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Second Mate F.G. Orals Surveyor Question Set Function 2

Second Mate Orals F.G. Orals Exams Surveyor Question Set Mumbai Function 2

ACHUTAN1-AUG-17Asked previous remarks and cargo pipeline system on oil tanker? Bulkhead valve? Double valve segregation in pump room? How to lash cars in roro and cargo in general cargo vessel?F2
AGARWAL9-OCT-20-TML,concentrates,CSC plate,Tare weight,and some other basic definitions -IMSBC code classification -Deck seal and its types -PV valve settings -Duties as OOW in case of List while loading -taking over a cargo watch -secondary means of ventilation in tankers -XYZ types of cargoes on chemical tanker.F2
AGARWAL13-FEB-20HO/TO on tanker Ship shore safety checklist Precautions loading sulpher, coal, container fell on deck by shore crane. actions as OOW, deck seal wet type, settings of PV valve,O2 content, action to be taken in case of loading coal by own vsl cranes, angle of repose, concentrates, grain code, types of container, some basic definitionsF2
AGARWAL12-FEB-20– Oil tanker op – Stability criteria – Pump room entry procedure – Fire, oil spill – Reporting requirements – Inert gas requirements – Primary and secondary means of venting (huge discussion)F2
AGARWAL19-DEC-19What is IMSBC class definition Loading coal precaution Taking over cargo watch Entering pump room, SF, BS Concentrate Many more definition Numbering of plate start from where (I answered from aft he asked me from whr in aft ) Co2 system Portable co2 using precautionF2
AGARWAL16-DEC-191. What type of ships i sailed. 2. NLS Category X, Y, Z, Os N confused me alot while answering 4.TML 5.FMP 6. Cargo watch taking over in port 7.Contents of Imsbc and category of cargoes 8.You are OOW on heavy lift vessel what precautions you will take while loading 9. What is Cargo securing manual. 10. Intial GM of cargo vesselF2
AGARWAL13-NOV-19Taking over cargo watch during loading (start with you’ll see mates order note the tanks been loaded then go for a deck round n check those tank area’s, scupper’s , etc.) , P V valve and breaker it’s working, deck seal, pyrophoric oxidation, IMSBC (groups  with examples ), Coal hazards, Precautions while loading coal, Cargo manifest.F2
AGARWAL7-AUG-19Types of ships I did (chem tanker) Types of chem tanker and construction Which is more dangerous? (I replied type carries most dangerous cargoes) Category of IBC cargoes IMDG aim and application IMDG classes CSM content and applicability (asked do bulk carriers have CSM, I said no but not sure if it was right answer) As OOW while loading coal what would you do (precautions).F2
AGARWAL3-MAY-19procedure and precautions loading coal? Shippers document when loading bulk cargo? Chain register and contents Cargo securing manual and contents. Imdg contents and classification. Take over cargo watch. Ventilations and types? PV valve and Deck seal?? Precautions loading solid bulk cargoes? Stowage factor? Broken stowage?? Unit of broken stowage? Load density? Unit? Why to check ?? Preparation of vessel for loading. Lifting gears? Indication seen or crane? Markings ??F2
AGARWAL4-APRIL-19IMDG classes Contents of IMDG Taking over watch during cargo operation Name some IMDG cargo Primary and secondary means of ventilation for cargo hold If system What is deck seal Draw loadline (Wants to hear the distance from s to t and w to wna) Loading diesel oil precautions. What is a drop valve? Load density def. Stowage factor def. IG failure action. Contents of IG gases. Container lashing.F2
AGARWAL15-FEB-19how you will take over cargo watch What is stowage factor What is union purchase What class 7 in imdg and its hazards. Which cargo you carried last there hazard and precaution. Content of IG gas. Watertight and weather tight integrity.F2
AGARWAL8-SEPT-18Strtd with definitions. Mctc RB gardboard strake. sewage discharge criteria, gases in Annex VI Marpol.F2
AGARWAL8-SEPT-18How will u take over cargo watch on tankers? Tell abt fire wire req. And how much metre above water to b rigged. How will u secure it. ISPS box what is it. Stowage as per IMDG. Chapter 5 in CSS code. IMSBC category SWL and Proof load difference.F2
AGARWAL19-JUNE-18Ask which type of ship u have done? I said tanker Then he jumps ok tell me abt imsbc how many parts & content in that Cargo watch take over, Content of chain register, Ship shore safety cheklist, Many more forget…F2
AGARWAL11-July-171. Name the IMDG classes. 2. Pump room entry procedure…pump room check list details..?? 3. What are the gases covered in multi gas detector.? Ans: O², HC, H²S, CO 4. Detail of working of deck seal.? 5. How will you take over cargo watch..? Ans: mention initial deck round then reading master choff standing and night orders. 6. Information on CSC plate in containers…? 7 what is stack wt.?F2
AGARWAL16-JUNE-17IMDG classes How uh will load on bulk carrier.. Precaution while carryng n loading coal What is concerates What is TML Vsl in port n oil spill action SOPEP equ Pump room entry procedures Camber Moulded draughtF2
AJAY KUMAR15-MAR-18PV Valve and PV Breaker Difference Deck seal explain and type CSM contents SIGTTO contents IMDG segregation Ship shore safety checklist contentsF2
ANISH8-MAR-21Purging PV breaker Deck seal PV valve Angle of lol Heavy lift precautions CSC plateF2
ANISH6-FEB-20What do u understand by term IMDG?Purpose of IMDG code.IMDG code volumes.Content of IMDG supplement.Classes of IMDG cargo.F2
ANISH7-JAN-19Take over cargo watch on tanker, what is ISGOTT, what information u will get from there, from where u will get ship shore safety checklist, during loading or discharging what r the things u will check regarding stability, what is trimF2
ANISH11-OCT-18Container lashing. SSSCL for tanker( brief discussion) Failing Q: Imsbc contents. Is imsbc applicable to grain carrier. (Discussion for few long minutes) I by mistake said yes and he snapped. And rapidfire easy questions.(defs)F2
ANISH17-JAN-18Why failed last time Types of ships done Types of chem tanker Regulations and codes req on chem taker(specific to chem cargo) Will solas apply to chem tankers? Types of chem cargo, example of each How to take over watch on chem tankerF2
ANISH26-SEP-17How to take over watch on tankers? Where do you get ship shore checklist ? Does your companies differ from isgott? What certificates should be carried by chemical tanker Started with statutory cert he asked statuatory means and what are other certificates Said COF and who issues it Who issues DOC for containers? What is IMSBC? Diff between IMSBC & IMDG I SAID IMDG is for packaged goods. he asked are you sure just check itF2
