke activated…n its false..wil hypermist strt. Fw or sw in hypermist. Balast tank structural members, position and whthr thy r horizontal vertical longitudinal or transverse. Stcw code contents. Rest hour. When cn u bypas rest hour regulation and why? How is rest hour compensated? Who fills rest hr onboard? Panama convention in rest hour sheet (ISF tool). PSC code 17 30. Weathertight watertight. Role of hru and weaklinkF3
DESHPANDE11-OCT-18Frequency of lifeboat lowering. Frequency of rescue boat lowering. Items in Lifeboat. It’s in Life raft. Requirement for Life Buoys. Solas Chapters. Fixed CO2 system draw and explain. DCP extinguisher refilling. High expansion and low expansion foam ratio. Scba Requirement. TPA and immersion suit difference. SOPEP Contents discharge criteria for Cargo Residues.F3 
DESHPANDE11-OCT-181. Immersion suit.. when pressure test and how often carried out. 2. Lowering l/b and recue boat and frequency 3. Water tight and weather tight. 4. Medical advice 5. Person injured on board take action.F3 
DESHPANDE12-OCT-17Tell me something about solas what do u know about marpol disposal criteria for cooking oil how will u discharge dunnage annex 5 spcl area annex 5 disch4arge criteria what is gm and gz angle of loll and corective action fire above 6s cot on deck action ? fire in6s cot action ? fixed firefighting system of gas carrier? what is immersion suit and requirement ? wha is tpa ? requirment ? enclosed lifeboat and freefall life boat launching schedule ?F3
DEVESH2-MAR-21Minimum no of marking in extinguisher (I started with types of extinguisher than he stopped me and said I want digit as per Solas) IOPP certificate with form Seq form Certificate of free partique Solas chapter Oil cargo discharge criteria from pump room Person came with nose bleeding Suppose I came with u fracture of hand how u will recognize me?F3
DEVESH2-FEB-21Fire fighting systems on gas tankers Hypermist full operation All equipments on which hypermist is present, why not on other equipments in the engine room Why hypermist, why not water spray system Water spray system on gas carriers What all is done in annual survey of life boats Different types of survey, their duration What all equipment and certificates are checked during annual survey Annex 6 of marpol in brief Plate floors and open floors Angle of loll and corrective actions When was the latest ammendment to STCW Person’s nose bleeding take action Person having stomach ache, forcing you to get him of the ship take action, give names of medicines you will give him.F3 
DEVESH3-DEC-20Volatile organic compounds? Annex 5 garbage categories Hold on fire? Fire not extinguishing (last option)? HRU and life raft connection and working MLC convention Work hoursF3
DEVESH6-NOV-20Radio medical advice in detail Maintenance on load off load  release in detail  mechanism? Rest hours work hours in detail Requirements for portable Galley fire actionF3
DEVESH13-JAN-20Contents of: IOPP certificate Form A Form B List equipment in IOPP certificate. Fire training manual content? Draw fixed CO2 system? Maintenance in fixed CO2 system?F3
DEVESH17-APRIL-19Discharge criteria annex 1. Annex 5 in detail. How will you know cargo in harmful to marine environment various Starks and their uses? Bilge keel and use. Merchant shipping act. how will implement ISM. how will you come to know that company is following and working as per ISM M & MS notice. Fire triangle and tetrahydran and want it in detail. Molecular chain reaction. DCP and CO2 extinguisher in detail. Types of DCP extinguisher. Various types of Safety manual on board. Safety meetings. Classes of fire with example.F3 
DEVESH10-MAY-18What is Morphine, why is it used, why controlled drug?, Asked what is GMDSS convention didn’t knew what to say told abt the communications part wrt distress and SAR.. wanted to hear more..i told abt the sea areas.. went deep into it equipments in sea areas, Epirb under Gmdss or Solas? Said both..tried to confuse..asked is Gmdss under Solas? I said yes..who says? Ch4 solas..gave a sarcastic smile.F3
DEVESH10-MAY-18Bilgekeel, GMP, GRB, MARPOL Amendments regarding GRB- new categories, what is e-waste how do you dispose now, previously how were they disposed, then why new category for e-waste, electrical fire in galley, and some more practical questions.F3
DEVESH9-JUNE-17Flare Tumblehome Garboard strake Stealer plate On load release mechanism maintenance Marpol annex 5 special areaF3 
DIXIT10-JAN-18Scantling Discharge criteria Annex 1 , he will stop in between many times n den will ask to resume and he wants to hear everything all over again if u start from where u left he’ll say u don’t know Annex 1 What is 15ppm What is instantaneous rate of discharge definition , in that he wants to hear 30ltr per nautical mile Annex 5 discharge criteria Annex 6 explain Special area of Annex 6 On load , off load explain Y v use on load release Immersion suit requirements Garboard strake Equilibrium diagram , all 3F3
GP SHENOY6-JULY-21Checks of lifeboat as per Solas Where is the muster card located? Which document mentions the requirement and location of muster card(Fire Control Plan) Contents of fire training manual at what intervals are abandon ship drills carried out Immersion suits testing… what intervals is pressure testing carried out? List all conventions u know is ISM a convention? Diff btwin convention and codeF3
GP SHENOY6-JULY-21Marpol in detail. Fixed fire fighting system on board . Test and maintenance on foam fixed system . Lsa detail life boat and Davit test and maintenance. Immersion suit yearly test.F3
GUPTA20-DEC-17What is Hogging? Empty ship wat condition it will be Hogging or sagging?? Gas which fixed extinguisher r used??wat is propellant for it?? Where is sprinkler system is used n why?? Annex 4 dish criteria?? Rescue boat on passenger ship?? TPA??TPA On passenger ship?? Max. Cap. Of lifeboat?? Strengthening member of fwd n aft of ship n why?? For Pounding wat strengthening member is used?? Portable fire extinguisher??F3
HARINDER8-APRIL-21Safe manning certification come under which convention Fore peak construction Angle of lol H2s TLV ISGOTT and content Solas chapter Static and dynamic test of life boatF3
HARINDER5-JAN-21* Marpol annex * Solas chapters * Angle of LOL * Intact stability criteria of tankers  * TPC, MCTC, formulas * Formula for FWA * LOAD LINES DRAW * Lifeboat requirements * Lifebuoy requirements * Vessel more than 100m in length and having freefall lifeboat what will be the requirements to have life-raft on such ships * On load release mechanism * Watertight and weathertight what all compartments are supposed to be watertight * Classes of fire * Extinguishers used in various classes of fires * A60 bulkheads * Explosimeter, tankscope, oxy analyser. Their principles and when are they used * Tumble home * Camber * Stringers * Steller plate * Beckets * MLC contents * MLC certificates on board * ISM contents * ISM certificates * Annex 6 discharge criteria * Tiers for NOx * PSC regulation 17 and 30 (17 states that in case of a deficiency vessel has to correct it before departure i did not know about 30 so he said that is your homework) * Contents of stability bookletsF3
HARINDER4-JAN-211. IMDG classes 2. IMDG supplements 3. C.I.R.M 4. ECDIS safety settings 5. 4-5 ROR cards 6. 2 situations 7. Errors of GPS 8. Errors of radar 9. IMSAR all patterns 10. Sector search in detail 11. EPIRB alert cancellation 12. Cargo watch take over 13. Ship shore safety checklist. 14. Southern Hemisphere TRS action in detail 15. MLC contents n certificate 16. ISM 17. Wx tight and water tight difference 18. DOAF3
IYYER13-JAN-201. Difference between TPA and Immersion suit and their requirements. 2. Angle of lol. Corrective action 3. Intra muscular and intravenous injection. 4. How are frames numbered? 5. Latest Solas amendments. 6. You are incharge of an abandonship drill. Explain how will you conduct. 7. You have final drafts. How will you use stability booklet and what all information will you obtain.( I explained draft survey, he was satisfied)F3
IYYER13-JAN-20Co2 system and diagram. All life boat weekly monthly n yr maint. All foam weekly monthly n yr maint. List and hell diagram and difference. Timber loadline. Told me few knots to make i said I don’t know. Then gave me  rope and wodden stick and told me to make stage for painting a loft i said idk Then what are your duties as 3rd mate in ISM. MLC requirements n how is it applicable for 3rd off. Frame numbering. IG alarm. Discharge criteria for garbage. Solas chapters. HRU diagramF3
IYYER16-SEPT-19Maintenance of LSA. Maintenance of FFA. What was firefighting system on your ship? Explain me in detail with diagram? What is the function of propotiono meter in foam system? Then he gave me a wooden piece and a small rope he told me to stagging. How to rig staging? Asked me few knots ans bends and hitches. Draw a digram when ship is heeled by 5 deg and when ship is listed by 5 deg. Everything abt ISPS. What is the colur of ISPS card and purpose? Chapter of solas. Everything abt ISM. What is stringer its location? Types of floor. What is difference between COf And cob? Discharge criteria of garbage and its amendments.F3
IYYER6-AUG-17Gave a small stage and told me to do a stage hitch, then bow line, some other knots and give me their names, duties of 3rd off according to ism and mlc 2006, differences,free fall lifeboat types of launchings, procedures, precautions inside free fall life boats, how does on load release mechanism wrk, draw a simple diagram of it,draw a diagram of listing ship and a heeling ship, differences and many more…F3
IYYER6-AUG-17Gave a small stage and told me to do a stage hitch, then bow line, some other knots and give me their names, duties of 3rd off according to ism and mlc 2006,differences, free fall lifeboat types of launchings, procedures, precautions inside free fall life boats, how does on load release mechanism work, draw a simple diagram of it, draw a diagram of listing ship and a heeling ship, differences and many more…F3
JAIRAM5-SEPT-19Started with brief introduction, work experience (verifying my oral file same time) Discussed about previous attempts, questions asked , answers went wrong Boosted confidence. What is Garboard strake? Shear strake? Keel plate?? Which strake is stronger most ? Round of bilge?? Bilge keel?? Latest Marpol  amendments ? Special Area for Nox?? Any amendment to annex 1? Contents of marpol?? Structure of IMO?? I gave introduction of IMO And IMCO Council and Assembly stopped me and asked how many members in council and assembly?? Annex 5 detailed ammenmets latest what is HME?? I gave reference of IMSBC GMP? GRB? ORB? CRB?? Quick answers didn’t want full, just checking familiarisation about it. SCBA any latest requirements? Fire Fighting equipment any latest safety requirements?? IMGS contents?? I said medicine and medical supply details and further more couldn’t say Weak link? Description? HRU disposal n maintenance? I explained about HAMMAR 20 make n model and said the same I saw on almost all ships I have sailed till date. Galley fire in port, you are second mate and saw smoke coming out from galleyF3
JB SINGH3-MAR-21Sopen lkr content TPA Immersion suit What was the name of imo earlier Why a literaft is in fwd ??( Agr ye bologe k log aage fase hote h kaam me to glat h ) Ship manoeuvring booklet contentF3
JB SINGH4-FEB-21TPA and Immersion suit difference Lifebuoy Testing requirement Why there is liferaft in forward? SOPEP item with exact number Forepeak Construction and it’s strengthening members? IMO and it’s working. Fire in galley drill How will you correct muster listF3
JB SINGH5-DEC-17Marpol annexes Discharge criteria annex 5 Intact stability Damage criteria Life rafts location/ capacity Why life raft fwd and why no HRU What is Marpol and Purpose Hyper mist system and how much fw in it. Also what after fw finishes Life raft service period How will you check after servicing if Life raft serviced or not? PSSA? Is it marked on the chart?F3
JB SINGH16-AUG-171- SOPEP contents 2- Marpol 73/78 why is it called so. 3- Contents of stability booklet( i failed as i gave ony half contents in this answer) 4- IMO previous name 5- Fire drill for galley fire 6- Fixed co2 system 7- Why a liferaft requirement for forward( he wanta to here incase ship breaks into two the person trapped forward can escape using it) 8- Diagram of Fore peakF3
JB SINGH16-AUG-171- SOPEP contents 2-Marpol 73/78 why is it called so. 3- Contents of stability booklet( i failed as i gave ony half contents in this answer) 4-IMO previous name 5-fire drill for galley fire 6-Fixed co2 system 7-why a liferaft requirement for forward( he wanta to here incase ship breaks into two the person trapped frwd can escape using it) 8-Diagram of Fore peak (I thought i had given all answer properly) but was surprised to here from ext.F3
JB SINGH24-JULY-17What is marpol 73/78 Stability booklet content  Sopep equipment  What is intact stability  What is damage stability  How u will conduct fire drill?F3
JB SINGH18-JULY-171) Why is 1 life raft stowed in the fwd 2) Fitted with hru ? 3) What is imo, location , head office 4) Period of life raft servicing 5) Ever went in the fpt, types of construction in fptF3
JB SINGH14-JULY-17Liferaft Survival craft definition Fire in galley Fire drill frequency Sheer strakeF3
JOHRI13-JULY-17Marpol annex headings, Marpol amendments, Oil record book part 2 and entries in it, Life jacket, Margin plate, Sheer strake, Garbord strakes, Fire in cargo hold, Trim table.F3
KHAMBATA10-AUG-21Weekly monthly checks in PFE? Why hole is there in extinguisher? Solas req for fire pump. Pilot ladder why last steps are made of rubber. Are shackles allowed to secure pilot ladder on deck? SF (wants to hear Opposed by forces of buoyancy) & BM How you’ll find Hyd draft? What is Mean of means when is it used?F3
KHAMBATA9-MAR-21Annex 2 in Chemical tankers tanks requirements and many more questions as i have done chemical tanker Lifebuoy marker requirements MLC content and certificate issued What is DMLC and MLC difference between them Life raft requirements, Life boat engine requirements, MSDSF3
MANHAS9-NOV-20simple principle to extinguisH a fire HRU operation how? If LEL is 99.9% then will the mixture burn? yes or no with reason. lifeboat requirements. during cargo watch if your ship ropes part away and the stern is drifting out what action will you take?F3
MANHAS10-MAY-18In which direction Plat floors are dere Den ask. Me consider u r in dB tank n you are facing fwd where will Plat floors Critical dilution of line Angle of lol and corrections HRU working in briefF3
MANHAS13-MAR-18Annex 6 Requirement for nox and sox Hw to minimise In eca and global Annex 1 Machinery space disc criteria in and out special area Oil filtering equipment and Odmcs requirement Hru hw it work and weight at which it breaks (80 kg) Launching procedure of liferaft Lifeboat launching frequency Onload and offload release Lifeboat launching composition Enclosed and free fall (Once in 3 month both and once in 6 month free fall to be freefalled to water ) If Odme is showing 400 ppm does it discharge slop to sea or return to slop tank What contains in bottles of life raft (non toxic gas) Floor plate locationF3
MANHAS7-MAR-18Annex 6 nd y it is nd tiers nd areas, latest annex 5 ammendmemt, sopep, cirm nd frm where to find its details, lowering req of life boats, automatic release of liferaft, damage stability booklet, qs on angle of loll, annex 1 disch criteria, floors in db tanks, fire extinguishing principle, hydrostatic test of scba bottles nd few more qs nd a lot of cross qs.F3
MANHAS13-JULY-17Annex 6 gasses ( he want to her all 5 gasses) Discharge criteria annex 1 from cargo. Sox and box emission, How to fight fire SEEMP. CIRM. Medical advice.F3
MARKESH10-AUG-19-Annex 4 discharge criteria -certificates under all annexes -latest amendments in MARPOL -gases under annex 6, EEDI, SEEMP -SOPEP, SMPEP, what is quarterly changed in it -some definitions -camber, fluke, tumblehome, flare, bilge keel -difference between TPA and immersion suit -Angle of LOLL, correction -Equilibriums -list any 5 conventions -STCW rest hours -which chapter says about duties of 2nd officer -duties of 2nd officer under STCW -fire drill requirements in passenger and cargo ships -u hv done chem tanker.. wall wash test u know…during wall wash test how long the ventilation to be stopped -enclosed space entry proceduresF3
MIRANDA13-JAN-201. Machinery space disch criteria 2. List the names of special areas under annex 1 3. What is stiff and tender vessel 4. What is angle of loll 5. How will you correct Angle of loll 6. What is keel 7. What is bilge keel. 8. What is watertight and weather tight. 9. Full form of DCP 10. Fire jn galley, take action 11. How many life raft onboard. Why fwd liferafts have no hru. 12. What is CPR 13. how will u give CPR 14. Difference between TPA and immersion suit 15. Why marool is called 73/78 16. Latest ammendments in Solas. ANSWERED I said i don’t know all ammendments, but there is a new chapter in solar i.e. Polar code 17. Which Chapter is Polar code. just wanted to hear chapter numberF3
MIRANDA13-DEC-191. Machinery space disch criteria 2. List the names of special areas under annex 1 3. What is stiff and tender vessel 4. What is angle of loll 5. How will you correct Angle of loll 6. What is keel 7. What is bilge keel. 8. What is watertight and weather tight. 9. Full form of DCP 10. Fire jn galley, take action 11. How many life raft onboard. Why fwd liferafts have no hru. 12. What is CPR 13. how will u give CPR 14. Difference between TPA and immersion suit 15. Why marool is called 73/78 16. Latest ammendments in Solas. ANSWERED I said i don’t know all ammendments, but there is a new chapter in solar i.e. Polar code 17. Which Chapter is Polar code. just wanted to hear chapter numberF3
MIRANDA11-JULY-19Machinery space discharge criteria? Fire drills frequency? Do you know Framing system? Tell me what you know? What is CPR? Solas chapters, I told all chapters. Then Asked what  chapter 13 says, what is verification of compliance? What is HRU activating depth? What checks will you do for SCBA before entering enclosed spaces?F3
MIRANDA6-MAR-19SOLAS new amendments Marpol annex1 disch. criteria SOPEP SM question on constructionF3
MIRANDA9-JAN-19SOPEP, Discharge criteria for oily water from engine room bilges, Amendment to marpol annex 6, Contents of trim and stability booklet, What is a constant, angle of loll, SCBA checks, HRU activation depth, Frequency of lifeboat lowering, Intravenous injection, Purpose of fpd, Solas chap 13 title, Solas chap 14.F3
MIRANDA3-MAY-18PSSA Bunkering precautions Vapour line dimensions ( anx 6 ) International shore coupling Expansion ratio of low and high expansion foam How are frames numbered and from whereF3 
MIRANDA8-MAR-18MARPOL amendments SOLAS amendments Fire wire requirements Fix firefighting pressure on deck Ur mooring wire strength Panting/pounding straighting member How framing done  where is 0 stand Bilge keel work Sheer strack Disadvantage of freefall lifeboatF3
MIRANDA14-FEB-18* Difference between tpa and immeraion suit * M And ms notices * ism code and cert *Dmlc * DOC * Who issue DE-RATS certificate, i was like sorry sir!! He wrote it on a piece of paper and asked who issues it.. ‘ i said never heard of it sir ‘ * what type of fire fighting system used on deck on tankers * SOLAS amendments, when i said blending of cargoes prohibited under chapter 6 , his eyebrows went up so i explained on my own blending means internal transfer of cargo , he asked dat is for antartic region only right ?? I said no sir it is for all the areas.. transfer has nothing to do with area.. i was confident * Amendments of Marpol Here he asked about special areas of nox n sox, what is tier 3 i explained it allF3
MIRANDA23-NOV-17Angle of loll & corrective action, Tpc & Mctc and how to use them, hydrostatic particulars, Red stars seen falling down…action, foam system  of last vsl in  detail, expansion ratio, frequency of fire and abandonship drill and what all checks to be done. disch. cat. for eng. Room bilges etc…etc..F3 
MIRANDA2-AUG-17Marpol ammendments Annexes of marpol Angle of loll, corrective action? TPC? Strakes? Garboard strakes? Foam expansion ratio? Solas ammendments?F3 
MIRANDA2-AUG-17Marpol amendments Annexes of Marpol Angle of loll, corrective action? TPC? Strakes? Garboard strakes? Foam expansion ratio? Solas amendments?F3 
MIRANDA19-MAY-17stcw,Marpol, solas latest ammendemnets, sheer strake, stresses,Bm, Gm, ism in detail , statutory certificates carried on boardF3
MOHIT13-SEPT-19Marpol annex-3 only name. Anx-1and 6 discharge criteria. ORB, GRB-Garbage categories. Lifeboat weekly monthly annual test. fixed firefighting test duties of 3/0 with CE. ESP. Safety equipment survey. Form R. CLC and Fund. Sopep content. oil pollution during bunker action. L/B- equipment. Recovey in heavy weather. SCBA test. Amendment- marpol, mlc and fss code. IMGS. Medical advice. CIRM. frame no. starkes no. and definition, LOA, LBP, mctc, TPC,  angle of lol and corrective action and few more definition on const and stability.F3
NITIN2-FEB-21Virtual Loss of buoyancy in intact condition? Each and every maintenance requirements and schedule of CO2 Ship suddenly lists to 7° on one side, reasons and precautions What quarterly changes are to be done in SOPEP? When you collide with another vessel, how will you assess the damage?F3 
NITIN7-JAN-21Ask which ship u sail I told him to I sail in cont. vl intact stability of cont vl, what damage stability, diff between weather and water tight doors diff between TPA and exposure suit angle of loll, fresh water allowance, far, free board, statuary cert, SOPEP and SMPEP req.F3 
NITIN2-JULY-19EEBD specifications SCBA latest requirements (I discontinued and said sorry I am not certain) Pyrotechnics on bridge Ship on anchor,10 NM away from land, which garbage allowed to discharge? (Here I made blunder, said grinded food waste) still he was giving clue , but vessel is on anchor New amendment of annex 5 Annex 6 ,ecas, emissions limits, Sox and nox? Requirement of slop tank( I gave up since didn’t know correct answer) Rescue boat lowering frequency , I said 3 months( cpt NITIN said ye galat hai 1 month hai , 3 month toh lifeboat ka hai ?? Camber? Flare? Rise of floor? Anchor a cockbill ?? How it’s concluded vessel is dragging the anchor by looking from forward? What if there is long stay?F3
NITIN9-AUG-17ILO rest hours Pyrotechnics Camber n lot more simple construction questions Immersion suit pressure test When u call master (want to listen abt masters night order) Angle of lol, corrective action  Weather tight Water tight (with example) Hydrostatic draftF3 
NITIN19-APRIL-17Rescue boat specs Immersion suit pressure test freq Lifeboat lowering and manoeuvring freq(for all types) What is DOC Can oily mixture be discharged in special area. From wat part of the ship. What is the criteria. What is margin line. What is the purpose. Which certificate/document states the margin line.F3 
O. P. YADAV12-APRIL-17Lunching of life boat, life raft marking, panting pounding, strake, stiffener, bilge keel, swl, hru and many moreF3 
O. P. YADAV12-APRIL-17What is TPA and Immersion suit and  difference between them L/B launching? procedure and prior checks step by step and L/B onload release procedure. How to get back the position of Liferaft if  toppled up in water which extinguisher you will use for small oil fires??… SOLAS chapters What is flare and some basic terms in ship construction.F3 
OAK5-JULY-21Marpol 73/78 , discharge criteria annex1, Sopep, Garbage record book, soc and nox discharge criteria, controlled drugs, yard delivery of ship how to order medicine, righting of liferaft procedure, TPA, difference b/w immersion suit and tpa, Loading cargo angle of lol stbd side action. Smoke from crew cabin action. 24h after departure master, c/o,2nd off. fainted in pump room action. Radio medical advice.F3
OAK13-APRIL-21Lifeboat engine requirements RSO in isps recognised security Organization Cardinal buoy Muster list content n details in it 20 ship complement, prepare muster lists Latest Ms notice on covid its regarding to garbage discharge at indian port as per my knowledge issued in. May 2020 SMPEP CONTENTS Numbering of lifeboat why STBD side 1 n port side 2. Why its not vice versa. ANNEX 6 latest amendments SECA AREAS FIRE IN GALLEY SCBA bottle filling n SCBA maintenance Firepump requirement Extinguisher spare requirements HRU n weak linkF3
OAK11-MAR-21Duties of 3rd officer as per ISM How will u obtain ISPS certificate? What is RSO? Rescue boat requirements. Maintenance of L/B. What is HRU? Stresses experienced by vessel. SECA area.F3
OAK9-NOV-20requirements for changing cartrigde of portable fire extinguisher. how will you recognise a life raft on a ship? (wanted to know appearance and markings) describe how a ship will get its first ISPS certificate on delivery.? who is RSO? stringer plates How to strengthen the ship against panting and pounding? unstable equilibrium block coefficient How will you number floors in a ship. expiry of lifeboat ration Certificates to be carried onboard as per all MARPOL annexes. marpol discharge criteria annex 1 capacity of emergency fire pump on cargo ship. How will you start an emergency generator manually?F3
OAK10-SEPT-20You are on tanker, loading is in progress vsl port side alongside, vsl listed to stbd, reached angle of loll, action? 2. How will you upright your liferaft? 3. What is IEEC? 4. SOPEP required as per what regulation? 5. SOPEP contents? 6. Liferaft painter length? 7. Draw stable equilibrium? 8.  Gave a paper showed drafts F=5, M=5.7, A=6 vsl hog or sag? (I said it’s trim by stern he said only two options hog or sag choose one , I said hog. He told explain why? ) 9. Automatic release of liferaft?F3
OAK10-MAY-18Seemp What is striking plate Life raft painter length Difference b/w rescue boat and life boat Life raft requirment Immersion suits maintenance How will you charge scba bottle What are the requirements of air bottle What is able of lol How does start work How will u check sart How will check epirb and expiry Gmdss walkie talkie battery and expiry Seca areas Life bouy requirements Maintenance of life bouy Marking on lifer after container How many pyrotechnics are dere on bridge What is hog and sag What is expiry of food rationF3
OAK14-MAR-183off duties as per ISM. Weekly maintenance on lifeboat. How many TPA in l/b. Onload offload procedure. What is RSO as per Isps. How many types of portable fire extinguishers.  Maintenance of them. Pressure test freq. How frames are numbered. Definition of aft perpendicular.F3
PANIGRAHI5-JULY-21Annex 2 discharge criteria SOPEP manual Oil Record Book Garbage Management Plan Stem Rake LSA code Why dcp cannot be used for oil fireF3
PC MEENA10-AUG-21Before MLC came which international conventions were there for seafarers? And what are the main conventions which formed MLC. MLC -> who issues DMLC 1 AND DMLC 2 What does MLC offer for seafarers? And what is social security What are the types of ammendments? GZ CURVES. What are Carlings? Gusset plate. Frame numbering. What maintenance you will do for marine evacuation systems. Which ships have marine evac system? What are the regulation for fast Rescue boats & which ships have these fast RBs? Not normal rescue boats.F3
PC MEENA4-AUG-21Imp difference between rescue boat and lifeboat Draw liferaft diagram and explain 5 convention Draw recovery strop and how it is used. FFP aj to artist ban gya ?F3
PC MEENA5-JULY-18SOPEP SECA PSSA Lifeboat maintenance Liferaft maintenance Ab injured with fingers cut action u are on watchF3
PC MEENA16-MAR-18Angle of lol Corrections. Cross questions  on actions Trim requirements  as per marpol????  I told  him den he asked  what is the L in Dat I told him LBP (Bt I checked later it was wrong) Testing frequency  of life boat?? Testing frequency  of immersion suitF3
POSWAL11-MAR-21Started with stability , significance of Metacritic height, angle loll, life raft servicing req, lifeboat full, lifeboat lowering in real scenario, galley fire – don’t answer it that CO2 is fixedF3
PRAMOD KUMAR14-DEC-18Annex 1,5 and 6 – discharge criteria, ORB, IOPP and supplement A and B,  SMPEP AND SOPEP DIFFERENCE, Liferaft HRU diagram. Free fall lifeboat requirements and lowering interval. Angle of loll, stiff and tender vessel difference, hydrostatic draft, contents of stability booklet. Maintenance for CO2 cylinder.F3
PRAMOD KUMAR13-MAR-18Started wid intro. Intact stability criteria fr cargo ship. Angle of loll n corrective action. Lifeboat lowering frq. Marpol annex1 n annex6. Fire fighting equipmnt pressure testing Imersion suit checks n freq. Oil spill during bunkering action. How to calculate gm gz. Operation of dump wall n wat precaution to take before operating it. Medical advise procedure. Cirm. Form A B E R. Disch criteria frm mach space. Slop tank requirementF3
PRASHANT6-AUG-21Marpol annex 1 name and date , Discharge criteria from cargo space Isps certificate ( special mention CSR) Torrisional stress,racking stress, bending moment ,shearing moment Where you will get all these What is FPD ,on load off load launching procedure, As 3/O how will you prepare your ship for PSC  What additional support in construction for bulk carrier?F3
ROHIT8-FEB-211. Marpol Annex 5 Disch Criteria 2. HRU Working with diagram and how is Life raft Inflated automatically when vessel is sinking what gives jerk to painter to inflate. 3. weak link diagram draw 4. Angle Of Loll in Port Actions 5. After correcting Angle of Lol Fire in opposite Cabin of CCR actions. 6. Upcoming MARPOL Annexes 7. What is a Convention and How is it made to come  into force. 8. Medical First Aid Guide and how to use 9. Accomodation cabin Fire what extinguisher will you use and why and how you will go about to fight fire in chronological order.(Say Do not Enter Cabin immediately he will confuse you that why don’t you enter and and fight the fire all by yourself) 10. All Special Areas he will wait till you name them all he wants all 11. SECA and ECA difference. 12. Damaged & Intact Stability Criteria Cargo of ships draw and show all points K B G M where they will be. 13. FWD Draft- 5m, Mid draft-5.3m, Aft Draft-6m, Is it hog or sag? sag and why does it happen.F3 
SANTOSH26-APRIL-21What is Marpol? What is SMPEP? Annex 6 discharge criteria Annex 4 discharge criteria. What is sewage treatment plan? Special area for annex 6. What is SOX, NOX.? Rescue boat maintenance. Pyro technique only name. Sketch aft peak sprinkler system. What is enclosed space? Procedure for entering enclosed space. Difference between SCBA and EEBD. LSA code. Solas training manual. Types of fire pump. I answered positive displacement pump ( centrifugal pump), non-positive displacement, pump(gear pump). What are all fire extinguisher u have on board. Types of foam. Composition of DCP. How to take radio medical advice? IMO convention name. What is DPA, CSO. Recovery of lifeboat in heavy weather. MCTC formula. TPC formula. Life buoy characteristics.F3
SANTOSH13-NOV-19MLC , ISM who made it , TPA and immersion suit , medical assistance using immarsat , pyrotechnics requirements on LSA and bridgeF3
SANTOSH15-JUNE-18Imo conventions? How many liferafts on board u had? How many survival crafts onboard last ship And what all drills u carried out n frequencies  (other 2mate). What is piracy?(only occurs in high seas) What arm guard piracy ( occurs in inland n coastal water) asked FMate they were not able to distinguish .those were his answer in bracket mentioned. What is form E? Form R? What is disable ship?F3 
SANTOSH3-MAY-18PSSA Who issues chain register M and MS notices Angle of lol How to correct it Diagram and explain Fixed CO2 system onboard ship Flammability diagram Difference between IRS and DG shipping Is it mandatory for a vessel to have class ? SOPEP Difference between TPA and immersion suit Formula for MCTC and TPC Conventions All -just name PSSA ( asked then forgot ) Fixed firefighting system in galley No of extinguisher on last ship What is Inside foam extinguisher (AFF) Also asked what is AFF ( I answered sodium bicarbonate )F3 
SHARMA13-MAY-19what is SF,BM,KM,KG liferaft automatic and manual release mechanism.location of knife.liferaft shore maintenance interval. what is reserve buoyancy. it is expressed in what? 2 vessels one box shaped one ship shaped going from sw to fw will displacement change ?what will change nd why. what is cb.which extinguisher you use on oil fire. its specifications. what is panting and pounding in simple words. what is done to reduce it? what is heloigraph. how many chapters in solas. name them. MLC.what is done to reduce corrosion. what are anodes.what exactly do they do. what is impressed current cathodic protection?3 pulls on lifeline what does it triangle which plan will show where the transducer is fitted.F3 
SHARMA13-MAY-19what is rolling motion. what is fsc. fsc depends upon what. what is fluid GM. what is the other GM called. why two GM one solid and one liquid? how much should me a vessels GM? stable equilibrium? what is hog what is sag. A ballast vessel will hog or sag. loaded vessel will hog or sag. precautions while using co2 extinguisher. maintenance of co2 extinguisher. what are its specifications. maintenance of lifeboat. at night e/r calls nd bridge an informs they want to discharge oily waste. will u let them discharge. same situation in English channel. same situation in port. any special area for discharge from machinery space.F3 
SHARMA13-AUG-18-LB,RB diffrnce (equipmens) -SCBA checks -firemains outfit -ask about to carry out -immersion suit testing -Sart testing -monthly test of Lifebt and liferaft -Lifeboat engine -SMPEP -vaidity of Isps and Iopp cert. -survyes carried out after yard delivery (about 2nd ship) -whil berting mooring rope got tight,ur action? how to inform shore? -how wil u lay out  moring ropes to jetti??F3
SHARMA16-AUG-17Marpol annexes. Discharge criterias Equipments under annex1 L/b lowering Basic ship construction Gusset plate. Sticks to only basics…F3 
SHARMA16-AUG-17Marpol annexes. Discharge criterias Equipments under annex1 L/b lowering Basic ship construction Gusset plate. Sticks to only basics…F3
SHASHI9-APRIL-21Extinguisher hydrostatic test, Fixed CO2 hydrostatic test, Weight of bottle Relief valve, Life boat static dynamic test, On load off load release In on load why we release at some height, Lowering frenquency of life boat and resue boat, Differnce between l/b resue boat. Camber, Fore peak construction, Margin line, Rake, Something like shore or something in construction, Marpol annex 6 criteria, Annex 6 amendment, Amendment in tier 3 engine, Annex 5 amendment, U r at bravo Anchorage what kind of garbage u can discharge, Mlc amendment and many more.F3
SINHA7-MAR-18garboard strake, shear strake, strake, numbering of frames, no requirement of all lsa nd ffa qs fr a 196m ship, reserve buoyancy nd its unit, fwa nd its formula, bowsing tackle nd hw to use it, tricing pendant nd hw it looks,F3
SRIVASTAVA6-SEPT-19Weak link and hru diagram SOx discharge criteria inside and outside SECA area Why sulphur emission and other gases are not released into the atmosphere Why annex 6 came into force What is acid rain What do you know about ISM Have you read SMS manual What is inside SMS manual Yearly maintenance of LSA and FFA What all fire fighting equipment were on your last ship How will you carryout FFA maintenance and few more easy questionsF3
SRIVASTAVA4-SEPT-19Angle of lol Lsa ffa plan Ffa maintenance Immersion suit req FSCF3
SRIVASTAVA11-JAN-19CSC plate. Load density. Broken stowage. COW. Pv valve settings. Row bay n tier Csc plate. What is VGM n its regulation Permeability of hold. IG low level alarm.F3
SUNDARAM14-JAN-201. class 4 of imdg? 2. Bale & grain capacity? 3. Total solas chapters? 4. What is mctc? 5. What is cof? 6. Which plate is below the sounding pipe? 7. What are lightning holes? 8. Speciality about Neil Robertson stretcher? 9. Grain hazard? 10. What is marpol anex 4?F3
SUNDARAM13-FEB-19Latest amendments to Marpol, Solas (no of chapters &name ch14) special areas marpol annex1, def of pssa, ism code purpose, qualifications for a DPA (I  told duties of dpa), Striker plate, transom floor, flare, reserve buoyancy, when going from fw to sw will (lcg,kg,kB) these change, pilot ladder specs Any ways best if luck to you’ll guys and do post questions irrespective of your results.F3
SUNDARAM8-FEB-191) told to draw port side load line n explain. 2) wt do u mean By fw allowance 3) grain capacity n bale capacity 4) list out all imdg classF3
SUNDARAM7-FEB-19Have you read marpol and solas onboard? Then asked tell me everything about marpol annex 5? Advance of your ship? What is squat? Frequency of  lifeboat lowering and manoeuvring on water ?? How to get medical advice?F3
SURENDAR4-JAN-21Name of annexes, GRB entries, annex 5, annex 6, name of future annexes that will come to force (don’t know) while loading angle of loll, actions? Suddenly after angle of loll, fire in galley, actions (in both cases i said stop cargo operations, he was not happy).Master & CO collapsed in pumproom.
