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Second Mate F.G. Orals Surveyor Question Set Function 3

Second Mate Orals F.G. Orals Exams Surveyor Question Set Mumbai Function 3

AGARWAL13-MAR-21-SMPEP & which annex -ORB part 2 entries -GRB parts -garbage management plan -galley fire (ur on cargo watch on deck and chief cook came running to u) action -TPC, MCTC and where u will find it -solid floor, plate floor, intercoastal girder -striker plate – how do air vent maintain watertight integrity and prevent water from entering -frame numbering -types of ext and color coding -ext to be use on electrical equipment ,can u use water type will u get shock,why not dcp -DCP ext inspection (from where u will know it is as per plan) -SOPEP contact list interval -SOPEP equipment -A60F3
AGARWAL12-MAR-21Ship collided with jetty hole in fore peak tank carry out damage assement in detail Will try to confuse u here. Like if we say will enter tank then who will carry enclosed space procedures. Then I said I’ll see from top. Then again he asked draw foreperson tank construction. Then he asked now u have so many strength members down their how will u be able to see from top. Then he had confused me a lot I ended conversation that I don’t know. Various stability definitions. Fire in galley. Moulded draft. Intact stability criteria for cargo ship. Angle of lol. Kn curves. Life raft carrying requirements. SF BM. Panting pounding with diagrams to compensate it Medical advise. Stbd side rocket parachute seen action. TLV, STEL, TWA. Life boating launching procedure but with one crew member on board , No remote control lowering . Wants to hear in detail. Like laying to embarkation ladder for the person who is lowering life boat.F3
AGARWAL10-MAR-21* Oil spill at manifold *How many annexes in MARPOL name them *Annex 1 special area *Annex 2 X Y Z Discharge criteria *MCTC formula and where u will find *Sopep contents nd whom to contact while near coast nd in open sea *Fire Extinguisher colour coding *Reserve buoyancy of what use *Life buoy requirements *L/B monthly maintenance (Stick to maintenance)F3
AGARWAL4-DEC-20Reserve buoyancy TPC Striker plate Marpol annex 2,1. Discharge criteria. Marpol certificates. Striker plate. Stability grain criteria Hog ,sag ,bending moment, shearing forcelife buoys requirement. MLC. Preparation for seq survey.F3
AGARWAL13-FEB-20Marpol annex 1, ISPS, Annex 6 gases and requirements of annex, SOPEP manual and its content in detail.. Asked about which authority to be reported and how will u find it in the manual, liferaft requirements, food and water, TPA, Lifebouys, may confuse u very much, certificates of Marpol, SOLAS pack A&B, watertightness, LBP, panting, camber, stealer plate and other such basic definitions, markings on liferaft capsule as well as on liferaft after floating, HRU in detail and may be some basic other ques i m missing outF3
AGARWAL12-FEB-20– What all things to do and check while lowering lifeboat. Also frequency of lowering. – Regulation for lowering – Rescue boat – Lifejacket all requirement – Fire fighting requirements – Annex 1 – ODME in detail – Special area – Angle of lollF3
AGARWAL3-FEB-20What is Marpol annex V discharge criteriaWhat is Marpol annex I discharge criteria Can you dish engine room bilges in special area (Yes, if not antartica and OWS filled with stopping device).Operation of HRU.What is instantaneous discharge rateWhat is SOPEPWhat is updated in SOPEP at regular intervalDuring bunkering drop of oil leaking from manifold connection, action (Stop immediately)What are trimming tables?What is SF and BMWhat is deck head, Floor plate, Garboard strake, etcWhat is a strake and What is a frameHow are frames numbered, can there be a negative frame numberHow are strakes numbered/markedWhat are stealer platesF3
AGARWAL19-DEC-19Diff b/w low n high expansion foam SOPEP locker equipment Oil pollution in Bombay port whom u inform Annex 1 discharging criteria Wht is ODMCS OIL filtering equipment Annex 6 gasses Stability definition block coefficient RB TPC FWA many more Construction definition rise of floor camber Intact stability criteria for general cargo ship (F2) Drill frequency lowering of l/b L/b launching procedure HRU N weak link TPA and immersion suit difference Life jacket requirementF3
AGARWAL16-DEC-191. Machinery space disch criteria annex 1 2. Intact stability of cargo ship 3. Marpol annex 1 discharge criteria 4. Camber projection 5. Numbering of strakes 6. Lifebuoy for vessel less than 100 mtrs in lenght 7. International shore coupling 8. Galley fire action 9. Monthly maintenance of lifeboat 10. CO2 extinguisher and precautions 11. Annex 6 gases?? 12. All annex of marpol 13. Any 6 convention of imo 14. Any 6 distress signalF3
AGARWAL5-DEC-19Lowering if life boat in heavy weather, What is the frequency of life boat drill? What is TPC? Angle of loll how to correct ? What MCTC? What info do we get from trim tables? What is hydrostatic draft? How to calculate it? Block coff. Def. Name any 3 conventions. Name any 3 survey. What is TPA? How many tpa on board and where will you find them? Oil spill during bunkering action. What are the sopep equipments? Where will you find the person to contact when there is an oil spill? Why forward liferaft has no HRU? annex 2 discharge criteria. Annex 1 discharge criteriafrom machinery spaces. Annex 1 special areas. What is annex 6. Garbage record book part what is e waste. Orb 1&2F3
AGARWAL13-NOV-19IMO convention’s , MARPOL annex 1 & 5 (annex 1 : disc criteria , annex 5 discharge table), CLC convention, stry certificates , hssa , life boat and life rafts requirements , equipments, TPA and immersion suit ( everything related to it ), camber, flare, moulded depth, statuatory freeboard , longitudinal framing, panting pounding and there strengthening members, rocket parachute.F3
AGARWAL4-SEPT-19All annexes names, diff between TPA and immersion suit, Solas requirements of life boat , lowering frequency of life boat, PSSA with 4 example, fire extinguisher which one where u will use , latest amendment of Solas& marpol, annex 1 special area, emission control area, annex 6 gassesF3
AGARWAL7-AUG-19Started Mrpol quote all annex Discharge criteria annex 2 and annex 1 machinary spaces Slop requirement sub divisional loadlines some construction definitions, ISM, MLC No lsa/ffa questions as was not happy with aboveF3 
AGARWAL3-MAY-19Life Raft requirements? Angle of loll? Action? Moulded draft (couldn’t answer) Shell plating strake numbering? What is garboard strake? State any 6 IMO convention?? What is CLC ??F3
AGARWAL4-APRIL-19Lowering if life boat in heavy weather. What is the frequency of life boat drill? What is TPC? Angle of loll how to correct. What is MCTC? What info do we get from trim tables? What is hydrostatic draft? How to calculate it? Block coff. Def. Name any 3 conventions. Name any 3 survey. What is TPA? How many TPA on board and where will you find them? Prepare a muster list on board. Oil spill during bunkering action. What are the SOPEP equipment’s? What is oil boom? How to use it? Where will you find the person to contact when there is an oil spill. Taking deck round u find one scupper is not plugged WT will you do a now (I said I will go n plug both started laughing ….I don’t know you so I also laughed)? He cont. Saying one of the crew members left it open to drain the water and to prevent water fill near the bilges. I said it doesn’t take long time for water to drain from the scupper but if suddenly oil spill occurred oil will go in water can there can be more problem for the vsl and port How many lsa gear in life boat. Y liferat kept fwd. And y it’s has no HRU. Annex 2 discharge criteria. Annex 1 discharge criteria from machinery spaces. Annex 1 special areas. What is annex 6. Garbage record book part what is e waste. Orb 1 & 2F3 
AGARWAL15-FEB-19Annex 5 discharge criteria. What is eca  seca and what all gas are there in annex 6 Monthly inspection of fire extinguishers. Difference between neil robertson strecher and other stracher. Testing of Sart.F3
AGARWAL19-JUNE-18Hru in detail Weak link functioning and why it is ? Monthly routine maintenance of extinguishers and life boat,discharge criteria of tanker bilges, all annexes names, annex 4 in detail,some deffinations mctc,lbp,metacenter… Tpa requirement.F3 
AGARWAL13-APRIL-18Special area as per annex 5 Camber sheer Tpc Shell expansion plan Lifeboat lowering proceedure (Cross questions) Venting arrangement in co2 Entry in co2 roomF3
ANISH6-AUG-21Oil spill action, will you use OSD. What is OSD, will you take permission before use. Draw DB tank of you ship. what is floor and why there is a hole in between. what is lightning holes,air holes and drain holes. Convention with example , protocol with example. As per Marpol Annex 1 what are the means to prevent oil pollution. SOPEP Manual , plan and what are the sopep equipments. Marpol Annex 2 certificate. What are the contents of Certificate of fitness. CIRM. Give 5 medicine name and their use. Abondon ship drill procedure. How will you preapare life boat for  lowering? Life boat lowering procedure. Life raft testing and checks. after what period life raft is discarded. intact stability criteria for chemical tanker. what gm you used to maintain in your ship. Fire triangle , what happens  when we remove Heat. which extinguisher gives cooling effect. What effect does foam extinguisher gives?F3