AWASTHI16-MARCH-201. What is lashing manual?  What details given?  (he don’t want contents,  practically what all things are mentioned in CSM, long discussion)  2. How is container lashing 2 high and 3 high carried out?  3. A container on deck is burning, how will you find out Ems fire schedule for this container.  4. Contents of IMDG supplement?  5. How will you identify a High cube container?  7. Purpose of IMSBC code?  8. Types of ventilation as per IMSBC code? F2
AWASTHI16-MARCH-201. What cargo you carried on ship.  (ulsd and lsd)  what was its density. 2. What is imdg objective?  3. Classes of imdg cargo? F2
AWASTHI11-AUG-19IMDG Explain, Classes, Contents, Emergency Response Procedure. ISGOTT Pv Valve and breaker PurgingF2
AWASTHI15-FEB-19What all cargoes u carried, hazards What is bauxite (checkin my knowledge on cargoes i said we carried) IMDG Code- who mandates it, contents, all about supplement. What is DWT, lightship, does lightship change over a period of time? (Yes) You are OOW in port, ship is listing, How will you check list?F2
AWASTHI21-NOV-17Coal precaution before after loading nd during voyage Some properties of coal Two three quesns of gas carrier i dont rememberF2
AWASTHI16-NOV-17Started with introduction Then some general knowledge questions Asked me about which all ships I’ve done, I said roro and bulk carrier then he asked me the hazards encountered while loading discharging and carrying cars What are sedan cars? BNWAS You are OOW and you see a crew member falls onboard with some injury while coming from fwd to aft. Action?F2
AWASTHI3-OCT-171,Types of ship worked,i said lpg and pcc 2,wat are the pre arrival checks and test 3means of locking Ramps 4safety prec while loading cars 5about butane and propane 6,precautions against fire in gas carrier 7 IG Etc regarding ship sailed ,,mostly as per practical aspectsF2
AWASTHI3-OCT-17How to load Dangerous goods How do u segregate dangerous goods How to prepare holds How does the bilge system of cargo holds workF2
AWASTHI26-SEP-17To draw drafts frm 2m to 3m, What is the height of drafts marking, difference Btw the mark, Imsbc contents, p& a manual, content and regulation number and rest don’t rememberF2
AWASTHI4-JULY-17Whats imdg? What cargoes have u loaded ?? Draft mark draw from 2m to 3m . Where is 2.1m ?? Precaution while loading concentrates.F2
AWASTHI19-MAY-17What is TML? Which all ships you have done(bulk/container/tanker)..what are alarms of IG system? What is trimming? You are OOW.. onboard a bulk carrier…how do u take over a cargo watch..what all things you check? What are the types of containers? Have you seen derrick? What are different types of derricks? Advantage of derrick?F2
B. KUMAR11-OCT-18You are 3rd officer and loading is about to start  and chief officer has done everything… You are on CCR what will u do? Static electricity? Precautions for static electricity? And how to measure it? Crane limit switch Stowage factor Load density TMLF2
BAWEJA9-MARCH-20SWL Load density PV valve and PV breaker Segregation table Ship shore chkl MSDS contents GRT and NRT Precautions during loadingF2
BAWEJA6-FEB-20 • load density, bale, grain capacity, stowage factor,  • imdg code n contents, sup contents, how to use, requirements  • ig system, alarms, pressure sensor settings  • taking over cargo watch  • Types of deck seal and working  • hold preparation for sulphur  • container lashingF2
BAWEJA11-APRIL-19Load density Stowage Factor Ways of securing cargo in bulk carrier IG content IG alarms Intact stability bulk Watch takeover on tanker Deck seal use IMDG code with supliments How many volumes in IMDG?F2
BAWEJA8-AUG-17Imsbc , imdg full incuding supplement, what is union purchase and then asked me if one derrick has 5t swl and other derrick has 10 t swl what will be the swl of union purchase , hazard of concentrates, preacution of coal.F2
BAWEJA2-AUG-17cargo securing manual , BLU code , container qns , definations few , ISGOTT checklist , grain code , intact stablity , flammability diagram , coal , solid bulk cargo qnsF2
BAWEJA2-AUG-17Cargo securing manual, BLU code, Container questions, Definitions few , ISGOTT checklist , Grain code , intact stablity , Flammability diagram , coal , Solid bulk cargo qnsF2
BEHL7-FEB-201. def cbd,ram,nuc,restricted visibility 2. errors of gps 3. Bouy identification “pref channel to port reg a & west cardinal mark ” without top marks with the situation all this buoys are there and beside that he told here is the jetty bring your vessel to jetty 4. situations involving  overtaking by sailing vessel 5. what all checks you will doo before prior to sailing 6. bore tide,neap tide and spring tide when does it occurs 7. tidal stream atlas how to mark on chart  8. pilot card detailsF2
BEHL13-JAN-201. What is a high cube container and how will you identify it? 2. CSC plate contents 3. Cargo securing manual contents 4. How will you use imsbc code for trimming procedure? ( Answered section 5.4) 5. Enclosed space entry 6. Hazards of coalF2
BEHL19-MAR-181)What all ship have you done ,and stared with take over watch as officer at 1800. 2) pumproom oil leak action. 3) centrifugal pump working ,he will cross questions you a lot, 4) specification of centrifugal pump 5) cavitation ??? What action you take??how to avoid it? 6)perssure surge ?? What action you take?? 7) loading cargo what all check you do?? 8)mutigas equipment working (Infrared) and gases. 9) dregger tube and working principal ?? 10)dump valve and how to use ? Many more ,he will keep on cross questioning youF2
BEHL23-NOV-17Hazards of bulk cargo, what is BLEVE, how to do cargo calculation on bulk carrier, what corrn to drfts,F2 
BEHL14-JUNE-17chemical hazards , imsbc , ibc ( not only content but also explanation ) , load density , draft survey ( all details with formulas ) , hazards of coal m sulphur , types of chemical ships , enclosed space entry , coal emits which gases n many more questions ….F2
BEHL19-MAY-17Taking over cargo watch on tankers in detail what u actually do on board All about isgot VEF,VCF Enclosed space Types of gas carrier Reliquification plant on gas carrier Inerting procedure on gas carrier Determining amount of cargo loaded by checking draft on bulk Types of deck seal in detail Ltl about valves and pumpsF2
BEHL18-APRIL-17Taking over watch on roro ships, man overboard action, Angel of repose, dry shift wet shift, high density cargoes loading precautions,          Hazards on chemical tanker,  full draft survey details, quarter mean draft its formula and corrections, new ms notices, imsbc code,    Stability calculations ,hssc,and many more…. (only draft survey of chem tanker did not explain)F2