How will you seek medical advice on radio ( i think he asked me procedure, I answered by mail satc, not satisfied by answer). Definition of convention(not satisfied), IEEC contents (what is written on it), hog sag, stable equilibrium, you are going to dry dock. What stuff will you say to CO to bring his attention (I said all the stuff in PMS,he was not satisfied), FAL, immersion suit maintanence…..
SURINDER5-FEB-21Free fall life raft ship length more than 100m requirements for life raft, Classes of fire, fire in galley action, hyper mist system, shell expansion plan, vsl aground action (wants in chronological order), contents of ISM, content of MLC, annex 5 special area.F3 
THAKUR5-NOV-19Marpol annexes Ballast water management Marpol anx1 disch criteria MLC contents Stcw contents and amendments Intact stability criteria of last vslF3
THAKUR14-MAY-19-Marpol An1, disch. criteria, machinery vs deck, Odmcs working, oil filter requirement -Anx2 disch. Criteria in detail, -SOx,NOx,ECA -GM diagram,stiff vs tender -MLC 2006 -Stcw 2010 amendments -Intact stab. Criteria for all ships -Angle of contraflexure, angle of flooding in details -Fire onboard, actions -Fire ext. Colour coding -Pressure testing of Immersion suits in detailF3 
TOPNOV13-APRIL-21Vsl at port ship lol take action what is angle of lol in detail. Going to drydock as a 2nd and 3rd officer what will you send to shore for maintenance. You are 2nd off u joined a new ship how will you order medicines and about controlled drugs Immersion suit carriage reqmnts. Where do you get this information? Damage stability and intact stability. Contents of damage stability booklet. Proposed annexes of Marpol. What is marpol and annexes and discharge criteria of annex 1. Special areas of annex 5. Who approves ODMCS? Can you incinerate plastic and what are the requirements for incinerator and who approves it for use?F3
UPPAL7-AUG-211) MARPOL – All Annexes – especially VI, V & II 2) ISM Code – Chapters & Certification. 3) Sheer strake, garboard strake, stringer, longitudinal framing, transverse framing. Which framing used onboard ships for cons.? 4) No. of & W/T division required as per SOLAS? 5) IMO & its bodies & function. 6) HRU & weak link. 7) SCBA checks.F3
UPPAL9-FEB-19Marpol total annex name. Annex 6 in detail. Discharge criteria oily mixture from oil cargo tank. Difference between TPA & immersion suit. Draw draft on paper 6.68m. Weak link function & some more easy questionsF3
UPPAL9-FEB-19Difference between TPA and immersion suit Purpose of weak link Hru system with diagram Marpol annex 1 full And 2-3 more easy questionsF3 
UPPAL11-JUNE-18Scba tests? How to do those tests? Difference between Tpa n  immersion suit? Pyrotechnics in life boat? Rocket parachutes requirements? Marpols annexs? Explain Weak link? Sailent features of annex 5?F3 
UPPAL15-MAY-18Weak link purpose? Hru when activate ? SCBA checks ? Difference btwn TPA and IMMERSION SUIT? Pyrotechnics carried in lifeboat ? All requirements Foam extinguisher details ? All classes of fire ? What is IMO ? Purpose of IMO and headquater and how it works ? What is ISM ? Documents as per ISM ? SMS content ? TLV explain in details ?F3
VAZ9-NOV-171. Marpol Annex vi  Air pollution control.Sox Nox 2. Annex ii instant rate of discharge 3. Angle of loll diagram and preventive action 4. Principal of fire fighting 5. Life boat lowering and free fall lowering and manoeuvring requirement 6. Life jacket specifications 7. CIRM (medical advise) 8. IMO short descriptionF3 
VAZ21-JULY-17What is title , what is existing vessel , what is legislation regarding ROR,. Heading 180 you see a north cardinal buoy ahead at 8 cable action , what is collaboration of ROR, explain in detail all latest amendment In ROR , why ROR were made , what is objective of ISM – ( he wants to hear word to word from Solas ) , what is name of attached page  of SEQ certificate, why ISPS is made , only one situation (pd vessel on  port bow ,you are stand on and you  have shallow patch on stbd and didn’t agree on any answer) , what is grain stability booklet and tell all the contents specifically as per SOLAS , why do we need solicitor authorization for adaption of IMO convention (I was completely blank on this qstn ) and many more such qstn which we haven’t heard ever .F3
VERMA6-APRIL-21A 60 door ISM code contents. MLC 2006 rest hours and certificates Watertight / weather tight Marpol annex 1 requirement Annex 2 requirements Angle of lollF3
VERMA7-SEPT-20SOX discharge criteria Annex5 discharge criteria and special areas What all new annexes going to implement in future Galley fire he asked 2 times What is MSDS in detail? MFAG and how will you use it for injured person onboard? Who is medical officer on ship? Vessel going dry dock what will be the duty of3/o &2/0 prior drydock SOPEP in detail He gave me draft 5m —- 5.3m —- 6m vsl hog or sag Hog sag How to upright liferaftF3
VIBHUTI4-AUG-21Imp difference between rescue boat and lifeboat Draw liferaft diagram and explain 5 convention Draw recovery strop and how it is used.F3
VIBHUTI6-AUG-19He made a life raft and painter  he asked me to draw. How life raft is connected and he said complete diagram with naming . Then he asked to do group studies.F3 
VIBHUTI17-JUNE-19Lifeboat lowering procedure heavy weather. Lifeboat Recover in heavy weather. Liferaft davit launching. Bowsing tackle. Tricing pendant. Bowsing tackle Diagram. Liferaft lashing and arrangement basically he want me to show Senhouse slip. Then he asked About IG how it help in reducing the risk of fire He gave me situation where slop tanks are 95 percent full and Some oil leaked on deck wht will be action He want to listen the SOPEP content basically. Then ask me the use of Expansion joint Draw and explain. Another Name of Expansion joint. Panting and pounding with Diagram full explanation Plate and strake Numbering.F3
VIBHUTI19-MAR-181) HRU and diagram with complete explanation. 2) Latest marpol amendment of annex 5 3) Life raft launching procedure. 4) load line survey as 3,how will you go for it. 5) latest 5 convention 6) you see smoke coming from the cabin ,action???F3
VIBHUTI16-JAN-18Draw fire main system and explain every configuration on line forward of accomodation and aft…. how eductor works…where is emergency fire pump located and its connection to fire line.. Deck foam line setting and operation Lifeboat &Liferaft lashing.. Working of HRU… Lifeboat launching procedure… Ship list 15° how to embark and lower life boat…hook drawing U see fire on fry pan in galley..flames…actionl..what type of ext. To use…can u use foam type?….inspection of DCP ext….in loadicator what all thing u get…….on which all ships u can find it. How Shell plats are shown on GENERAL ARRANGMENT PLAN…how is it numbered On shell expansion plan? and few more questions….F3
VIBHUTI18-DEC-17Show me the arrangements of HRU in life raft and explain. I made the diagram in the paper and showed. Then cross question. 2. Procedure for lunching life boat davit type. If ship is listed 10 degrees how will embark the lifeboat. I said I will use the embarkation ladder then he said rough weather u cannot lower lifeboat to water. I said then I will use bowsing tackle to enter the lifeboat from embarkation deck. Then he said I can not take any change in emergency. In emergency I want 100% .F3 
VIBHUTI8-JULY-17*Marpol Annex 1 discharge cat. *Annex 2 prewash * Life boat Lowering procedure. * Life raft lowering procedure and HRU weak link connection. *bausing tackleF3
VIBHUTI2-JUNE-17Continued the anchoring emergency took it as vsl aground. Cross questioning on each answer Container fire in fwd cargo hold Boat launching procedure in derails Tricing pendent and bausing tacke use Liferaft weak link diagram and explain the release mechanism in very detailsF3 
YOGRAJ2-AUG-21– what do you understand by seca -fire in cargo hold -person unconscious action -garbage, food waste disch. Criteria -preparation for psc and mlc (asked by external) -angle of loll -shell expansion plan – dynamic stresses(only names)F3
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Second Mate F.G. Orals Surveyor Question Set Function 2

Second Mate Orals F.G. Orals Exams Surveyor Question Set Mumbai Function 2

ACHUTAN1-AUG-17Asked previous remarks and cargo pipeline system on oil tanker? Bulkhead valve? Double valve segregation in pump room? How to lash cars in roro and cargo in general cargo vessel?F2
AGARWAL9-OCT-20-TML,concentrates,CSC plate,Tare weight,and some other basic definitions -IMSBC code classification -Deck seal and its types -PV valve settings -Duties as OOW in case of List while loading -taking over a cargo watch -secondary means of ventilation in tankers -XYZ types of cargoes on chemical tanker.F2
AGARWAL13-FEB-20HO/TO on tanker Ship shore safety checklist Precautions loading sulpher, coal, container fell on deck by shore crane. actions as OOW, deck seal wet type, settings of PV valve,O2 content, action to be taken in case of loading coal by own vsl cranes, angle of repose, concentrates, grain code, types of container, some basic definitionsF2
AGARWAL12-FEB-20– Oil tanker op – Stability criteria – Pump room entry procedure – Fire, oil spill – Reporting requirements – Inert gas requirements – Primary and secondary means of venting (huge discussion)F2
AGARWAL19-DEC-19What is IMSBC class definition Loading coal precaution Taking over cargo watch Entering pump room, SF, BS Concentrate Many more definition Numbering of plate start from where (I answered from aft he asked me from whr in aft ) Co2 system Portable co2 using precautionF2
AGARWAL16-DEC-191. What type of ships i sailed. 2. NLS Category X, Y, Z, Os N confused me alot while answering 4.TML 5.FMP 6. Cargo watch taking over in port 7.Contents of Imsbc and category of cargoes 8.You are OOW on heavy lift vessel what precautions you will take while loading 9. What is Cargo securing manual. 10. Intial GM of cargo vesselF2
AGARWAL13-NOV-19Taking over cargo watch during loading (start with you’ll see mates order note the tanks been loaded then go for a deck round n check those tank area’s, scupper’s , etc.) , P V valve and breaker it’s working, deck seal, pyrophoric oxidation, IMSBC (groups  with examples ), Coal hazards, Precautions while loading coal, Cargo manifest.F2
AGARWAL7-AUG-19Types of ships I did (chem tanker) Types of chem tanker and construction Which is more dangerous? (I replied type carries most dangerous cargoes) Category of IBC cargoes IMDG aim and application IMDG classes CSM content and applicability (asked do bulk carriers have CSM, I said no but not sure if it was right answer) As OOW while loading coal what would you do (precautions).F2
AGARWAL3-MAY-19procedure and precautions loading coal? Shippers document when loading bulk cargo? Chain register and contents Cargo securing manual and contents. Imdg contents and classification. Take over cargo watch. Ventilations and types? PV valve and Deck seal?? Precautions loading solid bulk cargoes? Stowage factor? Broken stowage?? Unit of broken stowage? Load density? Unit? Why to check ?? Preparation of vessel for loading. Lifting gears? Indication seen or crane? Markings ??F2
AGARWAL4-APRIL-19IMDG classes Contents of IMDG Taking over watch during cargo operation Name some IMDG cargo Primary and secondary means of ventilation for cargo hold If system What is deck seal Draw loadline (Wants to hear the distance from s to t and w to wna) Loading diesel oil precautions. What is a drop valve? Load density def. Stowage factor def. IG failure action. Contents of IG gases. Container lashing.F2
AGARWAL15-FEB-19how you will take over cargo watch What is stowage factor What is union purchase What class 7 in imdg and its hazards. Which cargo you carried last there hazard and precaution. Content of IG gas. Watertight and weather tight integrity.F2
AGARWAL8-SEPT-18Strtd with definitions. Mctc RB gardboard strake. sewage discharge criteria, gases in Annex VI Marpol.F2
AGARWAL8-SEPT-18How will u take over cargo watch on tankers? Tell abt fire wire req. And how much metre above water to b rigged. How will u secure it. ISPS box what is it. Stowage as per IMDG. Chapter 5 in CSS code. IMSBC category SWL and Proof load difference.F2
AGARWAL19-JUNE-18Ask which type of ship u have done? I said tanker Then he jumps ok tell me abt imsbc how many parts & content in that Cargo watch take over, Content of chain register, Ship shore safety cheklist, Many more forget…F2
AGARWAL11-July-171. Name the IMDG classes. 2. Pump room entry procedure…pump room check list details..?? 3. What are the gases covered in multi gas detector.? Ans: O², HC, H²S, CO 4. Detail of working of deck seal.? 5. How will you take over cargo watch..? Ans: mention initial deck round then reading master choff standing and night orders. 6. Information on CSC plate in containers…? 7 what is stack wt.?F2
AGARWAL16-JUNE-17IMDG classes How uh will load on bulk carrier.. Precaution while carryng n loading coal What is concerates What is TML Vsl in port n oil spill action SOPEP equ Pump room entry procedures Camber Moulded draughtF2
AJAY KUMAR15-MAR-18PV Valve and PV Breaker Difference Deck seal explain and type CSM contents SIGTTO contents IMDG segregation Ship shore safety checklist contentsF2
ANISH8-MAR-21Purging PV breaker Deck seal PV valve Angle of lol Heavy lift precautions CSC plateF2
ANISH6-FEB-20What do u understand by term IMDG?Purpose of IMDG code.IMDG code volumes.Content of IMDG supplement.Classes of IMDG cargo.F2
ANISH7-JAN-19Take over cargo watch on tanker, what is ISGOTT, what information u will get from there, from where u will get ship shore safety checklist, during loading or discharging what r the things u will check regarding stability, what is trimF2
ANISH11-OCT-18Container lashing. SSSCL for tanker( brief discussion) Failing Q: Imsbc contents. Is imsbc applicable to grain carrier. (Discussion for few long minutes) I by mistake said yes and he snapped. And rapidfire easy questions.(defs)F2
ANISH17-JAN-18Why failed last time Types of ships done Types of chem tanker Regulations and codes req on chem taker(specific to chem cargo) Will solas apply to chem tankers? Types of chem cargo, example of each How to take over watch on chem tankerF2
ANISH26-SEP-17How to take over watch on tankers? Where do you get ship shore checklist ? Does your companies differ from isgott? What certificates should be carried by chemical tanker Started with statutory cert he asked statuatory means and what are other certificates Said COF and who issues it Who issues DOC for containers? What is IMSBC? Diff between IMSBC & IMDG I SAID IMDG is for packaged goods. he asked are you sure just check itF2
AWASTHI16-MARCH-201. What is lashing manual?  What details given?  (he don’t want contents,  practically what all things are mentioned in CSM, long discussion)  2. How is container lashing 2 high and 3 high carried out?  3. A container on deck is burning, how will you find out Ems fire schedule for this container.  4. Contents of IMDG supplement?  5. How will you identify a High cube container?  7. Purpose of IMSBC code?  8. Types of ventilation as per IMSBC code? F2
AWASTHI16-MARCH-201. What cargo you carried on ship.  (ulsd and lsd)  what was its density. 2. What is imdg objective?  3. Classes of imdg cargo? F2
AWASTHI11-AUG-19IMDG Explain, Classes, Contents, Emergency Response Procedure. ISGOTT Pv Valve and breaker PurgingF2
AWASTHI15-FEB-19What all cargoes u carried, hazards What is bauxite (checkin my knowledge on cargoes i said we carried) IMDG Code- who mandates it, contents, all about supplement. What is DWT, lightship, does lightship change over a period of time? (Yes) You are OOW in port, ship is listing, How will you check list?F2
AWASTHI21-NOV-17Coal precaution before after loading nd during voyage Some properties of coal Two three quesns of gas carrier i dont rememberF2
AWASTHI16-NOV-17Started with introduction Then some general knowledge questions Asked me about which all ships I’ve done, I said roro and bulk carrier then he asked me the hazards encountered while loading discharging and carrying cars What are sedan cars? BNWAS You are OOW and you see a crew member falls onboard with some injury while coming from fwd to aft. Action?F2
AWASTHI3-OCT-171,Types of ship worked,i said lpg and pcc 2,wat are the pre arrival checks and test 3means of locking Ramps 4safety prec while loading cars 5about butane and propane 6,precautions against fire in gas carrier 7 IG Etc regarding ship sailed ,,mostly as per practical aspectsF2
AWASTHI3-OCT-17How to load Dangerous goods How do u segregate dangerous goods How to prepare holds How does the bilge system of cargo holds workF2
AWASTHI26-SEP-17To draw drafts frm 2m to 3m, What is the height of drafts marking, difference Btw the mark, Imsbc contents, p& a manual, content and regulation number and rest don’t rememberF2
AWASTHI4-JULY-17Whats imdg? What cargoes have u loaded ?? Draft mark draw from 2m to 3m . Where is 2.1m ?? Precaution while loading concentrates.F2
AWASTHI19-MAY-17What is TML? Which all ships you have done(bulk/container/tanker)..what are alarms of IG system? What is trimming? You are OOW.. onboard a bulk carrier…how do u take over a cargo watch..what all things you check? What are the types of containers? Have you seen derrick? What are different types of derricks? Advantage of derrick?F2
B. KUMAR11-OCT-18You are 3rd officer and loading is about to start  and chief officer has done everything… You are on CCR what will u do? Static electricity? Precautions for static electricity? And how to measure it? Crane limit switch Stowage factor Load density TMLF2
BAWEJA9-MARCH-20SWL Load density PV valve and PV breaker Segregation table Ship shore chkl MSDS contents GRT and NRT Precautions during loadingF2
BAWEJA6-FEB-20 • load density, bale, grain capacity, stowage factor,  • imdg code n contents, sup contents, how to use, requirements  • ig system, alarms, pressure sensor settings  • taking over cargo watch  • Types of deck seal and working  • hold preparation for sulphur  • container lashingF2
BAWEJA11-APRIL-19Load density Stowage Factor Ways of securing cargo in bulk carrier IG content IG alarms Intact stability bulk Watch takeover on tanker Deck seal use IMDG code with supliments How many volumes in IMDG?F2
BAWEJA8-AUG-17Imsbc , imdg full incuding supplement, what is union purchase and then asked me if one derrick has 5t swl and other derrick has 10 t swl what will be the swl of union purchase , hazard of concentrates, preacution of coal.F2
BAWEJA2-AUG-17cargo securing manual , BLU code , container qns , definations few , ISGOTT checklist , grain code , intact stablity , flammability diagram , coal , solid bulk cargo qnsF2
BAWEJA2-AUG-17Cargo securing manual, BLU code, Container questions, Definitions few , ISGOTT checklist , Grain code , intact stablity , Flammability diagram , coal , Solid bulk cargo qnsF2
BEHL7-FEB-201. def cbd,ram,nuc,restricted visibility 2. errors of gps 3. Bouy identification “pref channel to port reg a & west cardinal mark ” without top marks with the situation all this buoys are there and beside that he told here is the jetty bring your vessel to jetty 4. situations involving  overtaking by sailing vessel 5. what all checks you will doo before prior to sailing 6. bore tide,neap tide and spring tide when does it occurs 7. tidal stream atlas how to mark on chart  8. pilot card detailsF2
BEHL13-JAN-201. What is a high cube container and how will you identify it? 2. CSC plate contents 3. Cargo securing manual contents 4. How will you use imsbc code for trimming procedure? ( Answered section 5.4) 5. Enclosed space entry 6. Hazards of coalF2
BEHL19-MAR-181)What all ship have you done ,and stared with take over watch as officer at 1800. 2) pumproom oil leak action. 3) centrifugal pump working ,he will cross questions you a lot, 4) specification of centrifugal pump 5) cavitation ??? What action you take??how to avoid it? 6)perssure surge ?? What action you take?? 7) loading cargo what all check you do?? 8)mutigas equipment working (Infrared) and gases. 9) dregger tube and working principal ?? 10)dump valve and how to use ? Many more ,he will keep on cross questioning youF2
BEHL23-NOV-17Hazards of bulk cargo, what is BLEVE, how to do cargo calculation on bulk carrier, what corrn to drfts,F2 
BEHL14-JUNE-17chemical hazards , imsbc , ibc ( not only content but also explanation ) , load density , draft survey ( all details with formulas ) , hazards of coal m sulphur , types of chemical ships , enclosed space entry , coal emits which gases n many more questions ….F2
BEHL19-MAY-17Taking over cargo watch on tankers in detail what u actually do on board All about isgot VEF,VCF Enclosed space Types of gas carrier Reliquification plant on gas carrier Inerting procedure on gas carrier Determining amount of cargo loaded by checking draft on bulk Types of deck seal in detail Ltl about valves and pumpsF2
BEHL18-APRIL-17Taking over watch on roro ships, man overboard action, Angel of repose, dry shift wet shift, high density cargoes loading precautions,          Hazards on chemical tanker,  full draft survey details, quarter mean draft its formula and corrections, new ms notices, imsbc code,    Stability calculations ,hssc,and many more…. (only draft survey of chem tanker did not explain)F2
BHUSHAN1-MAR-211. Rule 6 quote and explanation in detail. 2. What do u mean by close quater situation (proper defination and explanation) What do u mean by Maneuverabilty of the vsl, in detail. What is advance and tranfer? 3-4 cards of Trawler, fishing, towing. Situations 1. Head on with wreck/ isolated danger mark on stb side.F2
BHUSHAN1-MAR-21Detail diagram of deck seal scrubber pv valve and pv breaker Use of marpol line Individual means of venting TLV of H2SF2
C. L. DUBEY15-NOV-18Angle of repose Diff b/w stack weight, load density CSC PLATE Relationship b/w Proof load/SWL/BS As duty officer checks to be done prior loading concentrates Precautions during loading containers Stowage and segeration as per IMDG DRAW segeration table Where will u find load density and stack weight and units Working of o2 analyser What is static change /how will u prevent it IG content Spike crude On oil tanker @1800 taking over watch…duties Angle of loll… TWA/TLV How will u condemn  a wire rope Stiff/tinder vessel All type of strakes/bilge keelF2
CHAND4-DEC-19Type of last ship… Cargo hold preparation for cement. How will you pump of bilge water.. I answered it correctly after that hee asked if your bilges are clean how will tou determine your  bilge are working properly? Not able to answer Can you carry out ventilation in rainy season? Answered properly Thickness of draft marking..answered 10cm he draw a draft marking between 3 to 4 m and told to draw line on drafr 3.22 I drawed nearby to it but they told it is 3.3 you have over loaded.F2
CHAND9-FEB-19Definition of draft Draw draft 6.62m Breadth of draft marks Swl of crane on previous ship and proof load Information on the crane certificate You’re a 2nd mate at port on a container ship vessel listed 2 degrees to port Action?F2
CHAND6-FEB-19Preparation for loading WRT annex 1 & 2 cargo.Inspection of shore jumper hoseSlop tank requirementsWhy llage is taken of slop tank during tc ops. (he wanted to know about oil-water interface wrt to ODMCS, also he asked about OWS,ODMCS. P&A ManuelIMDG code purpose.F2
CHAND11-AUG-17Loading description. Full how u will start loading. SWL , proof load , If SWL 10t then how much will be proof load , Derrick test in details , what is draft mark , Draft mark details , IMDG contents.F2
CHAND19-MAY-17IMDG content Classification Subdivision of explosives Hazards associated while loading explosives n precautions taken while loading Imsbc content Stopped after frst chapter n told me to explain what is given in chap1 I said definitions den told me to explain any 2 definitions ( I explained TML n angle of repose) Den told me you r loading cargo of TML of 25% then you observed moisture content is 35%. Action?? I said stop cargo…he said go out ask any chief mate candidate…I went out n asked den he said wat dey said…I told dey also said stop cargo…he said this you hv to do onboard…before stopping inform chief officer Swl Bs Proof load Den asked swl of crane is 8t what will be the proof load (10t)F2
COUTINO15-JUNE-18What all cargoes u carried ?What is SF, load density , n it’s units? Is load density same ? Where u will find it? What is CSM? What is MC? What is there in Chain register? What is annealing? What is imdg? What is liquifaction? From where u will get the information about the cargoes? What is there in Imsbc? U r cargo officer , out of two loaders one stopped working actions? What is pv valve n PV breaker? Hav u loaded grain? What is required to load grain? Can a ship load withou DOA? Why?F2
DANIEL15-FEB-19Draw in detail your last ship Stowage plan, Cargo loading monitoring plan and ballast pipe line and Explain how you will dis by pump and gravity. Duty of office in cargo watch.F2
DAS11-MAR-21Load density Imdg Liferaft requirements TPA requirement Annex 1 Seaworthyness and unseaworthinessF2
DESHPANDE11-OCT-18Draft Survey.  Precautions of loading coal. Taking over watch at Port. Marpol annex 6 all criteria. Bwm contents. Isgott contents. Imsbc contents. IMDG contents. Precautions before entering cargo tank. What is LEL What is Purging. What are contents of IG How do you strip the cargo Cow requirements and how to carry out COW How will you calibrate Oxygen Analyser. Container lashing. Contents of Chain Register. IMDG classes. Ems mfag CSM and its contents. Hydraulic pump line leakage while closing hold , what will you do How to close hold in that situation and it suddenly started raining.F2
DESHPANDE11-OCT-181. You are in discharge port take over cargo watch 2. Content of stability booklet. Have you seen KN curves how it looks. 3. Saucering and bundling and container lashing equipment 4. IMDG content 5. Supplements 6. PV valve 7. Inert gas system 8. Deck seal and it’s type.F2
DESHPANDE12-OCT-17Preparation before arrival port and cargo operation on gas carrier. Deepwell pump, Booster pump, fusible plugs, checks on compressor safety measures in compressor room, contents of ISGOTT, flow rate of oil in pipeline requirement, IMDG contents, stability booklet Contents ( u have seen on board ) ESD 1 and ESD 2, pigging, types of gas carrier, knockout drum, alrms in electric motor room, intact buoyancy, what is imdg and purpose, difference btween explosimeter and tankscope, O2 content in tank and ig line requirement, TWA, TLVF2
DEVESH2-MAR-21MSDS, IMDG SUPPLEMENT Segregation of IMDG You are duty officer shipper came to you and ask for load new DG Container what will you do? Away from? Primary and secondary mean of venting PV VALVE, PV BREAKER Draeger tubeF2
DEVESH2-MAR-21Dry shift wet shift Angle of repose Which one is dangerous and why Inserting purging gas freeing Which instrument u will use for hc gas checking and in inert condition Cargo hose leaking Sulphur hazards How many types of ventilation When u will do through and surface Why in coal surface y not throughF2
DEVESH2-FEB-21Difference between LPG and LNG Operating temperature of LPG LNG If liquefaction plant has collapsed can vapour of different cargoes be mixed to prevent tank explosion. Type of cargo, type of containment for gas. Does gas carries come under IMDG Supplements of IMDG Container bay row tier Ideal position for carrying refer containers Which document will show cargo in harmful, or non-harmful Checks in annual survey of lifting gears Ships crane annual maintenance and checksF2
DEVESH9-SEPT-20PV valve n PV brkr diff Hydraulic line leak on deck action Hv u seen IMSBC nd What details Imdg  vol 2 details Relation between SWL n proof load Proof load formulas (SWL + 25 % , SWL + 5t , SWL + 10 % ) given in Errol FernandesF2
DEVESH13-MARCH-20Angle of lol Radio medical advice Chemical tanker inside the tank framing? Immersion suit req? L.b r.b lower frequency? And some more? Cargo contianed in w.w discharge in special area?F2
DEVESH13-MARCH-20Intro about ur self? What type of ship i have sailed on? (Container, bulk, chem tanker) Q1Chem tanker hazard and danger?  Q2 toxicity? Tlv twa stel c Gas carrier FFA? What is fuse bulb? How is ventilation carried out in b.c? Imdg contents? TML FMP SF, load density, SSCL, deck watch taking over on chemical tanker? P.V. valve and high velocity p.v valve What is the difference?F2
DEVESH13-JAN-20Hazards of pith? How you wil find hazards in imsbc code of cargoes? Content of shippers declaration as per imsbc code? Working of pv valve and pv breaker? Precautions while loading reefer container?F2
DEVESH17-APRIL-19Breaking stress. SWL. Proof load. A derrick of 25 t what will be the proof load and how will you check that? Types of deck seal and its uses. Hazards and prec. of coal and sulphur. IMSBC contents IMDG supplement content EMS MFAG in detail Gave me situation where the cargo was leaking from the container and falls on the shoulder of crew what will be your action. Gave me condition in where u have a coal cargo on deck and ask me weather u can discharge overboard or not if yes then why if no then why?F2
DEVESH11-DEC-18-What’s the difference between pv valve and pv breaker. -Draw flammability diagram and show critical line of dilution , purging and definition of same – Primary and secondary means of venting – The system having two pv valve will have the same line or different ( didn’t know ) -Lashing system of container – Carriage of grain without doa requirementsF2
DEVESH24-JULY-17IMDG classes, coal hazards, Spontaneous combustion in detail, IMSBC contents, fixed fire fighting co2, Cargo hold on fire in mid sea action, Wants to hear that you will send distress alert and message, Ship shore safety checklist points.F2
DEVESH9-JUNE-17Imdg class 7 ? Imdg volume 2 18 columns of IMDG Asked which all vessel I sailed on Cargo carried on bulk carrier I said Rock salt , Coal , Grains Hazards associated with coal Wat all additional certificate required for carrying grains Mast riser , forced speed ? PV valveF2
GP SHENOY6-JULY-21What is Marpol..its annexes discharge criteria of annex 1 from cargo space What equipments present on a tanker to release pressure built up in cargo tanks What is primary and secondary means of venting on a tanker IMDG code contents where will u get emergency procedures What is Angle of repose While carrying grain cargo, what all docs will u need? what is MSDS and its contents what is annex 6 of marpol…how will u comply with the requirements of annex 6(ans fuel change over procedure) What is ECA SOx disch criteriaF2
GUPTA4-JULY-17How will u condemn the wire rope, fast loading going on tanker what all things u will check, why we don’t get correct ullage while loading oil and why we apply trim correction in it, what is class 3 and class 9, smoke coming out from container what u will do, for shackle from we will get swl, how we will come to know the swl of crane, what is chain register and who issues it and under what convention does it come.F2
HARINDER8-APRIL-21Mast riser ,deck seal Angle of repose Intact stability of tanker Loss buoyancy Cow requirement Slop arrangement and criteriaF2
HARINDER5-JAN-21* CSS code contents * CSM contents * P and A manual * IMDG contents * Supplements to IMDG * IBC CODE * Ig system * O2 requirement in tank * O2 to be present in IG * ISGOTT contents (When he asked me contents he did not want word to word chapters and sections, he just wanted to know if i am aware of what all things i can find in that particular manual ) * SSSCL on tankers * Taking over a cargo watch on tankers * Angle of repose * TML, Flow state * What is DOA * Can we load grain if vessel does not have a DOA * Dock labour conversion * CSC plate * Container lashings * MSDS * MARPOL LINE * Hold preparations for loading coal * Coal from hold discharged and washed now what will you do with the wash waterF2
IYYER13-JAN-201. How will you take over cargo watch on a bulk carrier loading iron ore? 2. Heavy lift precautions. 3. What is CSM and who approves it and how is it made?. (Flag state and solas + css code appendix2) 4. What all lashing materials do you require on a container ship? 5. MFAG EMS 6. What is load density, what is SWL Proof load? 7. IMDG stowage, and segregation table of containership. Full explanation. 8. Hazards of grain. 9. Hazards of sour oil cargo. 10. What is a vapour return line?F2
