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Capt. Awasthi Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

  • Capt. Awasthi Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

8-JULY-21AWASTHIQuote Rule safe speed Approaching sign of TRS Which is dangerous Quadrant Voyage from mundra to cochin as a mates From where you will get the info about ocean currents, what all publication? What are the advantages of getting info about the currents? How will you assist Master in navigation? How will you use TSS?F1
6-JULY-21AWASTHIYou are 4-8 morning watch, gps fails, action? How to take star sight what is CZD , TZD, LHA arise how to take over watch what all to check on bridge before taking over watch why to come 15 min before watch lights and shapes positioning and technical details (all) you see single red light on port bow , action ?? how will u make sure that you dont reach late on watch SART, EPIRB Lifebuoy on wings with buoyant smoke details Williamson turn Master standing orders Lat and long of India Why we have time zone +0530 How zones are divided Distress signals How many rules and annexes? RV situationsF1
14-FEB-20AWASTHIROR situations, Star sight calculation, Names of some bright stars, how will you determine with stars to consider for sight, Methods to determine position at sea, Sextant errors, TRS warnings and action, Passage planning as a chief mate.F1
9-SEPT-19AWASTHIMeaning of my name and place of origin And personal talk to start with Then he asked about plan from dahej to amsterdam Then kept asking q to evrything i said Like loadlines, Weather, Watchkeeping, Compass to box from south to west Number of cardinal points in compass rose Sub cardinal points in compass rose Value of Angle for one point Then about gps Gyro compass principal Magnetic compass principlesF1
11-JULY-19AWASTHISituations between power driven and sailing vessels(cross questioning),ship reporting systems in India, methods of position fixing, noon sight calculation, errors of gyro, what is bridge procedures guide, gyro failure action. How as a mate you will ensure management of crew on board, types of facsimile charts, requirements for eta and detail explanation, damage control plan, difference between piracy and armed robbery, docs as per isps code and ism code, Causes of ocean currents, When we use shm for tide calculation, Countries in region a and b IALA buoyage system, difference between climatic and weather routeing, How will u rig ground tackle and it’s use, what is one fathom bank.F1
14-MAY-19AWASTHI• Tie was sort ofloose, fired for that at first succeeded by lecture on first impression and presentation etc. • Introduction, type of v/l, native details , Family details, local political leaders, who vs who in this election, Home minister , Company name meaning & why, where u  did GMDSS, What is meaning of college name ‘AMET’ who is owner, Hw did u get in merchant navy and 50% of oral time was used up by these questions in detail, discussion. How did u get to DG, where staying her, how much distance from thane to here , came how, how much fare etc.  • Never use any short forms like PD Vessel etc or any such • He is lie detection machine, so tell truth, don’t lie, he will catch and find u lying or outsmarting him, all such general stuff of truthfulness becos he is not merely sitting to take Q&A Orals but to find weather how confident, competent, and situational awareness you are in life too , oral questions se jyada mujhe yehi yaad hai waha ka. (No past Questions, who took last orals only these details etc etc) 1. Passage Plan from Colombo to Jakarta, How will you plan ur passage and also with respect to bridge team, TSS. I was explaining him and with the word ballasting and loading, stress came into play, SF  &BM, I told loadicator , he asked if loadicator not working I wanted to say please stick to the subject but … I tried and he assumed based on  the method I told that i was not conversant. Lengthwise load curve buoyancy curve etc etc…. What is ullage, what is sounding, Spelling of ULLAGE 2. 1 situation  normal crossing- You have to be specific that determining ROC as per 7, bearing wala funda, found ROC exist or not and then as per 8 and  action as per which rule, defining crossing as per so and so rule  etc. 3. Quote rule 17 4. How do u do a navigation watch – do start with 15 -20 mins join watch? 5. How many rules, I  said 41, what are the latest, I said 39-41, he asked what is meaning of them-  I was explaining and then with my using the word IMO, he asked where is IMO I said Geneva, He asked r u sure its geneva, said yes, Asked to go out and find – Answer is London. (so whats in geneva – where is it is located etc/answer is Switzerland)F1
15-FEB-19AWASTHIHe started with introduction, which company, types of ships you have done GK questions. Asked me how many islands are there in japan? Name 3 biggest islands in japan? What was your last port of discharge? I said Vancouver so what is full form of BC (Vancouver BC) and in Washington DC full form of DC? Vancouver is famous for? Capital of Colombia? What all types of vegetables are there since my father is farmer. – Voyage plan from Sikka to Japan as a mate – Weather hazards in the voyage. I said TRS. How do you know trs will be there??. What is cirrus cloud?? Cross question – Effective BTM? – Cross questions in BTM. – What is magnetic compass, where it is located, components. – Navigation in river as a mate? -what is safe speed?? Head on situation??F1
13-DEC-18AWASTHIStarted with GK lots of GK…. I felt like I am giving GK exams rather than Chief mates oral exams ….. but he slips in questions of different function in between your GK exams …. Ship Routeing. Difference between Gyro compass. And Magnetic Compass. What is the difference between True North and Magnetic Called … When is Variation East and West How to remove bubble from a Magnetic Compass Fluid in Magnetic Compass Molecular formula for ethyl Alcohol Why Distilled water and Ethyl Alcohol used in the Magnetic Compass . Magnetic Elements Parts of Magnetic Compass What are Flinder bars and Soft Iron Spheres used for . Warning sign of TRS Quote Rule 6 Only one situation that to normal Crossing situation no other targets open sea condition…. I am the give way vessel …. why such action and as per what rules… No cards no annexes nothing then related to rules and situations From where you will ocean currents What is Roeuting charts and contents . What is fathom …. conversation of fathom into feet… Where is one fathom bank …. have you transit Singapore StraitsF1