BHUSHAN1-MAR-211. Rule 6 quote and explanation in detail. 2. What do u mean by close quater situation (proper defination and explanation) What do u mean by Maneuverabilty of the vsl, in detail. What is advance and tranfer? 3-4 cards of Trawler, fishing, towing. Situations 1. Head on with wreck/ isolated danger mark on stb side.F2
BHUSHAN1-MAR-21Detail diagram of deck seal scrubber pv valve and pv breaker Use of marpol line Individual means of venting TLV of H2SF2
C. L. DUBEY15-NOV-18Angle of repose Diff b/w stack weight, load density CSC PLATE Relationship b/w Proof load/SWL/BS As duty officer checks to be done prior loading concentrates Precautions during loading containers Stowage and segeration as per IMDG DRAW segeration table Where will u find load density and stack weight and units Working of o2 analyser What is static change /how will u prevent it IG content Spike crude On oil tanker @1800 taking over watch…duties Angle of loll… TWA/TLV How will u condemn  a wire rope Stiff/tinder vessel All type of strakes/bilge keelF2
CHAND4-DEC-19Type of last ship… Cargo hold preparation for cement. How will you pump of bilge water.. I answered it correctly after that hee asked if your bilges are clean how will tou determine your  bilge are working properly? Not able to answer Can you carry out ventilation in rainy season? Answered properly Thickness of draft marking..answered 10cm he draw a draft marking between 3 to 4 m and told to draw line on drafr 3.22 I drawed nearby to it but they told it is 3.3 you have over loaded.F2
CHAND9-FEB-19Definition of draft Draw draft 6.62m Breadth of draft marks Swl of crane on previous ship and proof load Information on the crane certificate You’re a 2nd mate at port on a container ship vessel listed 2 degrees to port Action?F2
CHAND6-FEB-19Preparation for loading WRT annex 1 & 2 cargo.Inspection of shore jumper hoseSlop tank requirementsWhy llage is taken of slop tank during tc ops. (he wanted to know about oil-water interface wrt to ODMCS, also he asked about OWS,ODMCS. P&A ManuelIMDG code purpose.F2
CHAND11-AUG-17Loading description. Full how u will start loading. SWL , proof load , If SWL 10t then how much will be proof load , Derrick test in details , what is draft mark , Draft mark details , IMDG contents.F2
CHAND19-MAY-17IMDG content Classification Subdivision of explosives Hazards associated while loading explosives n precautions taken while loading Imsbc content Stopped after frst chapter n told me to explain what is given in chap1 I said definitions den told me to explain any 2 definitions ( I explained TML n angle of repose) Den told me you r loading cargo of TML of 25% then you observed moisture content is 35%. Action?? I said stop cargo…he said go out ask any chief mate candidate…I went out n asked den he said wat dey said…I told dey also said stop cargo…he said this you hv to do onboard…before stopping inform chief officer Swl Bs Proof load Den asked swl of crane is 8t what will be the proof load (10t)F2
COUTINO15-JUNE-18What all cargoes u carried ?What is SF, load density , n it’s units? Is load density same ? Where u will find it? What is CSM? What is MC? What is there in Chain register? What is annealing? What is imdg? What is liquifaction? From where u will get the information about the cargoes? What is there in Imsbc? U r cargo officer , out of two loaders one stopped working actions? What is pv valve n PV breaker? Hav u loaded grain? What is required to load grain? Can a ship load withou DOA? Why?F2
DANIEL15-FEB-19Draw in detail your last ship Stowage plan, Cargo loading monitoring plan and ballast pipe line and Explain how you will dis by pump and gravity. Duty of office in cargo watch.F2
DAS11-MAR-21Load density Imdg Liferaft requirements TPA requirement Annex 1 Seaworthyness and unseaworthinessF2
DESHPANDE11-OCT-18Draft Survey.  Precautions of loading coal. Taking over watch at Port. Marpol annex 6 all criteria. Bwm contents. Isgott contents. Imsbc contents. IMDG contents. Precautions before entering cargo tank. What is LEL What is Purging. What are contents of IG How do you strip the cargo Cow requirements and how to carry out COW How will you calibrate Oxygen Analyser. Container lashing. Contents of Chain Register. IMDG classes. Ems mfag CSM and its contents. Hydraulic pump line leakage while closing hold , what will you do How to close hold in that situation and it suddenly started raining.F2
DESHPANDE11-OCT-181. You are in discharge port take over cargo watch 2. Content of stability booklet. Have you seen KN curves how it looks. 3. Saucering and bundling and container lashing equipment 4. IMDG content 5. Supplements 6. PV valve 7. Inert gas system 8. Deck seal and it’s type.F2
DESHPANDE12-OCT-17Preparation before arrival port and cargo operation on gas carrier. Deepwell pump, Booster pump, fusible plugs, checks on compressor safety measures in compressor room, contents of ISGOTT, flow rate of oil in pipeline requirement, IMDG contents, stability booklet Contents ( u have seen on board ) ESD 1 and ESD 2, pigging, types of gas carrier, knockout drum, alrms in electric motor room, intact buoyancy, what is imdg and purpose, difference btween explosimeter and tankscope, O2 content in tank and ig line requirement, TWA, TLVF2
DEVESH2-MAR-21MSDS, IMDG SUPPLEMENT Segregation of IMDG You are duty officer shipper came to you and ask for load new DG Container what will you do? Away from? Primary and secondary mean of venting PV VALVE, PV BREAKER Draeger tubeF2
DEVESH2-MAR-21Dry shift wet shift Angle of repose Which one is dangerous and why Inserting purging gas freeing Which instrument u will use for hc gas checking and in inert condition Cargo hose leaking Sulphur hazards How many types of ventilation When u will do through and surface Why in coal surface y not throughF2
DEVESH2-FEB-21Difference between LPG and LNG Operating temperature of LPG LNG If liquefaction plant has collapsed can vapour of different cargoes be mixed to prevent tank explosion. Type of cargo, type of containment for gas. Does gas carries come under IMDG Supplements of IMDG Container bay row tier Ideal position for carrying refer containers Which document will show cargo in harmful, or non-harmful Checks in annual survey of lifting gears Ships crane annual maintenance and checksF2