IYYER13-JAN-20Intro which ships and all Liquefaction of coal TML Question related to partly filled grain Taking over watch in bulk Heavy lift example IMDG purpose how to segregate Precautions using heavy liftF2
IYYER16-SEPT-19Tell me everything abt Ig system with diagram Difference between other cargo tank and bulk carrier cargo tk with diagram Why we can’t do bundling and sacuring in bulk carrier Hazard of sulphur. IMDG everything in detail. All definition given in ernols book. Precaution while laoding heav lift cargo. What is BHC code and its content. Draw a timber load line.F2
IYYER6-AUG-17Stowage factor, Load density, calculation of both, imdg code, what is it contents, marking, what cargoes are carried by general cargo ships, standardized and non standardised cargo, what is tare weight,markings on csc plating, MFAG, EmS, FML MC TML determining FML and many moreF2
JAIRAM11-APRIL-19Load densit. Then which u r sailed on. Some questn from IMDG,, CLC Fund convention. Supplement fund. D2 bwm standard. Ballast tanks checks. All annex certificate. Annex 1 discharge for machinery spaces PSSA with examples.. ESP, HSSCF2
JB SINGH12-MAR-21Segregation table of IMDG , What will happen if no IG in cargo tank, SWL of last ship crane. Tell me it’s proof load. IG failure in Port action. 2 crew member join with you. How will you make muster list. Why life raft is fwd. I answered in case of fire. He wanted to hear ship break in between. Sart and EPIRB testing. Lb drill on board.F2
JB SINGH4-FEB-21What is IMDG cargo? IMDG DG table What is TML? What’s are hazards of concentrate And hold preparation for the same? Precaution during voyage.F2
JB SINGH24-JULY-17IG system explain everything. Purging, Inerting  Gas freeing, Sssc as per isgott, Hazards of petroleum  Tankscope, Explosivemeter,, What is dangerous cargo F2
JB SINGH18-JULY-171) what is swl 2) what is proof load 3) when can u lift the weight exceeding the swl 4) deck seal, types,uses 5) types of wires 6) ig system 7) dangerous goods 8) swl of crane on your shipF2
KHAMBATA10-AUG-21Why vapour line is provided by shore? ORB part 2 entries Entries in cargo log book Taking over watch – checks What is broken stowage, how is it accounted for? And few moreF2
KHAMBATA9-MAR-21Hold cleaning after discharge of coal Mechanical advantage What is velocity ratio? SWL? How to know the SWL and testing procedure in details? Inerting purging PV breaker PV valve x meaning in IMDG segregation table Precautions while loading in tankers.F2
MANHAS9-NOV-20describe Flammability diagram. What is it ? What is too rich and too lean ? What is Grain code? stability criteria for grain. what is STEL (Short Term Exposure Limit) and TWA (Time Weighed Average) what is LEL? IMDG classesF2
MANHAS13-MAR-18Stowage factor. Load density. Bale capacity Grain capacity. Imdg 3m away from explain. PV Valve (primary means of v). PV Breaker (secondary means).. Cire or, Tlv twa. Tlv stel. Hazards of coal. Ingress of water alarm and its level Grain code stability criteria. Doa not on board explain wether cargo can be loaded and how much in tanks (1/3 of CT). O2 content in ig (5%), cargo tank (8%) , in tank during COWF2
MANHAS12-OCT-17TWA. STEL, draft marks draw and mark 7.5 m. Damage stability booklet contents. stabily booklet contents. sox criteria at present can u discharge E/R efflent in spcl area disch criteria of annex 1. function of owsF2
MANHAS1-AUG-17> grain loading stability requirements? > cargo securing manual and what u get from it? > how to segregate dangerous cargo?F2 
MIRANDA13-JAN-201. What type of ships i sailed. 2. What type of cargoes carried. 3. Precautions while carrying palm oil, paraxylene, sulphuric acid 4. How will you take over watch while loading palm oil 5. What type of pumping system onboard. 6. How framo works. Answered with basic terms because he’s a capt of oil tanker and wanted to learn about framo from me. 10. What type of piping system for cargo. 11. What is ring main system. 12. What is line master v/v. 13. How do u carry out stripping in chemical tanker.  And some other basic questions. 14. Contents of Imsbc . Answere only contents as i didn’t remember any chapter name 15. How many volumes in IMDG 16. What is EMS, MFAG. 17. Contents of Supplement of IMDG 18. What is Cargo securing manual. Full explanationF2
MIRANDA13-DEC-191. What type of ships i sailed. 2. What type of cargoes carried. 3. Precautions while carrying palm oil, paraxylene, sulphuric acid 4. How will you take over watch while loading palm oil 5. What type of pumping system onboard. 6. How framo works. Answered with basic terms because he’s a capt of oil tanker and wanted to learn about framo from me. 10. What type of piping system for cargo. 11. What is ring main system. 12. What is line master v/v. 13. How do u carry out stripping in chemical tanker.  And some other basic questions. 14. Contents of Imsbc . Answere only contents as i didn’t remember any chapter name 15. How many volumes in IMDG 16. What is EMS, MFAG. 17. Contents of Supplement of IMDG 18. What is Cargo securing manual. Full explanationF2
MIRANDA11-JULY-19Long discussion on previous attempts, personal life about company, pre sea college. then started with Load density Where will you get it? Stowage factor and where will u get? COW. What is Cargo securing manual? Contents. Many questions from imsbc.(definitions) Ship shore safety check list. Why we fill it? Does all ships require it? Asked passenger ship require ship shore safety check list? I said I don’t know about passenger but all cargo ship require. Which type of ship u sailed? I said product tanker. Tell me how will you take over cargo watch while loading? IMDG segregation table, types. What is ship sweat?F2
MIRANDA6-MAR-19IMDG class n segregation table CSS and CSM code Polymerization As some bulky questions but i told him i did gas tankers so he said coc is not only for gas but was ok as he wanted practical answer.F2
MIRANDA3-MAY-18Take over watch while loading sulphur STEL TLV Mfag and emsF2
MIRANDA8-MAR-18Ur oow loading gasoline gas  is leaking on dk what u ll do? IG contents Do u read isgott onbord wt all inside that Ur loading nafta how u reduce static electricity What is heavylift Broken stowageF2
MIRANDA14-FEB-18* how will u take over cargo watch on tanker * what is reserve buoyancy * stowage factor * load density * loading of iron ore precautions * stiff vessel and tender vessel * contents of imdg * EMS n MFAG * segregation and stowage criteria * contents of cargo securing manual * angle of repose examples * types of chemical tanker * X Y Z cargo * discharge criteria for machinery spaces * annexes of MARPOL * angle of loll and corrective measures, better explain on ur own before he pin point on something , frankly i explained every thing i said so dat he didnot get chance to cross question * IG alarms * contents of IGF2
MIRANDA23-NOV-17Sf,L.D, Permiability, B.S, AOR, CSM, Cargo watch, ship shore check list, SWL, imdg,segrigation table, mfag, ems, and some more normal questionsF2
MIRANDA2-AUG-17Load density Hazards of H2S IMDG segrigation EMS guide MFAG guide Chain RegisterF2
MIRANDA2-AUG-17Load density Hazards of H2S IMDG segrigation EMS guide MFAG guide Chain RegisterF2
MIRANDA19-MAY-17Loading iron ore, taking over watch IG in detail, hazards of concentrates, swl, proof load, angle of repose, tlv, union purchase, loading Naptha precautions, high density cargoes, types of blocks and all gears used on boardF2
MIRANDA12-APRIL-171. IMDG, segregation table and what all u know about IMDG 2. Taking over watch while loading on tanker.(checking fire wire is his favorite??) 3. Ship shore safety checklist.Explain APR . 4. Static electricity and action when it has build up while u are loading . 6. Contents of inert gas.F2 
MOHIT13-SEPT-19T/O watch- container ship. Imsbc code content and groups of cargo. csm. imdg code. Duty of 2/0 as per seemp, eedi pv breaker/vlv. scrubber flammability diagram draw and explain. draught survey, loadline survey. haz on chemical tanker. haz of coal cargo. Fire on dg container loaded on wrong position UN no. can’t identify action.F2
MOHIT12-SEPT-19Take over cargo watch on container ship One container during loading smoke coming out, action. How to use EMS guide Enhanced survey program Amendment to Garbage New category in garbage Medical scale where it is kept What is medicine chest U have received fire fighting and life saving equipment and u don’t knw abt the equipment which publication u will reefer to find out details.(LSA& FSS code) Pictorial diagram given in IMGS are of what colour(Red)F2
NITIN7-APRIL-21Subdivision loadline..what is it n why is it used Hazards on tankers Commercial hazards on product tanker Hazards n precautions of sulphur Will sulphur in bulk have fire hazard What is dump’s importance n precautions while.operating it Intact stability criteria for grain How to calculate freeboard,On what factors it is based onF2
NITIN2-FEB-21Tell how do you load explosive What is the Use of reliquefaction plant on gas carriers, also tell with respect to engine What is annealing Precautions and loading of iron ore Precaution loading heavy lift cargoF2 
NITIN4-JULY-191) calibration of instrument. 2) CSC plate content and wer it is shown. 3) Classification of cargoes as per IMSBC. 4) Define TML 5) If FMP is more then TML u will load or not. 6) Draw ship draft 6.7m. 7) Racking stresses 8) Stack wt. 9) Content of CSM 10) Who endorses Chain Register.? 11) Who is competent person? 12) Precautions during Heavy lift. 13) Markings on crane. 14) Complete procedure in proper order how u will take over cargo watch on tankers loading jet oil.F2
NITIN5-NOV-18Rescue boat specs TPA spec, Immersion suit test interval. Lb/lr/rb launching period.  Lb equipmentsy. Marpol annex 4 and annex 5. Marpol annex 1 discharge criteria. Rest hours. IMO convention. STCW 95 and 2000 what difference. Loadline diagram. Medical advice. Reserve buoyancy. Pyrotechnics on bridge.F2
NITIN9-AUG-17What is proof load. What is broken stowage. Stowage factor. Purging. Hazards of coal. IMDG classes. Patrol falls under imdg or not. What are advantage of i.g Can i.g be used as medium of fire fighting. What is minimum g.m?F2 
O. P. YADAV12-APRIL-17Imdg, ullaging, ig content, ig failure action, draft marking, Blue code, hold preparation for grain, flash point and many moreF2 
O. P. YADAV12-PARIL-17What is SwL ? What is IMDG code and purpose Which all ships to apply?? What all precautions you will take while Tank cleaning operations(coz I am tanker guy) Ullage definition. ISGOTTF2 
OAK9-NOV–20When did u sign off from last vessel? when did you give your written attempt? Contents of CSM (Cargo Securing Manual) You are on cargo watch, you see a parcel is being loaded by a crane operater on your ship which is torn and damaged. (ships crane). How will you stop him? (Alot of discussion on this. Foreman went to drink tea so cant tell him, i went on deck and the crane man ignored me, ) I said i will switch off the power supply to the crane just like an emergency stop then inform him about it. He was happy with the answer. Pumproom alarms. which type of pumps on your ship? stowage factor, broken stowage, load density, angle of repose, types of containers. What dunnage you will use to load a container on general cargo vessel. How were your framo pumps working on ship? electrical or what? ( I said hydraulically driven) Where is the hydraulic system  situated on ship? ( I said forepeak store ) Which type of ventilators used for forepeak store? What hydraulic pressure the system showed? If during cargo watch at night your vessel lists to stbd suddenly. what action will you take? Since you did chemical tanker, what procedures you follow after arrival to port of unloading? How will you take over a cargo watch? IMDG contents. During watch if you find that a container is loaded with seal broken what will you do?F2
OAK11-MAR-21Pressure of hydraulic hatch cover system Types of containers and types of lashing How to identify subsidiary risk Refeer loading precautions Container seal is broken, action TML Angle of repose Duration of temp records stored in the reefer containerF2
OAK11-MAR-21TLV and EG of TLV IMSBC CSM BLU Bayplan SCBA requirements How do u refill SCBA cylinder Alarms on fire control panel How do u deactivate the ECDIS which u have activated by mistake. GMDSS walkie talkie batteries Stable equilibrium SECA regions and what is SECAF2
OAK8-FEB-191) Alarms on IG panel 2) Setting of PV valve n breaker n which wil activate first 3) Types of dunnage used 4) Vessel listed 2 deg port at midnight during loading.. Action 5) Where wil 06 08 84 container b found on container vessel.. Basically its location 6) Tell me Abt TLV 7) Contents of IMSBC 8) Subsidiary riskF2
OAK14-MAR-18Tlv stel. Only full forms. Contents of ISGOTT.( He was not satisfied with contents given in Polaris)  contents of ibc code imsbc. Types of chemical tankers. What is given in p & a manual.What is used to lash cars on ro ro ships. Bay plan for container ship. Stability criteria for timber deck cargoes. Chain register.F2
OAK17-JAN-18Types of ships done Diff btwn sf and broken stowage and formulas Types of gas carrier tanks Which all documents and manuals to consider while loading cargo on gen cargo(wants to hear rigging plan and ga plan amongst others) From where will you find swl of lifting gear other than from gear itself(rigging plan) Prec while loading cement in bulk(wants to hear check mc) What is css and csm Main hazard while loading steel coils(shifting) What are other precautions while loading steel coilsF2
OAK20-JULY-17Wat is VEF, calculations of VEF, you are loading heavy lifting cargo by ships crane and the crane trips with the cargo in mid air- Action as OOW,                   Allowance to be kept for water  after loading bulk cargo,    (as per which SOLAS chapter) ,                     material for lashing on Ro-Ro vessels,  working of educators,, how do educators work in the FPK Tank , where all are eductors used on tankers,  alarms in the pump room,                                     how will u load dangerous cargo in bulk on general cargo vessel,     precautions while loading refer container, chain register, container (060606) location??F2
PANIGRAHI4-MAY-17Load density Stowage factor Wat is imdg code Imsbc code Segregation of imdg Loading oil and from mast riser oil is coming out actionF2
PANIGRAHI19-APRIL-17What is the unit of Breaking stress. Asked me which all ship I did. When I said gas.. chemical formula of propane started asking the tlv, Auto ignition temperature, flashpoint of propane and butane.. part C of ship shore safety checklist.F2 
PC MEENA10-AUG-21Groups of IMSBC, coal under which group IMDG applicable if Radioactive material carried in bulk? Shippers declaration what all details in it During loading/disch scuppers are open or closed? As per which regulation? What is the regulation to open / close scuppers In loadicator what are the diff modes? Sea mode/harbour/etc.F2
PC MEENA4-AUG-21Which ship u have done I said tanker Draw hatch cover and explain Draw bilge and explain Expain bulk carrier from hatch to tanktop with all partsF2
PC MEENA5-JULY-18His fav situations 22.5 degree on your stbd bow wants to hear its crossing situation Again head on and one point to stbd can see her masthead lights and side lights What’s to hear u will alter to port and clear as per rule 8A Fv pilot vsl and sv cards Gyro compass error how will u correct the ans is latitude and speed rider switch wants to hear practical ans Passage planning Data presentation for ecdis Passage planning in ecdis What factors u wll consider for marking no go areas Ans is tidal streams which he wants to hear Quote rule 13,15,6 How will u take over watch? 133c contentsF2
PC MEENA10-JAN-18Started with types of ships done.(crude oil and LNG carrier) Started with LNG. Boil off management. How pressure is controlled in the tanks. About LD compressor. Taking over watch on LNG carrier. Something DIQ?? Coming out of dry dock, the voyage cycle of LNG carrier?? More questions on LNG, can’t remember Then for crude oil he asked… Cargo calculation. He Gave me a book and told me to show step by step calculation. Asked about vcf. Which tables we get it from? Tried to confuse SF/BM what it is and how to calculate? How to check the quality of IG? I said oxygen content. He asked suppose all your readings in the CCR  are showing less than 5% but they can be wrong, how will you check whether they are right? I said I’ll check individual cargo tanks oxygen level and compare it with the figures inside. He said no. Don’t know what he wanted… Then, you are at the manifold as instructed by chief officer and he’s in CCR starting the cargo pumps and a loud noise is heard which causes manifold connection to break away leading to spillage. What will you do as an Officer who’s on deck near the manifold. Your actions. Which flag is to be raised for ship loading carrying dangerous cargo. I said B. Then he gave me a bunch of flags and told me to identify B flag. Then, IMDG code. Explain the segregation table. Then, C.S.M. what it is and who approves it. Then hazards of Reduced Iron. Then basics he asked, like swl, Breaking stress, Stowage factor, Proof load, Broken stowage, etcF2 
PC MEENA1-JAN-18css code , csm manual contents , fire in reefer, apr in ship shore checklist explain it,imdg vol, segregation meaning of 2,3,4,X.F2
POSWAL11-MAR-21Which ship  …I said RoRo Poswal said why roro only why not tanker Then external started with RORO Precautions in RORO How to maintain watertightness What precautions u take while loading, discharging What are hydraulic cleat, and hinges and many more in RoRo. Then tanker venting arrangements PV valve, flammability diagram, inserting , static electricity ,MFAG, ems ,VGM, timber loadline Then Poswal enter – static accumulator, tanker precautions, flame arrestors, ISGOTT, latest amendment to ISGOTT, IMDG and content.F2
PRAMOD KUMAR14-DEC-18Purpose of draft survey How to go about it? Draw 7.2M draft. IMSBC and BC code. What are changes? Contents of IMSBC How to use IMSBC code, information  obtained from the same? Chain register and what info in each section Define competent authority Angle of repose… Counter measures for the same A vessel with Partially  loaded with grain…. What all things to be done as an officer for safety? BLU code and information received from the same Flammable range diag and it’s explanation. Inerting and purging process and purposeF2
SANTOSH26-APRIL-21What is angle of repose? Grain securing method. What is IMDG?  What is IMSBC? What is Timber Code? Hazards of timber. Contents of IMSBC. Difference between segregation and compatibility . What is ISGOTT Tanker operation.. He want he hear as per isgott we have to follow. Flammability diagram What is inerting? What is purging ? Draw imdg symbol 7? Coal hazards.  What is TML? What is FMP? What is moisture content? What is stowage factor? What is breaking stress?F2
SANTOSH13-NOV-19IMSBC cargoes who brought it into existence, FOAM system diagram, CO2 system diagram , static charges how will you combat .F2
SANTOSH11-AUG-17SWL , breaking stress , proof load , breaking stress applied or differ to material and material or thickness and thickness , IMSBC code how much chapter and annexesF2
SANTOSH19-MAY-17Iron ore hazards n precautions Swl Bs Relation between swl n bs Chain register content MfagF2
SHARMA13-MAY-19what are hazards of iron ore. during loading or discharge what precautions will you take related to cargo. load density, stowage factor with units. c/o tells you to load 40000t in no 3 hold at what time will you tell the terminal to stop.(he wanted to know about belt load) what precations will you take while entering cargo space carrying iron ore. what is MC,TML,FMP, angle of repose.F2 
SHARMA13-AUG-18-types of vessls;deadwight abd drafts -trading area and cargo carried -hazards of grain and iron ore -taking over watch at port -action during if failure. -what is secondry means of venting -pv valve setting of last ship?how it operates and its height. -type of chmical tnker and hazards -stablity criteria of grain and cargo ships -as a watchkeeper what pre.u wil take during loading and unloading of iron ore.?F2
SHASHI9-APRIL-21Stability criteria of grain, Gz, KN stability curves, Lashing of grain Hazard of coal, sulphur. Load density, Can we load more then load density, DOA and can we load without it IMDG content segregation (seperated from) Container lashing use of some of the lashing, CSM manual, Chain register parts, Annealing, Proof load, Proof load if SWL is 25T Cow requirements and many more can’t collect.F2
SRIVASTAVA7-FEB-201. CSM manual, sf, load density, TPC, FWA, proof load 2. How will you load cement hold preparation? 3. Diagram and explanation of union purchase 4. SWL load of union purchase 5. What is annealing 6. Type a and type b shipF2
SRIVASTAVA4-SEPT-19Container loading Csm contents Cn u load container on cargo vsls other thn container ships IMDG COW SOPEP purpose n contents VGV (verified gross volume)F2
SRIVASTAVA7-AUG-19Container loading CSM contents Can u load container on cargo vsls other thn container ships IMDG COW Sopep purpose n contents VGV (verified gross volume)F2 
SUNDARAM8-FEB-191) ISPS 2) Markings on life raft n requirements of life raft 3) EPIRB activated mistakely.. your action 4) Duties as per IMSAR.. couldn’t understand his question 5) Pump man collapsed in pump room. Action 6) CSO n RSO 7) Sheer.. Camber..  F2
SUNDARAM7-FEB-19Content of IMDG? Angle of loll and corrective actions? angle of repose? Shearing force, bending moment? Have entered in ballast tank?? tell me parts of ballast tank? You are going for loading, what things will you check in loading plan?F2
SURENDAR4-JAN-21IMDG,chain register, cargo watch take over on tanker, precautions on heavy lift, what is annealing, pv valve, pv breaker, deck seal, grain stability requirement, what happens if you suddenly lift a heavy lift, csc plate.F2
SURINDER5-FEB-21Mostly tanker questions as I sailed on tankers and he is also tanker guy. IG system, PV V/V, PV breaker mast riser in detail, CSC, tare weight, IMDG content, supplement.F2 
THAKUR14-MAY-19-IG functions,Alarms -Dk seal type and working -Venting arrangement -Pv valve,breaker and pressure sensors -load density -Stowage factor, broken stowage -15 points from Ship shore safety checklist -meaning of A, P and R – Various lashing of Container -Fire in imdg container, action -EMS, how to refer -Stowage & segregation of IMDG cargo (distance in metres)F2 
TOPNOV13-APRIL-21COW reqmnts and tell the full process from cow to gas freeing cross questioned alot IMDG code and contents and was asking about what are flammable solids and give examples Draft survey purpose and what all to do Hog and sag and gave drafts and wanted to know vsl is sag or hog Chain register and whose sign and stamp on it What is a deck seal and typesF2
TOPNOV7-APRIL-21Definition- load density, stowage factor, Can load density be exceeded if yes then in which cases it can be, What is PV valve, PV breaker and deck seal n their uses. Fire in galley take action. Master C/O collapsed in pump Room take medical advice. Grain hazard, sulphur hazards n precautions Immersion suite requirements, Lifejacket requirement, Marpol annex 5 special areas n discharge criteria, ORB n about entries, GRB n it’s entries Vessel developing heavy list in port n reached angle of lol take action, What is angle of lol n how to correct it?F2
UPPAL7-AUG-211) Contents of IMDG Code. 2) No. of column in DG list. Name of 1st 5 column. 3) Segregation is mentioned in which part of IMDG code. 4) Purpose of MFAG & EMS guide. 5) IMSBC Code – Groups of cargo (wants full explaination on group and mention no. off chapters & appendix of the code). 6) Loading & Hazards of Concentrate. 7) TML, Liquefaction – full explain. 8) Cargo sweat & ship sweat. 9) When to ventilate hold & why?F2
UPPAL9-FEB-19What is Inert Gas Content of IG Percentage of IG gases Threshold limit value What is purging? Methods of purging.F2 
UPPAL11-JUNE-18Imdg supplement contents? Precautions when carrying coal? Flammability diagram? How to get CH content in tank?F2 
UPPAL15-MAY-18Precautions on loading coal ? Surface ventilation? What ventilation you will do after loading coal and explain it and why you do ventilation? Flamablility diagram everything in deep ,purging, inerting, LEL,UEL ? Imdg volumes how many and contents? Supplements of imdg ? Is imdg on ur tanker vessel ? No then why ? Segregation in IMDG ?F2
VERMA6-APRIL-21Stability criteria for tankers. IMDG contents. Explosimeter. Tankscope. Stability booklet information Cat x, y, z cargoes. What is VEF?F2
VERMA8-SEPT-20COF COB COG hog sag I said sir f3 I’ve cleared he said everything is related, so you should know then Ship shore check list IG system in detail asked abt all parts Why it’s used what purpose IMDG code how many classes EMS MFAG use Details on CSC plate DOA Intact stability of criteria of grain Deck seal types draw deck seal of dry TLV and few more basic on cargo work.F2
VERMA7-SEPT-20Load density Can we exceed the load density and when/how What are the dangerous in roro vessel In sailing you are getting alarm for stern ramp and side ramp what it means and action He asked siled in tanker i said no He said its ok this coc valid for all vessel and asked take over cargo watch in tanker and what u will check firstF2
VIBHUTI4-AUG-21Which ship u have done I said tanker Draw hatch cover and explain Draw bilge and explain Expain bulk carrier from hatch to tanktop with all partsF2
VIBHUTI6-AUG-19Q.1) U r loading class 2 DG .chief officer not onborad ,what documents u will check to load that container . Q2.) Subsidiary risk Q3) IG system ,scrubber ,demistar pads impigment plates work,how much should b the quantity of oxygen that should pass  from oxygen analyser,deck seal working ,types ,pv breaker . Q4 ) What do u find in fire line Q5) NLS catory X discharge criteria , Q6) stowage plan.F2 
VIBHUTI19-MAR-181)Angle of repose 2)Angle of repose is 35 as per shipper but during loading it is 45 ,what will happen and what action will you take 3)ring main pipeline arrangements in product tanker 4)IMDG questions regarding UN no. 5) new chemical is launched how will you asgine a UN no. 6)what is subsidiary risk and where will you find them. 7)ODME input and output feeds 8) information from ODME and working complete he want to hear the valves on deck , Auto valves , feed (to ODME)F2
VIBHUTI18-DEC-17Imdg classes IMDG segregation table. If written x in the table what does it mean. If written 4 then what does it mean.  Container BRT system. What is angle of repose. TML How will u do a lashing of a car in general cargo ship on deck. I did the sketching and all showed him but I took lashing from top also he was not happy with that but he said ur lashing is still ok I can accept that but what I wanted to hear was u will do lashing as per CSM of the ship.F2 
VIBHUTI8-JULY-17* Tell me about segregation table in IMDG. What is written in top and side columns. What do u mean by ‘X’ symbol in the table. * type 4 segregation cargo how will u load on container vessel. *ODMC function. *You have loaded Annex 1 cargo. U r going from Red sea to Black sea. And u need to carry out tank cleaning how will you do. * U r on cargo watch and chemical tanker ‘Z’ category cargo over flow. Action * u r in gulf of Oman u have loaded sulphuric acid and carry out tank cleaning.F2
VIBHUTI9-MAY-17Imdg Segregation.. Angle of repose and effects.. How to stow containers.. Types of container cargoes..chilled frozen and air cooled..F2 
YOGRAJ2-AUG-21What type of ships? IMSBC Code Groups. IMDG Classes. EMS. Stowage Factor. Load density. Coal hazards. TML. What is inert Gas? Flammability Diagram. Cane inspection. Angle of repose. Angle of repose for grain? Grain main hazard – Shifting. How to take over cargo watch? Liquefaction?F2
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Second Mate F.G. Orals Surveyor Question Set Function 1

Second Mate Orals F.G. Orals Exams Surveyor Question Set Mumbai Function 1

AGARWAL9-AUG-21• Rule 3(Ram defination),7,8, 13,14 • VSL fwd for u in narrow channel with distance reducing. Action? • How will you overtake in Narrow channel? • Lights and shape of NUC, RAM, CBD • Size of shape NUC, RAM, CBD shape. • Sound Signal in RV for PD, NUC,Anchor, Aground • meaning of morse U • Cut off for side lights in fwd direction • Cut off for mast head light • Flag Alfa meaning • routeing chart content • SART test. • GMDSS weekly test.- How will u do on load test. • Entries in GMDSS logbook. • rockets or shells seen. What action will you take. • Echo sounder errors. Explain pythagoras error. • What is the Speed of acoustic wave. • ENC chart correction. • ASD correction. • Draw and show symbol for wreck with depth unknown dangerous to surface navigationF1
AGARWAL12-MAR-2115-20 cards, Ram lights, Shapes dimensions, Vertical spacing of RAM, Paper chart correction and Ecdis correction, INDSAR, Many situations (not satisfied with my answer) and marked cross. NUC RV signals, TRS in detail, Isobars pattern. Factor affecting turning circle and their explanations. Who maintains records of Indsar, Who control Indsar. Quote rule : 6,13,5,19. Fishing vessel anchor lights. IAMSAR search pattern. Creeping line search in detail. Isophase occulting. ECDIS performance standards. Radar plotting OAW triangle.F1
AGARWAL3-FEB-21Rule 6, 8, 13, 14, 15, 18 CBD RAM NUC, DAY SIGNAL RAM NUC CBD night signal, Situation 3-4, Cards 3-4,   Pilot vessel rv signal, Passage planning, Publication on board & correctn What information you gt from ASD Corrections , Sextant errors, Ranging and phasing of echo sounder & errors Why gyro show errors in higher lat?F1
AGARWAL5-JAN-21Amver, IAMSAR Gyro in high lat Errors of barograph Routing charts Various situations about crossing and overtaking Rule 6 and 18 8 eF1
AGARWAL4-DEC-20ROR rule 19,3,7,3, 18. NUC lights and shapes. Alpha flag what indicate. Diving operation lights. Shapes dimensions. ENC correction detail. Ranging phasing. Limitations of ECDIS. Performance standards of ECDIS. Mumbai to Tokyo which publication you will refer. 4 cards. Simple situation crossing and overtaking. Narrow channel overtaking what sound uh will give. Track path TRS origin. Names of metrological equipment on board. Annex 4F1
AGARWAL6-NOV-20Rule 6, 13, 14, 15, 18 Cards: NUC, Ram, cardinal marks, preferred channel. Grounding vsl light day light signal, space between balls and specifications, Ram day light signal and specifications, NUC day and night signal, fog signal all VSL, H and P Morse code signal , turning circle, GPS error, Situations: crossing, overtaking. how will you come to know that your chart is corrected, echo sounder error, phasing and ranging, inspires, squat and how to mimimize the squat, sextant errors, routine chart detail, annex 4 in detail, gyroscope principal, gyro error, one condition you are in China and you had a collision with fishing vessel take action in synchronization.F1
AGARWAL6-NOV-20Principal of gyro, Gyro errors RAM day signal night signal Day signal ball dimentions Day signal Diamond dimentions Buoys cards , ror cards Rule no 13,18,19 Fog signals of PD , PILOT VESSEL 3 situations Crossing  and overtakingF1
AGARWAL5-NOV-20Rule 6, 9, 19, 18A Cards: Nuc, Ram, cardinal marks, isolated danger, preferred channel. Situations: crossing , overtaking. How to correct paper chart, how will you come to know that your chart is corrected, Enc corrections, AIO , echo sounder error, chart datum, IAMSAR search pattern, Amver , inspires, squat and how to mimimize the squat, sighted rocket parachute flares take action, How to test sart and when ? Barometer errors, how you will find height to apply barometer error, Sextant errors, onload offload test of GMDSS battery, daily and weekly checks of GMDSS equipmentF1