14-NOV-18AWASTHIStarted with passage plan for a log Carrier from Malaysia to Japan….told him marpol loadline cargo.. lashing check…n boom question change Position plotting.. told him terrestrial n celestial.. have examples till I reached ex meridian.. Y ex meridian… how to calculate.. plz study this in detail.. he asks d formula too Ecdis correction…how to do it One situation… vessel dead ahead in the same direction… started with master’s standing orders as CPA 2 mile stuff so would never get her any close like that situation cause incase our steering fails n our speed is more then we will collide.. one short blast alter to stbd….here he asked “did you ask me if there is sufficient sea room?” I just said sorry sir n is there any…he smiled and said sea.. so I stood with my earlier action Then he asked “have you ever done anchoring..I said I hd been for anchor stations as a cadet n now mostly assisting master on the bridge..he asked d same thing again n said d same thing again….he asked what do you you mean by 4 in water…told him 4th lugless joining shackle at waterline.. Trs warning signs…told him stuff from Subramanian. Echo sounder errors. What arrangements did you have on your last ship for ETA..I said I had EMERGENCY TOWING BOOKLET…LOG carrier.. ETA is for ETB they had listed the possible ship equipment that could be used for towing. Rule 6..quote Ships routeing Magnetic compass..what checks to do When to use long n short pulse for radarsF1
14-NOV-18AWASTHIHow will you plan a passage from Mumbai to Cape Town? OPW. How will you what publication you have on-board? ECDIS AIO update. Magnetic compass. Boxing of compass from S to W. Sextant errors. Weather routing. TRS approaching signs. One ROR situation. What is ground tackle? Dragging anchor action when master is not onboard .. Action as a mate?F1
13-NOV-18AWASTHIStarted with GK lot. Where r u from? How many Chakra in Konark temple? How many Temple in Puri? How to protect your house from lightening? What u should check when u go to see girl for marriage. Why girl where glass chudi. Material of break band. Your shirt material. Port Dahej when established. Meaning of Dahej & lots. hat is management. How u do bridge management. Ship Roueting. Magnetic compass component. What is GPS? Warning sign of TRS. Which is dangerous quadrant. How to avoid. Formation of TRS. What is latent heat. What is barograph? Merquiry barometer. How would u know pressure dropping for TRS.  Preparation before Anchoring. How to make fast tug. Android barometer principle. Quote Rule 17. Only one situation that to normal Crossing situation and head on, open sea as per what rules. No cards no annexes nothing then related to rules and situations From where you will ocean currents.  And ship routening. What is Roeuting charts and contents. Something about Japan.F1
12-SEPT-18AWASTHIIntroduce yourself Why did you fail? Preferred channel to starboard region A describe. ROR situations involving towing and PD, PD and CBD, rv situations. Errors of gyro. Why gyro doesn’t work in higher latitudes? Wants to know the principle and not just the mathematical reason. What is skip distance? Planning a passage through ice. From where will you get real time ice information? How do you ensure you receive nav warnings for a particular nav area? EGC (as it was my failing question) Navtex. Range of operation. Uses. TRS. How does it form and why only in tropical latitudes? How to correct magnetic compass. What are the uses of those spheres? Very practical guy and wants only straightforward answers.F1
9-JULY-18AWASTHIHe was sitting all this while along with Capt. Awasthi so it seems he was quite satisfied hearing the answers. So did’nt ask too many questions. It was a shocker to me frankly cuz I’ve heard stories about him but then who cares if all goes well. As far as Capt. Awasthi is concerned he is Old School and pretty much sticks to his set of questions and seems like a decent guy. But he would ask you a lot of general knowledge questions in between and would try to confuse you for other questions. He is old school so be really thorough with:. 1. Sextant 2. Sights 3. Celestial and terrestrial position fixing 4. Magnetic compass 5. Celestial definitions One tip: If internal is sitting along with the external speak your answers crystal clear and loud with confidence. I screwed up few times here and there but then admit if you are not aware of something. 1. Turning circle and importance. 2. Emergency steering gear test requirements and procedure. Which steering motor is dedicated for it? 3. Inputs to 2nd mate for passage plan. He signed the exn45 and said okay you are passed. Yeah have got to say “What a relief it was today”.F1
9-JULY-18AWASTHI1. 6-7 ROR situations 2. Star sight procedure in detail. 3. Cocked hat and how would you resolve. 4 Lots of general knowledge questions in between. 5.1st and 2nd acrew adjustments in a sextant 6. GPS and radar failed,how would you find latitude,how would you go about collision avoidance in such a case. 7. Factors to consider for selecting stars for sights. 8. How is magnitude of stars calculated. 9. Quote rule no.17. 10. Emergency steering gear test and procedure. 11. Approaching signs of a trs.Avoiding action. 12. FWD and aft ETA arrangements,requirements and procedures with power and without power. 13. What is UNCLOS, UNICEF. 14. Full form of NOIDA and Governor of Delhi. 15. Magnetic compass diagram and all parts with purposes. Define magnetic compass. 16.Liquid inside compass bowl and chemical formula for ethylene glycol. 17.Errors of a sextant and asked if you have actually done corrections? 18.BNWAS working and if you can change the settings or not? 19. Characteristics of navigation lights. 20. CZD and TZD definitions 21.Barograph and procedure to change paper. 22.Signs of an approaching TRS 23.Master’s standing orders and night order. 24.Asked about how to use star finder in detail.F1
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