DEVESH9-SEPT-20PV valve n PV brkr diff Hydraulic line leak on deck action Hv u seen IMSBC nd What details Imdg  vol 2 details Relation between SWL n proof load Proof load formulas (SWL + 25 % , SWL + 5t , SWL + 10 % ) given in Errol FernandesF2
DEVESH13-MARCH-20Angle of lol Radio medical advice Chemical tanker inside the tank framing? Immersion suit req? L.b r.b lower frequency? And some more? Cargo contianed in w.w discharge in special area?F2
DEVESH13-MARCH-20Intro about ur self? What type of ship i have sailed on? (Container, bulk, chem tanker) Q1Chem tanker hazard and danger?  Q2 toxicity? Tlv twa stel c Gas carrier FFA? What is fuse bulb? How is ventilation carried out in b.c? Imdg contents? TML FMP SF, load density, SSCL, deck watch taking over on chemical tanker? P.V. valve and high velocity p.v valve What is the difference?F2
DEVESH13-JAN-20Hazards of pith? How you wil find hazards in imsbc code of cargoes? Content of shippers declaration as per imsbc code? Working of pv valve and pv breaker? Precautions while loading reefer container?F2
DEVESH17-APRIL-19Breaking stress. SWL. Proof load. A derrick of 25 t what will be the proof load and how will you check that? Types of deck seal and its uses. Hazards and prec. of coal and sulphur. IMSBC contents IMDG supplement content EMS MFAG in detail Gave me situation where the cargo was leaking from the container and falls on the shoulder of crew what will be your action. Gave me condition in where u have a coal cargo on deck and ask me weather u can discharge overboard or not if yes then why if no then why?F2
DEVESH11-DEC-18-What’s the difference between pv valve and pv breaker. -Draw flammability diagram and show critical line of dilution , purging and definition of same – Primary and secondary means of venting – The system having two pv valve will have the same line or different ( didn’t know ) -Lashing system of container – Carriage of grain without doa requirementsF2
DEVESH24-JULY-17IMDG classes, coal hazards, Spontaneous combustion in detail, IMSBC contents, fixed fire fighting co2, Cargo hold on fire in mid sea action, Wants to hear that you will send distress alert and message, Ship shore safety checklist points.F2
DEVESH9-JUNE-17Imdg class 7 ? Imdg volume 2 18 columns of IMDG Asked which all vessel I sailed on Cargo carried on bulk carrier I said Rock salt , Coal , Grains Hazards associated with coal Wat all additional certificate required for carrying grains Mast riser , forced speed ? PV valveF2
GP SHENOY6-JULY-21What is Marpol..its annexes discharge criteria of annex 1 from cargo space What equipments present on a tanker to release pressure built up in cargo tanks What is primary and secondary means of venting on a tanker IMDG code contents where will u get emergency procedures What is Angle of repose While carrying grain cargo, what all docs will u need? what is MSDS and its contents what is annex 6 of marpol…how will u comply with the requirements of annex 6(ans fuel change over procedure) What is ECA SOx disch criteriaF2
GUPTA4-JULY-17How will u condemn the wire rope, fast loading going on tanker what all things u will check, why we don’t get correct ullage while loading oil and why we apply trim correction in it, what is class 3 and class 9, smoke coming out from container what u will do, for shackle from we will get swl, how we will come to know the swl of crane, what is chain register and who issues it and under what convention does it come.F2
HARINDER8-APRIL-21Mast riser ,deck seal Angle of repose Intact stability of tanker Loss buoyancy Cow requirement Slop arrangement and criteriaF2
HARINDER5-JAN-21* CSS code contents * CSM contents * P and A manual * IMDG contents * Supplements to IMDG * IBC CODE * Ig system * O2 requirement in tank * O2 to be present in IG * ISGOTT contents (When he asked me contents he did not want word to word chapters and sections, he just wanted to know if i am aware of what all things i can find in that particular manual ) * SSSCL on tankers * Taking over a cargo watch on tankers * Angle of repose * TML, Flow state * What is DOA * Can we load grain if vessel does not have a DOA * Dock labour conversion * CSC plate * Container lashings * MSDS * MARPOL LINE * Hold preparations for loading coal * Coal from hold discharged and washed now what will you do with the wash waterF2
IYYER13-JAN-201. How will you take over cargo watch on a bulk carrier loading iron ore? 2. Heavy lift precautions. 3. What is CSM and who approves it and how is it made?. (Flag state and solas + css code appendix2) 4. What all lashing materials do you require on a container ship? 5. MFAG EMS 6. What is load density, what is SWL Proof load? 7. IMDG stowage, and segregation table of containership. Full explanation. 8. Hazards of grain. 9. Hazards of sour oil cargo. 10. What is a vapour return line?F2
IYYER13-JAN-20Intro which ships and all Liquefaction of coal TML Question related to partly filled grain Taking over watch in bulk Heavy lift example IMDG purpose how to segregate Precautions using heavy liftF2
IYYER16-SEPT-19Tell me everything abt Ig system with diagram Difference between other cargo tank and bulk carrier cargo tk with diagram Why we can’t do bundling and sacuring in bulk carrier Hazard of sulphur. IMDG everything in detail. All definition given in ernols book. Precaution while laoding heav lift cargo. What is BHC code and its content. Draw a timber load line.F2
IYYER6-AUG-17Stowage factor, Load density, calculation of both, imdg code, what is it contents, marking, what cargoes are carried by general cargo ships, standardized and non standardised cargo, what is tare weight,markings on csc plating, MFAG, EmS, FML MC TML determining FML and many moreF2
JAIRAM11-APRIL-19Load densit. Then which u r sailed on. Some questn from IMDG,, CLC Fund convention. Supplement fund. D2 bwm standard. Ballast tanks checks. All annex certificate. Annex 1 discharge for machinery spaces PSSA with examples.. ESP, HSSCF2
JB SINGH12-MAR-21Segregation table of IMDG , What will happen if no IG in cargo tank, SWL of last ship crane. Tell me it’s proof load. IG failure in Port action. 2 crew member join with you. How will you make muster list. Why life raft is fwd. I answered in case of fire. He wanted to hear ship break in between. Sart and EPIRB testing. Lb drill on board.F2
JB SINGH4-FEB-21What is IMDG cargo? IMDG DG table What is TML? What’s are hazards of concentrate And hold preparation for the same? Precaution during voyage.F2
JB SINGH24-JULY-17IG system explain everything. Purging, Inerting  Gas freeing, Sssc as per isgott, Hazards of petroleum  Tankscope, Explosivemeter,, What is dangerous cargo F2