AGARWAL9-OCT-20(Mainly asked old questions from my previous orals) -Rule 19,18,6,9,15 -annex4 -definitions & day shapes and specifications of RAM, CBD, fishing vsl etc -INSPIRES, managing authority of it -INDSAR. managing authority -Sextant and its errors, glasses, etc. -gyro fail actions as OOW -deviation card -after departure from port u saw lot of fishing traffic around your vsl, suddenly u heard a loud noise. Your actions -errors of barograph -situations in narrow channels (about 90%), crossing, RV, head on, overtaking, sailing -Cards on RAM, NUC, anchored vsl, aground vsl, north cardinal markF1
AGARWAL4-MARCH-201) use of lightning holes 2) saucering and bundling 3) precautions of coal 4) sheer plate, camber 5) content of sopep 6) GMP requirements 7) requirements for lowering L/B 8) IMSBC Groups 9) take over cargo watch 10) while using DCP extinguisher why CO2 doesn’t come outF1
AGARWAL2-MARCH-20Passage planning.How ill u use ASD from where u gets information of asd. What all info u get from ASD?Chart symbol, wrek swept by wire, wrek dangerous to navigation.Echo sounder error? Pythagoras in detail.Limitation of ECDIS?Chart correction?CNM?Alrs volume? & name?Aneroid barometer error. How will u correct index error?Control test?Ror-13 ,19, flag O ,H ask colour and signal?Situations crossing, narrow channel ovtkg, headon.Amplitude, azimuth etc not rememberF1
AGARWAL13-FEB-20Started with general intro and his guidelines for answering Commenced with fxn1 Passage plan publications, ALRS volumes in detail, ITU manual, ASD contents, other publications, Chart corrections, NTM asked to correct a chart with some notices, Echo sounder: errors, phasing, explain how to obtain morning and noon sight, sextant errors, SART testing procedure, ROR Rules 19,18,7 emergency as gyro failure and actions. Laid down some courses of the same and asked what course to steer in this case Some Situations of PD and SV, Cardinal buoys, E cardinal mark light, etc.F1
AGARWAL12-FEB-20– rule 18,19, CBD – Passage planning (not exactly PP but general stuff ) – Various Fog signal – Annex 2 – Taking over watch – Situation head on, crossing (rule 2 involved)F1
AGARWAL3-FEB-20Cards reg – Preferred channel to port/ Stbd, Towing vessel, Fishing Vessel.Situations.RV, when own vessel slow down there is a vessel right behind so cannot slow down and vessel on starboard side very close. So justify going to port using 2b.OV in TSS crossing vessel from starboard side. So in TSS normal rules apply i.e own vessel to give way.Above situation but in Narrow channel then own vessel becomes stand on vessel.CBD vessel. CBD has PD vessel on starboard bow. So has to know CBD does not have right of way and has to reduce speed, however the PD vessel may give way depending on the situation but is not required.Towing vessel. Towing vessel on port bow.  So has to know that own vessel is stand on vessel unless towing vessel is showing RAM lights.PD vessel being overtaken by FV. So has to know the irrespective of the type any vessel overtaking has to give way.What is passage plan and stages of passage plan.What is clearing bearing?What is Margin of Safety?What is Amplitude and when is takenHow do you take noon position by sight. Explain fullyWhat if you get clouds during noon sight. What are optionsHow to do corrections on ECDIS?How to do T&P corrections in ECDIS?What is Catzod in ECDIS charts?What are the minimum inputs in ECDIS?What are routing charts?Error echo sounderExplain stylus speed errorF1
AGARWAL8-JAN-20Limitations of ECDIS. Tell me about IAMSAR. Draw sector search. Many different cards including day shapes too. (Tried to confuse by showing day signal of 3 black balls in a vertical line and later 3 red lights in a vertical line cards). What is squat? How to reduce it? Method to obtain accurate gyro error? (transit lights). Signs you’ll get of approaching TRS. Wind is veering and you are in South China Sea, which semicircle you’re in? (You’re in NH) Now you got all the signs of TRS, take action. Buoys ballot law? What is interaction? Why is barometer used? Why is anemometer used?F1
AGARWAL6-JAN-20Emergency wreck marking buoy. Rule 19, Rule 9, Rule 14, Rule 15. Crossing narrow channel and overtaking situations with 3 vessels (lots of cross question related to the situation only). Limitations of ECDIS. Errors of echo sounder. What is Pythagoras error? Sea stabilization mode. Ground stabilization mode. What is Isobar? Sign of formation of TRS. Errors of aneroid barometer. You add or subtract the height correction in aneroid barometer Saw rocket parachute flair at port bow…action? CBD card and CBD definition. INDSAR, Pilot vessel lights. Fog signal of pilot vessel. Fishing vessel light at anchor. Fog signal of aground vesselF1
AGARWAL19-DEC-19What is rule 19,5,13,14,17 CBD RAM NUC definition light n day signal Chart symbol How will u find ur position no equipment working Heading 090 east cardinal mark right ahead action Limitation of ECDIS Why gyro showing error at higher latitude Error of gps echosounder n many more cross questn in between like wht is Pythagoras error n abt error. Seen rocket parasute action.F1
AGARWAL16-DEC-191. Rule 18 in own words 2. Cross qns n asked CBD and Ram vessel definitions 3. 2 situations 4. Echo sounder error 5. Cards of bouys isolated danger mark and east cardinal bouy 6. Rule 19 explanation 7. Inspires?? couldn’t answer this 8. Gyro yy not working in higher latitude 9. You see red flare on ur starboard bow, take action. 10. Limitations of ECDISF1
AGARWAL5-DEC-19Taking over cargo watch at sea (at night) Passage planning in detain name of all publications used in passage planning How to correct ASD on board. Lots of card RAM, NUC, CBD, trailer, pilot vsl, Length of the cylinder and dia. Quote rule 6, 13, 18, 19, 3. Definition of CBD, NUC. How will you correct charts? How will you know the vsl that is nearby you is a NUC or a aground vsl. WT will be the day and night signalF1
AGARWAL13-NOV-19ROR understanding can do no need to quote. Rule 13, 18, 8. Situations, day and night signal’s card . Windrose with description , Chart datum, Phasing mode (echo sounder ) Gyro failure, Why do gyro fails over 70 ‘s, Bouyage system n thr lights (Isophase, acculting, flashing), Order charts on ECDIS, Your vessel aground action, Distress signals annex 4.F1
AGARWAL11-NOV-191. What rules applies in sight of one another? 2. Rule 6,19 and 14 code 3. 9,10 cards night ,day and buoy 4. Symbols 4,5 5. Day n night signal for ram ,nuc,fishing and action and dia of shape,and there spacing (anex 1) 6. Storm ,u r in NH.  How to find u r in dangerous semicircle or navigable Semicircle 7. What is RHSC, Veering, path and track in TRS 8. Situation in narrow channel overtaking vessel. .and sound signals . .all about narrow channel 9. Errors of echo sounder 10. What is phasing in echo sounder? 11. What is INSPIRE and who controls it 12. Anderson turn .when to use n how to use 13. Passage planning from Mumbai to haldiya 14. How to monitoring in passage plan 15. All publication. After that what is d use of ASD and it’s contents 16. 2 point on stbd bow red flare seen .what it is .and what actions u will take 17. 2 all-round red light and white light on her aft .sighted what actions u will take. 18 . E. Cardinal mark sighted right ahead 19. What is RAM vessel (all 6 poits) 20. How to do correction in ECDIS 21. Errors of GYRO And how to current this errors 22. What is muster card and it’s contents 23. How to take Parallel indexing? 24. Tell me about running fix 25. Error of sextant  26. Ur duty as a navigation officer.F1
AGARWAL3-MAY-19Ext started with introduction; company name, vessel sailed and types, verified with attached sea time letter, said so you are sailing as AB. Prepared?? From which function shall I start? I said prepared and start with anything sir. How will you correct ASD?? How will you correct paper chart?? How will you come to know it’s upto date? Tell me about ECDIS, how will you correct ENC?? Who supplies correction? Correction how will you apply?? What do you understand of permits?? What all shallow water effects?? How you will come to know if it’s smelling ground?? Ship model there, gave overtaking and another vessel crossing, cross questioning What is rule no 13?? What is NUC?? Lights?? vertical distance?? day signal?? Dimensions? What is CBD? RAM? Day and night signal? Dimensions of cylinder? What do you understand restricted visibility?? Quick flashing 3 lights?? Where it can be found?? Describe what it indicates?? North cardinal mark?? Showed lateral mark told to identify.(cone region A stbd side). Day signal of pilot vessel? Showed card of pilot vessel having hotel flag. Fishing vessel card. Fog signal of various types of vessel. Again ship model for situation. Safe speed how you will determine?? What do you mean of T &P correction? You are on navigation watch, gyro failure. What is restricted visibility? How will you test sart?? Wanted to listen the action prior commencing the test , I told the procedure but then added that announce safety message on ch 13 to indicate vessels in vicinity. Special measures of navigation in RV. How will you identify TRS?? If approaching action?? What are routing chart? How it’s useful in passage planning? What is eye? Eyewall?? Sextant errors?? GPS errors?? Echo sounder error?? Height correction to barometer? Why?? How to take sight ?? At 8 am one sight taken and at afternoon another, explain how and why ?? What kind of PLs will be obtained? I told by plane parallel sailing, apply run and transfer 8 am PL on noon PL which will be calculated by having lmt merpass. Why long by chrone and lat by meridian?? It was like exhausting, he received a phone call I took out bottle and drunk water.F1
AGARWAL4-APRIL-19Taking over cargo watch at sea (at night) Passage planning in detain name of all publications used in passage planning How to correct ASD on board . Lots of card Ram,nuc,CBD,twraller,pilot vsl, Length of the cylinder and dia. Quote rule 6,13,18,19,3 Definition of CBD ,Nuc. How will you correct charts , How will you know the vsl that is near by you is a nuc or a aground vsl WT will be the day and night signalF1
AGARWAL14-MAR-19R 18,13,6 Cards day/night Narrow channel/head on situations, sound signals, NUC, Aground lights, muster list contents, TRS, Chart corrections, emergency source of power on bridge, squat factors, shallow water factors, annex 4, barometer corrections, How will u know ur ENC is updated, TRS path in SH, crossing situation, CBD on own vsl port side roc exist who is stand on, towing vsl port side crossing, smelling ground, buoys, turning circle factorsF1
AGARWAL15-FEB-19IALA-NORT,SOUTH,SAFE WATER MARK,REGION B PREFF CHANNEL TO PORT ……tell light and there rethym. Night card piolt vessel,day card trawler hauling net Rule 19 and 18 full word to word. You see vessel with flage A take action. Error of echo sounder. What is squat and causes? How to update PPR chart and ECDIS? WNW full content. India in which nav area What is AMVER and inspire In your ship which side turning circle was small port or stbd and reason. PSC onboard how you will show to them that your charts are upto date in ecdis.F1
AGARWAL4-OCT-18Passage plan, publication, Cardes around 10 both day and night, wop formula, how will u do chart  correction, situation simple head on, u wanna overtake vsl in narrow channel from port side what signal will u give and if she agree what signal she will give, quote rule 15,14, and 13, name the rule no 34,how will u do correction in ecdis, prolong blast, annex 4,distance between 2 light, mob on port side, flag o, meaning of flag A and B, chat datum, arc of stern light and mast head light, Mercury barometer error, TRS any 2 approaching sign.F1
AGARWAL9-AUG-18Rule 13 19 and 14. Head on situation. Few cards. Rocket parachute seeing on stbd bow action in sequence. Wat is dgps. Passage planning in between ask containes of nautical publication how to correct charts. Few small general question not remember.F1
AJAY5-SEPT-18Passage Plan. Monitoring in detail. Navtex and its setting. Rule 9,13 and 6 quote. What do you understand by safe speed? Gps errors. Barograph. What is traffic separation scheme and which vessels can enter ? Relative Humidity and how to calculate? What do you understand by foul ground ? Drew all the wrecks you know. No cards. No situation.F1
AJAY15-MAR-18Explain passage planning. safe speed Narrow Channel. Publications used in passage planning Difference between lights on chart and in list of lights book Radar range and bearing composition or X band and S band radar differenceF1
AJAY18-JAN-18Which ship sailed on ….and routes and all… Asked about my captain. .and previous school. ….he was from rimc  ….sainik school guys would now that .. Startd with questions. Ror …rule 5….8….13….one situation of rv …egc in satc….msi…..errors of gps …..anchor watch duty….distrs alert action ….iamsar search pttern….avoiding action in tss ….tide current and ocean current. ..asd details… u know anchor drag ….annex 1 in ur word s…and some more ….easy ones ….F1
AJAY16-JAN-18External took 4-5 questns then handed over to trainee surveyor Range discrimination bearing discrimination , ships routine ~ why it’s there if TSS is given on charts and why it’s kept on masters cabin?…Asd all alrs correction in detail …U HV joined as a third officer n wat u LL do with annual summary to notices..Y x band radar compulsory .N y we can’t place two x band radar ..Distress how you got it n procedure after seeing it ..Chart correction catalogue ..How to TK compass error contents of  compass error book .Contents of wheel house poster…Some ror cards…Some crossing situations …Rule 15 6 17 quote. .annex names..What info from asd all ..N lighthouse characters r given on chart y we need all …Is magnetic a requirement. .Diffrnc btw gyro n y we need gyro. .Limitations of ARPA…NFU mode how it’s different from hand steering ..If ur navtex not receiving any message ur action….Wat r the different ways of rcvng nav warnings.   Echo sounder alarm…F1
ANISH8-MAR-219 10 ROR cards. ASD. Routeing charts. CIRM How to remove bubble from magnetic compass Rule 14 Errors of echo sounder 2 situations in RORF1
ANISH14-FEB-19Rules 18 quote & explain each point… What do u mean “Not to Impeded” a couple of crossing situations One RV situation Meaning of “Take all way off” Fishing vessel & Trawlers all lights…F1
ANISH9-FEB-19Quote Rule 18, situation tss own pd vsl in tss sailing vsl crossing from stbd to port who is give way vsl. Situation of which rule overide rule which rule “impedes” word comes – 8f,9,10,18. Quote rule 8f. which rule superimpose all rules – rule 8f, cbd on port crossing situation yr pd val. Who is give way vsl.which rule apply why don’t u cross from ahead. Then he put nuc vsl in place of cbd action same repeated questions like above. When we overtake so how many miles you will go ahead of that vsl for finally past & clear. Shall not Impedes & keep clear difference . Light fishing vsl at anchor. Which ships carry masthead light.F1
ANISH8-FEB-19Tell me rule 10.. in your understanding.. Which organiser, how u knw dt imo hs adopted TSS..frm wher….i said colreg…he replied me…no…wrng…den i ansd..srry ..its imo routine guide..yes dtz d correct ans… .seprsn zone def?  started situations. 1.In tss SV crossing frm stbd side..u r pd vsl..whs give way…nd wat actn? overtaking u frm stbd qtr ..actn wt explanation.. 3.same ovtrking…vsl chngd…nw u r overtaking another …tek actn..wit explanation….frm wich side u ll over take nd why..?nd why nt frm another side.. TSS..u r pd vsl nd othr pd crossing u frn stbd side ..action….nd as per wich rules. .wil u tek actn directly as per rule no 15..?? cbd vsl more than 100 mtr underwy..lights , day signal & veritcal nd horizontal distance as per annex.?F1
ANISH11-OCT-1820Night cards, no day cards Situations In Lat 80° N, how will you find direction? GPS errors (in detail) Errors of magnetic compass (in detail) Errors of gyro (in detail) What is the conflict between Rule 18 and Rule 13. Quote 19.F1
ANISH10-MAY-18Started with company name, told you’ve got good marks in external now lets open up your mind, asked abt asd – content, corrections, how will you do, show it, gave situations – FV CROSSING frm port side..action,  lights, day signal, justification for action, will you cross ahead or not, how will you check effectiveness of your action, trial manoeuvre, overtaking from port side action and cross questions.. very impressed with the answers.. asked from where did you learn ROR.. said cockroft and some videos by capt BhatiaF1
AWASTHI16-MARCH-201. Crossing and overtaking situation 2. How will you identify a vessel is overtaking you?  3. What is lookout? 2. Rule 2,7,13 3. Passage planning Cochin to Chitagong. 4. What is NP100? 5. Where is IMO? What does it do?  6.  Boxing of compass S to E 7. Master standing orders 8. Can you reduce the speed to avoid collision without consulting master? F1 
AWASTHI4-NOV-19Sextant errors and their correction. Passage plan Mundra to Jakarta. Fire you are in your cabin, fire alarm, action. How to escape in such situation nearest exit? Rule 21. Sat C Basic procedure for hand steering.. what to check? Prepare muster list. Components of magnetic compass ..have u seen onboard. Sight procedure and what is chronometer and its error with correction req.. gps not working. Dist. between two day signals (shapes).F1 
AWASTHI11-AUG-19Passage plan from Kochi to Far East , position plotting etc . (Weather Conditions, HRA , Traffic ) Situation Lights shapes and signals ( mining , fishing vessel , nuc etc ) Distance between to vertical lights ? Emergency : M/E failure while approaching port action , Master not picking up the call action , etc ( Main Indication of Lights and Shape ) ASD , chart catalogue. IAMSAR . What volume should be available on bridge? Sextant Errors, Index Error and correction.F1 
AWASTHI6-AUG-19Sextant errors and thier correction Passage plan Mundra to Jakarta Fire ..u r in ur cabin, fire alarm, action How to escape in such situation..nearest exit Rule 21. Sat C. Basic procedure for hand steering..what to check? Prepare muster list Components of magnetic compass ..have u seen onboard? Sight procedure and what is chronometer and its error with correction req..gps not working. Dist between two day signals (shapes).F1 
AWASTHI15-FEB-19Passage plan- KG Docks Kolkata to Jakarta, Indonesia in detail. What publications? What is ASD? Volumes? How will you know which ASD to refer to? What is chart catalogue? What all info does it provide? ALL, ALRS all info.. Explain routeing charts, wind roses.. how to read them. Quote rule 5, 15, in ur own words. ROR convention name and year.. Situations, no cards or buoys.. Which authority carries out inspections in Australia (AMSA, he asked cuz i said ive been there.). Errors of sextant, how u correct them. Short blast, prolonged blast, How to calculate height of eye? What do u mean by conning?F1 
AWASTHI14-FEB-19ECDIS passage plan… With reference to Distance Tables from Mumbai to Liverpool…& full passage plan Mumbai to Singapore.. How to use Ocean Passages.. T&P correction in Chart/ ECDIS.. What is NTM Roueting Charts.. Annex 4 Pyrotechnics on Bridge..F1 
AWASTHI9-AUG-18Passage Planning in detail. GPS failure- how to fix vessels position? Definition of Dlong , Dlat, SHA,GHA,etc. Why position line is perpendicular to Az? Errors of sextant and how to correct them? How to take Ex meridian sight? Difference between ECS and ECDIS? Limitations of ECDIS RADAR(with all IMO requirements)AIS Control test when how? Steering test requirements? Contents of ASD, Ocean Passages of the world, info in ALRS all volumes, Routing charts? What is wind rose and how to predict the wind for the month? Rule 5 in detail, Rule 8,10,19,13 Rule 17 in detail When doubt will arise whether vessel is overtaking or crossing?- in this he expects the practical cut off of lights as per Annexe 1 explanation. Anti grounding settings in ECDIS – expects to know about anti-grounding cone. Safety Depth, Safety Contour, Shallow contour, Drying height and their colours? What is s57 and s52? What is catzoc? Simple overtaking and rv situationF1 
AWASTHI11-JUNE-18passage plane (Asd and alrs focus) Sextant error Cards (night only) How u will determine ur positionF1 
AZAD7-FEB-19Internal was listen answer when external asking qsns Aground VSL day signal, One fv right ahead take action as per which rule, Duration of short blast and prolong blastF1 
AZAD10-JULY-18Why u failed last time Which company Rule 2 quote and explain. Amplitude, when u take amplitude, at amplitude what is true altitude, CBD crossing port side one situationF1 
B. KUMAR11-OCT-18Noon fix ASD Correction and content ALRS content Quote rule 19 and 1 easy situation related to RV Night cards 3 or 4 Bow cushion and bank suction Squat and factors affecting squat T and P notices Lateral and cardinal buoysF1 
B. KUMAR5-OCT-18Cards, 2 situations, opening bearing & closing bearing, AIO, how to update chart in ecdis, how will u know chart has updated in ecdis, what is emergency muster card, how will you update alrs, abort point, point of no return, IAMSAR which vol onboard, sector search, u see a distress signal-action, auto pilot controls.F1 
BAWEJA4-AUG-21What questions you didn’t answer last time. I said due to wrong action in TSS was failed Most important point of calling master 2 important steps of taking over watch Weekly notices to mariners of Indian hydrographic office I said it has 9 section and said include t&p correction He asked difference in tand p and which becomes permanent Chart not corrected for 2 years. Trawler vessel lights , day signals and fog Define trawler vessel as per rule 26 Factor which afftec ship manuverability  order wise. Wanted to hear squat in end Vessel aground fog signal Overataking and crossing differenceF1
BAWEJA4-AUG-21What questions you didn’t answer last time. I said due to wrong action in TSS was failed Most important point of calling master 2 important steps of taking over watch Weekly notices to mariners of Indian hydrographic office I said it has 9 section and said include t&p correction He asked difference in tand p and which becomes permanent Chart not corrected for 2 years. Trawler vessel lights , day signals and fog Define trawler vessel as per rule 26 Factor which afftec ship manuverability order wise. Wanted to hear squat in end Vessel aground fog signal Overataking and crossing difference Cleared.F1
BAWEJA9-MARCH-20Charts corrections on ECDIS ECDIS perf std ROR cards Rule 6,5 quote Smelling the ground Echo sounder errors Meteorology eqps Amendments to IAMSAR Arpa alarmsF1 
BAWEJA6-FEB-20 • how 2 make gyro north seeking  • manual inputs in gyro  • gyro principal  • gps principal/limitations  • pp on ecdis frm Colombo to Singapore  • What all things to refer during planning a passage  • ecdis in detail  • shallow contour, safety contour, deep contour, safety depth, catzoc defn  • head on situation with shoal patch on stbd side  • 7-8 cards  • taking ovr bridge watch in open sea  • diff btwn gps and dgpsF1 
BAWEJA4-FEB-20Limitations of ECDIS Alarms of Arpa IAMSAR in detail Day cards Rules 5,6,17,19 ECDIS updates T&P corrections Williamson turnF1 
BAWEJA14-OCT-19T and P notices ASD volumes and corrections Radar performance standard Trial manoeuvre Ground stab sea stab Ecdis AIO Passage planning on Ecdis ROR cards 5 Rule no 39 40 41 Chart corrections Amplitude azimuth Muster card preparation Crossing situations Overtaking situation in clear and restricted visibility Factors affecting maneuvering characteristicsF1 
BAWEJA7-FEB-19NUC or aground card, towing vessel seen from stern card No situation Advance, transfer, head reach, tactical diameter How many volume of Asd why we use Asd, what information can get from Asd How to start marine radar.F1 
BEHL11-MARCH-20How to take over anchor watch? 20 pts. 2 buoys. Cardinal. And preferred channel. Cargo operation is finishing in 2 hrs. Prepare vessel for sea. How will you prepare? Then  which book you will refer for pasage planning? BPG.. He  even wants the colour of the book. Narrow channel. Sv 2kts.  Ur vsl 4 kts.  Action. In that shallow water effect. Bow cushion Limitations of radar. Alarms in ecdis. If manufacturing instruction for correcting equipment is printed. How will u know ur equipment are good or not?? Ans : Performance standards each equipment. How much steering helm u give for trying out. If engineer vl tell u he wants to out try engines what action?.check mooring tights.. Check for boats tugs clear them away.. Propeller clearance…F1 
BEHL8-FEB-20ECDIS passage planning. In brief. Duties as OOW when pilot comes over. He needs at least 20 points. GPS errors Buoys. And light signals of them. He had removed the top mark. ITCZ AKA Doldrums. No rules no cardsF1 
BEHL7-FEB-201. True alt @40°N at winter solstice what will be sun true alt at merpass 2. Factors effecting squat 3. Bouy identification “pref channel to port reg b & west cardinal mark ” without top marks 4. Situations involving narrow channel , tss , overtaking 5. Passage planning important things to mark on chart 6. ECDIS limitations 7. Ram cbd definition n lights 8. Departure checklist important points 9. Navigation in costal water important points 10. Grounding actionF1 
BEHL6-FEB-20 • Taking over navigation watch  • prepare bridge for sailing  • entering narrow channel precautions  • situations cards  • IALA buoyageF1 
BEHL7-SEPT-19No rules. No situations. No cards. No buoys. How will you take over anchor watch (He wanted 25 points) At least 7 note you’ll write on chart…(apart from the things which master decides like stand by engine , call master etc). And then he started asking questions on Celestial navigation which I don’t remember then Meteorology. What is radiation fog? Different type of currentsF1 
BEHL5-MAY-185 to 10 night cards. Any 5 distress signals. size of cone & anchor boll diameter. Satuation head on , crossing, overtaking. what is maneuvering signals. vessel in sight of one another in a narrow channel overtaking signals. What is v correction & d correction? What is aspects? When to call master? What is squat? Alams of gps. What is aio & alarms? What is radiation fog? What is head reach? How many volume in asd? Echosounder errors.F1 
BEHL13-APRIL-18His standard situation. Overtaking sailing vessel in narrow channel Wig craft.. lights. Buoys. ROR understanding. Taking over anchor watch. Control testing. Squat and many basic questions. Advection fog.F1 
BEHL11-JAN-18List of info u will write during passage plan on chart What is wheel over point Name the publication which u will refer in passage plan- bridge procedure guide Action in case of groundingF1 
BHUSHAN1-MAR-21Good guy, will ask u very basic stuff. 4-5 cards Fishing vsl & Towing vsl 2-3 situations. How do u know chart is updated? What is the information provide by Wheel house poster? What do u mean by maneuvering characteristics of ship? in detail. What is information provided by Routine charts?F1
BHUSHAN1-MAR-21Ram, nuc light n day 7-8 cards Lateral marks Components of auto pilot Emergency source and reserve source of power Safety settings of ecdis U r OOW received nav warning, what u will do?F1
CHAND4-DEC-19Safe speed, Sound signal in rv for my vessel underway,makingway,anchor, Aground Rule 14,15,16,17 imp points own word Situations one vsl ford of stbd beam 3 point you are able to see 2 white and side light take action. Another sit 2 crossing vessel port bow stbd bow and head on action..i answered alteration of cource to stbd..he wanted to listen wide alteration of cource to stbd Visibility range of side lightF1 
CHAND4-MAY-18Passage planning code rule  1, 2, 5,6 nd 13, 15 , Echo sounder error,  gps errors,  what is specialty of rule 1, 5 important flag and explanation, annex 4, Satuation 3point stbd bow , and 4 points stbd bow what is safe speedF1 
CM SRIVASTAVA3-AUG-213-4 cards, Rule 5/6/14/15/10. How to make deviation card? Search patterns (understanding).  Difference btw indsar/inspires. And relative/true motion. Action by OOW. – collision – steering gear failure TRS. Buys ballots law. Gyro errors. Annex 4 ( all ). Sound signal for pilot vessel/ aground. Many cross questions on variation and deviation.F1
COUTINO16-JUNE-18Bridge equipments on board, How many GPS? Dgps or GPS is required as per Solas? Error of echo sounder? Can it b corrected? Error of GPS?wat is GDOP?whc GDOP u will set 1 or 3? What is ASD? What it has? What is t&p correction?how is t&p file ? How will u correct chart of 2 years? What is ctnm ? N atnm has? Search patterns in iamsar? What is manoeuvring light? Where u will get manoeuvring characteristics? What all? What is crash stop? Trach , head reach? Ror- Cards of Trawler, cbd ,pilot vsl, sailing vsl ,vsl towing alongside? Situations- Overtaking, overtaking in RV, crossinng situations, crossing in RV. Cardinal Buoys n one crossing situation. Cardinal bouy, safewatermark bouy. What is isophase, occulting, flashing. What is difference btn underway n making way.F1 
CROSKO9-MARCH-201. Passage planning basic not in details 2. How to correct chart not corrected for last 2 year 3. Taking over navigation watch much in detail 4. How to correct T&P 5. Example of T & P and permanent correction 6. What is nav warning and how to plot. 7. All publication on bridge 8. Fire in galley 9. IAMSAR and MERSAR 10. Quote rule 13 and 5 and 35 11. Shallow water effect 12. Metrological equipment on borad 13. What is VOF 14. Type of extinguisher 15. 7-8 cards of trawler and ram 16. Simple ror situation of crossing and overtaking And simple measn simple 17. what is latteral resistance 18. When to call master 19. Action when ship experiencing shallow water effect 20. Info u get from char 21. Info u get from list of light and ocean passage of the world and ASD 22. what is the meaning of making full apprisal in rule 5 23.  vsl approaching RV action 24.what is squat and how to reduce sqaut Factor affecting squatF1
DANIEL4-NOV-19Few night cards nuc towing ground IALA .. safe water mark card Above cards on port bow.. crossing,  action? Telegraph ordersF1
DANIEL4-JUNE-19Rule 3… What NUC……what can b the reason to b a NUC What is restricted visibility What is a RAM vsl Errors of eco sounderF1
DANIEL15-FEB-19Night card vessel aground,pd vsl pushing ahead… Mine clearance vessel ahead take action as per ror,company policy and BPG. Quote rule 19,7,8,18 and 1 What are dimenson of day signal and there spacing. Draw diagrame of Turning circleF1
DANIEL2-JAN-19Towing vessel card whole content action was 1 short blast alter course to stbd. He said why 1 short blast, i said bcoz i am altering stbd. He asked why 5 times then he said which rule, I said 34(a) then he said quote, then another card with 2 possibility nuc and aground, I told the content then he said in reality how will u identify she is nuc or aground, I don’t wang card probabilities, i said by fog signal he said did i mention rv, another case i said we can look at the vessel whether moving or not if moving then nuc and not then aground, he said and how else i said we can see the size of vessel and we know the depth of water if depth is much more we cannot say this vl is aground , he said what is the another case u can identify whether nuc or aground, I said nuc 2 balls and aground 3 balls, then told quote rule 15 then all u know about ntm’s and then all u know about ECDIS.F1
DAS12-MARCH-20Lights of FV and NUC Difference between normal FV and trawler Defn of NUC Manoverboard action Bridge fire actionF1
DAS13-JAN-201. What is overtaking situation 2. Responsibility of overtaking situation After that for around 30-40 mins he asked me only gmdss. Everything about gmdss Sea areas, frequency, full forms of various abbreviations etc Was happy with my gmsdss knowledgeF1
DAS12-DEC-19Lights for South Cardinal FV lights. Pilot vsl lights. Wht is difference between trawler ND normal FV (discussed abt it for 5-10 minutes). What action you will take if you sea any FV (Wanted to hear broad alteration in course to keep clear from nets).F1