ANISH8-MAR-21Angle of lol (was asked again but the scenario was different) Fire in galley SOPEP Types of extinguisher in galleyF3
ANISH10-AUG-19Rapid fire -Annex 2 discharge criteria -certificates under annex 2 -which is the best extinguisher..i said CO2..he said its ok but he want to hear DCP -where to get medical information onboard -what is medical chest -say few medicines on board i started with morphine -narcotis,drugs,where to keep and why(he said habit forming drugs thatswhy) – something “CRIM” i dont know clearly what it was but it says sometiong about a cost staion in italy for medical advice -which publication to refer(ALRS vol 1) -DOC,SMC,DPA -anti exposure suit, where it is found, have you seen it -difference between TPA and imm. Suit -pressure testing of immersion suitF3 
ANISH9-FEB-19Latest amendment of annex 5. ISM details. Other questions- how will know TSS made by IMO. In rule 10 it mentions TSS adopted by organisations  That’s ok but Ans – By IMO routing guide.F3
ANISH11-OCT-18Packs A B and their contents Marpol & Solas & Mlc amendments(not just headings and dates, with details of amendments) Garbage record book Part 2 amendment ( in detail) Everything you know about MLC STCW and MLC work/rest hours Some easy construction terms. benefits of ISM onboard. All SMS manuals onboard Name any few medicines u can give onboard. And reasons Items in Lifeboat. CO2 fixed fire fighting system operation for E/R FIRE.(in detail) What does CO2 do to extinguish fire. Why CO2 is used. High expansion and low expansion foam ratio. discharge criteria for Annex 1.F3
ANISH16-JAN-18How does ISM code  applied onboard ship? What is sms? Have u read ur company’s SMS…WHAT WAS written in that? What all plans onboards? What is D1 and D2 compliance in ballast water management What is BLEVE..when it happens….he asked me all questions which i was cross marked in my file..F3
ANISH21-SEPT-17Intact stability criteria for tanker, flare rise of floor,ababdonship  action, CO 2 system, transom floor, web frame,angle of loll , discharge criteria annex 5 , req for life raft ,Islam ,mlc, BWM ,Gmp,seemp, edi ,convention and code ,solas amendment Pssa that’s itF3
ANISH21-JULY-17What ships have u done? Wht do u kno abt self trimming holds?Draw n explain?.It’s purpose?.. Pointing  tst and upper stool space on diagram ..Their purpose n advantages..Why do u need tst?..Req for Liferafts both Solas and LSA code…Their stowage requirements?..Why side to side transfer needed for ships of large vsls?.. Requirements for transverse and longitudinal  framing..Purpose of girders.. Requirements for having side girders. Lifeboat requirements.. Docs for isps onboard.wants to hear security log book and checklists…Intact stability criteria for tankers..Needs full explaination.. Implementation of ism onboard…Docs for ism onboard..Types, Requirements and purpose of floors..Air/drain/lightening hole purpose..Draw n explainF3
AWASTHI16-MARCH-201. Muster list 2. As per what convention muster list is required?  3. TPA 4. Immersion suit 5. What is panting beam,  where is it located?  6. How many frames where there in your ship? 7. What was fixed fire fighting system onboard your ship? 8. What is DCP? Content? Draw molecular structure of mono ammonium phosphate? 9. Molecular structure of Sulphuric acid ND hydrochloric acid?  10. Ism code objective? 11. How will you calculate trim and stability of your ship?  12. What are the contents of stability particularsF3
AWASTHI11-AUG-19Marpol Annexes SOPEP. Under which Law ISM What is a convention Stress and types HRU, weak link How many rescue boat , life boat , life raft on board you had ? Contains ? Length of the painter. TPA, Immersion suit.? Fix firefighting on board. Explain Types of extinguisher onboard? Where was Co2 available? Explain your ship from forward part As a second officer how will you help chief officer and master to safe marine environment and as per Marpol?F3 
AWASTHI15-FEB-19You have to prepare a muster list. How will u do it, where will u refer. Fire in galley- action Much more cross questioning on that… what is fire alarm, what portable ext for oil fire, All about AFFF, how does a portable ext work, weight of cartridge. Fire pumps not workin, how will u extinguish fire? Tell 2 ways. Then cross questioning abt emgy fire pump and ISC. Construction of bulk carrier and general cargo. Nothing abt tankers.F3
AWASTHI11-JUNE-18Stealer plate Life raft construction Lowering of life boat Flooding StandingF3 
AWASTHI19-MAY-17Why marpol is called 73/78? What is protocol? What is treaty? Your vessel has collided…you as a 2nd mate assist C/O to estimate damage…what all things you check and how you go about it? Markings on liferaft? What all things you find in lifeboat? Difference between recovery strops and FPD? How do calculate vessels stability?F3
AZAD16-AUG-17(Said u got less marks in ext, you did nt give full contents of stability booklet) -what is Trim table -enclosed space entry procedure -How will you chk gas mixture in forward fore peak , before entry. (I said using oxygen analyser and multigas detector ,he asked how? Would u enter directly wearing it? I said no I was unable to give him any answer at this stage. He said study enclosed space entry procedure properly and try next time.)F3 
AZAD16-AUG-17(Said u got less marks in ext, you did nt give full contents of stability booklet) -what is Trim table -enclosed space entry procedure -How will you chk gas mixture in forward fore peak , before entry. (I said using oxygen analyser and multigas detector ,he asked how? Would u enter directly wearing it? I said no i was unable to give him any answer at this stage. He said study enclosed space entry procedure properly and try next time.)F3
AZAD2-JUNE-17Went deep into enclosed space entry procedure. Cross questioning and needs elaborating of each point. Checks to be carried out for SCBA set in details Was trying to confuse in +ve and –ve pressure test. SCBA requirements, and charging procedure in details Needs practical answers.  Small mistakes in quoting rules is allowedF3 
AZAD6-APRIL-17def of tpc, mctc n many more… from where u find these values requirements of lifebouy …how many to carry requirements of liferaft…?maintainance of liferaft..markings on liferaft? muster list in details…how will u prepaire muster list n muster card fr yard delivery ship? stable /unstable n nutral equilibrium… righting lever(GZ) oil spill during cargo operation..Action as oow? how will u prepaire ur vessel for bunkering operation? m n ms notices? who issued?F3
B. KUMAR11-OCT-18Discharge criteria for ANNEX 5 and new ammendments Sopep forms and equipments Oil spill action during bunkering Purpose of OSD Dcp mentaincenceF3
BAWEJA9-MARCH-20Special area Enroute Solas pack A nd B Lifeboat lowering in heavy weather Annex 1 special area Fire in galley SOPEP and SMPEP (equipments also) Conventions under maritime safety Annex Vl certificates COF COBF3
BAWEJA11-APRIL-19SMPEP What all equipment’s you required for SMPEP Which annex it applies to TPA and immersion suit difference. Ballast tank name what all structures are there. Floor plating. Type of fires. DOA of bulk carrier. Critical flammability line. Lowering of lifeboat in rough weather. Fire in Galley. Marpol annex 5. Q on minimum exposure limit. Frequency of Ba bottles testingF3 
BAWEJA5-FEB-18IMO convention garboard strake use life boat launching procedure lifebuoy specification annex1 special area angle of lolF3
BAWEJA2-AUG-17ISM , ISPS , Marpol all annexes wd detail , nxl substances criteria , sopep , smpep , life boat qns  & on load – off load … HRU specifications , tpa – anti exposure suits diffrentiate , life raft solas recquirementsF3 
BAWEJA2-AUG-17ISM , ISPS , Marpol all annexes wd detail , nxl substances criteria , SOPEP, SMPEP , Life boat qns  & on load – off load … HRU specifications, tpa – anti exposure suits differentiate, Life raft SOLAS requirementsF3 
BAWEJA19-APRIL-17Questions of last attempt Soda acid extinguisher contents ISPS documents and certificates CSR Ships medical guide/cirm Which ships are weather tight / water tight. Camber.F3 
BEHL13-JAN-201. Fixed Co2 maintenance. (Msc.circ.1432) (it’s his favourite question) 2. Life boat static dynamic tests. 3. Name 10 conventions 4. SCABA checks.F3
BEHL7-SEPT-19Names of gases in annex 6 NOX discharge criteria Annex 1 discharge criteria What is form R Certificates carried on board And Attachments for those certificates Amendments in Marpol Annex 5.F3