JB SINGH18-JULY-171) what is swl 2) what is proof load 3) when can u lift the weight exceeding the swl 4) deck seal, types,uses 5) types of wires 6) ig system 7) dangerous goods 8) swl of crane on your shipF2
KHAMBATA10-AUG-21Why vapour line is provided by shore? ORB part 2 entries Entries in cargo log book Taking over watch – checks What is broken stowage, how is it accounted for? And few moreF2
KHAMBATA9-MAR-21Hold cleaning after discharge of coal Mechanical advantage What is velocity ratio? SWL? How to know the SWL and testing procedure in details? Inerting purging PV breaker PV valve x meaning in IMDG segregation table Precautions while loading in tankers.F2
MANHAS9-NOV-20describe Flammability diagram. What is it ? What is too rich and too lean ? What is Grain code? stability criteria for grain. what is STEL (Short Term Exposure Limit) and TWA (Time Weighed Average) what is LEL? IMDG classesF2
MANHAS13-MAR-18Stowage factor. Load density. Bale capacity Grain capacity. Imdg 3m away from explain. PV Valve (primary means of v). PV Breaker (secondary means).. Cire or, Tlv twa. Tlv stel. Hazards of coal. Ingress of water alarm and its level Grain code stability criteria. Doa not on board explain wether cargo can be loaded and how much in tanks (1/3 of CT). O2 content in ig (5%), cargo tank (8%) , in tank during COWF2
MANHAS12-OCT-17TWA. STEL, draft marks draw and mark 7.5 m. Damage stability booklet contents. stabily booklet contents. sox criteria at present can u discharge E/R efflent in spcl area disch criteria of annex 1. function of owsF2
MANHAS1-AUG-17> grain loading stability requirements? > cargo securing manual and what u get from it? > how to segregate dangerous cargo?F2 
MIRANDA13-JAN-201. What type of ships i sailed. 2. What type of cargoes carried. 3. Precautions while carrying palm oil, paraxylene, sulphuric acid 4. How will you take over watch while loading palm oil 5. What type of pumping system onboard. 6. How framo works. Answered with basic terms because he’s a capt of oil tanker and wanted to learn about framo from me. 10. What type of piping system for cargo. 11. What is ring main system. 12. What is line master v/v. 13. How do u carry out stripping in chemical tanker.  And some other basic questions. 14. Contents of Imsbc . Answere only contents as i didn’t remember any chapter name 15. How many volumes in IMDG 16. What is EMS, MFAG. 17. Contents of Supplement of IMDG 18. What is Cargo securing manual. Full explanationF2
MIRANDA13-DEC-191. What type of ships i sailed. 2. What type of cargoes carried. 3. Precautions while carrying palm oil, paraxylene, sulphuric acid 4. How will you take over watch while loading palm oil 5. What type of pumping system onboard. 6. How framo works. Answered with basic terms because he’s a capt of oil tanker and wanted to learn about framo from me. 10. What type of piping system for cargo. 11. What is ring main system. 12. What is line master v/v. 13. How do u carry out stripping in chemical tanker.  And some other basic questions. 14. Contents of Imsbc . Answere only contents as i didn’t remember any chapter name 15. How many volumes in IMDG 16. What is EMS, MFAG. 17. Contents of Supplement of IMDG 18. What is Cargo securing manual. Full explanationF2
MIRANDA11-JULY-19Long discussion on previous attempts, personal life about company, pre sea college. then started with Load density Where will you get it? Stowage factor and where will u get? COW. What is Cargo securing manual? Contents. Many questions from imsbc.(definitions) Ship shore safety check list. Why we fill it? Does all ships require it? Asked passenger ship require ship shore safety check list? I said I don’t know about passenger but all cargo ship require. Which type of ship u sailed? I said product tanker. Tell me how will you take over cargo watch while loading? IMDG segregation table, types. What is ship sweat?F2
MIRANDA6-MAR-19IMDG class n segregation table CSS and CSM code Polymerization As some bulky questions but i told him i did gas tankers so he said coc is not only for gas but was ok as he wanted practical answer.F2
MIRANDA3-MAY-18Take over watch while loading sulphur STEL TLV Mfag and emsF2
MIRANDA8-MAR-18Ur oow loading gasoline gas  is leaking on dk what u ll do? IG contents Do u read isgott onbord wt all inside that Ur loading nafta how u reduce static electricity What is heavylift Broken stowageF2
MIRANDA14-FEB-18* how will u take over cargo watch on tanker * what is reserve buoyancy * stowage factor * load density * loading of iron ore precautions * stiff vessel and tender vessel * contents of imdg * EMS n MFAG * segregation and stowage criteria * contents of cargo securing manual * angle of repose examples * types of chemical tanker * X Y Z cargo * discharge criteria for machinery spaces * annexes of MARPOL * angle of loll and corrective measures, better explain on ur own before he pin point on something , frankly i explained every thing i said so dat he didnot get chance to cross question * IG alarms * contents of IGF2
MIRANDA23-NOV-17Sf,L.D, Permiability, B.S, AOR, CSM, Cargo watch, ship shore check list, SWL, imdg,segrigation table, mfag, ems, and some more normal questionsF2
MIRANDA2-AUG-17Load density Hazards of H2S IMDG segrigation EMS guide MFAG guide Chain RegisterF2
MIRANDA2-AUG-17Load density Hazards of H2S IMDG segrigation EMS guide MFAG guide Chain RegisterF2
MIRANDA19-MAY-17Loading iron ore, taking over watch IG in detail, hazards of concentrates, swl, proof load, angle of repose, tlv, union purchase, loading Naptha precautions, high density cargoes, types of blocks and all gears used on boardF2
MIRANDA12-APRIL-171. IMDG, segregation table and what all u know about IMDG 2. Taking over watch while loading on tanker.(checking fire wire is his favorite??) 3. Ship shore safety checklist.Explain APR . 4. Static electricity and action when it has build up while u are loading . 6. Contents of inert gas.F2 
MOHIT13-SEPT-19T/O watch- container ship. Imsbc code content and groups of cargo. csm. imdg code. Duty of 2/0 as per seemp, eedi pv breaker/vlv. scrubber flammability diagram draw and explain. draught survey, loadline survey. haz on chemical tanker. haz of coal cargo. Fire on dg container loaded on wrong position UN no. can’t identify action.F2