DESHPANDE12-MARCH-20Very practical person he wants what we will actually do onboard and nothing from book Passage plan – ecdis , paper chart. I started with appraisal and all he said he don’t  want hear that  actual plotting course and publication how to use and all, ordering permit,update of charts etc. More cross questions on ecdis procedures. Correction of charts both ecdis & Paper C. Rule 8, 10, 18. Chart symbols. Ship Reporting System. IALA buoyage. Squat. Block coefficient of last vessel. Amplitude procedure to calculate and diagram. PZX triangle. Situation in TSS: own vsl cbd trawler crossing from stbd side. He wants to hear altering to stbd and not reducing speed. Stopping distance of last vessel. Turning circles. Man overboard action. All Nautical publications how to use and how to update. Gross and net tonnage of last ship and difference. Masters standing order. Company Procedure. When will you call master.F1
DESHPANDE16-OCT-19Passage plan ecdis CATZOC Smelling ground Cards fishing ,trawler, nuc , aground Tactical Diameter,transfer draw advance Squat and how to reduce Radio medical advice procedure. Errors of echo sounder.F1
DESHPANDE15-OCT-19– Say last two ports company, Oh dual ECDIS ok so Passage planning on ECDIS between these two ports – ECDIS correction – One two situations – ROR cards for NUC, aground Sound signal for them, day signal – GMDSS area distress alert – Rule 19 spd reduced at which she can be kept on her course (steering speed). – Fronts: cold, warm and occluded – Effect of fronts on navigation – Nav warnings – Navtex explain – Ocean current why and tell few examples – effects of front on navigation – how front forms – Routeing charts, information, draw and explain wind rose. – ADC catalogue. – Contents of admiralty chart catalogue – Select required charts on ECDIS – updated or not how to find – ECDIS chart correction how – How u come to know ENC is updated or not if not how to do it?F1
DESHPANDE11-FEB-19*Tell me about you. *What all equipment’s were on bridge on last ship. *What ECDIS related accidents you have heard about. *What is meant by check page.(Route check in Ecdis) *By mistake if you use small scale chart instead of large scale    chart,how will you come to know. *Can someone use small scale charts deliberately?if he does what bad can happen. *Correction of ENC proper procedure *After you request new permits, how much it requires to get them onboard? *what do you mean by permits. *Backup systems for charts. *What are T&P corrections. *T&P corrections for both charts and Ecdis. *Errors of Echo-Sounder. *What do you mean by” Swinging of compass” *For what do you refer to. *did you have variation card? From where do you get it then. *if Gave var and correction for year , can you calculate present var? *Great circle sailing, how to transfer on Mercator. *do U have gnomonic charts on Ecdis. *Advantages of sailing on great circle. *If ur ship is going to N of N lat( higher lat) what all measures u will take w r.t Ecdis permits and what will u consult with master. *When u order charts, do U do payment or who does that. *Whirling psychrometer,why and what is dew point. *What search and rescue manual u have onboard. *Full form of iamsar *MOB stbd side, action. *how will you know how much your ship take distance to turn as per Williamson turn.(Wheelhouse poster) *Make Turning circle of last ship with all lengths. *Why do we have to know about Advance and transfer of our ship. *In TSS, one pdv crossing from your port side.what all action u will take.And justify as per which rule u took action. *what are the lights of Purse seine type fishing vessels. *why are there special lights for purse seine. *Difference between NUC & RAM. *Difference Between prolong blast and short blast.F1
DESHPANDE11-FEB-19*All situations (More than 10) (mixed level of difficulty) In between was asking related questions of ROR. *What do you mean by impeding the passage.How is it different from ROC. *Situation regarding being a Pdv and NUC on our port side(open Sea), why we alter to stbd and pass astern or slow down, why not cross ahead.(8a) *Can you use VHF for collision avoidance? *In rule 19, why context “Take all way off” is used. *if u determine no ROC for a vessel fwd of your beam in RV, What action will you take. *how can we find out an advance assessment of collision. *have you tried Trail manoeuvre, how can u know it’s ON? *Lights of NUC (all scenarios) *characteristics of Masthead light. *When to Call Master. *going to encounter RV, actions.F1
DESHPANDE11-OCT-18ECDIS passage planning. Contents of ALRS. Various alarms on ECDIS. 7 isobaric patterns. Pattern of TRS. How to avoid TRS? Factors affecting Manoeuvring characteristics of vessel. Draw Advance and tactical Diameter. Requirement for Advance and Tactical Diameter. And under what imo resolution is that mentioned. Which side turning circle will be smaller. Safety contour. What is it and how does it help. How to get Nav warnings How to get medical assistance on board. ROR Situations. Screwed up in that hence didn’t ask anything else.F1
DEVESH2-AUG-21Rule 5, What do you mean available? (So I equipment name). So started asking the question all equipment which I said. Fishing vessel anchor light. Head up mode, North mode, Course up mode. Difference between Metrology warning & Navigation warning. Principle of AIS, types of AIS, Frequency of AIS, channel. ROR situation: 2 port bow you seeing, 1 Red Light in a vertical line and Green Light seeing action & you are PDV vessel. Same situation now vessel PDV vessel, Routine Chart, How they applying in passage planning? South Cardinal Light & Rhythm,
Digital Publication Name
DEVESH2-MAR-21Star with getup why u not properly shave. What is AZ Noon sight Merpass time how to find out without almanac 1157 merpass time given what u will do? Routine chart ?how often it publish Isobar From where U will get isobar Wet dry temp same ..what will happen so with this what action u r going to take Deviation cardF1
DEVESH2-MAR-21Noon Sight … How will you get mer pass. ? What is Routing chart? Some cross question colour of chart etc. Have you seen onboard? If you order a almanac and it is not received you and company also dispatch it what will you do? Topno sir cross question Flag W P What is free fatigue? What is the relation between loadline and water density? What is the use of load line zone? How will you know that your barometer is working properly? What is the use of golden needle? 1 situation of NUC, rule 15F1
DEVESH2-FEB-21Ecliptic Favourable conditions for lunar eclipse to happen Keplers law of motion 3 situations Mine clearance vessel lights, why not RAM light in it How to update charts in ECDIS ECDIS correction log How to check charts updated or not in ECDIS IMSAR search patterns How to determine shallow water according to company requirement? Shallow water effects on ship.F1 
DEVESH3-DEC-202 situations GPS error GDOP IAMSAR search patterns (creeping line search/expanding square search) Narrow channel u want to overtake what signals? In agreement of overtaking what signals? Flag C meaning. Malacca strait lost engine action.F1 
DEVESH6-NOV-20Azimuth define Amplitude define Pzx triangle Use of corrector mag in magnetic compass -What bucket of mag compass contains? What transverse thrust all the things in detail Deviation card define in detail Damping in tilt define? Sperry mk 20 gyro compass principle? Crossing RV situation and cardsF1
DEVESH6-NOV-20Criteria to be a RAM vessel? mine clearance vessel lights & shapes? Is mine clearance vessel a RAM vessel, if  yes, then why not exhibit RWR    color lights? Fishing vessel 75m at anchor which lights to exhibit? What is critical rpm? What is Navtex, it’s frequency & range? From where we receive nav warnings? What is Racon?F1
DEVESH9-SEPT-20What is Azimuth? Why do u take compass error? When to take amplitude? Diff patterns of IAMSAR Lateral port hand buoy Safe water mark Fishing vsl at anchor lts Towing vsl card South cardinal mark lts How will u take radar fix? How to decide datum point in search pattern? Steering gear test Emergency steering gear test durationF1
DEVESH5-SEPT-19Asked why failed i said difficulty in quoting rules And askd Rule 19 but this time i hv prepared Cards : Fishing vsl seen frm aft Gear >150 more,   Trowlr anchr , shooting net , CBD ,NUC n many more. some fog signal fishing vsl anchor lghts Dist bwn lghts.F1
DEVESH11-JUNE-19No card, No rule. Draw trwaler vsl at anchor. Draw fishing vsl at anchor. Fog signal of RAM. Which all vsl sound 1 prolong n 2 short blast. Towing vsl RAM fog sound signal.. How u check ecdis is updated? Do u manually do any corrections? Do u maintain any log for ECDIS updates? WIll NUC vil show anchor lights? Gps alarms? DOP values? Position fixing system? Diff btw TRS $ TLD. Diff btw current $tides. How current occur? Draw warm front. Vsl at back near d stern wht vil be ASPECT? She wnt to overtake u ROC exist…wht is ur action? Wht equipmt u hav onboard to take action? How vil u use trial manoeuvre..? How vil u knoe radar is in trail manoeuvre mode.. Wht is delay tym?F1
DEVESH4-JUNE-19Started with normal intro U saw a rocket parachute flayer on ur one point stbd…action Gmdss equipment test and what is the period u do the test Errors of magnetic compass What are the soft sphere on the magnet used for How is deviation card made How do u make it on board and when One situation U r doing g 000° and u see a trawller on ur post side 330° and the trawller is doing 085° risk of collision exist action U hear one short blast at an interval of 1 min which vsl could it beF1
DEVESH17-APRIL-19Amplitude. Azimuth. Equipment errors. How will you calculate sextant error? What do you mean by Catzoc in detail (position and depth accuracy?) How will you do T& P correction in ECDIS? How will you show all charts are corrected? How will you take correct decision on the basis of equipment and how will you come to know thw action is accurate. Ship handling –  Advance transfer track reach head reach Imo requirement shallow water effect and how will you minimize it with explanation in detail . How will you take water temprature and its significance during weather repo. Sector lights and its use Solar eclipse condition various situations lights by drawing on book. What do you mean by impede the passage and  impeding safe passage? When to call master? Is there any rule in ROR to call the master? Rule no 8 in detail. If you see horizon full of FV what will be your action.F1
DEVESH14-MAY-18What happened last time, started with few cards pilot vsl, mine clearance, fv – all with 2 possibilities and hears everything, pilot vsl at anchor why required to show white over red all round lights-does it make any difference if not shown? More such practical questions, created 2-3 situations out of cards, cross questioning on each, spacing of lights, tides and currents diff- told everything in detail abt the causes spoke continuously for few minutes, compass err – what is it,  why to calc, Deviation – what is it, deviation card how to make,frequency critical rpm, asked if worked on ecdis, psc imspector onboard how will you demonstrate compliance with Ecdis – told him everything abt NP133C and few more straightforward questionsF1 
DIXIT1-OCT-18Lots of cards, buoys cards…action when u see buoy right ahead…from 90° bearing! Situations on crossing, overtaking, narrow channel crossing, TSS crossing, RV situations (all simple and basic situations) After ROR he asked emergencies=grounding mob ! Position fixing on ECDIS, PP on ECDIS, alarms on ecdis, scamin, AIO, distress signals, principle of sextant and gyro! Principle of magnetic compass.F1 
DIXIT1-FEB-18lots of cards,bouys cards…action when u see buoy right ahead…from 90 ° bearing….! situations on crossing,overtaking,narrow channel crossing,tss crossing,rv situations(all simple and basic situations) after ror he asked emergencies=grounding,mob ! position fixing on ecdis,pp on ecdis,alarms on ecdis,scamin,aio,distress signals,principle of sextant and gyro! principle of magnetic compass,and alot of cross qstns n my answers!F1 
DIXIT8-JAN-18How will you correct paper chart How will correct paper chart not corrected for 1 year While passage planning on ECDIS , how will come to know which all charts u require n it is there or not Situations in RV , TASK , NARROW CHANNEL, NORMAL VISIBILITY Cards , Day and night Cardinal buoy Isolated danger mark Safe water mark Rule 9 explain Whirling psychrometer Mercury barometer errors Aneroid barometer index error , error can be positive , negative or both Gyro principle North seeking gyroF1 
GP SHENOY6-JULY-21Asked which all ships have u sailed on Elements of passage planning What all things will u look for in appraisal stage of passage planning? How will u know that chart is up to date (both in paper as well as ECDIS)? How to correct ASD? Contents of Routeing charts Contents of Annual NTM Contents of Cumulative NTM Steering failure action How will u know TRS is approaching? U sight a south cardinal buoy right ahead…course is 180° action?F1
GP SHENOY6-JULY-21ECDIS safety setting and passage planning in ecdis ECDIS failure action. Head on nuc vsl take action. Entering in channel seen isolated dangerous mark action. Metrological equipment on board. Barometer detail. Barometric tendency. How u ll know trs is approaching. Which convention used onboard. Fal convention in detail.F1
GUPTA7-JUNE-19What are the six brightest star? How to calculate lat by meridian? Echo sounder errors. What are rising and dipping characteristics? Vessel takes bearing of lighthouse is that your position Radar not operational. What is hygrometer and hydrometer? How to take sight? Fog signal for vessel aground Ship reporting systems. Main engine failure action? NUC lights. CBD light. VTIS details and mandatory or voluntaryF1 
GUPTA23-Apr-17Guys he want answers quickly.. Otherwise he will keep shouting… 
And every question he will confuse u .. Stick to ur answers.. Think and answer… 
As I entered I said gd eve… Capt. Gupta said… Hve a seat…  And said.. R u ready..for rounds… Rounds he meant rapid fire rounds… I was not knowing.. That…
Name any 6, stars… What is sha..  And ra…
Azimuth.. Phases of moon.. How to find out lmt met pass.. Intercept staggerd problem.. Ex meridian limits… Elongation.. How to calculate magnitude of star..  Wht is nutation .. Elongation… Circumalor bodies..
He said.. It seems u have studied… And said round 2 .. I thought he will jump on to  next function…  Currents.. Eddies..tidal stream.. Contents of wntm.. Alrs.. Att.. Wht is pivot point ,Explain when moving astern… .. All Maveouvring characteries.. And their meaning… Transerve thrust.. Wht will happen in right handed propeller.. Iamsar contents.. Coordinated search.. Track spacing.. On scene coordinator duties.. Anderson turn… Baltic moor..  M and ms notices.. Gmdss DSC frequency… Action in receiving distress alert in vhf in area a3 .. Gmdss log book contents..  Test carried with Gmdss equipment.. Radio medical advice..  Ror some situation… And ror annex 1 .. Some flags… Mine clearance lights.. Buoyoge Situation… Annex 4 ..  Some more was .. On ror don’t remember.. Solas chapters.. IMO convection..
Trs… I said I don’t know much abt it..  He said.. This might fail u… I said I will study and let u know he said..okk.. Types of precipitation.. And barometer…
Last question on Funct 1  was boxing of compass..  Ne to sw..
GUPTA22-Apr-17Rising and dipping is it the same value? How and why and justify answer.
How to calculate merpass time. Range of tides. What is it
How will you correct your chart. Towing lights, fog signals for tow more than 200m
Pdv underway and making way fog signals. Wants to hear time interval and properly.
And a few more questions. Turning circle. And a ship loaded will have a larger turning circle or an empty ship. UKC what is it.
X band radar frequency. Vessel is on fire show me how will you transmit msg over RT.
GUPTA18-APRIL-17Imo and IHO standard of ecdis. Raster chart and vector chart.Limitation of ecdis. Error of ECDIS. How many volumes of IAMSAR name it and which one to carry. Tell me something about vol 3.Tell me about IALA. Head reach, track reach and drift angle(asked me to draw) What info u will get from asd. How will u correct the chart which has not been corrected for two years. Your ship collided, action ?F1
GUPTA11-APRIL-17NE.b.E in degrees How u know ur chart is corrected or not How u know about tha edition of chart What is T & P corr Without almanac sd of sun Nuc light ,aground vsl light sailing vsl using engine, Traweler vsl underway lenght 110 mtr lights L.h proppeler astern mov bow will move which side U r on oow in bulky loaded wheat smoke coming out from the hold nat vents ? What is ur action Arc of visilbilty of towing lights and each side 50 mtr less p.d sidelight red lgt. Visibilty (said pass ??)F1 
GUPTA5-APRIL-17Sextant errors construction, Iala bouyage explain,Iamsar, calculation Ex-meridian,difference Pl and Position circle,Radar characteristics and limitation , Pitch propeller,Anchor dragging action no capt no chief officer onboard and engine repair going on,overtaking and crossing situation , Magnetic compass,echo sounder principal and error, passage plane explain step by step and cross questions, Flag Papa to identify and explain.F1 
HARINDER9-AUG-21• Which msg you cant delete in Navtex • Navtex Frequencies • Errors in Gyro Compass. • Latitude correction how will you input in gyro.F1
HARINDER3-AUG-21Shapes/lights of all vessels Situations Head on situation half points on stbd bow… both masthead lights in line and side light, i  said rule 14 applicable and stbd alterations 4 points on stbd bow both masthead and side lights visible. One white light and 2 all round light in vertical line, I said vessel aground, he said any other possibility. I said nuc making way through water seen from Stern. IAMSAR and Search patterns Explain how to execute track line search. Routeing chart and when it is published, i said 8-9 years, he said where do u get that figure, i said from the net. Vessel at 22.5 degree abaft the stbd beam. Which light will you see.F1
HARINDER3-AUG-21Same question regarding ROUTEING CHART and the duration, i said 8-9 years, he said are you sure. I replied yes. He said explain me in detail tidal stream atlas and tidal diamonds. He said what is the name of your CTO (company training officer) i said i don’t remember his name but i remember that he is your friend. He started laughing. He said i wanted to praise him.F1
HARINDER8-MAR-21Lots of ror cards ( approx 12 15) ASD, Routeing charts. Ice navigation (in which Solas chapter) PV breaker diag. Deck seal diag. COW checklist . Static accumulator definition. Purging, SMC, ISM, Chapters of Solas, Chapter 5 of Solas and contents of it. Safe manning document, Tanker fixed firefighting requirements, IG contents requirements, Calculate foam firefighting capacity for your last ship Calculate CO2 qty required for engine roomF1
HARINDER5-JAN-21* Different type of contour setting on ECDIS * How do you set sector on ECDIS * Shallow water effects * 4-5 cards both day and night * Head on situation what will be your action. I said i will give 1 short blast and alter to Stbd the he said as soon as you altered to stbd you see a shallow patch on stbd now what. Cross questioned me a lot in this question but finally i answered what he wanted to hear i.e 360deg turn from port side (rule 2). * Gave me a situation in which my vessel was near an area of RV and wanted me to quote 19d. * Limitations of Radar * CATZOC, SCAMIN, wheel over point, turning circle * Formula for calculating squat * Sailing directions and how to update * Vessel reporting system * SOLAS chapter 5 * Inspires, AUSREP, AMVER * IAMSAR volumes and contents of volume 3 * Search patterns * What is datum point * Alarms on ECDIS * TRS origin, path, then gave me a situation like where will be navigable semicircle. * CBD, Ram, NUC, Not to impede definitions and sound and light signls of lots of vessels. * Taking over nav watch * ECDIS Presentation library 4.0 * S-57, S-62 * Passage planning and publications requiredF1 
HARINDER7-OCT-201. How to make deviation card 2. Reserve and emergency source of power, which chapter in SOLAS describes the specifications for them 3. Maximum gyro error 4. Maximum compass error 5. Is TSS mandatory ? Where is it written ? 6. ASD, how is it corrected, amendment file details 7. Routeing chart and update intervalF1 
IYYER9-JAN-19OVERTAKING AND HEAD ON ….BASIC Can you cross green to green in head on?What will be the distance you will maintain when you pass green to green How will you determine ROC ?Opened chart in which he had drawn a passage from one point to another ,and asked me whats wrong in this passage ? (Not following TSS)How you will join and cross TSS?Gave radar sheet with targets , asked how will u determine from which target roc exist ?Gave another sheet with targets , asked is this relative vector or true ? (Said true vector) then asked how will you determine roc ?(increase vector length )steering fail action ?from bridge can you use NFU mode ? Nd how ?aground vessel lights?tracing paper , whats the meaning of cross on it ? How wil you verify that you have aligned it properly ? (By checking nearby sounding)ECDIS , asked to utter whatever you know about it?TRS?No go area ?How to mark ?How to update ASD ?Section 6 of WNM ?Content if WNM ?Cardinal points Flag T and P notices Mob on port, action ?Gyro fail, action ?Rule 17F1 
JAIRAM12-DEC-19Asked abt last attempt Wht questions were wrong asked again Transverse thrust Vsl in Port nd fire in galley Squat Pilot vsl card ND trawler card Limitations of ecdis Rules 7&13 ALRS contents Preferred channel buoysF1 
JAIRAM11-APRIL-19Started with cards day signal and night Then some stn Fishing vsl port bow doing 2 knts Own vesl 4 knts As per aspect we are overtaking so increase speed and clear Then buoyage system. He put all the buoys asked me take vessel to berth. ASD, Chart correction. Last 2 years chart not corrected. Winter solstice u r at 40 lat. T alt of sun at mer pass? At anchor take over watch.F1 
JAIRAM8-FEB-19Cards – p/d vsl, cbd, fv Limitations of ecdis Sextant error, parallel indexing, wop and how to mark it on chart, abort point, how to do passage planning from point A to B, squat how to reduce it, diamond shape dimensions, cylinder dimensions, transverse thrust, gnomonic charts, difference between raster and vector charts, Indsar, iamsar, inspire, how to take over navigational watch… And many more…. But all easy one’sF1 
JAIRAM2-JAN-19What happened last time? Cards towing vl, Buoy cards, day cards, What is composite group flashing (2+1), Quote rule 13 and 15, 1 day card, IAMSAR and search patterns, Limitations of ECDIS, Aneroid barometer errors and how do u log it down and what data log down, How will u do coasting, squat, Bow cushion and bank suction, Transverse thrust, Errors of echo sounder, How do u conduct fire drill on ship, What is wake current?F1 
JAIRAM9-AUG-18How will I make passage plan. What publication u will reffer , and from where u get the info about them. What all things u mark on passage plan. Abord point. Parallel indexing explain practically. What is iamsar what info u get from it. Pilot vl cards each point nd action saperately. Region B preferred channel to port . Fire in fpk during loading cargo on tanker,all necessary immediate actions. Anchor dragging,action All alarms u get when Anchor dregg, Swinging circle. How to order Enc’s . Transverse thrust. Wake current. Skew wake. Conduct of vl in RV., In very precise way. Internal – capt. Behl Practically tell each and every thing ,prepare vl for departure as u hv joined the vl 2 hrs before departure.. cross questions.. testing of aldis lamp., What u check in course recorder ,nd what u adjust , echo sounder settings. Steering gear testing. Turning circle ,, Advance and tactical diameter of your all ship , calculate nd tell.. Situation- vl crossing from port to stbd ,, 1 St step 3 miles away , keep decreasing the distance continuously upto .5 miles , and then shallow patch on stbd ..guys pls don’t forget to call master in such situations ,,that’s ur passing point. Situation- on your port bow at one point target vl and u r overtaking and u hv your arrival port on stbd side ,in RV … 2 nd situation- Then he putted rough weather nd swell ,wind on port side ,action What is windage area,, Effect of windage area ,on turning Why bow of vl moves into the wind , Turning circle in shallow water ,small or large.. I said large ,then why,, Effect of shallow water on turning circle.. West cardinal mark without top mark ,every thing almost ..F1 
JB SINGH12-MAR-21Polaris star use, rule 14, met instruments , Echo sounder error, why long by chron in morning and intercept in evening , RV one vessel behind me  roc exist , I said alter to port or stbd , He said first you should say that other vessel will keep clear. Rh propeller which side turning circle is less and why. Limitation of ECDIS. 1st principle of navigation. Who controls GPS. How many full moon in 1 month. Why sound wave is used in echo sounder.F1
JB SINGH3-MAR-21Ror 19,8 (10 bhi poochta h mostly) Cards 3 Radar types (X and s) Sea n ground stablised mode Distress signal seen action Fire in galley action *Kuch twin propeller krke ship hota h usko Bina helm diye stbd kse turn kroge ?? Medical advice how ull seekF1
JB SINGH4-FEB-21Rational Horizon, Azimuth, Amplitude. How will you differentiate and Point out which is star and which is planet? How will you differentiate between Venus and Jupiter? What is good seamanship? NUC vessel RV signal Vessel aground RV singal Errors of echosounder with proper explanation Limitations of ecdis Why not long by chron in afternoon and intercept in morning? Noon sight in detail Rule 10,18,19,14 Head on situation in TSS Action? Rocket parachute on port bow action? Meterological equipment in details What is elongation. Wheelhouse poster in details Squat Long by chron Radio medical advice in detail Where will you find the patient vital form for reporting your medical request? CIRM? Colreg all annex name?F1 
JB SINGH13-FEB-201. What is wet moon? 2. How often full moon occurs in a month 3. IALA full form. 4. All parts of ROR 5. Rule 5,7,10,18,19. 6. What is advance? 7. What is stranding? 8. What is collision? 9. Error in Echo Sounder 10. Limitations of ECDIS 11. Action on seeing a distress signal. (Then he added up) in air. 12. How will you correct charts and publications? 13. Meteorological instruments on board.F1 
JB SINGH4-OCT-18Rule 2,5,7,10,15,34,how many total rules in ROR, annexes, annex 2,4,how many distress signal in annex4,action on receiving distress signal, are magnetic poles opposite to each other n why, RH propeller going ahead where bow will move, twin propeller RH and LH want to go hard stbd w/o touching rudder(RH give astern propulsion and LH give ahead propulsion),which method prefer LBC or intercept(LBC bcz it has single PL while itrcpt has 2 PL so accuracy will be more in LBC),met instrument(want to listen sea temp bucket also),stranding, ECDIS limitation, echo sounder error, ordinary practice of seamen (want to hear common sense).F1 
JB SINGH10-JULY-181) Limitations of gnomonic charts 2) long by chron ,intercept which one is better 3) mer alt 90° what does it mean 4) echo sounder error 5) if magnetic compass is not electric how does it is showing heading 6) rule 5 7) rule  10 8) cardinal marks top mark missing all….. 9) gyro principleF1 
JB SINGH5-DEC-17GPS: Why two GPS on Ship show different position? What is lee tide? What is blue moon? Which satellite GPS rejects? What is perigee tide? In Almanac why is equation of tide darkened? What are white boxes in almanac pages? What are ////? Circumpolar body? Example of one. Why does it occur in high latitudes? What is the declination of Sun today? Who is in Control of GPS? Sights. Rule 5 quote and explain. Simple situations. Pivot point. Bank effect. Squat. How to reduce squat? Met instruments onboard. MOB stbd. Rocket parachute sighted, action? How will you take radio medical advice? CIRM which manual?F1 
JB SINGH5-DEC-17-Red light in sky , action -Audible range of fog siganlling equipment for vessel less then 20m -Who can violate TSS -How will u take noon position -Are magnetic north and south exactly opposite ? And der position( he asked to find the position from google) -Why long by chron in morning and y not intercept? And y long by chron not in evening? -Conditions for celestial bodys azimuth to be in NE SE NW SW quadrant -Ur lat 20 deg ,my lat 19 deg 50″, will position line obtained by long by chron be same or diff and y? -What is perigean spring tide and its occurence. -Which side turning circle will be bigger in right handed propeller? -In twin screw ship, ur stbd propeller is RH and port propeller os LH. If u want to go hard stbd , how will u do without touching the rudder. -What do u mean by collision? -What fo u mean by flooding? -Tell me something about rule no.10F1 
JB SINGH15-NOV-17Why LBC in morn and intercept in eve How to get dec of mumbai,wy both gps onboard onbiard show diff posns, principle gos,errors of ecosounder Vdr reqs,lrit,mag comoass how it alters course,quote rule7,10,8 which vsl exwmpted in tss, annex1 disch. criteria sopep,solas marpol amendments after jan 2016, ror how many rule and annexes hiw many distress signal in annex 4, aground vsl sound signal in rv tats it.F1 
JB SINGH18-SEPT-17When is altitude maximum. What is perioligical spring tide. What is wet moon. Rule 2, 5, 7, 9, 10, 18, 19. Sound singnal of anchor and aground vsl. How to prepare muster list. Ecdis limitations. Ais. How many full moon occur in one month. Few more i dont rememberF1 
JB SINGH1-Sep-17Everything about Lbc and intercept like when you take Lbc and intercept, accuracy, formula, what will be difference if I calculate same sight by Lbc with 10′ difference in Dr lat and many more cross question. Azimuth amplitude definition. When you take amplitude and why. Visible horizon rational horizon prime vertical definition. Which sight you prefer for sight calculation and why. Quote rule 10, 6,9 and some situation in rv. At what depth of water you can launch free fall life boat. Tides spring neap perigean spring Lee bore. Chart and publication correction in detail. Four seamen joined along with you.  How will you prepare muster list, many cross questions When you will take star and moon sight. What is twilight and types of Twilight,  difference and which twilight you use.  How you get it. F1 
JB SINGH10-AUG-17*Have u ever taken sight? *You & i take same sight of same cel body , but we both are at different latitude say separated by 10′ will we both get same obs long? I gave ans  then  he agreed to it n started goin v deep in cel nav and  he started cross questioning * What is perigee spring tide? N in wht time is it again seen ? * What is spring, neap, lee tide? * What are the errors of echo sounder? He wanted all in detail n how do this error occur. *Where will u find velocity of sound in salinity correction for echo sounder? * Fw 1 is density n 1.025 sw density  then wat is 1.010 density water known as ? He dsnt want to hear dw or mixture of fw n sw. * How will u correct charts n publications n he wants in detail? Lots of cross questions on this *What is restricted visibilty? *What is rule 19 n then asked me to quote stopped me in between n then asked what is rule 5 n quote * what is 1st principle of navigation?F1 
JB SINGH24-JULY-17Sun’s bearing 070 degree what does it mean?  Sun’s bearing 130 degree what does it mean?  Sun is at ur meridian what does it mean?  What is perigee spring tide?  Errors of echo sounder?  What is salinity?  How much is the salinity?  Drawback of ecdis?  How many rules in ror?  How many annexes nd what r they?  Rule 2,5,7,8,9,10,13,15,19 U r OOW sighted distress signal (rocket parachute)  action??  Ur ship is twin propeller,  Port one left handed nd stbd one right handed..without helm turn ship to stbd Can you violate Tss? When? Give example  What is IAMSAR?  Tactical diameter?  Why u take long by chron in morning?  How to correct ASD? F1 
JHA15-OCT-17Whats is draft Given m a paper having draft mark of 2. 89 but i heared like 2. 99 then he he called a master candidate and made a big drama i was like ? And sail fun 2 is over for u i can’t give Fun 1 rule no2 5  then he stops i wants word to word And before i started but he keep shouting and end rule 6  i missed some word and he said enough i m nt going to give u anything go outF1 