BEHL19-JUNE-18Radar error, limitations , performance check, Ecdis performance check, He was happy with me ans No rule, no situations , no cards… Cargo watch take over, Deck round in detail each & everything he wish to hear Code of safe working practice…contents, Draft survey, Life boat annual maintenance, How foam system works on ur last ship,if chief cook of your ship has wound the hand and nerves r cuted bllod is coming like fountain take action….F3 
BEHL13-APRIL-18Hiemlich manoeuvre (First aid) Csr Forms ESP surey report file contents Fixed fire fighting system maintenance ( he wil cross question a lot.. wants to know how exactly the testing is done and how does it releases) monthly ; annually; intermediate ;5 yearly maintenance. Principle on the working BLEVE LTA requirements How to apply sutures ( Stitching) He asked me specifically share f3 questions with all of you…. F1 was good but F3 was a challenge… Csr forms and esp can be found in Imo resolutions Refer to Msc circular for maintenance of fixed co2 fire fighting appliancesF3 
BEHL19-MAR-181) SEEMP and what role does 2/o has in it , 2)fixed fire fighting on last ship explain everything from piping ,pump ,foam tank ,check and maintenance Carried out , weekly , monthly , annually ,5 yearly he will ask many questions 6) how foam is generated 7) from where does air comes in deck foam 8)CSR and how do you number it 9)ESP and all documents about it and what all things are covered in ESP 10)how to use ship medical guide,he will tell you the name of drugs and will say how to use this 11)Crew fallen in E/R bilges how will you go ? 12)what is shock?? 13)life boat lowering procedures 14)marine pollutants as per annex6 17) Voc what is it how does it comes 18)VECS requirement 19)EEDI and under what regulations it comes and which notice?? 20) Upcoming solas amendment,BWMP and explain D1:D2 and B4 21) annex 5 special areas , water contain in wash water of hold action??will you discharge??F3
BEHL23-NOV-17What are class A & class B ship as per ILL & Which types of ships comes under class B, What is Class A “60” bulkhead, What is Intercostal bulkhead, What is D1 compliance under ballast water management, Foam system working,  How to give stitches……said u dont know how to give stich…i cant give u f3F3 
BEHL15-SEPT-17Introductions, company, functions course etc. Started with EEDI, SEEMP, How can you contribute to the same as a 2nd officer. Annex 6 gasses, (he said CO2 does not constitute in Annex 6, i  said eedi is in Annex 6 and it is basically CO2 emissions, to this he asked me to check again, as I was getting up he started with next question) Angle of lol, action, the vessel has e/r controlled blasting, what orders will you give to the 4th eng. Fixed fire fighting system in last ship, maintainance (weekly, monthly, yearly, 3 yearly and 5 yearly) Asked a few regulation of the same I didn’t know Enclosed space entry in 4s COT, what all steps. (I started with Purging, risk assessment, gas check) cut me off and asked about calibration. Explained calibration. Asked where the regulation for maximum concentration for various gasses are written. I answered isgott, he asked from where does isgott get its values – I didn’t know this, he explained tlv and all. Now started going onto technicals of the newest gas detector (multi gas detector, neither tank scope nor explosimeter.) couldn’t answer this either. He asked me about UTI. Working principle. I explained what I know from manuals I have read on board. He was impressed with this. He then asked how does it detect the interface. I said conduction principle. (at this point he explained capacitance and all the funda) After this he said he would have given 10 if I had gotten capacitance and the new Gas Detector right..F3
BEHL14-JUNE-17how to order ration for life boat , how to lower life boat in heavy weather , fixed fire fighting system maintenance , scba in detail , visibility from bridge n many more ..F3
BEHL19-MAY-17Sopep, Smpep All latest ammendemts Angle of loll in deep and correction Girder ,brackets,frames,joints Sheer strakes About Ism,isps, Ism surveys and few moreF3
BEHL17-MAY-17Your food ration is for 10000kj how will you find it(wants to hear reference to lsa code) . What’s extra precautions in lifeboat in tankers (Sprinkler and air support sys) and its exact purpose, pressure of air bottles, maint. Of fixed foam (do tell him abt fixed isolation v/v), angle of lol in terminal loading cargo action, hssc, fpd and hanging off pendant difference (don’t tell him their lengths as mentioned in polaris its not a req) use of fpd, intercoastal bulkhead, all 6 gases in annex 6,why bwm needed lastest conventional and concept, Seemp in detail, you are second off how can you contribute to seemp, taking over cargo watch steps (wants to listen abt sf, bm stresses), racking stress, damage control plan, form r meaning, medicines decided and issued by whom, if flag state don’t provide any guidelines which medicines you will use and where you will find it(ANS master medical guide), doc and SMC inspection interval and difference.F3
BEHL18-APRIL-17Annex 6 marpol all 6 gas including seemp and eedi, lifeboat static dynamic test requirements, mantainance of lsa, lifeboat markings and where will u get it, solas ch3,  ocean currents warm ad cold examples with rough drawing on location, bore tide, spring tide, form E and Form R don’t say it’s a certificate it is just a supplement to certificate, errors of radar side lobe and multipath error, and qus on Meteorology again, drydock lifeboat maintenance .F3
C. L. DUBEY15-NOV-18TPA/ immersion suite Fire drill on passenger ships Annex 5 SOLAS CH 9 Weekly life boat maintenance Enclosed space entry checks BWM …explication. ..D-2 standards How did u implemented garbage management on board ur last ship Medical scale Medical chest From where will u find.. the medicine required on board ur ship SOPEP plan content.F3 
CHAND6-FEB-201) Lowering & recovery of  life boat. (He wanted to know about name of each parts & terminology being used during entire ops). Also asked about testing intervals & type of tests 2) Types of life boats. 3) SART & EPIRB (alert, how to activate, solas requirement, how to cancel alert etc.) 4) HRU & spring load mechanismF3
CHAND19-MAY-17Define pollution ( want to hear it is due to human error) Annex V Lifeboat equipment Medicines in lifeboat Requirements of medicine to be carried in lifeboat under which regulation Fixed Fire fighting system Co2 maintenance N few more can’t remember He will not give time….he jst want key points n when he will find dat point in ur answer he will stop you….F3
COUTINO15-JUNE-18Annex all? Garbage discharge criteria?sopep?n contents? U R on anchor 25 nm will u throw foodwaste? Fire in hold , action? Muster list? How u will prepare? How u will observe the stresses while cargo operation? Lowering and manoeuvring of lifeboat? I was explaining procedure he said duration? Pms?-(my failing question?)asked company name – ( NITIN was also from fleet, he caught me there n asked all pms programs of fleet n all) n stopped asking N said thank u, sit out side.F3 
DANIEL5-SEPT-19very strict and be ready for insult if not prepared well. What blunders you made in previous attempts ? I honestly told my mistakes and corrected answers same time. Took it very friendly (so surprising) What is SECA?? What factor to check encountering SECA ( I quickly said sulphur content in fuel oil LSMGO LSFO) happy with it. Nox tiers?? All three quickly, stopped in between. SPL Area for NOx Give your EXN Signed and said , chalo go passed you are second mate.F3
DESHPANDE16-OCT-19Annexs of MARPOL Can cooking discharge criteria Ann 5 dich criteria Hydrostatic draft Gm gz Weather tight water tight Loss of buoyancy Watch taking over in restricted visibility Mlc n rest hoursF3
DESHPANDE15-OCT-19Marpol annexes wid certfcts, Annex 6 amendments Hose burst during bunkering. U have rescued a L/R…how wil u come to knw of its identity (wntd to hear Callsign) Any sensor activated…wht hapns on bridge Does fire alram ring thn. Is der any delay period. What will u do wid control panel on bridge when at port? Last ship engine room ffa. Areas coverd by hypermist. Smoke activated…n its false..wil hypermist strt. Fw or sw in hypermist. Balast tank structural members, position and whthr thy r horizontal vertical longitudinal or transverse. Stcw code contents. Rest hour. When cn u bypas rest hour regulation and why? How is rest hour compensated? Who fills rest hr onboard? Panama convention in rest hour sheet (ISF tool). PSC code 17 30. Weathertight watertight. Role of hru and weaklinkF3
DESHPANDE11-OCT-18Frequency of lifeboat lowering. Frequency of rescue boat lowering. Items in Lifeboat. It’s in Life raft. Requirement for Life Buoys. Solas Chapters. Fixed CO2 system draw and explain. DCP extinguisher refilling. High expansion and low expansion foam ratio. Scba Requirement. TPA and immersion suit difference. SOPEP Contents discharge criteria for Cargo Residues.F3 
DESHPANDE11-OCT-181. Immersion suit.. when pressure test and how often carried out. 2. Lowering l/b and recue boat and frequency 3. Water tight and weather tight. 4. Medical advice 5. Person injured on board take action.F3 