MOHIT12-SEPT-19Take over cargo watch on container ship One container during loading smoke coming out, action. How to use EMS guide Enhanced survey program Amendment to Garbage New category in garbage Medical scale where it is kept What is medicine chest U have received fire fighting and life saving equipment and u don’t knw abt the equipment which publication u will reefer to find out details.(LSA& FSS code) Pictorial diagram given in IMGS are of what colour(Red)F2
NITIN7-APRIL-21Subdivision loadline..what is it n why is it used Hazards on tankers Commercial hazards on product tanker Hazards n precautions of sulphur Will sulphur in bulk have fire hazard What is dump’s importance n precautions while.operating it Intact stability criteria for grain How to calculate freeboard,On what factors it is based onF2
NITIN2-FEB-21Tell how do you load explosive What is the Use of reliquefaction plant on gas carriers, also tell with respect to engine What is annealing Precautions and loading of iron ore Precaution loading heavy lift cargoF2 
NITIN4-JULY-191) calibration of instrument. 2) CSC plate content and wer it is shown. 3) Classification of cargoes as per IMSBC. 4) Define TML 5) If FMP is more then TML u will load or not. 6) Draw ship draft 6.7m. 7) Racking stresses 8) Stack wt. 9) Content of CSM 10) Who endorses Chain Register.? 11) Who is competent person? 12) Precautions during Heavy lift. 13) Markings on crane. 14) Complete procedure in proper order how u will take over cargo watch on tankers loading jet oil.F2
NITIN5-NOV-18Rescue boat specs TPA spec, Immersion suit test interval. Lb/lr/rb launching period.  Lb equipmentsy. Marpol annex 4 and annex 5. Marpol annex 1 discharge criteria. Rest hours. IMO convention. STCW 95 and 2000 what difference. Loadline diagram. Medical advice. Reserve buoyancy. Pyrotechnics on bridge.F2
NITIN9-AUG-17What is proof load. What is broken stowage. Stowage factor. Purging. Hazards of coal. IMDG classes. Patrol falls under imdg or not. What are advantage of i.g Can i.g be used as medium of fire fighting. What is minimum g.m?F2 
O. P. YADAV12-APRIL-17Imdg, ullaging, ig content, ig failure action, draft marking, Blue code, hold preparation for grain, flash point and many moreF2 
O. P. YADAV12-PARIL-17What is SwL ? What is IMDG code and purpose Which all ships to apply?? What all precautions you will take while Tank cleaning operations(coz I am tanker guy) Ullage definition. ISGOTTF2 
OAK9-NOV–20When did u sign off from last vessel? when did you give your written attempt? Contents of CSM (Cargo Securing Manual) You are on cargo watch, you see a parcel is being loaded by a crane operater on your ship which is torn and damaged. (ships crane). How will you stop him? (Alot of discussion on this. Foreman went to drink tea so cant tell him, i went on deck and the crane man ignored me, ) I said i will switch off the power supply to the crane just like an emergency stop then inform him about it. He was happy with the answer. Pumproom alarms. which type of pumps on your ship? stowage factor, broken stowage, load density, angle of repose, types of containers. What dunnage you will use to load a container on general cargo vessel. How were your framo pumps working on ship? electrical or what? ( I said hydraulically driven) Where is the hydraulic system  situated on ship? ( I said forepeak store ) Which type of ventilators used for forepeak store? What hydraulic pressure the system showed? If during cargo watch at night your vessel lists to stbd suddenly. what action will you take? Since you did chemical tanker, what procedures you follow after arrival to port of unloading? How will you take over a cargo watch? IMDG contents. During watch if you find that a container is loaded with seal broken what will you do?F2
OAK11-MAR-21Pressure of hydraulic hatch cover system Types of containers and types of lashing How to identify subsidiary risk Refeer loading precautions Container seal is broken, action TML Angle of repose Duration of temp records stored in the reefer containerF2
OAK11-MAR-21TLV and EG of TLV IMSBC CSM BLU Bayplan SCBA requirements How do u refill SCBA cylinder Alarms on fire control panel How do u deactivate the ECDIS which u have activated by mistake. GMDSS walkie talkie batteries Stable equilibrium SECA regions and what is SECAF2
OAK8-FEB-191) Alarms on IG panel 2) Setting of PV valve n breaker n which wil activate first 3) Types of dunnage used 4) Vessel listed 2 deg port at midnight during loading.. Action 5) Where wil 06 08 84 container b found on container vessel.. Basically its location 6) Tell me Abt TLV 7) Contents of IMSBC 8) Subsidiary riskF2
OAK14-MAR-18Tlv stel. Only full forms. Contents of ISGOTT.( He was not satisfied with contents given in Polaris)  contents of ibc code imsbc. Types of chemical tankers. What is given in p & a manual.What is used to lash cars on ro ro ships. Bay plan for container ship. Stability criteria for timber deck cargoes. Chain register.F2
OAK17-JAN-18Types of ships done Diff btwn sf and broken stowage and formulas Types of gas carrier tanks Which all documents and manuals to consider while loading cargo on gen cargo(wants to hear rigging plan and ga plan amongst others) From where will you find swl of lifting gear other than from gear itself(rigging plan) Prec while loading cement in bulk(wants to hear check mc) What is css and csm Main hazard while loading steel coils(shifting) What are other precautions while loading steel coilsF2
OAK20-JULY-17Wat is VEF, calculations of VEF, you are loading heavy lifting cargo by ships crane and the crane trips with the cargo in mid air- Action as OOW,                   Allowance to be kept for water  after loading bulk cargo,    (as per which SOLAS chapter) ,                     material for lashing on Ro-Ro vessels,  working of educators,, how do educators work in the FPK Tank , where all are eductors used on tankers,  alarms in the pump room,                                     how will u load dangerous cargo in bulk on general cargo vessel,     precautions while loading refer container, chain register, container (060606) location??F2
PANIGRAHI4-MAY-17Load density Stowage factor Wat is imdg code Imsbc code Segregation of imdg Loading oil and from mast riser oil is coming out actionF2
PANIGRAHI19-APRIL-17What is the unit of Breaking stress. Asked me which all ship I did. When I said gas.. chemical formula of propane started asking the tlv, Auto ignition temperature, flashpoint of propane and butane.. part C of ship shore safety checklist.F2 
PC MEENA10-AUG-21Groups of IMSBC, coal under which group IMDG applicable if Radioactive material carried in bulk? Shippers declaration what all details in it During loading/disch scuppers are open or closed? As per which regulation? What is the regulation to open / close scuppers In loadicator what are the diff modes? Sea mode/harbour/etc.F2