JHA7-OCT-17How to correct charts. T & P corrections. How   u will obtain fr a chart nt use since 8 months. How will u determine ur enc is approved ecdis. Determine gyro error wat all methods. He said he took 3 brgs from3 diff lyt house he has gt corkd hat hw to determine postn now. steering gear alarms. Rule 13. 2 crossing situations and overtaking. Buoys few. Tactical dia. Pivot pt. Turning circle explain factors affecting it. Aspects def. F1 
JOHRI15-DEC-17His first question was quote me rule 10. • Quote- Rule 3,19,10,17 (he wanted to hear right until the end) • 20-25 night cards with all the probabilities & actions. • He drew 4 chart symbols on paper & asked me to identify. • IHO performance test of ECDIS with full procedure & checks. • Safety Settings on ECDIS • AntiGrounding settings on ecdis, told me to draw a diagram & explain how effective are the settings. • Bow Alarm Settings on Ecdis & again asked me to draw a diagram & explain. • Difference between INDSAR &    IAMSAR • When do you take star sight, then went in detail about the full procedure with star finder. • Setting up radar (Capt. Johri wanted this in detail) • Ducting & Spoking in radar,with diagram • Name of all 6 ALRS volumes & information contained in each of the volumes. • Draw Trackline search & explain in brief. • Formula for track spacing. • Action for TRS in dangerous quadrant. • Phasing in Echo Sounder, he asked to make a diagram & explain what makes Phasing different from Ranging. • Relative & True Vectors • Then Capt. Johri drew radar display on paper & gave me around 7-8 situations, including multi vessels & in between both of them were cross questioning on every answer.F1 
JOHRI14-JULY-17Rule quote 6,19 12 card (day/night)word to word action,fog Signal Sefety depth setting in ecdis GPS/DGPS Gdop explain Echo sounder error Variations/daviation defn Your company UKC policyF1 
JOHRI13-JULY-17About 10 cards Rules quote 7, 13, 15, 17, 19 Few CRB tasks WNTM contents Chart symbols Buoyage- S cardinal, preferred channel region B Navtex setup ECDIS settings for safety depth, contours Look ahead sector settings Methods of terrestrial posn fixing TRS approaching signs TRS avoiding action in dangerous SC Boxing of compass- W to SF1 
KHAMBATA10-AUG-21What is the diff between pos plotting and monitoring ( for monitoring- wants to hear methods like Parrellel Index etc) What is Ecdis management card What is gross UKC and net UKC How you’ll do Route check. After route check what you’ll do? (Wanted to hear check everything visually- each leg) What is spanning in gps Distress alert on HF what action? Spare magnetic compass stored face up or face down and why? Tell all lights of FV (including shooting/hauling etc) Trawler vessels engaged in pair trawling lights   Situations: Tug & tow >200m crossing stbd to port which rule and what action Sam situation same vsl crossing port to stbd. Why you will not give way considering that she is towing? I said she is not RAM Define RAM. What is meant by Overtaking as per ROR? A vsl is 40° abaft your beam, is she overtaking? Wanted to hear “coming up” & “with speed more than my vsl”.F1
KHAMBATA9-MAR-21Cards 7-8 including day cards boys and flags 3 situation overtaking TSS and restricted visibility. ECDIS scamming CATZOC safety parameter Passage planning Shallow water effect Errors of GPS. what is GDOP? Errors of Echo Sounder Pythagoras error in detail. Yours vessels underway in channel drops anchor accidently action? IAMSAR search patterns Calling master. What is safe speed don’t coat define me practically?F1
MAKESH7-OCT-17*Night card *If u see one pilot vessel ahead/ head on situation and u hear that Master is speaking to another pilot on VHF and that pilot telling to ur Master to plz alter course to port  then what u will communicate (ask)to Master? What action u will take? *how will u correct ASD correction? *what is eqn of time? *what AIO? *what is girthing of tug? *what is squat ? Main Factor affecting squat *what is turning circle ?advance? Tactical diameter *what is safety contour?F1 
MAKESH5-SEPT-17Cards towing  and ram mix, azimuth circle, manovering chart, Atlantic sea ship receive distress signal at 10 nm on which equipment u will receive the signal, difference  between  vhf and vhf DSC, equation  of time, what is this difference b/w true and mean sun why this difference  is there in b/w true and mean sun, 2nd officer duties under stcw, stcw rest hour, how u take azimuth on your last ship, some more I forget.F1 
MAKESH7-JULY-17ram+fishing cards. Ram vsl right ahead,  action, as per which rule . Asd correction( wht do u write in index pg of asd). Ecdis AIO. Squat , trim changes or not. Man overboard (told me to include -stop engines as well except all other steps) Then asked me u are a container vsl doing 40kts and MOB happens on stbd, will u give hard stbd ? Turning circle. Tactical diameter What is emcy stop (for engine) in which case u will use this emcy stop button ? Iamsar volumes, which one required for u ? Search pattern Good seamanship ? Rule 13 applies in RV ? Which all rules apply in RV ?F1 
MAKESH6-JULY-171. Passage plannning 2. Publication 3. Deep discussion in t&p and chart correction and asd correction 4. Squat (trim changes ) and detail 5. you are in area A3 and you see a vessel 10miles ahead in distress and you receive distress in HF, action ?  I Answered but he wants to hear something else After deep discussion I answered him i will not get distress in HF as that vessel is nearby and HF works with principle reflection form ionosphere else else. 6.  3 cards and all having actio alteration to stbd So his question was why to stbd not to port( I answered he to be safe side ,to clear starboard side else else-but not satisfied) He told me tell me ans in reference to ror And he gave me time to search ( later I quoted him as 8a satisfied ?) 7.  AIO 8. T&p correction manually on chart Few practical questions and he is really nice guy will give you hints to bring the ans outF1 
MANHAS5-SEPT-191 tss situation asked who is give way ,which i didn’t understand coz he was placing  own vsl(models) on his side asking frm his perspective  bt said vsl flowing TSS is give way vsl than he got angry n said i ll alw only 2 mistks thn we ll done and u did 1 already. aftr den 2-3 tss situations like cbd crossing fishing Nerrow chnl situation pd vsl crossing frm stbd he said tell me only who is give way only one word ans nothing more & Rv situations. like crossing frm port stbd, thn stbd vsl so close   thn insame adding more vsls what is Headup N Course Up display Why head up i there ? why magnetic n gyro  fail at higher latitude principal of gyro SquatF1 
MANHAS8-FEB-19Some situations in tss, narrow channel and in restricted visibility Few cards… Day and night both, course up and head up, SENC, ECS, abort point, squat, info in ships routeing, steering gear test, variation, why we  need deviation card, what is compass error.F1 
MANHAS4-OCT-18Cards, preferred channel to stbd what is colour n shape, squat, racon, ramark, pet sit crossing in TSS n narrow chnl, FV overtaking PD who is GW, towing vsl with 3 tow crossing from port side who is GW(own vsl as pr rule15), MOB in right side.F1 
MANHAS5-SEPT-182 situations TSS and Towing. Cards and bouys ( only identification ) Squat, Advance and transfer Rule 19, Principle of GPS Difference between head up and course up?F1 
MANHAS10-AUG-18Cards. About 5-8 wants everything plus cross questions on range of this light/dist betw shapes and lot more. Situations in narrow channel/TSS. Cross questions. Distance between shapes. AIO Gyrocompass principle. why gyrocompass does not work in higher lat. Errors of gyro. Why magnetic compass does not work in higher lat. Routine charts. Draw and explain in detail wind rose. How to interpret wind direction in wind rose. Cross questions. Abort point in detail. Metrological instruments. navtex. Range of navtex. Egc. And types of msg recieved. What are nav areas. How many. Difference between head up and course up. Diffrence between raster and vector charts. Squat. How to reduce squat.F1 
MANHAS8-JAN-18How will u take noon sight How will u obtain noon position Which method u use for taking sight in morning Y u use long by chron over intercept method. Scaming Situations in TSS n Narrow channel. You are PD vsl in TSS n Narrow channel , PD vsl crossing from stbd side , who is give way , who is stand on n action Quote Rule 5, Ecdis performance standardF1 
MANHAS7-OCT-17First told me introduce urself Asked generally same que. *like squat? Tactical diameter? *what is abort point ? *one overtaking situation as u r pd vessel and fishing vessel overtakes u what’s your action?F1 
MANISH5-JULY-21Started with intro ECDIS carriage requirements then where it’s given and all the other navigation equipment requirements where it’s given. Gyro errors and how will you find it. Example amplitude methods. Metrological equipment list and it’s use onboard. How will you know that TRS is approaching. And when it’s conform then what action you will take. North cardinal mark right ahead action. Isolated danger mark characteristics and action. One vsl on 3 points starboard bow action and how will you know that it’s power driver in clear day visibility. Quote rule 15, 7 and 8. Indsar and inspires and difference between then. And managed by whom. Can LED used in  sidelights(he said yes can use) Reserve source of battery and emergency generator and it’s duration. You received Undesignated distress alert action and how will you approach for rescue.F1
MANISH5-JULY-21ROR 2,5,7,13,15,16,17 quote and understanding with example. P.d vsl, cbd vsl, NUC vsl, fishing, relation between all this vsl and which rule to be used. ECDIS. Mumbai to china passage planning plot on ecdis. Taking over watch at night in TSS Call master, point wise and where to find these. How to check in acdis that the quality of ENC is not deteriorated. How to check Chart is upto date. Met. Equipment present onboard.F1
MANOJ12-SEPT-19What is WIG WeeKly NTM Use of updates to miscellaneous publications and admiralty digital products From where u will find search patterns 3 Cards (F.V. other than trawler, Aground vsl, Region B stbd hand lateral mark) How to update ASD not corrected for 1 yr Crossing situation ,Rv situationF1 
MANOJ7-SEPT-17Started with introduction Passage plan in short Asd how to correct V corrections D corrections Echo sounder eror name Wntm cntm antm mob action Situation own pd target pd on port bow Rv vsl frwd of beam fog signal Crossing ,overtaking Depth settings in ecdis Buoys cards Cardinal isolated danger Night cards trawlers fishing sailing towing Ram with obstruction pilot mine clearance I was quick in cards Almost 20cards totalF1 
MANOJ6-SEPT-17Passage planning.           Wheel over point & how to draw on chart             Give way vsl.                      Stand on vsl.                      Simple crossing situation. (PD vsl crossing from port)( in TSS sv crossing from stbd) pilot vsl day card isolated danger mark safe water mark region A & B preferred channel mark(cards)F1 
MANOJ KUMAR13-NOV-18Started With Rules Quote 5 ,7, 17 , 19 Explain Lookout and Constraint Imposed on Radar Range Scale Gyro Failure. Emergency Steering Gear Test. Safety Counter formula. Contents of Weekly Notices to Mariners. How To correct ASD? Isolated Danger mark and Safe water mark. Situations – crossing from Port Bow and Next 1 from Stbd Bow. -Hears Fog Sinal Forward of the Beam. Course 000°T and Sees -North Cardinal buoy 3 miles Ahead Explain NFU. Radar sea and Ground stabilised.. which 1 will u use in accordance to ROR Explain on scene co-ordinator duties in IAMSAR Relation between UKC and Squat.F1 
MANOJ KUMAR13-NOV-18Why failed last time? Ok so let’s start with the mistakes that you have done last time but didn’t ask anything. How to correct charts? Cumulative notices to mariners? Routing guide. How many routine charts and information from that? Which all publications give information about the sea, wind, currents etc. Which IAMSAR volume on-board and what information you get from IAMSAR Then said let’s test your ROR Situations 2 1. Ov PD and TV crossing from port to stbd 2. Ov PD and TV crossing from stbd yo port Both in open sea clear visibility. What are the duties of Standon vessel? What is the duty of standon vessel in RV? Quote 19d. What is squat? What is bow cushion? No Cards.F1 
MARKESH4-AUG-21Started with intro attempts and all INDSAR and INSPIREBarometer correctionManoeuverability: Tactical Dia, Trach Reach, Head ReachIAMSAR Search PatternCalling MasterTaking our watch.Rule 5, 13One card verbal only Single Red Light Right ahead.Az and Altitude definitionSome more questions from my previous attempts.Sound signals for plot vessel, NUC, RAMF1
MARKESH10-AUG-19-Started with random cards Cards of Trawler, NUC, CBD, Mine clearance -difference between shooting and hauling nets -rule 5,13,17,19 -two or three situations based on pdv crossing and overtaing in RV -passage planning -ASD correction in details -What all information on the ASD correction page(index) -GMDSS  u r in area A3 with all equipments working.. other ship also in area A3 with all equipments working and sending distress(ship is at 25miles).. on which equipments u will get the distress -sight basics -Equation of time -Phases of moon reason -Spring and Neap tides -conditons to have solar and lunar eclipses -why not every new moon/full moon is not having eclipse -ECDIS performance standard -SCAMIN, AIO, CATZOC -depth settings(safety contour and all) -WNTM, ANTMF1 
MIRANDA13-JAN-201. Make passage plan from Mumbai to Japan 2. East cardinal buoy 3. Sextant error 4. Eco sounder error 5. Buoys ballots law 6. What is squat 7. Banking effect 8. Best method to determine gyro error. Ans is by Transit bearing, leading lights 9. You see red flare on ur starboard bow, take action. 10. NUC cards, CBD cards, SAILING vessel cards, all on head on situation 11. What is aspect of the vsl 13. Man overboard, take action 14. What is head reach, track reach. And many more questions, but i don’t remember. 15. Asked whether i use to take error using sextant. I was honest with from the start and said no, because sextant for less reliable and gave much larger error as compared to azimuth bearing. 16. What is LRITF1 
MIRANDA13-DEC-191. Make passage plan from Mumbai to Japan 2. East cardinal buoy 3. Sextant error 4. Eco sounder error 5. Buoys ballots law 6. What is squat 7. Banking effect 8. Best method to determine gyro error. Ans is by Transit bearing, leading lights 9. You see red flare on ur starboard bow, take action. 10. NUC cards, CBD cards, SAILING vessel cards, all on head on situation 11. What is aspect of the vsl 13. Man overboard, take action 14. What is head reach, track reach. And many more questions, but i don’t remember. 15. Asked whether i use to take error using sextant. I was honest with from the start and said no, because sextant for less reliable and gave much larger error as compared to azimuth bearing. 16. What is LRITF1 
MIRANDA6-MAR-19Cards normal 2-3. Some situations, Rule 7. Signals. LRIT. INDSAR. Squat. Passage planning Echo sounder errors And one or two basic questionsF1 
MIRANDA9-JAN-19Corrections for sextant altitude of sun’s lower limb, publications for passage planning, errors of echo sounder, different ways to calculate gyro error, instrument for checking atmospheric pressure, what is anemometer used for, lights of vsl aground, simple ror cards, buoy cards, simple crossing situation, expanding square search diagram, turning circle diagram, advance, transfer, tactical diameter, squat, interaction with bank.F1 
MIRANDA14-FEB-18* Passage planning and publications to be used from mumbai to Brazil * contents of routeing chart and areas * contents of Asd * Wntm Listened full till i stop * approaching signs of trs * ideal conditions for trs * echo sounder errors.. asked specifically about pythagoras error * errors of GPS * day cards around 10, night cards around 5( all different, NUC , CBD, RAM, TOWING), lateral marks cardinal marks .. Previously interested in full details but after first 2 only he started changing as u identify it , he was showing these cards in his phone * tactical diameter, turning circle, transfer diagram and explain * squat * pivot point * how the frames are numbered onboard * bilge keel * sheer * what is the angle at which u will give intravenous injection (<25°), what all other types * draw sector search pattern and explain , on what basis u determine the datum * fire in galley , action * radio medical advice * LRITF1 
MIRANDA15-JAN-18Reason y couldn’t do in first.. Sextant errors and echo sounder errors and understanding.. Ways to find gyro errors n best to find .. Imsar patters nd draw one.. draw turning circle.. 2-3 situation port stbd crossing in C.V. cards…day night buoys.. Publication to passage. Red star dropping down at far stbd sky. Info in wheel house poster and some moreF1 
MIRANDA12-JAN-18Passage planning publications Cards-day/night. Sector search.  Advance transfer. Echo Sounder errors. ECDIS limitations, raster vector charts diff. Rocket parachute seen on starboard side action?F1 
MIRANDA11-JAN-18Errors of echo sounder Diff between raster and vector chart Draw any 1 search pattern Night cards- cbd, aground Day- sailing vsl propelled by machinery, nuc vessel Few situation of crossing and RV Action in case of collision Define aspect, How will u determine if ROC existF1 
MIRANDA7-DEC-17Intro,types of ships,cmpny,.. Showed lot of cards in his phone…just kept swiping..told to give action for two cards and after those,just swiped after i identified cards,cardinal buoys all mixed.publications for passage planning,what do you get from asd,then asked have you taken a sight, how to obtain semi diameter crctn for sun,signs of approaching trs,buys ballots law,errors of echo sounder,showed a card of sailing vessel propelled by machinery crossing and take action,squat,bank effects,turning circle, and many more..F1 
MIRANDA23-NOV-17Cards..night & day, Situations with rule, IALA, sound signal, passage plan, publications, Sign and action of/in TRS, Buy ballots law, barometer error, Ship sweat & precautions,  Error of gyro compass, echo sounder, IAMSAR datum,search pattern, Squat, draw, turning circle, Bank effect, and many normal questionsF1 
MIRANDA2-NOV-17Ask last question ask by the surveyor and what I had answer then started with how to detect TRS, You will get low pressure first or swell? Barometric tendency , 15-20 cards in his cellphone with avoiding acting by placing a vessel in front of his phone and just changing the cards, Expending square search, Wreak not safe for surface ventilation symbol, Wreck safe for navigation symbol, Lighthouse symbols, rock symbols, Publication use in passage planning.F1 
MIRANDA5-OCT-17Started with trawler v/l and fishing vl lights and Flags for trawlers (Z,G,P) day signal for trawlers ROR CARDS DAY AND NIGHT AS WELL FROM MOBILE ( 15 TO 16 CARDS) some only for identity and some with all actions GPS Errors Sextant Errors Eco Sounder Error Gyro Error which are methods to correct few more questionF1 
MIRANDA2-AUG-17Why did u fail last time? Passage planning from Mumbai to UK. Why GC passage is shortest? Currents prevailing this passage? 3 easy situations. One crossing in which my vsl stand on other vsl give way.. Told him the action. He asked when will u give 5 SRB?? I said at 2 miles.(As for vsl 200 m or more range is 2 mile). Then what is the range of sound signalling appliances? TRS, signs? Buys ballots law? In South china sea, Near TRS action? Lights of aground vsl, RAM vessel? Squat, Bank suction bow cushion, turning circle all definitions, Draw Sector search.F1 
MIRANDA2-AUG-17Why did u fail last time? Passage planning from Mumbai to UK. Why GC passage is shortest? Currents prevailing this passage? 3 easy situations. One crossing in which my vsl stand on other vsl give way.. Told him the action. He asked when will u give 5 SRB?? I said at 2 miles.(As for vsl 200 m or more range is 2 mile). Then what is the range of sound signalling appliances? TRS, signs? Buys ballots law? In South china sea, Near TRS action? Lights of aground vsl, RAM vessel? Squat, Bank suction bow cushion, turning circle all definitions, Draw Sector search.F1 
MIRANDA14-JULY-17Started with introduction. which company, whr do u stay and all. Asked Passage plan from India to UK Via Cape of good hope. what publication u will refer and why? how to check wether chart is corrected. what all info is there in weather chart. why require Charts when we have Ecdis onboard.Then some charts symbols like wreck, light house etc. wat all correction to echo sounder. then 10 to 15 ror cards. and also various symbols of weather charts which i have seen for the first time. some situations..crossing, overtaking, head on etc. what action when u see a red flare in the sky. various metrological equipments onboard and what r there uses. how will u take over cargo watch. Squat and its effect.some more cant remember but easy question…mostly one liner kind off.F1 
MOHIT12-SEPT-19Take over navigational watch in narrow channel Errors of GPS and Echo sounder HDOP, Pythagoras error in Echo sounderF1 
NAKHWA8-JAN-20Passage planning in detail (lots of cross question). When to reduce speed? What is no go areas? Difference bet AIS and LRIT. What’s d use of whirling sychromter? Overtaking situation. Draw the diagrams shown on wheelhouse poster and what information. What is the use of turning diameter, why we require that.Give example? Sopep drill. What is 7 barrel kit? Routing charts information. What is iwl in routeing charts? Muster card n location. How will u cross TSS? U r in crossing in TSS n der is set. Will you adjust your course. How will u cross. Definition sailing vessel, PDV, restricted visibility, underway. Explain 13 , 14 , 17 , 19. Speed effect on turning circle.  Which rule says  not to alter port? What error you will prefer in gyro.? Gyro principle. What makes gyro so useful ( wants to hear it’s a precision instrument and unaffected by magnetic field. How LRIT works? Who are parties authorised to access LRIT information?F1 
NAKHWA6-FEB-18Passange plan in detail and if your destination is change what you will do as a third mate. asd and chart correction, how you will receive nav wrng, rule 3,7,9,13,19 only explanation Card of trwler what is the use of tactical diameter, abort point, iamsar and two search pattern and chart symbol and oceanic currentF1 
NAKHWA20-OCT-17Passage plan in detail (why you do passage plan, who makes it who is responsible for it and plenty cross questions) how many watch levels, Squat, formula, factors affecting squat ,how to minimize it, Transit bearing, parallel indexing, Gyro and magnetic compass errors wheelhouse poster n what all info you get from it, turning circle draw, tactical diameter, why you need to know tactical diameter, Pressure drops by 5mb in your watch what all actions, Draw all search patterns, what is datum, Classes of fire,what’s the use of pilot bottle in Co2 fixed system…? How many parts in Ror, what is part E and F, Quote rule 13, 14,18, CBD, restricted visibility, which all rules says not alter course to port? Four stages of collision, How to do corrections in ecdis, types of charts in ecdis, are the symbols in ecdis same as for paper chart? How you know enc is corrected? Barograph, have you seen it on board , how does the drum move, what is barometric tendency? Checked my file, asked what happened last time? Sea and ground stabilization?F1 
NAKHWA18-OCT-17Passage plan in details with four stages, Ecdis planning .correction of ecdis How it is show that ecdis is updated for abt 15mins. Main purpose of passage plan Bridge and Met equipment onboard Barograph GPS DGPS in detail…WGS84 in detail Echosounder all error and pythagoras in details Manoeuvring data with wheel house poster pilot card and turning circle IAMSAR explain with all search patterns Routeing charts Ror rule 15 13 9 18 Explain rule 34 and 35 own words Safe water marks Cardinal marks Symbol for wreck dangerous to surface navigation Crossing overtaking and buoyage situationF1 
NAKHWA23-AUG-17Cards (air cushion, trawler, towing vessel) (tell exactly as written behind card), lights and shapes for nuc, fog signal for vessel at anchor more than 100 m (don’t forget to mention morse code R ), quote rule regarding cbd in rule 18, few situations, Follow up n Non Follow Up, how to take mer pass.? What does sun do exactly at merpass when viewed using sextant..? Grain hazards, spill from dg container on a person (MFAG), Maintenance of Powder type Extinguisher.F1 
NAKHWA17-APRIL-17Passage Planning all publications needed and cross questioning at every stage and according to which regulation passage plan is compulsory Bridge watch level (Tell him five levels and explain every level ) GPS and DGPS How does DGPS work DGPS accuracy WGS 84 datum explain Accuracy of WGS 84 Why does it not show exact location and why there is a slight error ( Ans:Earth is a sphere ) Magnetic compass and gyro errors explain every error Position fixing methods(Terrestrial and celestial ) ECDIS passage planning Quote rule 3,8,14,15,18 Cross questioning Crossing situation what all actions can you take and according to which rules Where is it written in the rules not to alter to port (14,17,19) Few cards North cardinal mark explain Few buoy cards Emergency drills frequency wants all the drills Emergency steering why is it done from the steering flat How does the rudder work Factors affecting turning circle of a vessel Crash stop manoeuvre explain and how to perform itF1 
NITIN8-APRIL-21How will u assist initial damage. Correction of ASD. Freeboard calculation factors. Headon situation with nuc is overtacking take action. Sailing vsl crossing port to stbd another vsl so close to stbd side take actio. What is rigidity? What is phasing?F1 
NITIN2-FEB-21What is zig zag curve How to make deviation card How to correct chart catalogue How to correct sailing directions Fog signal for aground vessel How land lead lines are made, what are the markings on it.F1 
NITIN7-JAN-214,5 cards towing ligt vl towing more than 100m tow, Crossing situation, head on situation in rv during sit quote related rules, Squad sector search in detail, How will u come to know your ECDIS updated errors of echo sounder only name contents of Chart catalog where did u find distance, Routing chart, Man over board take actionF1 
NITIN2-JULY-19Short introduction and started with function 1 Started with cards approximately 7/8, cross questioning,justification for action,dimensions of day signals. Ship models ,crossing situation Ram and CBD. Gyro failure Vessel in Singapore strait and steering failure Fire in steering flat ECDIS correction What if no internet on-board, method of correction. How navtex warnings to amend on ENC How T and P correction is amended on ENC How to correct SENC which uses WGS 72? Which geodetic datum is used in ECDIS? Why? What is concerning factor of accuracy when using ECDIS? Dual Fuel? Why it’s required? Back up requirement? Autopilot working . Controlling unit? Yaw control? When to be used? Correct setting Follow up and non follow up Which correction more convenient, paper chat or ECDIS? You are second mate, master tells you to seek medical advice. Weekly test of GMDSS equipment Abort Point? No return point? Which will come first? What is your understanding of ship routing system? Why it is required?F1 
NITIN11-FEB-19Quote Rule 13, 19 n explain in ur own words. You see a vsl aground ahead action. Annex 1 vertical desperation. You see rocket parachute flare and stbd bow ,take action in absence of master. How will you that ur VDR is not recording data.6)what is squat and factors affecting it. Turning circle in details.F1 
NITIN9-JAN-19Asd Correction, Asd not corrected 2-3 years Chart correction, Mob action Magnetic compass and Gyro working principal, Gyro error Maneuvouring Characteristics, IAMSAR , and latest amended and patterns taking over watch Rule 6, Ram vsl  and Cbd vsl definitions Rule 19, Rule 13, Fire onboard – urgency message, Annexure 4- distress signal, Situation 10-15, On scean coordinator, Most of Cbd and TSS, South cardinal mark heading 0° East cardinal mark heading 270°, F/v at anchor. Dredger at anchor, Quote role 35, Performance standard of ARPA.F1 
NITIN5-NOV-18Started with cards, fv cards, ram vsl cards, buoys, Situations-crossing, head on, rv, rule 19 ECDIS limitations, ECDIS Alarms, Echo sounder error, how to correct ASD, Passage plan, passage plan on ECDIS, TRS signs, smelling grnd, squat, entries in official log book, How to correct charts, information from routeing charts, IAMSAR which volume on ship, meteorological warnings from where will u get?F1 
NITIN5-OCT-18Fishing vsl at anchor light, quote rule no 2,14, smelling ground, pyrotechniques on bridge, annex 4, static & dynamic data in ais, is ais use for collision avoidance, which info in ais use for avoiding collision- i told everything but he was not satisfied..F1 
NITIN5-JULY-18Was in angry mood.. Say to sit Rapid fire Annex 4 distress signal Cbd day mark and dimension Cbd deffination Rocket flare seen action Fishing vessel at anchorF1 
NITIN10-APRIL-18Gyro errors, why on high latitude prb with gyro, 9-10 chart symbols, making of deviation card in detail.. what precaution to be taken, ETA requirement, Passeneger ship bridge equipment requiremnt for vsl more than 100 grt, TRS, Pyrotechnics on bridge, cards on SV nd FV, anchor sound signal, pilot sound signal, Cardinal mark, safe water mark light rhythmF1 
NITIN10-APRIL-18Started with sextant as I was not able to explain sextant last time 1 errors of sextant and how u will correct onboard 2. Situations on ror 10 based on 14, 13, 10, 8, 15 and rv 3. Safe speed explanation and how much will u alter so that it is readily apparent to other vessel … Expects course in value.. 4 contents of iamsar… All 3 turns explanation in detail and which turn to be used in rv for mob. 5. Pivot point, transverse thrust, interaction, bank suction effect squat turning circle head reach and track reach.. 6. Ecdis limitations and how to update ecdis … Brief about catzoc.. 7. U see helicopter crashing in front of you action… 8. No cards and didn’t ask to quote any rules since he was happy in situation….F1 
NITIN12-OCT-17Started with intro…was in good mood asked for exn sheet Asked how was ur external.. Quote rule 14 Few night n day cards around 7-8 Safety message starts with. Draw and explain turning circle Chart symbol wreck and quarantine anchorage What is tackline?( i dnt know… he said nobody answr me this ques since i came to mumbai)F1 
NITIN16-AUG-17-Card preferred channel to starboard in region B and towing vessel -Temperature correction of Barometer -Why gyro doesn’t work in high latitudes -Pyrotechniques on bridge -Quote Rule no 13 -Difference between WOP and PONR -MOB action -You are seeing red flare on your stbd side what is your action -Ideal conditions for TRS formation -Chart symbols: Wreck over which wire swept and wreck dangerous for surface navigation -How to correct ASD not corrected from last 3 years -Vertical Spacing between shapesF1 
NITIN16-AUG-17-Card preferred channel to starboard in region B and towing vessel -Temperature correction of Barometer -Why gyro doesn’t work in high latitudes -Pyrotechniques on bridge -Quote Rule no 13 -Difference between WOP and PONR -MOB action -You are seeing red flare on your stbd side what is your action -Ideal conditions for TRS formation -Chart symbols: Wreck over which wire swept and wreck dangerous for surface navigation -How to correct ASD not corrected from last 3 years -Vertical Spacing between shapesF1 
NITIN9-AUG-17IAMSAR. Rule 19,13 Cards ram, towing, nuc, aground Vertical spacing of lights Horizontal spacing of lights MOB action only 5 but in sequence Fire in galley action Day signal of nuc, ram and spacing between them IMSAR volume 3 contents Squat in detail Chart symbols (wreck) How to take medical advice in detail How to correct ASD Where to log down ASD corrections Contents on the correction page of ASDF1 
