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Capt. Agarwal Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Agarwal Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

9-JULY-19AGARWAL4-5 random day/night cards (CBD, NUC, Aground) ETA reqmts Warm, cold, occ, stnry fronts explain and symbols Quote rule 19 3 situations in sight of one another Vsl aground. Actions in sequence. Damage stability criteria How will you come to know which part of the ship has damaged from fwd to aft ? TRS. Vsl in dangerous quadrant. Action? Diurnal and semi diurnal range.F1
5-APRIL-19AGARWAL1) Quote rule 10,13,18,19 2) Situations 5-6 RV and open sea 3) ROR cards 8-10 4) Voyage planning points to be taken into account as a mate 5) TRS in detail . 1-2-3 rule 6) Gyro compass errors explanation in detail, what effects on gyro as we go towards poles? 7) Errors of GPS, echo sounder 8) Buoys – Preferred channel to port in region B , Emcy wreck marking buoy. 9) Synoptic and prognostic charts 10) Contents of weekly Ntm 11) Steering failure actions? 12) ETA in detailF1
18-JUNE-18AGARWALStarted with Agarwal Which company, type of ship, type of cargo, which area u sailed? He will ask u question from that mostly. 1. Passage plan as a chief mate from Mumbai to Liverpool dis time of the year. I started with load line, SW monsoon winds, HRA. He will keep on counter questions on everything u say. Asked me from were will u get load line from. Ocean passage of the world, routing charts and placard also available on board. 2: India comes under which loadline? 3. Path and track of trs 4. After sailing from Mumbai u getting heavy wx and strange sound coming from cargo hold action? I said I will make risk assessment for heavy wx , he said ok make. 5. How u know u are in dangerous quadrant and ur actions. I gave all actions confidently and he said wait outside and den he started taking orals for secondmate.F1
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