PC MEENA4-AUG-21Which ship u have done I said tanker Draw hatch cover and explain Draw bilge and explain Expain bulk carrier from hatch to tanktop with all partsF2
PC MEENA5-JULY-18His fav situations 22.5 degree on your stbd bow wants to hear its crossing situation Again head on and one point to stbd can see her masthead lights and side lights What’s to hear u will alter to port and clear as per rule 8A Fv pilot vsl and sv cards Gyro compass error how will u correct the ans is latitude and speed rider switch wants to hear practical ans Passage planning Data presentation for ecdis Passage planning in ecdis What factors u wll consider for marking no go areas Ans is tidal streams which he wants to hear Quote rule 13,15,6 How will u take over watch? 133c contentsF2
PC MEENA10-JAN-18Started with types of ships done.(crude oil and LNG carrier) Started with LNG. Boil off management. How pressure is controlled in the tanks. About LD compressor. Taking over watch on LNG carrier. Something DIQ?? Coming out of dry dock, the voyage cycle of LNG carrier?? More questions on LNG, can’t remember Then for crude oil he asked… Cargo calculation. He Gave me a book and told me to show step by step calculation. Asked about vcf. Which tables we get it from? Tried to confuse SF/BM what it is and how to calculate? How to check the quality of IG? I said oxygen content. He asked suppose all your readings in the CCR  are showing less than 5% but they can be wrong, how will you check whether they are right? I said I’ll check individual cargo tanks oxygen level and compare it with the figures inside. He said no. Don’t know what he wanted… Then, you are at the manifold as instructed by chief officer and he’s in CCR starting the cargo pumps and a loud noise is heard which causes manifold connection to break away leading to spillage. What will you do as an Officer who’s on deck near the manifold. Your actions. Which flag is to be raised for ship loading carrying dangerous cargo. I said B. Then he gave me a bunch of flags and told me to identify B flag. Then, IMDG code. Explain the segregation table. Then, C.S.M. what it is and who approves it. Then hazards of Reduced Iron. Then basics he asked, like swl, Breaking stress, Stowage factor, Proof load, Broken stowage, etcF2 
PC MEENA1-JAN-18css code , csm manual contents , fire in reefer, apr in ship shore checklist explain it,imdg vol, segregation meaning of 2,3,4,X.F2
POSWAL11-MAR-21Which ship  …I said RoRo Poswal said why roro only why not tanker Then external started with RORO Precautions in RORO How to maintain watertightness What precautions u take while loading, discharging What are hydraulic cleat, and hinges and many more in RoRo. Then tanker venting arrangements PV valve, flammability diagram, inserting , static electricity ,MFAG, ems ,VGM, timber loadline Then Poswal enter – static accumulator, tanker precautions, flame arrestors, ISGOTT, latest amendment to ISGOTT, IMDG and content.F2
PRAMOD KUMAR14-DEC-18Purpose of draft survey How to go about it? Draw 7.2M draft. IMSBC and BC code. What are changes? Contents of IMSBC How to use IMSBC code, information  obtained from the same? Chain register and what info in each section Define competent authority Angle of repose… Counter measures for the same A vessel with Partially  loaded with grain…. What all things to be done as an officer for safety? BLU code and information received from the same Flammable range diag and it’s explanation. Inerting and purging process and purposeF2
SANTOSH26-APRIL-21What is angle of repose? Grain securing method. What is IMDG?  What is IMSBC? What is Timber Code? Hazards of timber. Contents of IMSBC. Difference between segregation and compatibility . What is ISGOTT Tanker operation.. He want he hear as per isgott we have to follow. Flammability diagram What is inerting? What is purging ? Draw imdg symbol 7? Coal hazards.  What is TML? What is FMP? What is moisture content? What is stowage factor? What is breaking stress?F2
SANTOSH13-NOV-19IMSBC cargoes who brought it into existence, FOAM system diagram, CO2 system diagram , static charges how will you combat .F2
SANTOSH11-AUG-17SWL , breaking stress , proof load , breaking stress applied or differ to material and material or thickness and thickness , IMSBC code how much chapter and annexesF2
SANTOSH19-MAY-17Iron ore hazards n precautions Swl Bs Relation between swl n bs Chain register content MfagF2
SHARMA13-MAY-19what are hazards of iron ore. during loading or discharge what precautions will you take related to cargo. load density, stowage factor with units. c/o tells you to load 40000t in no 3 hold at what time will you tell the terminal to stop.(he wanted to know about belt load) what precations will you take while entering cargo space carrying iron ore. what is MC,TML,FMP, angle of repose.F2 
SHARMA13-AUG-18-types of vessls;deadwight abd drafts -trading area and cargo carried -hazards of grain and iron ore -taking over watch at port -action during if failure. -what is secondry means of venting -pv valve setting of last ship?how it operates and its height. -type of chmical tnker and hazards -stablity criteria of grain and cargo ships -as a watchkeeper what pre.u wil take during loading and unloading of iron ore.?F2
SHASHI9-APRIL-21Stability criteria of grain, Gz, KN stability curves, Lashing of grain Hazard of coal, sulphur. Load density, Can we load more then load density, DOA and can we load without it IMDG content segregation (seperated from) Container lashing use of some of the lashing, CSM manual, Chain register parts, Annealing, Proof load, Proof load if SWL is 25T Cow requirements and many more can’t collect.F2
SRIVASTAVA7-FEB-201. CSM manual, sf, load density, TPC, FWA, proof load 2. How will you load cement hold preparation? 3. Diagram and explanation of union purchase 4. SWL load of union purchase 5. What is annealing 6. Type a and type b shipF2
SRIVASTAVA4-SEPT-19Container loading Csm contents Cn u load container on cargo vsls other thn container ships IMDG COW SOPEP purpose n contents VGV (verified gross volume)F2
SRIVASTAVA7-AUG-19Container loading CSM contents Can u load container on cargo vsls other thn container ships IMDG COW Sopep purpose n contents VGV (verified gross volume)F2 
SUNDARAM8-FEB-191) ISPS 2) Markings on life raft n requirements of life raft 3) EPIRB activated mistakely.. your action 4) Duties as per IMSAR.. couldn’t understand his question 5) Pump man collapsed in pump room. Action 6) CSO n RSO 7) Sheer.. Camber..  F2