DESHPANDE12-OCT-17Tell me something about solas what do u know about marpol disposal criteria for cooking oil how will u discharge dunnage annex 5 spcl area annex 5 disch4arge criteria what is gm and gz angle of loll and corective action fire above 6s cot on deck action ? fire in6s cot action ? fixed firefighting system of gas carrier? what is immersion suit and requirement ? wha is tpa ? requirment ? enclosed lifeboat and freefall life boat launching schedule ?F3
DEVESH2-MAR-21Minimum no of marking in extinguisher (I started with types of extinguisher than he stopped me and said I want digit as per Solas) IOPP certificate with form Seq form Certificate of free partique Solas chapter Oil cargo discharge criteria from pump room Person came with nose bleeding Suppose I came with u fracture of hand how u will recognize me?F3
DEVESH2-FEB-21Fire fighting systems on gas tankers Hypermist full operation All equipments on which hypermist is present, why not on other equipments in the engine room Why hypermist, why not water spray system Water spray system on gas carriers What all is done in annual survey of life boats Different types of survey, their duration What all equipment and certificates are checked during annual survey Annex 6 of marpol in brief Plate floors and open floors Angle of loll and corrective actions When was the latest ammendment to STCW Person’s nose bleeding take action Person having stomach ache, forcing you to get him of the ship take action, give names of medicines you will give him.F3 
DEVESH3-DEC-20Volatile organic compounds? Annex 5 garbage categories Hold on fire? Fire not extinguishing (last option)? HRU and life raft connection and working MLC convention Work hoursF3
DEVESH6-NOV-20Radio medical advice in detail Maintenance on load off load  release in detail  mechanism? Rest hours work hours in detail Requirements for portable Galley fire actionF3
DEVESH13-JAN-20Contents of: IOPP certificate Form A Form B List equipment in IOPP certificate. Fire training manual content? Draw fixed CO2 system? Maintenance in fixed CO2 system?F3
DEVESH17-APRIL-19Discharge criteria annex 1. Annex 5 in detail. How will you know cargo in harmful to marine environment various Starks and their uses? Bilge keel and use. Merchant shipping act. how will implement ISM. how will you come to know that company is following and working as per ISM M & MS notice. Fire triangle and tetrahydran and want it in detail. Molecular chain reaction. DCP and CO2 extinguisher in detail. Types of DCP extinguisher. Various types of Safety manual on board. Safety meetings. Classes of fire with example.F3 
DEVESH10-MAY-18What is Morphine, why is it used, why controlled drug?, Asked what is GMDSS convention didn’t knew what to say told abt the communications part wrt distress and SAR.. wanted to hear more..i told abt the sea areas.. went deep into it equipments in sea areas, Epirb under Gmdss or Solas? Said both..tried to confuse..asked is Gmdss under Solas? I said yes..who says? Ch4 solas..gave a sarcastic smile.F3
DEVESH10-MAY-18Bilgekeel, GMP, GRB, MARPOL Amendments regarding GRB- new categories, what is e-waste how do you dispose now, previously how were they disposed, then why new category for e-waste, electrical fire in galley, and some more practical questions.F3
DEVESH9-JUNE-17Flare Tumblehome Garboard strake Stealer plate On load release mechanism maintenance Marpol annex 5 special areaF3 
DIXIT10-JAN-18Scantling Discharge criteria Annex 1 , he will stop in between many times n den will ask to resume and he wants to hear everything all over again if u start from where u left he’ll say u don’t know Annex 1 What is 15ppm What is instantaneous rate of discharge definition , in that he wants to hear 30ltr per nautical mile Annex 5 discharge criteria Annex 6 explain Special area of Annex 6 On load , off load explain Y v use on load release Immersion suit requirements Garboard strake Equilibrium diagram , all 3F3
GP SHENOY6-JULY-21Checks of lifeboat as per Solas Where is the muster card located? Which document mentions the requirement and location of muster card(Fire Control Plan) Contents of fire training manual at what intervals are abandon ship drills carried out Immersion suits testing… what intervals is pressure testing carried out? List all conventions u know is ISM a convention? Diff btwin convention and codeF3
GP SHENOY6-JULY-21Marpol in detail. Fixed fire fighting system on board . Test and maintenance on foam fixed system . Lsa detail life boat and Davit test and maintenance. Immersion suit yearly test.F3
GUPTA20-DEC-17What is Hogging? Empty ship wat condition it will be Hogging or sagging?? Gas which fixed extinguisher r used??wat is propellant for it?? Where is sprinkler system is used n why?? Annex 4 dish criteria?? Rescue boat on passenger ship?? TPA??TPA On passenger ship?? Max. Cap. Of lifeboat?? Strengthening member of fwd n aft of ship n why?? For Pounding wat strengthening member is used?? Portable fire extinguisher??F3
HARINDER8-APRIL-21Safe manning certification come under which convention Fore peak construction Angle of lol H2s TLV ISGOTT and content Solas chapter Static and dynamic test of life boatF3
HARINDER5-JAN-21* Marpol annex * Solas chapters * Angle of LOL * Intact stability criteria of tankers  * TPC, MCTC, formulas * Formula for FWA * LOAD LINES DRAW * Lifeboat requirements * Lifebuoy requirements * Vessel more than 100m in length and having freefall lifeboat what will be the requirements to have life-raft on such ships * On load release mechanism * Watertight and weathertight what all compartments are supposed to be watertight * Classes of fire * Extinguishers used in various classes of fires * A60 bulkheads * Explosimeter, tankscope, oxy analyser. Their principles and when are they used * Tumble home * Camber * Stringers * Steller plate * Beckets * MLC contents * MLC certificates on board * ISM contents * ISM certificates * Annex 6 discharge criteria * Tiers for NOx * PSC regulation 17 and 30 (17 states that in case of a deficiency vessel has to correct it before departure i did not know about 30 so he said that is your homework) * Contents of stability bookletsF3
HARINDER4-JAN-211. IMDG classes 2. IMDG supplements 3. C.I.R.M 4. ECDIS safety settings 5. 4-5 ROR cards 6. 2 situations 7. Errors of GPS 8. Errors of radar 9. IMSAR all patterns 10. Sector search in detail 11. EPIRB alert cancellation 12. Cargo watch take over 13. Ship shore safety checklist. 14. Southern Hemisphere TRS action in detail 15. MLC contents n certificate 16. ISM 17. Wx tight and water tight difference 18. DOAF3
IYYER13-JAN-201. Difference between TPA and Immersion suit and their requirements. 2. Angle of lol. Corrective action 3. Intra muscular and intravenous injection. 4. How are frames numbered? 5. Latest Solas amendments. 6. You are incharge of an abandonship drill. Explain how will you conduct. 7. You have final drafts. How will you use stability booklet and what all information will you obtain.( I explained draft survey, he was satisfied)F3
IYYER13-JAN-20Co2 system and diagram. All life boat weekly monthly n yr maint. All foam weekly monthly n yr maint. List and hell diagram and difference. Timber loadline. Told me few knots to make i said I don’t know. Then gave me  rope and wodden stick and told me to make stage for painting a loft i said idk Then what are your duties as 3rd mate in ISM. MLC requirements n how is it applicable for 3rd off. Frame numbering. IG alarm. Discharge criteria for garbage. Solas chapters. HRU diagramF3
IYYER16-SEPT-19Maintenance of LSA. Maintenance of FFA. What was firefighting system on your ship? Explain me in detail with diagram? What is the function of propotiono meter in foam system? Then he gave me a wooden piece and a small rope he told me to stagging. How to rig staging? Asked me few knots ans bends and hitches. Draw a digram when ship is heeled by 5 deg and when ship is listed by 5 deg. Everything abt ISPS. What is the colur of ISPS card and purpose? Chapter of solas. Everything abt ISM. What is stringer its location? Types of floor. What is difference between COf And cob? Discharge criteria of garbage and its amendments.F3
IYYER6-AUG-17Gave a small stage and told me to do a stage hitch, then bow line, some other knots and give me their names, duties of 3rd off according to ism and mlc 2006, differences,free fall lifeboat types of launchings, procedures, precautions inside free fall life boats, how does on load release mechanism wrk, draw a simple diagram of it,draw a diagram of listing ship and a heeling ship, differences and many more…F3
IYYER6-AUG-17Gave a small stage and told me to do a stage hitch, then bow line, some other knots and give me their names, duties of 3rd off according to ism and mlc 2006,differences, free fall lifeboat types of launchings, procedures, precautions inside free fall life boats, how does on load release mechanism work, draw a simple diagram of it, draw a diagram of listing ship and a heeling ship, differences and many more…F3