NITIN3-MAY-17Charts corrn. Routeing charts. Factor’s affecting squat. When to call master. If master not there whom to call. Nuc making way lights. Aground vsl and nuc night cards.F1 
O. P. YADAV21-SEP-17Rule no 4, Rule no 28 quote Positioning of navigational lights Aground vsl fog signal Describe Ram lightsF1 
O. P. YADAV11-MAY-171) Ship of 200 mtrs length aground fog signals 2) Rule no 4, 5 explain 3) State rule no 28… cylinder dimensions 4) Pd/Vsl underway lenght 200 mtrs, breadth 30 position of nav lights 5) Situatuon:  Powerdriven vessel and cbd crossing 6) How will you assess the risk of collision? 7) Few more…F1 
O. P. YADAV12-APRIL-17Rule no 4,28 cote 5 to 10 card fog signal vessel 200 m, pilot vessel at anchor annex 1 full, S cordial buoy,safe water mark, specification cbd light and shapes, vdr requirement, radar limitations, bank effect, squat with formula, alrs volume  and situation in rv cbdF1 
O. P. YADAV12-APRIL-17Rule 4, 11, 28 (28 word to word ) No cards Situations?: crossing, CBD in narrow channel and few simple situations. Vsl aground lights and sound signals CBD day and night Signals CBD Cylinder Dimensions Horizontal positioning of lights. Which vessel can alter to port in RV(he wants hear rule 19 own words)F1 
O.P. YADAV14-JUNE-17Started with intro then asked are u comfortable now, i said yes then he said ok we will start with ror…Quote rule 28 word by word Cylinder Dimension,( in this i said length in place of height, he got angry he said dont change the words otherwise whole meaning become different ) Rule 4,5,7 Vessel length 200 m & breadth 30 m what will be the horizontal & vertical spacings of all nav. Lights & as per which annex 2 situations (simple one) 2 pd vsl head on & 2 pd vsl crossing lights & day shape of CBD Lights of fishing vsl at anchor duration of prolonged blast & many more simle & easy questions which i cant remember (No cards or passage plan or meteorology or bridge eqpts)F1 
O.P. YADAV11-MAY-17No intro . Started with rules ..quote rule 4 & 28. Sound signals of vessel aground 200 m in length. Ror annex 1 in detail . How will u take noon sight ..practically wot u do onboard.. How will u navigate in TSS Safe water mark .. What is squat U r cbd . One pd vssl crossing from stbd side . Risk of collision exist . Take actionF1 
OAK5-JULY-21Wants no mistake in ROR Lights and shapes of dredger with obstruction,NUC,RAM,Aground,Anchor, Mine clearance.what is fore yard. Fog signals aground, anchor. Vessel on stbd bow even less then half point seen both side Lt. and both masthead Lt. – types of vessel, which rule apply, action. Same question with 4 point stbd bow. Dredger end on with obstruction on its port side sighted right ahead action. Routeing charts content,Iamsar and all search patterns,all Meteorological instruments with their uses. What is barometric tendency and its significance. Buys Ballot’s law, Errors of Echo sounder, isolated danger  buoy and action when sighted while entering channel, heading 000 north cardinal buoy sighted ahead action,when exiting channel in region A which buoy on stbd side.F1
OAK13-APRIL-21Cards (night) trawling n towing Card (day) NUC, ram only identification Chart corrections how to know whether they are updated or not Rule 6, 5. Flags All buoys with cards. He has all bouy with top mark missing so first identify it EPIRB working INDSAR boundaries n reporting procedure Chart symbol Cy Training manualsF1 
OAK11-MAR-21Flag G. Few Buoys and cards. Situations and lights (wanted me to quote). Arpa performance standard and where will u find it. Find ETA from present day noon zone +2 to zone 0 if time left is 144hrs (answer +6days 1000). Navigation equipment that have emcy gen supply. How to test GMDSS? P/R rescue. Galley fire action. EPIRB accidental activation action. Time delay between EPIRB activation n signal transmissions. What is Camber?F1
OAK11-MAR-21Mob action in sequence, How will you take over navigation watch at Night, both ECDIS failed action, how will you correct chart on ECDIS, content of routine chart, how many routine chart and for which areas, passage plan from Singapore to mumbasa, what all publications you will use and their content in brief, 8-9 night n 3 day cards, head on situation with another vsl on my stbd beam, company UKC policy, master standing order and night order difference and few more.F1
OAK11-MAR-21Mob action in sequence, How will you take over navigation watch at Night, both ecdis failed action, How will you correct chart on ECDIS, content of routine chart, How many routine chart and for which areas, passage plan from Singapore to Mumbasa, What all publications you will use and their content in brief, 8-9 night n 3 day cards, Head on situation with another vsl on my stbd beam, Company UKC policy, master standing order and night order difference and few more.F1
OAK4-MAR-21which company u from? Quote : rule 6 , 7 How will u know the visibility outside in RV? ( Open sea ) Placed buoys and asked to determine and action:  1. Lateral port mark reg A                   2. Safe water mark how will u identify at night. 3. East and West cardinal buoy top marks and light .   Situation: RV : u are PDV u hear fog signal of another on port bow. Action? Vertical separation of mast headlights full he wants to hear. Day mark of trawler hawling nets. Diff between NUC and Aground vessel. What u know abt vertical separation of sidelight of fishing vessel. Flags : G P. Meaning of flag P How to name azimuth : lat 10deg N. Dec 10 deg S. ( He wants u to show on rational horizon diagram.) ETA CALCULATION: u are 144hrs and ZT +0200 . Find ETA to reach GMT. Gyro error 2deg High, u want to steer 125deg T. What is your current heading? How to participate in INDSAR? erorrs of echo sounder. Tell me how to set up NAVTEX before u begin to sail. Phasing signal? How to correct a chart normally. Hw many nav areas in the world? India comes in which Nav area? What is AIO? How to put it in Ecdis? What is 133 c ? How does it look and contents.F1
OAK9-NOV-20Kept lateral mark in front and asked action. Kept west cardinal buoy on table. my vessel is on easterly coast and this buoy is right ahead. Action LRIT Safe water buoy. How will u recognise it at night(wanted to know the light it exhibits. Isolated danger mark light. During watch you see dotts in a line on the radar, what will you call it and action. FLAG GOLF (G) DESCRIBEF1 
OAK10-SEPT-201. What information you get in admiralty chart catalogue 2. How many routeing charts? Name all Regions? At what intervals they publish? 3. Name all Publication used for passage planning. 4. What all thing’s you see on your ECDIS screen. 5. How do you update ENC? 6. Cards: Dredger/ uwo with restriction, FV, pair trawler, mine clearance vsl, preferred channel to stbd 7. You are in Singapore strait, what all will be the shallow water effect on your vsl. 8. You joined a ship where 2nd officer has not corrected charts for two years, how will you go about it? 9. At what intervals CNTM are published. 10. You are on night rounds inside accommodation, you see smoke coming out of room action? 11. You are on cargo watch on tanker, no 2 tank catch fire action? 12. What is Deck Seal?F1 
OAK9-DEC-19-Many cards.  Mostly was nuc and aground , and trawling ,etc – how to calculate eta – Cbd definition. – Flags : G H W P Z   L – What is rational horizon – Lat 24 s dec 18n draw and show on rational horizon diagram where will the sun rise. – What is EcdisF1 
OAK14-MAR-18IALA bouys and their characteristics. Rule 8 quote. Gave me value of lat and dec of sun and asked to show them in rational horizon diag. Naming of amplitude. Various alarms on bridge. M notices MS notices. Parts of MS notices. Latest MS notice. INDSAR and it’s use. INDSAR reporting area limits. Harvest moon. Correction of ASD. Electrician fell down in pump room. Action. What is front. Barometer corrections and how to apply them. Steering gear tests. How to cancel inadvertently sent distress alert through EPIRB which publication to refer for frequencies. Sart test.  Frequencies of x and s band radar. Frequencies of hf.  What maintenance to carry out in gmdss. Battery on load off load.F1 
OAK8-MAR-18Rule 18 ,8,6, flags A,C,Y,second substitute, F. few cards and cardinal mark, you are in +0200 zone time today noon & going to west uk 0000 zone time in 144 hrs – wat Eta to give, tidal stream on chart, publication on board n logbook, INDSAR and it’s coverage area, wreck symbols, publication contents, IMO performance standard for ecdis, squat,F1 
OAK17-DEC-17Rapid fire questn. 25 card nuc ram trawler fishing vsl all aspect card. Non displacement vsl card. Crossing situation rule Action if u c a vsl crossing you. Identify west cardinal buoy and its light. Port hand buoy region B action. How you know visibility us dropping you action? How to take sight how u tak merpass? How you handover brdg watch? What is angel of repose? Contents of IMSBC. What is subsadary risk? Cargo hold on fire general cargo ur action as 3/o. Where is manual call point present to raise alarm? How to take over cargo watch? TLV  LEL TML. Lashings of container Asked me what all vsl u did. Than asked alarms of IG system. Contains of stability booklet. Data in hydrostatic book let. Rescue boat requirement. Gmdss portable radio requirement  battery expiry date On load off load test where you do why you do what will you do if you find batteries faulti. Daily test on dc vhf. What are log books you had on board What data in ships log book/mates log bookF1 
OAK15-NOV-17Quote rule 8.. Preffered channel to port region b explain… Safe water mark identify and explain West cardinal Mark without top mark identify and action to be taken? Wat are alarms on bridge, Trawler Shooting nets day and night signal? Aground vessel day and night signals? Echo sounder errors Squat and factors affecting it?F1 
OAK20-OCT-17Quote Rule 6 Trawler shooting nets day signal Cbd vessel lights and shapes Preferred channel to stbd region B Characteristic of Safe water markF1 
OAK26-SEP-17Passage planning. Cards (fishing, trawler, cardinal,isolated) Inspires. Rule 6. Ms notice. Imsar vol 3. Handing over anchor watch.. Fire in galley.. Echo sounder control. Taking over navigational watchF1 
OAK21-JULY-17Started off with cards 5 6  only 1 st line 3 4 full cards, 3 4 day cards I was very quick in cards so he was impressed Next regn b stbd preferred I started to draw so he stopped me and said answer verbally Isolated danger buoy card with action How will you identify pilot vessel in rv I said 4 short blasts and ais He said without ais what else So i said pilot vsl also sounds sme as pd 1 prolonged thats what he wanted to listen How will you identify cbd ,nuc by day and action What is noon chit??  I said never heard of it , he said 12 o clock and all so i said yes noon report,  few cross questions on it You are at -0200 going west to uk 0000 , 144 hrs to go,  what eta will you give?? Gyro failure, how will you steer?  Lots of cross questions on it Tidal streams,  i explained,  he wanted info on how to read that table of tidal streamsF1 
P.C. MEENA15-NOV-19(Asked personal info, intro then asked what happened in previous attempts that I could not clear. *Told him honestly that I cant by-heart ROR, so he nodded*) *Explain* rule 10 (own words?) * What do you mean by blocks, how are they used ? *Cancelling false distress alert. *ASD Correction practical procedure from beginning to end.F1 
PANIGRAHI5-JULY-21Rule 6 & 19 quote Situation Rule 15 – Own vsl p/d on a Northerly course another p/d vsl approaching from the port side on an easterly course, action in sequence Passage planning on ECDIS Safety contour No. of publications in ASD & ALRSF1
PANIGRAHI12-FEB-201. Explain rules in own words, 2,4,6,7,8,10,18,19 2. Ecdis in own words, limitations 3. Iamsar vol 3, Annex 4 signals 4. Dredger, mine clearance cards 5. Rule 19 in detail, errors of echo sounder 6. Why failed last time 7. Action on groundingF1 
PANIGRAHI12-NOV-17Rule 10 – word to word till the end he heard  , he had the rule in front of him n had a finger on each word as i said it. Then rule 13. Rule 8. Then asked annex 4 quote. Describe flags a to z – i started to draw he said describe verbally  n meaning of each flag. When i reached flag G he asked another question. Then said quote rule 34 . I only new the 1st point word to word n luckily he asked another question b4 i finished. Alrs all volumes in detail. WNM contents Asd what u find, Fire in accommodation. Squat and bow cushioning. All dsc frequencyF1 
PANIGRAHI11-NOV-17Quote rule 10 19 13 15 (complete rules) Isolated danger mark and safe water mark( wants to hear everything) Mine clearance night card Fire in accomodation..action as OOW (wants to hear raise alarm in very beginning) Prompts us to give more n more points Flag a-z complete Wants to hear quoting of rules…thats where u can impress him and much more..cant recallF1 
PANIGRAHI11-NOV-17Contents of wnm , how many routeing chart and purpose , 2-3 cards ram and nuc he want action ,error of echosounder , flags meaning(a-z) here I don’t remember whole then he told what happen ? Quote rule 19 ,10,9,8,13 (rules he want word to word), explain south cardinal mark, meaning of occulting, isophase, flashing (pet question ), indsar,iamsar , contents of alrs vol ??F1 
PANIGRAHI23-SEP-17Rules 6,8,9,10,13,19 NTM Safe water mark Isolated danger mark Cards. Flag meanings allF1 
PANIGRAHI16-Sep-17Quote rules 6,8,13,17,19… Buoys explain all with lights and colours… Weekly notices to mariners… Alrs volumes… Chart correction… Sat c usage and setting… Epirb and Sart.. nav warning through navtex….isophase.. occulting… flashing..trawler lights… Flags meaning of P..R…X..C.. Sopep.. TRS formation signs and to avoid trs.. Radar IMO standards… Morse code of L,Y,J,B.. IAMSAR volume 3…F1 
PANIGRAHI2-Sep-17Flags a-z. Rules 8,9,10,19 Annex iv distress signals. Asd Wnm contents. Squat & bank suction Safe water mark. Isophase,occulting,flashing Fire in engine room. General emergency alarmF1 
PANIGRAHI16-AUG-17-Quote Rule no 9,19 -Iamsar -ASD -Where to keep fairway buoy when entering narrow channel -Safe water mark -Lights of pilot vl at anchor -Squat -WNMF1 
PANIGRAHI16-AUG-17-Quote Rule no 9,19 -IAMSAR -ASD -Where to keep fairway buoy when entering narrow channel -Safe water mark -Lights of pilot vl at anchor -Squat -WNMF1 
PANIGRAHI6-JULY-17-quote rule 8, 9 ,10th,13 -flags from A to Z – what is isolated danger mark, safe water Mark,special mark with its characteristics and rhythm -diff between code and convention..(this question he  asks  many no of times.) -Which side to pass if u see safe water mark in narrow channel ( u will keep it port side and go stbd of it..) – what is meant by isophase occulting and flashing -three situation easy one. -contents of weekly notices to mariners – what u will do if u see north cardinal ahead of u..?( stop the vessel inform master and reverse the course..!) -sound signal of anchor aground vessel.F1 
PANIGRAHI5-JULY-17Isophase and occulting meaning Rule 9 10 19 & 8 Squat and bank suction Fishing vessel and sailing cards Iamsar, asd,routeing charts,weekly notices to mariner contentF1 
PANIGRAHI15-MAY-17GPS errors echo sounder error occulting  isophase rule number 8 9 10 12 18 19 28 all half only General emergency alarm Isolated danger mark safe water mark lights also he was keep asking but didn’t listen your answers Asked all previous questions…. Man overboard in r v Technical details of Annexe 1 Where does a ror apples Turning circle full explanationF1 
PC MEENA10-AUG-21What is ROR? When it came in force in India Sound signals intensity & frequency Height above the hull, some ships have higher decks in forward, is it above that deck? Vertical sectors are for all lights(sidelights,stern/towing)? Or only masthead lights Pilot signal and given in which rule. Which paragraph?F1
PC MEENA4-AUG-21overtaking suitation Towing light 3 vessel u r  osc .. How will u do parallel sweep search. Draw Diagram and in detail explainF1
PC MEENA11-NOV-191. Difference in rule 6 and rule 19 2. 19.B What saying. . . 3. Situation with FV (Right ahead) . . And crossing situation with 2 PD vessel. Soo much of cross questioning in this two situations. 4. All about ur manoeuvering characteristics, turning circle,advance , tactical diameter . . . 5. Contents of pilot card 6. How to do correction of digital publication. 7 . What is 133c. How to use it ,how is look like ( 133c n digital publication his  fav que ,he will ask u to explain it clearly)F1 
PC MEENA11-DEC-18What are the default setting of safety contour on ECDIS, when you haven’t provided any Input Vessel exactly 22.5 degrees abaft the beam , take action. Two vessel on nearly reciprocal courses , what situation? And action Now same vessel on 1 point , you can see both the masthead lights and sidelights , take action. Vessel on 4 points , you can see both the masthead lights and both the sidelights , what does it mean. Ecdis performance standards.F1 
PC MEENA7-SEPT-18Digital publications used for passage planning. Narrow channel headon situation u r departing from berth, pilot may or may nt on board , tides opposite to ur vsl , take action. What u will do if u r overtaking in a Narrow Channel. Rule 34 As per IGC Code Scuppers should be plugged or not. As per IGC Code Continues flowing of water is recommend or not on your vessel while cargo operations. (Vsl.sailed LPG ) Primary means of venting Secondary means of venting Both of them asked some more can’t recollectF1 
PC MEENA9-AUG-18Around all symbol of storms where vl display this symbol on port Different between rule 2 and 18, different between rule 6 and 19 , Ecdis data presentation, digital nautical publication Finally he asked me regarding vdr which I didn’t answer so he told me come tomorrow find out all details regarding vdr he wrote pass on my exn sheet bt kept tht with him only today morning I report him at 9:30 he called me inside 11 o clock and asked what is the use of vdr Dnt know the answer of this 2 question who vl retrieve info frm vdr after collision and is coastal navy What vl do with vdr??F1
PC MEENA13-JULY-181. Contents of routine charts….i told all but he wanted to here something more 2. what is pilot card 3. what is master pilot information exchange and when u use it 4. Manoeuvring characteristics of ur last vsl 5. how many navarea I answered 16 but he told there is revision to that….india in which Navarea 6. how many IAMSAR volume what is volume 1 and content of volume 3 which one to carry onboard 7. How to do passage planning.F1 
PC MEENA3-MAY-18How to knw our ecdis charts r updated, how to shw psc tht ecdis charts r updated, ecdis performance tests, how  to use digital nautical publications, how to correct paper charts not corrected fr 3 years nd also hw to correct them without using cntn, 133c contents.F1 
PC MEENA1-JAN-18You have vessel on your starboard beam fog signal increasing action in rv. Headon situation and you have fishing vessel on your starboard side action, vessel coming from 22.5 abaft the beam action, 2 and 4 points on your stbd bow a vessel take action. Lateral and cardinal bouy identify with top mark missing,identify flags, interco, night cards, ecdis alarms iho standards and settings how you will check iho standard onboard, collision your action.F1 
PRAMOD KUMAR15-NOV-19Crossing, overtaking, RV situations. Fog signal heard on stbd bow radar working by cannot detect on radar action. GPS principle, Factors affecting turning circle Squat and interaction Distance btwn vertical lights in RAM lights and shapes, RAM vsl at anchor lights Pivot point, ships routing, Aground vsl fog Signal, TRSF1 
PRAMOD KUMAR4-NOV-17-Crossing situation take action. (i was stand on) -3 RV situations. -In one situation of RV i answersed take all way off.. he asked what changes in regards to Navigational aspect.( fog signal will change to making Way) -Head on situations. -Overtaking situation.( my plam was my vessel, his plam  was his vessel)? -In some situation i have to give 2 answers when radar operational and wen radar not operational. -Rule 35 to quote -Rule 19 d  and 19e part quote -Rule 8 quote c and d part. -Fishing vessel crossing from stbd side ur Action? -Rule 7 quote. And explain d(i) and situation based on that. -Vertical spacing of day signals. -Vertical spacing in lights in RAM lights. -North Cardinal mark on bearing 000 deg action? -Engine failure at 0300 hrs , U r on watch. Which all lights will u switch on and which all switch off. -Safe water mark -Isolated danger mark -IALA region A and B. India comes in which region. -Sector search diagram. -What is GPS basic principle -What will happen to pivot point when going astern. -What is Advance -ECDIS ke baare me kuch batao -Alarms on ECDIS. -BNWAS -Whistle audible range for 150m vessel -Methods for compass error. -Explain procedure by Azimuth -Passage planning from Mumbai to Singapore- only name of publications to refer. -Routine chart information -And last INSPIRES.F1 
PRAMOD KUMAR4-NOV-17Phases of moon PON, then heading 180 see south cardinal buoy action How to measure dew point 1 fv card Performance standard of ecdis gps errors no ror no situationF1 
PRAMOD KUMAR21-OCT-17no rule to qoute no card no iala no cel nav. One crossing, one head on with fishing vessel, forward of beam fog signal rv, overtaking in rv, crossing in rv all normal he wants the points according to which rule it applies and action.F1 
SANTOSH26-APRIL-21Sketch of steering gear system Buoyage cards.. Lateral, preferred channel to port ( both region). Rule 15 Situation. 1.own vessel is a pdv , target vessel is on ur port bow action?. Answer.. First check aspect.. Then determine roc exist or not.. If exist to attract the attention.. Still she is not taking action… As per rule 17 .. Take action. 2.own vessel cbd on stbd bow nuc vessel action.. Answer I said determine roc exist or not.. If exist.. Inform master.. Then he asked me wat is ur action.. I said as per rule 18 d I’ll take action.. Speed should be reduced or take all her way off. Passage planning in winter.. Nuc, cbd vessel lights.. Wat is ship reporting system.. Answer I said.. Ship reporting means information should be gather, collect and exchange..then he asked to master candidate.. We’re it is written.. He did nt answer.. So question passed to me.. I said in Solas chapter 5 reg 7.. Then he asked about INDSAR, inspire, AMVER.. Is it mandatory or not… I said indsar is mandatory for Indian vessel… Forging vessel it’s recommended.. LRIT, VDR, Equipments for polar water, Pinciple of AIS. ROR annex 1 .. Spacing of lights. Difference between MRCC and RCC. What is VTS? Mob action as a duty officer.. How to test EPIRB, SART? Final question in fun 1 .. He asked about star sight.. How will u take.. When will u take.. Which twilight u will use.. I said end of nautical twilight and beginning of astronomical twilight.. Graphical representation of star sight..F1 
SANTOSH13-NOV-19RULE 14, 19 quote, Situations, CBD vessel (day n night signals ), RAM vessel ( day and night signals ) , vessel dragging anchor  action master and mate ashore, vessel aground , disabled vessel , vts and vtms , LRIT , AIS , ECHO SOUNDER .F1 
SANTOSH7-NOV-19Self introduction. What is status till now of my exams? Busy man, IAMSAR patterns how to approach? How to call in that situation? Same questions because i done wrong in AIS & LRIT explanation. Mob action Main engine failure action. Fog signal. Distress signals. Sight calculation. Sight fix how will u get. Different ror cards & cross questioning nice guy.. Too much work for him he calling in then out. Straight forward speaking god man.F1 
SANTOSH13-NOV-18LBC FORMULA Main Engine Failure Duties in Normal And Restricted Visibility. Vertical position of shapes. NUC Day and Night Signals. Fog Signals of PD Vessels. Different Modes of Steering.F1 
SANTOSH15-JUNE-18We were 2 2nd mates n 2 FM Started with intro, company , written exams cleared*, For we 2m asked which all fixed fire fighting system had on board draw! My self co2 n other 2nd mate (fazal Tambe) Was told to draw foam- asked to explain each n every things drawn including valves ,lines, which place it was there on board ,including capacities. Since ext had asked rule 5 . Gav one situation- 1)u r PD vl n on Ur 4points stbd bow u hav nuc crossing open sea good visibility- Though I said as per rule 18 my responsibility to keep clear ,1S blast alter S and Pas her stern n keep clear. Asked other 2nd mates n FM whether he is right or not. 2) same. Situation y not alter to port.? 3)same situation now he asked as per lookout what u will do? How you verify whether its NUC say 6 miles off? Basically he wanted to hear use of all available means ( ais, radar,wakes, back trails,) Cross question how in ais? Day signal for nuc? What lights she will exibhit? When making way n stopped? Distance between two all round lights in vertical line?F1 
SANTOSH DARODKAR23-July-17– u frst tim as thrd no chif no captain frm wer ul find info. Abt lsa/ffa. – odmcs – annex 4 equipment s. – drills carried onboard. – askd interval fr  enclosed nd rescue.F1 
SATINDER SINGH6-JULY-18Start with intro Situation vsl crsing from port bow action. Was not satisfied wth answer want to know what dist u will take action rv situation stbd bow crossing  and overtaking Chart and ecdis planning How to chk enc uupdated How to update chart T and  p how to update in ecdis Floodind action want to hear as per company chk list Rule 19 full explanations 2 cards aground vsl and ram vsl fishing vessel too Safe water mark explanation without showing cardF1 
SENOY3-FEB-21Limitations of ECDIS ASD correction Taking over bridge watch Chart correction 1-2 symbol Pyrotechnics on bridge Publication on bridge How to prepare muster cardF1 
SHARMA13-MAY-19how many routeing charts? previously how many regions nd how many charts? situations (pdv ans sailing vessel crossing,pdv towing and pdv head on) same situation in rv and clear visibility.( cbd and ram crossing). kept one west cardinal buoy nd said heading 090 action. quote rule 19,8,6. what is a cbd vessel.her lights,sound signal,shape dimensions.range of signals vessel aground lights, you see aground vessel ahead action. what is emergency stop. what actually happens when you press that button. what is critical rpm. what is resonance. you see flag NC what does it indicate. how do flags N C look like.what is variation nd deviation.why does variation and deviation occur? what liquid is filled in compass,turning circle. 90-pz? 90-zx? what maintenance do you do on transducer.F1 
SHARMA13-MAY-19In passage planning what information will u gather related to your own ship. What hazards would u encounter during your passage. what will you do avoid these hazards. How will you plot course alterations on chart. what is abort point nd point of no return. What is wop and how do you draw it on chart. He made a narrow channel  with bends nd plotted a course nd asked which side of the channel will the ship move if you dont have wop. how will you correct chart and how will you come to know that it is corrected. contengiency anchorage. asked some chart symbols. safety depth,safety contour. squat,advance,transfer ,tactical diameter,drift angle. turning circle in deep water and shallow water,full speed and half ahead,and turning circle of a ship which is on full speed and one which is stopped nd now accelerating(which will me more nd why) what is lateral resistance. what does rule 19 say.(didnt tell to quote said jst tell me what is there in that rule.) then gave crossing and overtaking situations in rv and clear visibility.(cbd and fv,cbd and ram) nd few more situations. cbd vessel ,towing vessel,lights,sound signal,shape and its dimensions. vessel aground what sound signal. which all vessels give one prolonged and tow short blasts. u are 12 miles away from coast M/E failure action. night time party on poop deck MOB from stern action.F1 
SHARMA13-NOV-18He will ask questions and kind of discuss and remove answers from you asked about IALA buoyage system. South cardinal mark colour light specifications Fairway channel buoy specifications Passage plan from Port X to Port Y tell me 5 main factors pertaining to navigation to be taken in to account (wanted to hear abort point, contingency anchorage, draft, manoeuvring characteristics, bridge clearances etc. Which current when your passing from cape of good hope will u pass 2-3 miles off coast or far off from the land and how will u counteract current wen passing west of Africa (northerly current). Acc. to ROR what is lookout? You are in open sea daytime can a duty officer be sole lookout acc to ROR not other regulations and some more questions You are 60 miles off Mumbai coast transiting Goa Mangalore you see a flickering light kind of fire/flames 3 miles off 3 points on port bow actions? He wanted to hear annex 4 (flames on vessel go near to vsl  and find out and help if in distress).F1 
SHARMA13-AUG-18-take over watch at sea(5 top point) -lights of fishing vessel at anchor -running with diffulty,light and shapes -under and making way diffrnce -in Rv how wil u sound fog signals?and interval btn them. -advance and transfer,which one is more, how will u use these terms in navigation. -how wil u commun.with other vessels(wanted to here about nav.light) -in Rv how wil u comply with nav.lghts(on/off) -in tss in RV other vsl ovrtking from stbd side,as a stand on whats ur resp.and action if Roc exist. -same que.whats ur action as a overtaking vsl -undstnding of rule 19 and 10 -how wil u find compass error,nd diff.methods -ur string 090 (T)meg.hding was 096,and gyro fails,action???aftr 5 cable ur course 135 whats the meg.heading(wantd to hear about deviation card and its use) -whats is leading light?where wil u find inf.about it -what is shell expansion plan,use of it -whats is sheer strake and stealer plate and their purpose -wht is collison bulkhd,locationa nd purposeF1 
SHARMA17-NOV-17Deep about cardinal marks TSS situations deep Narrow channel deep Overtaking deep Anchor watches very particular about small things to take care in rv and normal conditions IALA buyoge and regions Rule 19 And with the blessings of almighty and regards of family and friendsF1 
SHASHI9-APRIL-21CARDS 5, DREDGER N TRAWLER LIGHTS separately. WHAT IS HAULING NETS? seen? ROR WITH SITUATION want explanation first and take action. vessel on stardboard bow action? changed and said lights are visible side light masthead head . Now vessel WITH CPA 1M a tion?  WANT TO HEAR ACTION BY COMPANY POLICY AND MASTER STANDING ORDER. You should have taken action early. ECDIS LIMITATIONS n safety parameters with alarm. RADAR LIMITATIONS. Where you will find all equipment details? TYPES OF TURNS ,? want to hear all 4 or 5. HOW YOU LL UPDATE NAVTEX WARNINGS IN ECDIS? ALARM IN ECDIS ALARM IN AUTOPILOT AND CONTROLS . HOW YAW CONTROL WORK. GUARD ALARM IN ECDIS ? where? Wheel house poster. REQUIREMENT OF ECDIS ? IF BOTH ECDIS FAIL.? Action WHAT U FIND IN SMS ? Something take me home chart. if u dnt have chart secondary. Intensity of lights. VESSEL LIGHTS REQUIREMENT? Vessels visibility of lights? How Weather routine help in passage planning? How u’ll receive meteorological msgs and what all equipment. on bridge? Critical RPM, crash turn, Anchor terminology, manoeuvring characteristics., Details found?F1 
SHRIVASTAVA13-APRIL-18Where do you receive radio navigational warnings ? What all information do you get? Quote rule 2,6,19 Tactical diameter Wind rose Whether routine charts Vessel aground lights and fog signals Pivot point Man over board action You are OOW you see yellow fire in front of you action.F1 
SHUKLA11-MARCH-20Quote rule 6,8 10 What do you mean by constraints by radar? Fv NUC/ aground. Trawler shooting nets.. South cardinal buoy.. Region A preferred channel to stbd. What do u mean Isolated danger mark? Contents of ROR.. Index Fog signals of buoy? ASD contents What publications do you use while doing passage planning? How to know that fog bank is approaching? What is IAMSAR? Sextant side errors. What are those screw called for correction? What are the contents in Whp? What is crash astern? Critical astern. What action you will take when you see red star in the sky? He wanted some distress poster action in it. How to approach and how he will come to know?. Which vsl has yellow lights? How many flashes in air cushion vsl and pursue seine gear?? How will you find gyro error? How to prepare for lb lowering. Like duties for them.F1 