SUNDARAM7-FEB-19Content of IMDG? Angle of loll and corrective actions? angle of repose? Shearing force, bending moment? Have entered in ballast tank?? tell me parts of ballast tank? You are going for loading, what things will you check in loading plan?F2
SURENDAR4-JAN-21IMDG,chain register, cargo watch take over on tanker, precautions on heavy lift, what is annealing, pv valve, pv breaker, deck seal, grain stability requirement, what happens if you suddenly lift a heavy lift, csc plate.F2
SURINDER5-FEB-21Mostly tanker questions as I sailed on tankers and he is also tanker guy. IG system, PV V/V, PV breaker mast riser in detail, CSC, tare weight, IMDG content, supplement.F2 
THAKUR14-MAY-19-IG functions,Alarms -Dk seal type and working -Venting arrangement -Pv valve,breaker and pressure sensors -load density -Stowage factor, broken stowage -15 points from Ship shore safety checklist -meaning of A, P and R – Various lashing of Container -Fire in imdg container, action -EMS, how to refer -Stowage & segregation of IMDG cargo (distance in metres)F2 
TOPNOV13-APRIL-21COW reqmnts and tell the full process from cow to gas freeing cross questioned alot IMDG code and contents and was asking about what are flammable solids and give examples Draft survey purpose and what all to do Hog and sag and gave drafts and wanted to know vsl is sag or hog Chain register and whose sign and stamp on it What is a deck seal and typesF2
TOPNOV7-APRIL-21Definition- load density, stowage factor, Can load density be exceeded if yes then in which cases it can be, What is PV valve, PV breaker and deck seal n their uses. Fire in galley take action. Master C/O collapsed in pump Room take medical advice. Grain hazard, sulphur hazards n precautions Immersion suite requirements, Lifejacket requirement, Marpol annex 5 special areas n discharge criteria, ORB n about entries, GRB n it’s entries Vessel developing heavy list in port n reached angle of lol take action, What is angle of lol n how to correct it?F2
UPPAL7-AUG-211) Contents of IMDG Code. 2) No. of column in DG list. Name of 1st 5 column. 3) Segregation is mentioned in which part of IMDG code. 4) Purpose of MFAG & EMS guide. 5) IMSBC Code – Groups of cargo (wants full explaination on group and mention no. off chapters & appendix of the code). 6) Loading & Hazards of Concentrate. 7) TML, Liquefaction – full explain. 8) Cargo sweat & ship sweat. 9) When to ventilate hold & why?F2
UPPAL9-FEB-19What is Inert Gas Content of IG Percentage of IG gases Threshold limit value What is purging? Methods of purging.F2 
UPPAL11-JUNE-18Imdg supplement contents? Precautions when carrying coal? Flammability diagram? How to get CH content in tank?F2 
UPPAL15-MAY-18Precautions on loading coal ? Surface ventilation? What ventilation you will do after loading coal and explain it and why you do ventilation? Flamablility diagram everything in deep ,purging, inerting, LEL,UEL ? Imdg volumes how many and contents? Supplements of imdg ? Is imdg on ur tanker vessel ? No then why ? Segregation in IMDG ?F2
VERMA6-APRIL-21Stability criteria for tankers. IMDG contents. Explosimeter. Tankscope. Stability booklet information Cat x, y, z cargoes. What is VEF?F2
VERMA8-SEPT-20COF COB COG hog sag I said sir f3 I’ve cleared he said everything is related, so you should know then Ship shore check list IG system in detail asked abt all parts Why it’s used what purpose IMDG code how many classes EMS MFAG use Details on CSC plate DOA Intact stability of criteria of grain Deck seal types draw deck seal of dry TLV and few more basic on cargo work.F2
VERMA7-SEPT-20Load density Can we exceed the load density and when/how What are the dangerous in roro vessel In sailing you are getting alarm for stern ramp and side ramp what it means and action He asked siled in tanker i said no He said its ok this coc valid for all vessel and asked take over cargo watch in tanker and what u will check firstF2
VIBHUTI4-AUG-21Which ship u have done I said tanker Draw hatch cover and explain Draw bilge and explain Expain bulk carrier from hatch to tanktop with all partsF2
VIBHUTI6-AUG-19Q.1) U r loading class 2 DG .chief officer not onborad ,what documents u will check to load that container . Q2.) Subsidiary risk Q3) IG system ,scrubber ,demistar pads impigment plates work,how much should b the quantity of oxygen that should pass  from oxygen analyser,deck seal working ,types ,pv breaker . Q4 ) What do u find in fire line Q5) NLS catory X discharge criteria , Q6) stowage plan.F2 
VIBHUTI19-MAR-181)Angle of repose 2)Angle of repose is 35 as per shipper but during loading it is 45 ,what will happen and what action will you take 3)ring main pipeline arrangements in product tanker 4)IMDG questions regarding UN no. 5) new chemical is launched how will you asgine a UN no. 6)what is subsidiary risk and where will you find them. 7)ODME input and output feeds 8) information from ODME and working complete he want to hear the valves on deck , Auto valves , feed (to ODME)F2
VIBHUTI18-DEC-17Imdg classes IMDG segregation table. If written x in the table what does it mean. If written 4 then what does it mean.  Container BRT system. What is angle of repose. TML How will u do a lashing of a car in general cargo ship on deck. I did the sketching and all showed him but I took lashing from top also he was not happy with that but he said ur lashing is still ok I can accept that but what I wanted to hear was u will do lashing as per CSM of the ship.F2 
VIBHUTI8-JULY-17* Tell me about segregation table in IMDG. What is written in top and side columns. What do u mean by ‘X’ symbol in the table. * type 4 segregation cargo how will u load on container vessel. *ODMC function. *You have loaded Annex 1 cargo. U r going from Red sea to Black sea. And u need to carry out tank cleaning how will you do. * U r on cargo watch and chemical tanker ‘Z’ category cargo over flow. Action * u r in gulf of Oman u have loaded sulphuric acid and carry out tank cleaning.F2
VIBHUTI9-MAY-17Imdg Segregation.. Angle of repose and effects.. How to stow containers.. Types of container cargoes..chilled frozen and air cooled..F2 
YOGRAJ2-AUG-21What type of ships? IMSBC Code Groups. IMDG Classes. EMS. Stowage Factor. Load density. Coal hazards. TML. What is inert Gas? Flammability Diagram. Cane inspection. Angle of repose. Angle of repose for grain? Grain main hazard – Shifting. How to take over cargo watch? Liquefaction?F2
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