JAIRAM5-SEPT-19Started with brief introduction, work experience (verifying my oral file same time) Discussed about previous attempts, questions asked , answers went wrong Boosted confidence. What is Garboard strake? Shear strake? Keel plate?? Which strake is stronger most ? Round of bilge?? Bilge keel?? Latest Marpol  amendments ? Special Area for Nox?? Any amendment to annex 1? Contents of marpol?? Structure of IMO?? I gave introduction of IMO And IMCO Council and Assembly stopped me and asked how many members in council and assembly?? Annex 5 detailed ammenmets latest what is HME?? I gave reference of IMSBC GMP? GRB? ORB? CRB?? Quick answers didn’t want full, just checking familiarisation about it. SCBA any latest requirements? Fire Fighting equipment any latest safety requirements?? IMGS contents?? I said medicine and medical supply details and further more couldn’t say Weak link? Description? HRU disposal n maintenance? I explained about HAMMAR 20 make n model and said the same I saw on almost all ships I have sailed till date. Galley fire in port, you are second mate and saw smoke coming out from galleyF3
JB SINGH3-MAR-21Sopen lkr content TPA Immersion suit What was the name of imo earlier Why a literaft is in fwd ??( Agr ye bologe k log aage fase hote h kaam me to glat h ) Ship manoeuvring booklet contentF3
JB SINGH4-FEB-21TPA and Immersion suit difference Lifebuoy Testing requirement Why there is liferaft in forward? SOPEP item with exact number Forepeak Construction and it’s strengthening members? IMO and it’s working. Fire in galley drill How will you correct muster listF3
JB SINGH5-DEC-17Marpol annexes Discharge criteria annex 5 Intact stability Damage criteria Life rafts location/ capacity Why life raft fwd and why no HRU What is Marpol and Purpose Hyper mist system and how much fw in it. Also what after fw finishes Life raft service period How will you check after servicing if Life raft serviced or not? PSSA? Is it marked on the chart?F3
JB SINGH16-AUG-171- SOPEP contents 2- Marpol 73/78 why is it called so. 3- Contents of stability booklet( i failed as i gave ony half contents in this answer) 4- IMO previous name 5- Fire drill for galley fire 6- Fixed co2 system 7- Why a liferaft requirement for forward( he wanta to here incase ship breaks into two the person trapped forward can escape using it) 8- Diagram of Fore peakF3
JB SINGH16-AUG-171- SOPEP contents 2-Marpol 73/78 why is it called so. 3- Contents of stability booklet( i failed as i gave ony half contents in this answer) 4-IMO previous name 5-fire drill for galley fire 6-Fixed co2 system 7-why a liferaft requirement for forward( he wanta to here incase ship breaks into two the person trapped frwd can escape using it) 8-Diagram of Fore peak (I thought i had given all answer properly) but was surprised to here from ext.F3
JB SINGH24-JULY-17What is marpol 73/78 Stability booklet content  Sopep equipment  What is intact stability  What is damage stability  How u will conduct fire drill?F3
JB SINGH18-JULY-171) Why is 1 life raft stowed in the fwd 2) Fitted with hru ? 3) What is imo, location , head office 4) Period of life raft servicing 5) Ever went in the fpt, types of construction in fptF3
JB SINGH14-JULY-17Liferaft Survival craft definition Fire in galley Fire drill frequency Sheer strakeF3
JOHRI13-JULY-17Marpol annex headings, Marpol amendments, Oil record book part 2 and entries in it, Life jacket, Margin plate, Sheer strake, Garbord strakes, Fire in cargo hold, Trim table.F3
KHAMBATA10-AUG-21Weekly monthly checks in PFE? Why hole is there in extinguisher? Solas req for fire pump. Pilot ladder why last steps are made of rubber. Are shackles allowed to secure pilot ladder on deck? SF (wants to hear Opposed by forces of buoyancy) & BM How you’ll find Hyd draft? What is Mean of means when is it used?F3
KHAMBATA9-MAR-21Annex 2 in Chemical tankers tanks requirements and many more questions as i have done chemical tanker Lifebuoy marker requirements MLC content and certificate issued What is DMLC and MLC difference between them Life raft requirements, Life boat engine requirements, MSDSF3
MANHAS9-NOV-20simple principle to extinguisH a fire HRU operation how? If LEL is 99.9% then will the mixture burn? yes or no with reason. lifeboat requirements. during cargo watch if your ship ropes part away and the stern is drifting out what action will you take?F3
MANHAS10-MAY-18In which direction Plat floors are dere Den ask. Me consider u r in dB tank n you are facing fwd where will Plat floors Critical dilution of line Angle of lol and corrections HRU working in briefF3
MANHAS13-MAR-18Annex 6 Requirement for nox and sox Hw to minimise In eca and global Annex 1 Machinery space disc criteria in and out special area Oil filtering equipment and Odmcs requirement Hru hw it work and weight at which it breaks (80 kg) Launching procedure of liferaft Lifeboat launching frequency Onload and offload release Lifeboat launching composition Enclosed and free fall (Once in 3 month both and once in 6 month free fall to be freefalled to water ) If Odme is showing 400 ppm does it discharge slop to sea or return to slop tank What contains in bottles of life raft (non toxic gas) Floor plate locationF3
MANHAS7-MAR-18Annex 6 nd y it is nd tiers nd areas, latest annex 5 ammendmemt, sopep, cirm nd frm where to find its details, lowering req of life boats, automatic release of liferaft, damage stability booklet, qs on angle of loll, annex 1 disch criteria, floors in db tanks, fire extinguishing principle, hydrostatic test of scba bottles nd few more qs nd a lot of cross qs.F3
MANHAS13-JULY-17Annex 6 gasses ( he want to her all 5 gasses) Discharge criteria annex 1 from cargo. Sox and box emission, How to fight fire SEEMP. CIRM. Medical advice.F3
MARKESH10-AUG-19-Annex 4 discharge criteria -certificates under all annexes -latest amendments in MARPOL -gases under annex 6, EEDI, SEEMP -SOPEP, SMPEP, what is quarterly changed in it -some definitions -camber, fluke, tumblehome, flare, bilge keel -difference between TPA and immersion suit -Angle of LOLL, correction -Equilibriums -list any 5 conventions -STCW rest hours -which chapter says about duties of 2nd officer -duties of 2nd officer under STCW -fire drill requirements in passenger and cargo ships -u hv done chem tanker.. wall wash test u know…during wall wash test how long the ventilation to be stopped -enclosed space entry proceduresF3
MIRANDA13-JAN-201. Machinery space disch criteria 2. List the names of special areas under annex 1 3. What is stiff and tender vessel 4. What is angle of loll 5. How will you correct Angle of loll 6. What is keel 7. What is bilge keel. 8. What is watertight and weather tight. 9. Full form of DCP 10. Fire jn galley, take action 11. How many life raft onboard. Why fwd liferafts have no hru. 12. What is CPR 13. how will u give CPR 14. Difference between TPA and immersion suit 15. Why marool is called 73/78 16. Latest ammendments in Solas. ANSWERED I said i don’t know all ammendments, but there is a new chapter in solar i.e. Polar code 17. Which Chapter is Polar code. just wanted to hear chapter numberF3
MIRANDA13-DEC-191. Machinery space disch criteria 2. List the names of special areas under annex 1 3. What is stiff and tender vessel 4. What is angle of loll 5. How will you correct Angle of loll 6. What is keel 7. What is bilge keel. 8. What is watertight and weather tight. 9. Full form of DCP 10. Fire jn galley, take action 11. How many life raft onboard. Why fwd liferafts have no hru. 12. What is CPR 13. how will u give CPR 14. Difference between TPA and immersion suit 15. Why marool is called 73/78 16. Latest ammendments in Solas. ANSWERED I said i don’t know all ammendments, but there is a new chapter in solar i.e. Polar code 17. Which Chapter is Polar code. just wanted to hear chapter numberF3
MIRANDA11-JULY-19Machinery space discharge criteria? Fire drills frequency? Do you know Framing system? Tell me what you know? What is CPR? Solas chapters, I told all chapters. Then Asked what  chapter 13 says, what is verification of compliance? What is HRU activating depth? What checks will you do for SCBA before entering enclosed spaces?F3
MIRANDA6-MAR-19SOLAS new amendments Marpol annex1 disch. criteria SOPEP SM question on constructionF3
MIRANDA9-JAN-19SOPEP, Discharge criteria for oily water from engine room bilges, Amendment to marpol annex 6, Contents of trim and stability booklet, What is a constant, angle of loll, SCBA checks, HRU activation depth, Frequency of lifeboat lowering, Intravenous injection, Purpose of fpd, Solas chap 13 title, Solas chap 14.F3
MIRANDA3-MAY-18PSSA Bunkering precautions Vapour line dimensions ( anx 6 ) International shore coupling Expansion ratio of low and high expansion foam How are frames numbered and from whereF3 
MIRANDA8-MAR-18MARPOL amendments SOLAS amendments Fire wire requirements Fix firefighting pressure on deck Ur mooring wire strength Panting/pounding straighting member How framing done  where is 0 stand Bilge keel work Sheer strack Disadvantage of freefall lifeboatF3