SHUKLA7-MARCH-20Rule – 5, 6, 8, 13, 19 Def – NUC 3 cards- towing, NUC and aground Limitations of ECDIS What do you means by any constrains imposed on radar range scale in use. Few cardinal buoys and their restricted visibility sound signal Contents of annual summary of NTM. Contents of WHP. Rhythm of isolated danger marks light How many times yellow light is used in ROR. Rhythm of yellow light in purse in gear. IAMSAR volumes and search pattern Passage planning Types of charts & their corrections Difference between t & p notices MS notice What all the equipments available on voluntary ship for weather reporting. What do mean by Ranging and phasing Error of echo sounderF1 
SINGH13-FEB-19Situations, navtex, position plotting on ecdis, NO CARDS, NO BUOYS, GYRO principal, how to cross TSS,annex4,.                           Marpol annex 1 discharge criteria e/r& c/s, special area, difference between TPA & immersion suit, technical specifications of life jacket,(lb, RB, free fall lb) launching intervals, vrp, update to sopep, fixed fire fighting system,CO2 system, negative gm, angle of loll, correction for angle of loll, SW to fw what al changes take place.F1 
SINHA7-MAR-18How to correct charts not being corrected fr 2 years, rule 19, engine failure in high  traffic area action, how to get med advise.F1 
SINHA18-OCT-17You have rcvd new voyage orders but your charts are not corrected for past 2 yrs ,how will u proceed for planning ur passage? CNTM published by which authority? what is index error?how will u check and correct it? errors of ecosounder? what is squat & its effect? u are on bridge in moderate traffic area suddenly your M/E stopped,Action?? mob in rv ur action advantages and disadvantages of Ecdis Rule 19,few cards including buoysF1 
SRINIVASAN10-AUG-21Rules 6,13,14,15,19 1 overtaking in RV Asd how to update and what to write on index Ecdis, scamin,CATZOC,AIO, Safety settings Angle of loll GPS failure. Admiralty Tidal streamF1
SRISVASTAVA4-SEPT-19No cards no situations Rule 5 6 13 annex 4 IAMSAR search patters Anchor fog signals Aground lights Advnc transfer Aframax fully loaded much time to turn 90* (i cudnt answr) Mrcc Onscene co-ordinator. Radio medical advc. Duties of nav. officer.F1 
SRIVASTAVA4-AUG-213-4 cards, Rule 5/6/14/15/10 How to make deviation card? Search patterns (understanding). Difference btw indsar/inspires. And relative/true motion.   Action by OOW.   – collision – steering gear failure TRS, Buys ballots law, Gyro errors, Annex 4 ( all ) Sound signal for pilot vessel/ aground Many cross questions on variation and deviationF1
SRIVASTAVA8-FEB-201) Errors of echo sounder 2) Mob on stbd side action 3) Ror 5,13,6,19,2,3 4) search patterns and formula for s in search pattern 5) passage planningF1 
SRIVASTAVA8-FEB-20Rule 5 ,6 Errors of echo sounder. Safety settings of Ecdis. Anchor vsl fog signals. Fog signal internal. Power driven vsl fog signal interval. And what is fog signal. Annex 4F1 
SRIVASTAVA7-FEB-20ECDIS safety settings North cardinal buoy description ROR 5, 13. Use of hygrometer. Why we require dew point?F1 
SRIVASTAVA15-NOV-19*Rule 5,6,13,19 *How does hygrometer work? *Safety features in ECDIS ? *Annex-4 *Permitted Colors At day and at night in ECDIS as per S-52 ? * Buy’s Ballot Law * Lights for NUC and Aground * MOB immediate action and Delayed action * Williamson Turn, also when and why? *All IAMSAR search patterns, when and why and how? *How is parallel indexing don’t on ECDIS?F1 
SRIVASTAVA7-SEPT-19Alarms on ecdis Rule 5, 6, quote What is rule 41 and what is the purpose of this rule and what do they verify What is hygrometer Use of hygrometer Purpose of taking due point temperature What is crash stop On what basis you will give medicine to the casualty. If one crew came to you and said that he has pain in chest, what you will do and which medicine you will give. What are duties if 3rd officer How will you take over watch What all things you will checkF1 
SRIVASTAVA7-AUG-19No cards no situations Rule 5 6 13 annex 4 Iamsar search patters Anchor fog signals Aground lights Advnc transfer Aframax fully loaded much time to turn 90* (i cudnt answr) Mrcc Onscene cordinator Radio medical advc Duties of nav officerF1 
SRIVASTAVA11-JAN-19Quote rule-5,6. Buys bollat law. What is T&p corn. Navtex msg n type of navtex msg Cards-NUC ANCHOR sound signal in r.v. Android barometer error. Beufort scale What is nav warning difference between them? Chart corrections and how you will apply?F1 
SRIVASTAVA15-JUNE-18Errors of gyro n how u will correct? Maintenance of gyro? Quote rule 2,5 Cards(only 1)- dredger,ram 50m more making way seen end on with obs on stbd West cardinal bouy. Mob on stbd situation.F1 
SUDHIR7-OCT-201. ROR cards 10-15 2. When to call master 3. How to Update old charts 4. Update charts on ecdis 5. All meteorological instruments on bridge 6. Making way and underway difference 7. Lateral and Cardinal marks and their applications 8. Types of fire extinguisher  _(He’s very particular about ROR cards he needs it to be exactly precise, although he’s lenient with remaining theory)_F1 
SUNDARAM9-DEC-19But then changed during the last minute. Asked folks around said he is a new surveyor Name is Opnuv.  (Tall and dark) – what is rational horizon – How many types of horizon are there – What is ground and sea stabilised – If the arpa stops working how will you get cpa – Show a brief way of finding out. He wasn’t a to hear owa triangle. – Crossing situation – What is relative and true vector. How does it look on a radar ppi – Our ships course is north and a vessel to my NE. And she is doing 270. Kinda crossing situation. – Show relative and true vector. (Will make you draw a radar ppi and show, they way you show is going to determine test questions ) – How you will you know if roc exist or no if arpa is not working – If roc doesn’t exist then what will you do to maintain company cpa. – He spoke in English and Hindi. I could not make sense of his questions. – So eventually he decided that I was focusing on company’s requirements of cpa and not colregs.F1 
SUNDARAM15-NOV-19Japan, Germany, Philippines IALA regions Aground vsl 100mtrs or more fog signal Defn- NUC, CBD Difference btwn crash stop nd emergency stop What do u mean by TAWO Quote rule 19.d Isogonic lines on charts Horizontal parallax in sext alt Wreck symbol U see a cylinder wt kind of ship it is. Fishing vessel finish fishing and going to port what lights and shape she will show Easterly course east cardinal buoy right ahead  and easterly course west cardinal buoy right ahead action I am a power driven vsl and overtaking NUC vsl who is give way.F1 
SUNDARAM14-OCT-19Emergency stop what will happen to engine and in engine room Distress signal 90-px 90-zx SHA Critical RPM Hunting gear RV situation When to take a sun sightF1 
SUNDARAM5-AUG-19Renewal of COC Sailing vessel overtaking fishing vl in restricted visibility whose responsibility Date of amendments of new rules ( plz put answers) Navigation lights on in restricted visibility which rule Rule 34 what it says Difference of ROC & close quarter situationF1 
SUNDARAM12-FEB-191) Definition of few terms from rule no. 3. 2) a lot of  situations of restricted  visibility and when spot distress vessel actions to be taken. 3) name any 10 distress signals . 5) rule no. 5 ,6 . 7) what is ramark and Racon. 8) what are Leading lights and what are they used for. 9) Method of doing Parallel indexing and  Can parallel indexing be done if gyro fails? How ? 10) Modes of radar… limitations of Radar equipment . 11) signs of Approaching TRS. 12) errors of Barometer and how you determine Height correction and How do you apply it ? 13) what is Barometric tendency. 14) synoptic charts and buys ballots law. 15) what is Back angle when taking sight..F1 
SUNDARAM7-FEB-19Passage planning in ECDIS? what is scamin? safety defth, safety contour? taking over cargo watch while discharging? crossing situation with pd vessel same time another pd vessel overtaking from stbd side? both good visibility and restricted vis.F1 
SURINDER5-FEB-21Gyro, inputs in gyro Catzoc, scamin, few situations, few cards, Safety settings in ecdis Vsl draft 11m squat 1m what will be safety depth, Limitations of radar, ECDIS performance standards.F1 
THAKUR5-NOV-19Situation overtaking and crossing Safe water mark ROR cards Passage planning ecdis and paper chart Publications Calculate when you will take action .. ov speed and head on vsl speed given..what is the meaning of ample time.. Distance table how to refer Routeing charts content Annex 4 and the distress signalsF1 
THAKUR14-MAY-19-Situation (Stand on vsl) -When to sound 5 short blasts(at what distance) – Situation based on rule 19 and quote it -IAMSAR and content -Passage planning -Publications required -ASD corrections -Passage planning on ECDIS -South cardinal buoy identify -Preferred channel to port buoy, in which side to leave itF1 
THAKUR11-FEB-191) Passage planning from Mumbai to Singapore in both ECDIS and Paper Charts and use of all publication s in details.   2) What is deviation and variation with Diagram. 3) What are routening  charts in details with areas n number. 4) In between capt NITIN came n gave two situations a) R.V vl on std bow action n many more cross question b) clear visibility ,two vl head on and one vsl on sbd quater. 5) How to correct ASD 6) Aground vsl more than 100m fog signal. 7) How to take over as second mate while joining 8) How will you know TRS is approaching? 9) Explain IALA buoyage with Diagram.F1 
THAKUR9-FEB-19Crossing situation 5 miles Roc exist CPA 0 u r stand on vessel what action you will take. RV vsl forward of beam action. Aground card. Passage plan Mumbai to Jeddah. ECDIS passage plan. Capt. give the port name from which publication you will come to about the country name. How to find distance between each port? T n p correction, distress signal. Rule 19,10,13 quote. What is safe speed? Fire on-board action, chart not corrected for 6 months, Turning circle draw n explain.F1 
TOPNOV13-APRIL-21Cards: 8-9 Situations: 1) vsl on 3 pt stbd masthead n sidelights visible take action 2) head-on situation and NUC overtaking from stbd 3) vsl in narrow channel, headon situation and a vsl crossing from port to stbd take action and quote rule 9 4) Isolated danger mark right ahead narrow channel take action. Cross questioned a lot and wanted to know actions as per which rule. What is IAMSAR, contents and how many search patterns? Wanted to know exact number. What is a nav area? How many nav areas are their and uses? Buys ballot law DALR ASD contents and how to correct Chart not corrected since  2 yrs how to do Routeing charts and when they are published Squat What do you mean by taking all way off? Again showed 2-3 cards Tide tables, what are primary and secondary ports and how do you calculate tide of secondary port tell whole process n how many volumesF1 
TOPNOV10-SEPT-201. At what intervals lifeboat fall wires are changed? 2. What checks you carry out in lifeboat? 3. South cardinal buoy ?F1 
TOPNOV9-SEPT-20Own ship co 000 Spd 6 kts Target co 270 Spd 6 kts How it will show on radar in RMF1 
UPPAL7-AUG-211) Why Rule 39, 40 & 41 of COLREG & came in force? 2) Towing V/L more than 50m in length. Tow more than 200m. This V/L is on 3 point on STBD bow. Which all lights will towing V/L exhibit? ROC exists, action. 3) Fishing V/L traiding more than 50m in length same 3 point on STBD bow. Which light shall be exhibited by that V/L? ROC exists, action. 4) Fishing V/L traiding more than 50m in length. Same 3 point on STBD bow at anchor which light will be exhibited? Action. 5) Pilot V/L more than 100m in length, lights (underway). 6) Pilot V/L more than 100m in length at anchor lights. 7) Pilot V/L more than 50m in length on 3 point on PORT bow, lights exhibited. Action (ROC exists). 8) Annex I of COLREG 9) Routeing Charts. 10)  Navtex message – B1, B2, B3, B4 – What all it signifies in detail. 11) Synoptic Charts 12) Mumbai to London – Passage Plan 13) Tidal Stream and how to calculate at a given time and some more.F1
UPPAL6-JUNE-19• Rule 6 quote • Towing vessel  and trawler lights with situations • Transverse thrust • Right hand propeller • Radar limitations with importance on vbw and hbw, bearing discrimination • paper chart correction • diff btw t and p correction with example • nfu mode with working • Use of telemotor in steering systemF1 
UPPAL9-FEB-19Yourself, Safe speed rule  6 crossing situation trawler & own PD vsl. 2pd crossing.& 2-3 more situation. Trawler light NUC light Asd detail, routing chart detail. How to update chart in detail. Then condition given did not received WNM then? Ans. USE online download. If no internet? Ans USE CNM become  happy . How tell in details  of it cnm.F1 
UPPAL8-FEB-19Started with intro and all… pre sea, fuctn, company nd all.. Total ROR, structure of ror, trawler lights more than 50 mtr, what is that extra white lt, towing vsl more than 50 mtr on yur port side…lights.? .started wt situations..1 trawler on  yur port side action? 2.pd vsl crossing frm stbd side ..??why nt to port altr…as per wich rule..?  chart corrcn , synoptic  charts, gyro error, what is steaming error, echo sounder error, routine charts & period (monthly)..F1 
UPPAL11-JUNE-18Sea a3? What is safe speed? Limitations of radar? Trawler vessel lights? Crossing situation?? Rule 17d? How to do Chart correction??F1 
UPPAL15-MAY-18Safe speed What factor govern safe speed ? Limitations of radar(cross questioning) What is range discrimination? What is bearing discrimination ? Lights of aground vessel? Lights of NUC and shapes and distance between them ? Towing vessel on port side what all lights you will see ? Chart correction ? ( So many cross questioning )F1 
UPPAL4-JULY-17Whats safe speed?? What is limitations of radar?? What lights will fishing vsl show when underway?? Lights of p.d vsl more than 100m . P.d crossing u from port side action, trawler crossing u from port side, action.  Specification of lights of trawler . White light abaft green over light , is it all roundll light !?? Vertical spacing and horizontal spacing of lights. Why long by chron in morning ??? Lights for NUC when underway ?? Rule 6 , 7 , 17, 18 Where you will put special mark?? What’s isolated and danger mark??? How will you correct chart , full procedure. What’s routeing chart ?? Synoptic charts?F1 
UPPAL4-JULY-17Whats safe speed?? What is limitations of radar?? What lights will fishing vsl show when underway?? Lights of p.d vsl more than 100m . P.d crossing u from port side action, trawler crossing u from port side, action.  Specification of lights of trawler . White light abaft green over light , is it all roundll light !?? Vertical spacing and horizontal spacing of lights. Why long by chron in morning ??? Lights for NUC when underway ?? Rule 6 , 7 , 17, 18 Where you will put special mark?? What’s isolated and danger mark??? How will you correct chart , full procedure. What’s routeing chart ?? Synoptic charts?F1 
VAZ10-MAR-21Annex 1 full….all vertical seperation in debt…he want all words Nlt,higher,below,atleast…etc Intensity of lights. Cut off Sector of’s intensity. Vsl less than 150m fog signal hearing distance. What do u mean by height above the hull how it’s measured…what is upper most continuous? deck is it measured from deckline…what about timber vsl who has raised poop deck.  Sailing vsl rule in detail. Which rules apply to sailing vsl…what does it tells. Sailing vsl situations. What is root cause analysis? Manouvering light…how do u use it what are the requirements? RV rules in brief….fog signal of making way and underway. What is the difference btw dem… In rv where is it mentioned u can’t alter yo port and for which vsl u can. How do u define overtaking in rv… How will u come to know u r overtaking a vsl inoperational radar both. Ok now u decided not to overtake …u tawo and freq increased…and port bow u hear fog signals of  two vsl and stbd side two fog signal of two vsl…what will u do…fog signal inoperational and radar inopt…u already took tawo…ok now astern propulsion but still u r doing some speed how will u avoid the risk of collision… Again annex 1 about sidelights separation. Why in sailing vsl rule..the wind to the port side of the vsl has to keep clear…why not stbd… What is barometer? What is barometer dip? What if pressure is dropping? How u know TRS is developing and how is it approaching? Where u can’t use buys ballots law? Diurnal range.F1
VAZ18-OCT-19Rules of section 1,2 & 3 None were direct questions. No situations, no cards. He wants to see your understanding of the rules and wants you to connect all the dots between the sections. A lot of Cross questioning. Will rule 19 apply when you sight the vessel or a light just less than 1 mile? Ans – yes rule 19 still applies because restricted visibility is a general term and not to be used for one to one situations. Also too many cross questioning to check if you stay confident with your answer. How will you determine risk of collision in r.v (He wants to hear all available means) I answered Radar, Ais, sound signal, VHF. He said I missed out one, he didn’t tell me the answer. Annex 1 few questionsF1 
VAZ9-NOV-171.ROR card Identity 2.Sound Signal    a.Pilot vessel.    b.Aground vessel. 3.Buoy ROR card    a.Safe Water    b.Isolated Danger 4.Passage planning     a.Four stage – planning, Appraisal, execution and monitoring.  b.publication ref for passage planning c.Routing chart d.Abort point. 5.Error of echo sounder 6..Diff between Racon and Ramark 7.Dev card 8.Man overboard action 9.Rocket parachute seen on port side action 10.IAMSAR correction-MSC 11.Squat and how to reduce effect of squat. 12.Smelling the ground 13.Manoeuvering diagram – advance, tactical and transfer.F1 
VAZ14-SEPT-17Secondary front Rule 12 (deep conversation on this rule ) Horizontal and vertical seperation of lights , will confuse u bht zada bt stick to wot it is written and use common sense .. Ammendments of ror came in 2007 and came into force in 2009 How was ror protocol made to a convention Super refraction and sub refraction Amplitude in detail with diagram Position lines Squat and how to reduce squat Mob on starbd side Sound signals frequencies And their decibel figures for whistle gong and bell Manoeuvring light specs and disposition Gyroscope and gyrocompass differentiation And wich one is north seeking and how it is made north seeking Wich authority approves the disposition of horizontal seperation of fowrd and main mast head light Can u alt co to port in rv Gnomonic charts and great  circle sailing Do we do great circle sailing now or no Draw a gnomonic chart Intercept on and off the arc what does this mean How will u do routine call on satc egc reciever when egc reciever is off only egc is working No other gmdss equipment is working What is MODU ??F1 
VAZ21-JULY-17What is SBCM What all A3 gmdss equipment are maintained by the maintaining company and by what authority Batteries for portable VHF wt Also for uhf wt Alternative of navtex, I said egc He said can u transmit emergency message on egc I said yes, he said wrong and many more believe me guys kuch samajme nahi aaya par phir bhi I managed to tell jo aa raha hai wo Phir pucha interco ka latest edition kab ka hai and many more very high level He was impressed told me I’ll give u func 1 par NITIN bhi toh one and only hain unhone bola make historical wreck banao Batao all round light vertical distance- I said 1 and also 2 2 or 3 situationF1 
VAZ21-JULY-171) your radar is on 24 miles.. u can see a land which is 50 miles away… How? 2) when 2 or 3 lights carried out separtion between them…. I told him 2m and 1m thing as per annex1…. He said wrong 3) he asked me from where height of light taken…. I said above hull… Then what is above hull….i said upper most continuous deck….. He said wrong….. 3) manoeuvring light distance…. I said as per annex…. Said wrong…. Then i showed him ror book….. He said don’t argue….. 4) rv situation one vessel fwd of beam and fishing vessel starboard beam action? I said reduce speed…. He said wrong take wide alteration to port and pass ahead….. I said as per 19d wrong said don’t argue…. Please listen to errol Fernandez speech… 5) difference between raster and vector charts…. Said wrong…. I told him as per Captain bhatia book….F1 
VERMA3-AUG-21Started w ECDIS 1. CATZOC 2. Safety setting 3. Ecdis carriage requirements 4. Ecdis fails in middle of pacific – action 5. What is IHO presentation library 6. Action in collision 7. Eqn of time 8. What is nutation 9. Flags – G, Z, U 10. Fog signal – aground, anchor, pilot vsl, RAM vsl 11. You are CBD and have another CBD head on – action? 12. You are PD and have a PD on stbd bow which is constantly increasing and decreasing speed such that sometimes CPA is passing ahead and sometimes astern – action? 13. Stbd bow one vsl crossing  clear visibility and one overtaking from port quarter not visible – actionF1
VERMA6-APRIL-21Errors of echo sounder, Situations, Cards. Flags, Radar limitations ECIDS safety settings IHO presentation library Wheel house poster. Shallow water effects tactical diameter TRSF1 
VERMA9-SEPT-20crossing situation, reducing CPA , at what point you will take action as stand on ( he wants us to take action when 6-7 miles before close quarters situation as a stand on vsl), in between was asking the understanding of the situation as per the rules ( no need to quote word by word, if u can explain it better using important key words), then overtaking situation with understanding of rules, and then restricted visibility situation with understanding of rules. ( All the situation my vsl is stand on & also while giving your action, when he said range is more than 4 miles, Don’t blindly say ‘5 short & rapid blasts’ as its range is only 2m) He was satisfied with my situations analysis, so didn’t ask much. Passage plan from Mumbai – Antwerp (Belgium) using Chart and ECDIS (wants practical knowledge only) – start with rough passage route, then from chart catalogue see the positions and the required chart to be needed, small scale and large scale, then check what all charts u have, what needs to order and are they corrected till latest NTMs, rest all you can add as per your knowledge, ( don’t rush up take it slow and explain as much as u can, he will forget what was his question and he will move on to next)…wants to hear how to plot T&P correction practically ( with pencil ), what are nav warnings how to plot, where to get. Routeing charts information? When are they published? Admiralty sailing direction, when are their new publication published ( I’m still not confirm, but i said annually for routeing chart and 3-4 yrs for ASD. he said it’s not right.F1 
VERMA8-SEPT-20Basic intro Running fix draw Radar PM how often done how to check efficiency trail manoeuvre How to use it (end do mention your action will be as per colreg) how will you know your radar is i trail manoeuvre or normal mode ECDIS all safety settings all how to add manual correction how will other officer coming on watch come to know you’ve manually corrected something on chart Ans ( manual correction will show lolipop symbol), Restricted area how is it displayed on ECDIS, echo sounder error and explain Pythagoras error in detail, 0 line adjustment error. Bay ballots law TRS draw diagram and explain how will you come to know where you are in trs and explain how to exit. What is COL, Redge Pzx Dec 10s Shallow water and effect , squat, block cof formula, banking and suction, canal effect, Rule 40, Normal RV situation and head-on with you obstrn on stand side, Sound signalling of PD in rv, Annex 4, GMDSS frequency rt n DSC, how will you cancel distress of EPIRB and DSC. IAMSAR and how many patterns are there what all things will you take in consideration while doing search and rescue few more questionsF1 
VERMA8-SEPT-20* Your joinin ship as 3rd officer and the other 3/o already s signed off…n vessel is on anchor n u have to straight away go on watch… What all things and precautions wil u take. * Suddenly wind force changes from force 4 to force 6  action * Radar performance monitor how often u shud check How do u do it What happens if values doesn’t match… He want to hear abt magnetron *Sea stabilised  and ground stabilised…. Which is used for collision avoidance *If gps fails how will u plot the position Some cards and simple situation.. * IAMSAR search patternsF1 
VERMA7-SEPT-20Rule 18 19 NUC 10 to 12 cards including day signaling cards Nav warnings Routeing charts Passage plan from Huston to Singapore Update and correction on ECDIS What is ECDIS What are all bridge equipment onboard their uses Metrological instruments onboard and uses How to correct chart for last 2 years What if you don’t have corrections onboard? How to get medical advice?F1 
VERMA16-OCT-19-Ecdis planning -ENC correction -Enc valid for how much time -base CD Update CD.. mainly want to hear AIO -AIO -Situation head on -head on with shallow patch -same situation in RV -two white light shown what are the possibility -Which all shows yellow light -Aground and NUC day signal and FOG signal -Epirb accidentally action -Epirb accidentally so which all frequencies to cancel false alert -IAMSAr, pattern, datum depends upon what factors -Abort point -Point of no return -Advance, tactical dia, transfer, drift angle -smelling the ground, why -fronts draw and weather associuwith them -What is 90-ZX -when emergency stop is given what happens (in engine) i told braking air is given to stop movement of piston -south cardinal buoy actionF1 
VIBHUTI4-AUG-21Overtaking suitation Towing light 3 vessel u r  osc .. How will u do parallel sweep search. Draw Diagram and in detail explainF1
VIBHUTI17-JUNE-19Why fail last time 8 Situation in TSS and RV ECDIS & Doppler performance standard Observation spot explain and Draw He draw the lights on paper and want all explanation Towing light vertical spacing and height Gyro fail in higher latitude actionF1 
VIBHUTI11-DEC-18Errors of GPS Explain GDOP What is R2, R3 and R5 in chart catalogue. What is NP 133c. How to correct charts which are not corrected for 2 years? T &P corrections How to do T& P corrections on charts How to do corrections on ECDIS How to do T& P corrections on ECDIS Errors of echo sounder. ECDIS performance standards. Identify given Buoy with characteristics (South Cardinal Buoy) South cardinal buoy right ahead, vessel steering a course of 180, what action will you take and why. Towing vessel , length more than 50m, length of tow more than 200m , what lights will it show. A tug and tow at 3 points port bow, ROC exists, what action will you take. Narrow channel, how overtaking can take place. Info provided by ASD. How often ASD are published. Under what regulation is muster card made. You’re the OSC , how will you determine the track spacing value for other vessels. Define Azimuth and Amplitude Explain Solas Ch 5 Reg 19 (Carriage of Ship borne Navigation Equipment) MOB, actions and which turn will you take.F1 
VIBHUTI19-MAR-18fishing vessel with gear extending 150 n more seen from stbd ,he will draw it on paper2)head on situation vessel nearly ahead green can been seen,CPA 0.5 ,master order to increase CPAwhich rule say after course to port??crossing situationovertaking situation in normal and restricted visibility7)lots of situations in RV he will keep on changing the vessel modelRV vessel abaft on your beam overtaking ,what action and what if you were that vessel?here he want and for both operation radar and non operation radar.Williamson turn port side draw and explain each point.Turing circle draw and explain it.F1 
VIBHUTI19-DEC-17didnt ask anything .. direct situation.. crossing overtaking with towing vessel pilot vessel right ahead and some restricted visibility just wanted to hear from the very everything starting from determing roc to action . gyro 300 true 300 magnetic 294 var 2e gyro fail what course u will follow then variation 1w now what mag course u will do turning circle advance transfer everything… thats itF1 
VIBHUTI18-DEC-17He will ask u so many situation,and when you will answer he will also try to confuse you but just stand by to ur answers don’t panic. Situation like crossing, overtaking and rv and so many. Ur gyro  failed action at sea. What do you mean by Compasses compared,courses checked. Gave a question related to Mag. Heading ,gyro heading and now ur gyro fails what course will you steer. What is true vector and what is relative vector. When will the true and relative vector be same. How will u know a pilot vessel is underway or making way. Radar not working bearing constant, range decreasing a target near the horizon how will determine her movement. Then showed few card like towing ,fishing, pilot vsl and few more. First 20min only situation and actions. Next 5-10 minutes other questions.F1 
VIBHUTI11-SEPT-171] You see a pilot ship right ahead seen from stbd side. Master on bridge no time to take bearing how to find if Roc exist. Ans: From true and relative vector on radar.   2] true course 300 mag 305 var 1e and gyro fails action. Chart change var 1w what will u steer Ans 305   3] vessel 3 points from port bow bearing constant range decreasing. Ans: it is an overtaking situation but I stated it as a crossing situation    4.] a ship from stbd side u can c her masthead and sidelights both which is again 4 points on stbd bow. Ans] I said as per rule 14b head on and so alter course stbd bt it was wrong and he said no roc exist so maintain course and speed. 2 3 more questions bt all from his previous set of questions. He gave only 5 and said depends on internal if he considers you.F1 
VIBHUTI2-JUNE-17Started with reading file and all previous questions. And then Situations.. sooo many situation and all weird. U have to think for 2 min to understand the situation. Wants to hear particular answer. Till that time will continue cross questioning .he will guide u and give u hint. Do not require rules word by word but require to know the meaning of each. Track line search. Draw and explain. What is `S’ and how to calculate. Vsl 2 mile from shore started dragging anchor action. As I was giving the points started making the situation worse for ex. Get engines ready then said engines not responding. Tugs not available etc etc.F1 
VIBHUTI9-MAY-17Wheelhouse poster All details  Tactical diameter and all Def Situations.. You are pdv …action.. Go step by step What situation You’ll take action acc to which rule.. 1) one pilot vsl ahead…first identify vsl.. 2)ram…action ….quote in y are you taking action and which rule.. 3) towing vsl on fine port bow..action. 4) Rv.. you are overtaking from port qtr.    Action 5)now you are vsl being overtaken,from port qtr 6) cdb Vsl overtaking…roc 7) you are following tss vsl crossing from stbd bow vice versa….action … 8) gyro..300      Magnetic…305      Variation 3e      Gyro fail…what course to steer..      Answer was 305      Nw chart changed course is still same..      He asked will the magnetic change..       Say if variation on the chart changes yes it will..       Var=1w.       What course will u steer?        Ce………… 5w..        Now Var=1w..        Deviation ..4w.. So again ce..5w  Add to gyro we get= 305 So.magnetic 305..F1 
VIKAS19-SEP-17He asked me about my ships and then what was the cause of failing last time, I told him I got confused in ROR situations, so he told me ohk then we’ll start frm der only, Asked me 7-8 simple crossing and overtaking situations Asked me just to explain main points of rule 19 not to quote Safe speed Raster and vector charts GPS working Cardinal buoys Boxing of compass Passage planning How you will choose no go areas? Squat IAMSAR patterns NUC & vsl around lyts And some thngs more…F1 
YOGRAJ2-AUG-21– overtaking in cv and rv – in tss vessel crossing from stbd side – then same situation in tss asked by internal with heavy traffic  F1