MIRANDA14-FEB-18* Difference between tpa and immeraion suit * M And ms notices * ism code and cert *Dmlc * DOC * Who issue DE-RATS certificate, i was like sorry sir!! He wrote it on a piece of paper and asked who issues it.. ‘ i said never heard of it sir ‘ * what type of fire fighting system used on deck on tankers * SOLAS amendments, when i said blending of cargoes prohibited under chapter 6 , his eyebrows went up so i explained on my own blending means internal transfer of cargo , he asked dat is for antartic region only right ?? I said no sir it is for all the areas.. transfer has nothing to do with area.. i was confident * Amendments of Marpol Here he asked about special areas of nox n sox, what is tier 3 i explained it allF3
MIRANDA23-NOV-17Angle of loll & corrective action, Tpc & Mctc and how to use them, hydrostatic particulars, Red stars seen falling down…action, foam system  of last vsl in  detail, expansion ratio, frequency of fire and abandonship drill and what all checks to be done. disch. cat. for eng. Room bilges etc…etc..F3 
MIRANDA2-AUG-17Marpol ammendments Annexes of marpol Angle of loll, corrective action? TPC? Strakes? Garboard strakes? Foam expansion ratio? Solas ammendments?F3 
MIRANDA2-AUG-17Marpol amendments Annexes of Marpol Angle of loll, corrective action? TPC? Strakes? Garboard strakes? Foam expansion ratio? Solas amendments?F3 
MIRANDA19-MAY-17stcw,Marpol, solas latest ammendemnets, sheer strake, stresses,Bm, Gm, ism in detail , statutory certificates carried on boardF3
MOHIT13-SEPT-19Marpol annex-3 only name. Anx-1and 6 discharge criteria. ORB, GRB-Garbage categories. Lifeboat weekly monthly annual test. fixed firefighting test duties of 3/0 with CE. ESP. Safety equipment survey. Form R. CLC and Fund. Sopep content. oil pollution during bunker action. L/B- equipment. Recovey in heavy weather. SCBA test. Amendment- marpol, mlc and fss code. IMGS. Medical advice. CIRM. frame no. starkes no. and definition, LOA, LBP, mctc, TPC,  angle of lol and corrective action and few more definition on const and stability.F3
NITIN2-FEB-21Virtual Loss of buoyancy in intact condition? Each and every maintenance requirements and schedule of CO2 Ship suddenly lists to 7° on one side, reasons and precautions What quarterly changes are to be done in SOPEP? When you collide with another vessel, how will you assess the damage?F3 
NITIN7-JAN-21Ask which ship u sail I told him to I sail in cont. vl intact stability of cont vl, what damage stability, diff between weather and water tight doors diff between TPA and exposure suit angle of loll, fresh water allowance, far, free board, statuary cert, SOPEP and SMPEP req.F3 
NITIN2-JULY-19EEBD specifications SCBA latest requirements (I discontinued and said sorry I am not certain) Pyrotechnics on bridge Ship on anchor,10 NM away from land, which garbage allowed to discharge? (Here I made blunder, said grinded food waste) still he was giving clue , but vessel is on anchor New amendment of annex 5 Annex 6 ,ecas, emissions limits, Sox and nox? Requirement of slop tank( I gave up since didn’t know correct answer) Rescue boat lowering frequency , I said 3 months( cpt NITIN said ye galat hai 1 month hai , 3 month toh lifeboat ka hai 😫😫 Camber? Flare? Rise of floor? Anchor a cockbill ?? How it’s concluded vessel is dragging the anchor by looking from forward? What if there is long stay?F3
NITIN9-AUG-17ILO rest hours Pyrotechnics Camber n lot more simple construction questions Immersion suit pressure test When u call master (want to listen abt masters night order) Angle of lol, corrective action  Weather tight Water tight (with example) Hydrostatic draftF3 
NITIN19-APRIL-17Rescue boat specs Immersion suit pressure test freq Lifeboat lowering and manoeuvring freq(for all types) What is DOC Can oily mixture be discharged in special area. From wat part of the ship. What is the criteria. What is margin line. What is the purpose. Which certificate/document states the margin line.F3 
O. P. YADAV12-APRIL-17Lunching of life boat, life raft marking, panting pounding, strake, stiffener, bilge keel, swl, hru and many moreF3 
O. P. YADAV12-APRIL-17What is TPA and Immersion suit and  difference between them L/B launching? procedure and prior checks step by step and L/B onload release procedure. How to get back the position of Liferaft if  toppled up in water which extinguisher you will use for small oil fires??… SOLAS chapters What is flare and some basic terms in ship construction.F3 
OAK5-JULY-21Marpol 73/78 , discharge criteria annex1, Sopep, Garbage record book, soc and nox discharge criteria, controlled drugs, yard delivery of ship how to order medicine, righting of liferaft procedure, TPA, difference b/w immersion suit and tpa, Loading cargo angle of lol stbd side action. Smoke from crew cabin action. 24h after departure master, c/o,2nd off. fainted in pump room action. Radio medical advice.F3
OAK13-APRIL-21Lifeboat engine requirements RSO in isps recognised security Organization Cardinal buoy Muster list content n details in it 20 ship complement, prepare muster lists Latest Ms notice on covid its regarding to garbage discharge at indian port as per my knowledge issued in. May 2020 SMPEP CONTENTS Numbering of lifeboat why STBD side 1 n port side 2. Why its not vice versa. ANNEX 6 latest amendments SECA AREAS FIRE IN GALLEY SCBA bottle filling n SCBA maintenance Firepump requirement Extinguisher spare requirements HRU n weak linkF3
OAK11-MAR-21Duties of 3rd officer as per ISM How will u obtain ISPS certificate? What is RSO? Rescue boat requirements. Maintenance of L/B. What is HRU? Stresses experienced by vessel. SECA area.F3
OAK9-NOV-20requirements for changing cartrigde of portable fire extinguisher. how will you recognise a life raft on a ship? (wanted to know appearance and markings) describe how a ship will get its first ISPS certificate on delivery.? who is RSO? stringer plates How to strengthen the ship against panting and pounding? unstable equilibrium block coefficient How will you number floors in a ship. expiry of lifeboat ration Certificates to be carried onboard as per all MARPOL annexes. marpol discharge criteria annex 1 capacity of emergency fire pump on cargo ship. How will you start an emergency generator manually?F3
OAK10-SEPT-20You are on tanker, loading is in progress vsl port side alongside, vsl listed to stbd, reached angle of loll, action? 2. How will you upright your liferaft? 3. What is IEEC? 4. SOPEP required as per what regulation? 5. SOPEP contents? 6. Liferaft painter length? 7. Draw stable equilibrium? 8.  Gave a paper showed drafts F=5, M=5.7, A=6 vsl hog or sag? (I said it’s trim by stern he said only two options hog or sag choose one , I said hog. He told explain why? ) 9. Automatic release of liferaft?F3
OAK10-MAY-18Seemp What is striking plate Life raft painter length Difference b/w rescue boat and life boat Life raft requirment Immersion suits maintenance How will you charge scba bottle What are the requirements of air bottle What is able of lol How does start work How will u check sart How will check epirb and expiry Gmdss walkie talkie battery and expiry Seca areas Life bouy requirements Maintenance of life bouy Marking on lifer after container How many pyrotechnics are dere on bridge What is hog and sag What is expiry of food rationF3
OAK14-MAR-183off duties as per ISM. Weekly maintenance on lifeboat. How many TPA in l/b. Onload offload procedure. What is RSO as per Isps. How many types of portable fire extinguishers.  Maintenance of them. Pressure test freq. How frames are numbered. Definition of aft perpendicular.F3
PANIGRAHI5-JULY-21Annex 2 discharge criteria SOPEP manual Oil Record Book Garbage Management Plan Stem Rake LSA code Why dcp cannot be used for oil fireF3
PC MEENA10-AUG-21Before MLC came which international conventions were there for seafarers? And what are the main conventions which formed MLC. MLC -> who issues DMLC 1 AND DMLC 2 What does MLC offer for seafarers? And what is social security What are the types of ammendments? GZ CURVES. What are Carlings? Gusset plate. Frame numbering. What maintenance you will do for marine evacuation systems. Which ships have marine evac system? What are the regulation for fast Rescue boats & which ships have these fast RBs? Not normal rescue boats.F3
PC MEENA4-AUG-21Imp difference between rescue boat and lifeboat Draw liferaft diagram and explain 5 convention Draw recovery strop and how it is used. FFP aj to artist ban gya 😅F3
PC MEENA5-JULY-18SOPEP SECA PSSA Lifeboat maintenance Liferaft maintenance Ab injured with fingers cut action u are on watchF3
PC MEENA16-MAR-18Angle of lol Corrections. Cross questions  on actions Trim requirements  as per marpol????  I told  him den he asked  what is the L in Dat I told him LBP (Bt I checked later it was wrong) Testing frequency  of life boat?? Testing frequency  of immersion suitF3
POSWAL11-MAR-21Started with stability , significance of Metacritic height, angle loll, life raft servicing req, lifeboat full, lifeboat lowering in real scenario, galley fire – don’t answer it that CO2 is fixedF3
PRAMOD KUMAR14-DEC-18Annex 1,5 and 6 – discharge criteria, ORB, IOPP and supplement A and B,  SMPEP AND SOPEP DIFFERENCE, Liferaft HRU diagram. Free fall lifeboat requirements and lowering interval. Angle of loll, stiff and tender vessel difference, hydrostatic draft, contents of stability booklet. Maintenance for CO2 cylinder.F3
PRAMOD KUMAR13-MAR-18Started wid intro. Intact stability criteria fr cargo ship. Angle of loll n corrective action. Lifeboat lowering frq. Marpol annex1 n annex6. Fire fighting equipmnt pressure testing Imersion suit checks n freq. Oil spill during bunkering action. How to calculate gm gz. Operation of dump wall n wat precaution to take before operating it. Medical advise procedure. Cirm. Form A B E R. Disch criteria frm mach space. Slop tank requirementF3
PRASHANT6-AUG-21Marpol annex 1 name and date , Discharge criteria from cargo space Isps certificate ( special mention CSR) Torrisional stress,racking stress, bending moment ,shearing moment Where you will get all these What is FPD ,on load off load launching procedure, As 3/O how will you prepare your ship for PSC  What additional support in construction for bulk carrier?F3
ROHIT8-FEB-211. Marpol Annex 5 Disch Criteria 2. HRU Working with diagram and how is Life raft Inflated automatically when vessel is sinking what gives jerk to painter to inflate. 3. weak link diagram draw 4. Angle Of Loll in Port Actions 5. After correcting Angle of Lol Fire in opposite Cabin of CCR actions. 6. Upcoming MARPOL Annexes 7. What is a Convention and How is it made to come  into force. 8. Medical First Aid Guide and how to use 9. Accomodation cabin Fire what extinguisher will you use and why and how you will go about to fight fire in chronological order.(Say Do not Enter Cabin immediately he will confuse you that why don’t you enter and and fight the fire all by yourself) 10. All Special Areas he will wait till you name them all he wants all 11. SECA and ECA difference. 12. Damaged & Intact Stability Criteria Cargo of ships draw and show all points K B G M where they will be. 13. FWD Draft- 5m, Mid draft-5.3m, Aft Draft-6m, Is it hog or sag? sag and why does it happen.F3 
SANTOSH26-APRIL-21What is Marpol? What is SMPEP? Annex 6 discharge criteria Annex 4 discharge criteria. What is sewage treatment plan? Special area for annex 6. What is SOX, NOX.? Rescue boat maintenance. Pyro technique only name. Sketch aft peak sprinkler system. What is enclosed space? Procedure for entering enclosed space. Difference between SCBA and EEBD. LSA code. Solas training manual. Types of fire pump. I answered positive displacement pump ( centrifugal pump), non-positive displacement, pump(gear pump). What are all fire extinguisher u have on board. Types of foam. Composition of DCP. How to take radio medical advice? IMO convention name. What is DPA, CSO. Recovery of lifeboat in heavy weather. MCTC formula. TPC formula. Life buoy characteristics.F3
SANTOSH13-NOV-19MLC , ISM who made it , TPA and immersion suit , medical assistance using immarsat , pyrotechnics requirements on LSA and bridgeF3
SANTOSH15-JUNE-18Imo conventions? How many liferafts on board u had? How many survival crafts onboard last ship And what all drills u carried out n frequencies  (other 2mate). What is piracy?(only occurs in high seas) What arm guard piracy ( occurs in inland n coastal water) asked FMate they were not able to distinguish .those were his answer in bracket mentioned. What is form E? Form R? What is disable ship?F3 
SANTOSH3-MAY-18PSSA Who issues chain register M and MS notices Angle of lol How to correct it Diagram and explain Fixed CO2 system onboard ship Flammability diagram Difference between IRS and DG shipping Is it mandatory for a vessel to have class ? SOPEP Difference between TPA and immersion suit Formula for MCTC and TPC Conventions All -just name PSSA ( asked then forgot ) Fixed firefighting system in galley No of extinguisher on last ship What is Inside foam extinguisher (AFF) Also asked what is AFF ( I answered sodium bicarbonate )F3 
SHARMA13-MAY-19what is SF,BM,KM,KG liferaft automatic and manual release mechanism.location of knife.liferaft shore maintenance interval. what is reserve buoyancy. it is expressed in what? 2 vessels one box shaped one ship shaped going from sw to fw will displacement change ?what will change nd why. what is cb.which extinguisher you use on oil fire. its specifications. what is panting and pounding in simple words. what is done to reduce it? what is heloigraph. how many chapters in solas. name them. MLC.what is done to reduce corrosion. what are anodes.what exactly do they do. what is impressed current cathodic protection?3 pulls on lifeline what does it triangle which plan will show where the transducer is fitted.F3 
SHARMA13-MAY-19what is rolling motion. what is fsc. fsc depends upon what. what is fluid GM. what is the other GM called. why two GM one solid and one liquid? how much should me a vessels GM? stable equilibrium? what is hog what is sag. A ballast vessel will hog or sag. loaded vessel will hog or sag. precautions while using co2 extinguisher. maintenance of co2 extinguisher. what are its specifications. maintenance of lifeboat. at night e/r calls nd bridge an informs they want to discharge oily waste. will u let them discharge. same situation in English channel. same situation in port. any special area for discharge from machinery space.F3 
SHARMA13-AUG-18-LB,RB diffrnce (equipmens) -SCBA checks -firemains outfit -ask about to carry out -immersion suit testing -Sart testing -monthly test of Lifebt and liferaft -Lifeboat engine -SMPEP -vaidity of Isps and Iopp cert. -survyes carried out after yard delivery (about 2nd ship) -whil berting mooring rope got tight,ur action? how to inform shore? -how wil u lay out  moring ropes to jetti??F3
SHARMA16-AUG-17Marpol annexes. Discharge criterias Equipments under annex1 L/b lowering Basic ship construction Gusset plate. Sticks to only basics…F3 
SHARMA16-AUG-17Marpol annexes. Discharge criterias Equipments under annex1 L/b lowering Basic ship construction Gusset plate. Sticks to only basics…F3
SHASHI9-APRIL-21Extinguisher hydrostatic test, Fixed CO2 hydrostatic test, Weight of bottle Relief valve, Life boat static dynamic test, On load off load release In on load why we release at some height, Lowering frenquency of life boat and resue boat, Differnce between l/b resue boat. Camber, Fore peak construction, Margin line, Rake, Something like shore or something in construction, Marpol annex 6 criteria, Annex 6 amendment, Amendment in tier 3 engine, Annex 5 amendment, U r at bravo Anchorage what kind of garbage u can discharge, Mlc amendment and many more.F3
SINHA7-MAR-18garboard strake, shear strake, strake, numbering of frames, no requirement of all lsa nd ffa qs fr a 196m ship, reserve buoyancy nd its unit, fwa nd its formula, bowsing tackle nd hw to use it, tricing pendant nd hw it looks,F3
SRIVASTAVA6-SEPT-19Weak link and hru diagram SOx discharge criteria inside and outside SECA area Why sulphur emission and other gases are not released into the atmosphere Why annex 6 came into force What is acid rain What do you know about ISM Have you read SMS manual What is inside SMS manual Yearly maintenance of LSA and FFA What all fire fighting equipment were on your last ship How will you carryout FFA maintenance and few more easy questionsF3
SRIVASTAVA4-SEPT-19Angle of lol Lsa ffa plan Ffa maintenance Immersion suit req FSCF3
SRIVASTAVA11-JAN-19CSC plate. Load density. Broken stowage. COW. Pv valve settings. Row bay n tier Csc plate. What is VGM n its regulation Permeability of hold. IG low level alarm.F3
SUNDARAM14-JAN-201. class 4 of imdg? 2. Bale & grain capacity? 3. Total solas chapters? 4. What is mctc? 5. What is cof? 6. Which plate is below the sounding pipe? 7. What are lightning holes? 8. Speciality about Neil Robertson stretcher? 9. Grain hazard? 10. What is marpol anex 4?F3
SUNDARAM13-FEB-19Latest amendments to Marpol, Solas (no of chapters &name ch14) special areas marpol annex1, def of pssa, ism code purpose, qualifications for a DPA (I  told duties of dpa), Striker plate, transom floor, flare, reserve buoyancy, when going from fw to sw will (lcg,kg,kB) these change, pilot ladder specs Any ways best if luck to you’ll guys and do post questions irrespective of your results.F3
SUNDARAM8-FEB-191) told to draw port side load line n explain. 2) wt do u mean By fw allowance 3) grain capacity n bale capacity 4) list out all imdg classF3
SUNDARAM7-FEB-19Have you read marpol and solas onboard? Then asked tell me everything about marpol annex 5? Advance of your ship? What is squat? Frequency of  lifeboat lowering and manoeuvring on water ?? How to get medical advice?F3
SURENDAR4-JAN-21Name of annexes, GRB entries, annex 5, annex 6, name of future annexes that will come to force (don’t know) while loading angle of loll, actions? Suddenly after angle of loll, fire in galley, actions (in both cases i said stop cargo operations, he was not happy).Master & CO collapsed in pumproom.
How will you seek medical advice on radio ( i think he asked me procedure, I answered by mail satc, not satisfied by answer). Definition of convention(not satisfied), IEEC contents (what is written on it), hog sag, stable equilibrium, you are going to dry dock. What stuff will you say to CO to bring his attention (I said all the stuff in PMS,he was not satisfied), FAL, immersion suit maintanence…..
SURINDER5-FEB-21Free fall life raft ship length more than 100m requirements for life raft, Classes of fire, fire in galley action, hyper mist system, shell expansion plan, vsl aground action (wants in chronological order), contents of ISM, content of MLC, annex 5 special area.F3 
THAKUR5-NOV-19Marpol annexes Ballast water management Marpol anx1 disch criteria MLC contents Stcw contents and amendments Intact stability criteria of last vslF3
THAKUR14-MAY-19-Marpol An1, disch. criteria, machinery vs deck, Odmcs working, oil filter requirement -Anx2 disch. Criteria in detail, -SOx,NOx,ECA -GM diagram,stiff vs tender -MLC 2006 -Stcw 2010 amendments -Intact stab. Criteria for all ships -Angle of contraflexure, angle of flooding in details -Fire onboard, actions -Fire ext. Colour coding -Pressure testing of Immersion suits in detailF3 
TOPNOV13-APRIL-21Vsl at port ship lol take action what is angle of lol in detail. Going to drydock as a 2nd and 3rd officer what will you send to shore for maintenance. You are 2nd off u joined a new ship how will you order medicines and about controlled drugs Immersion suit carriage reqmnts. Where do you get this information? Damage stability and intact stability. Contents of damage stability booklet. Proposed annexes of Marpol. What is marpol and annexes and discharge criteria of annex 1. Special areas of annex 5. Who approves ODMCS? Can you incinerate plastic and what are the requirements for incinerator and who approves it for use?F3
UPPAL7-AUG-211) MARPOL – All Annexes – especially VI, V & II 2) ISM Code – Chapters & Certification. 3) Sheer strake, garboard strake, stringer, longitudinal framing, transverse framing. Which framing used onboard ships for cons.? 4) No. of & W/T division required as per SOLAS? 5) IMO & its bodies & function. 6) HRU & weak link. 7) SCBA checks.F3
UPPAL9-FEB-19Marpol total annex name. Annex 6 in detail. Discharge criteria oily mixture from oil cargo tank. Difference between TPA & immersion suit. Draw draft on paper 6.68m. Weak link function & some more easy questionsF3
UPPAL9-FEB-19Difference between TPA and immersion suit Purpose of weak link Hru system with diagram Marpol annex 1 full And 2-3 more easy questionsF3 
UPPAL11-JUNE-18Scba tests? How to do those tests? Difference between Tpa n  immersion suit? Pyrotechnics in life boat? Rocket parachutes requirements? Marpols annexs? Explain Weak link? Sailent features of annex 5?F3 
UPPAL15-MAY-18Weak link purpose? Hru when activate ? SCBA checks ? Difference btwn TPA and IMMERSION SUIT? Pyrotechnics carried in lifeboat ? All requirements Foam extinguisher details ? All classes of fire ? What is IMO ? Purpose of IMO and headquater and how it works ? What is ISM ? Documents as per ISM ? SMS content ? TLV explain in details ?F3
VAZ9-NOV-171. Marpol Annex vi  Air pollution control.Sox Nox 2. Annex ii instant rate of discharge 3. Angle of loll diagram and preventive action 4. Principal of fire fighting 5. Life boat lowering and free fall lowering and manoeuvring requirement 6. Life jacket specifications 7. CIRM (medical advise) 8. IMO short descriptionF3 
VAZ21-JULY-17What is title , what is existing vessel , what is legislation regarding ROR,. Heading 180 you see a north cardinal buoy ahead at 8 cable action , what is collaboration of ROR, explain in detail all latest amendment In ROR , why ROR were made , what is objective of ISM – ( he wants to hear word to word from Solas ) , what is name of attached page  of SEQ certificate, why ISPS is made , only one situation (pd vessel on  port bow ,you are stand on and you  have shallow patch on stbd and didn’t agree on any answer) , what is grain stability booklet and tell all the contents specifically as per SOLAS , why do we need solicitor authorization for adaption of IMO convention (I was completely blank on this qstn ) and many more such qstn which we haven’t heard ever .F3
VERMA6-APRIL-21A 60 door ISM code contents. MLC 2006 rest hours and certificates Watertight / weather tight Marpol annex 1 requirement Annex 2 requirements Angle of lollF3
VERMA7-SEPT-20SOX discharge criteria Annex5 discharge criteria and special areas What all new annexes going to implement in future Galley fire he asked 2 times What is MSDS in detail? MFAG and how will you use it for injured person onboard? Who is medical officer on ship? Vessel going dry dock what will be the duty of3/o &2/0 prior drydock SOPEP in detail He gave me draft 5m —- 5.3m —- 6m vsl hog or sag Hog sag How to upright liferaftF3
VIBHUTI4-AUG-21Imp difference between rescue boat and lifeboat Draw liferaft diagram and explain 5 convention Draw recovery strop and how it is used.F3
VIBHUTI6-AUG-19He made a life raft and painter  he asked me to draw. How life raft is connected and he said complete diagram with naming . Then he asked to do group studies.F3 
VIBHUTI17-JUNE-19Lifeboat lowering procedure heavy weather. Lifeboat Recover in heavy weather. Liferaft davit launching. Bowsing tackle. Tricing pendant. Bowsing tackle Diagram. Liferaft lashing and arrangement basically he want me to show Senhouse slip. Then he asked About IG how it help in reducing the risk of fire He gave me situation where slop tanks are 95 percent full and Some oil leaked on deck wht will be action He want to listen the SOPEP content basically. Then ask me the use of Expansion joint Draw and explain. Another Name of Expansion joint. Panting and pounding with Diagram full explanation Plate and strake Numbering.F3
VIBHUTI19-MAR-181) HRU and diagram with complete explanation. 2) Latest marpol amendment of annex 5 3) Life raft launching procedure. 4) load line survey as 3,how will you go for it. 5) latest 5 convention 6) you see smoke coming from the cabin ,action???F3
VIBHUTI16-JAN-18Draw fire main system and explain every configuration on line forward of accomodation and aft…. how eductor works…where is emergency fire pump located and its connection to fire line.. Deck foam line setting and operation Lifeboat &Liferaft lashing.. Working of HRU… Lifeboat launching procedure… Ship list 15° how to embark and lower life boat…hook drawing U see fire on fry pan in galley..flames…actionl..what type of ext. To use…can u use foam type?….inspection of DCP ext….in loadicator what all thing u get…….on which all ships u can find it. How Shell plats are shown on GENERAL ARRANGMENT PLAN…how is it numbered On shell expansion plan? and few more questions….F3
VIBHUTI18-DEC-17Show me the arrangements of HRU in life raft and explain. I made the diagram in the paper and showed. Then cross question. 2. Procedure for lunching life boat davit type. If ship is listed 10 degrees how will embark the lifeboat. I said I will use the embarkation ladder then he said rough weather u cannot lower lifeboat to water. I said then I will use bowsing tackle to enter the lifeboat from embarkation deck. Then he said I can not take any change in emergency. In emergency I want 100% .F3 
VIBHUTI8-JULY-17*Marpol Annex 1 discharge cat. *Annex 2 prewash * Life boat Lowering procedure. * Life raft lowering procedure and HRU weak link connection. *bausing tackleF3
VIBHUTI2-JUNE-17Continued the anchoring emergency took it as vsl aground. Cross questioning on each answer Container fire in fwd cargo hold Boat launching procedure in derails Tricing pendent and bausing tacke use Liferaft weak link diagram and explain the release mechanism in very detailsF3 
YOGRAJ2-AUG-21– what do you understand by seca -fire in cargo hold -person unconscious action -garbage, food waste disch. Criteria -preparation for psc and mlc (asked by external) -angle of loll -shell expansion plan – dynamic stresses(only names)F3
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