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Capt. Baweja Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Baweja Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

5-JULY-21BAWEJA1. GPS errors, gyro errors(i said lat & damp, lat-co-spd, ballistic deflection he wanted to hear one imp one) 2. Quote rule 39,40,41 & screening of lights 3. Difference between standard compass & standard magnetic compass( both are same he wanted to hear placed fore & aft line and safe distance from other eqts) 4. How will u assist master in command making decision(I said ans according to pawan notes but he wanted pointwise like management of traffic & weather managemnf he said these two to me ) 5. Mumbai to Rotterdam passage plan as per chief mate(answered all frm pawan notes but I don’t know what one most Imp point he wanted to hear) 6. Cardinal mark( He wants to hear it is same both in region a & b) 7. Indian ship reporting an who operates 8. Taking over navigational watch(He wants pointwise, 1st come 15min before & 2nd.master night order etc). 9. One vsl port qrts in rv action, same vsl now on stbd bow action 10. One vsl crossing from Port bow roc exist action, target vsl not taking any action what next ( I told as per rule 17 I will take action by stbd alteration but forgot to tell 5rapid blast so wrong) 11. What is synoptic chart and info from it 13. TRS define and signs 14. Examples of cold and warm currents in Atlantic Ocean 15. Difference btwn beaching and groundingF1
17-JUNE-21BAWEJAAll 3 rules of part F, quote Rule 19, one vsl in stbd qrtr In rv action, gyro principle and errors, HBW & VBW, difference btw magnetic and gyro, How to keep effective watch, how ull assist master in command making decision, mumbai to newyork plan as per chief mate, weather routing, synoptic charts, TRS signs and actions, fog signal of aground, screening of lights cutoff, buys ballots law.F1
17-MARCH-20BAWEJAAs I entered he asked me written status i said clear in 1st attempt both phase 1 and 2 Then asked which attempt of orals i said 2nd Who took ur orals last time I said Capt. Panigrahi n Sundaram Write your last failing questions and he asked that 1.Rule 8 2.Performance Standard RADAR, GYRO, DOPPLER 3.Ship Routeing System Present Question 1.Echo Sounder error 2.Doppler Log error 3.What is aeration 4.Steering Requirement 5.Rule 5,6. 6.RV signal of Trawler,Pilot Vsl(here he want to hear in additional 4short blast) 7.Day signal of towed vsl ( here he want to hear if length exceeds 200m) 8.Which all vsl shows yellow light(I said him towing vsl, air cushion vsl, he said me one more n said go out n find) 9.Cards only two FV seen from port and other card only 1 red light( before starting card he said me I want to hear word to word) 10.ARPA Alarms ( here with CPA,TCPA,Guard Zone,Target Lost he wants to hear equipment failure or any sensor failure) 11.What is synoptic Chart 12.What is weather facsimile 13.Signs of TRS( here he wants to hear Cirrus clouds from direction of swell with other points) 14. Avoiding Action in dangerous quadrantF1
2-DEC-19BAWEJA-Started with previous attmpt qstn. -SHA def with diagram -Meridian def -Tide calculation – Errors of Echosounder -Alarms of ARPA -2 ROR CARDS( Fishing vessel / Trawler ,one day card cones with apex together) – Passage plan from mumbai to rotterdam , as chief mate points to consider – vdr/svdr 10 recording difference – signs of approaching TRS – Weather associated with TRS – name all clouds in TRS – TRS avoiding actionF1
18-NOV-19BAWEJAStarted with which type of ship ROR card. For situation. TRS developing action Polar code How will u assist 2off for passage plan in polar area Weather report details Weather fax. Front.. Cold  and warm front. Limitation of ECDIS.F1
18-OCT-19BAWEJA*Errors of echo sounder *Working principle of gyro *Alarms of arpa passage planning *from Mumbai to Kobe (I missed out saying about special areas) *TRS signs and actions * Cards- air cushion vessel * Sound signals of pilot vessel * ROR situations with models * Horizontal and vertical sectors of lightsF1
10-OCT-19BAWEJADifference between VDR & SVDR in terms of Data recorded Errors of Echo Sounder Ror Cards 1. Fishing Vsl 2. Trawler 3. Trawler shooting nets Day Card no 28 4. Trawler Day card No 26 Alarms of ARPA total 4 alarms (CPA & TCPA, TGT LOST, GUARD ZONE etc) What is Trial Manoeuvre, what all info does it give (He wanted to hear CPA & TCPA)F1
11-SEPT-19BAWEJA1. Write all questions on which u failed last time. 2. ROR cards Towing vessel from astern, traweler from astern, meaning of underway and making wasy through the water wrt to traweler and power driven vessel 3. Errors of GPS and explain all and max error in each. ( to be written on a piece of paper ) 4. Rule 19 D and e. Told me to write both the rules on paper and wanted me to include the key words also. 5. ROR situation , vessel right astern of u faster than u ,who’s responsibility to keep clear.what action will you take. ( Got grilled quite a lot on this ) 6. How will you conduct passage planning in northern latitude. 7. Equipments used at higher latitude. 8. Principle of working of gyro compass and difference between gyro compass and gyroscope. 9. Principle of speed log and and what is Janus config? errors of the same. 10. Difference between VDR and SVDR. (He wanted all 10 diference) (to be written on a piece of paper).F1
6-AUG-19BAWEJAPassage planning, one situation normal, one day card, aground vsl fog signals rule 19 and rule 13, TRS, & many more I can’t rememberF1
5-JULY-19BAWEJAWhat is TRS? What are types of currents? Arpa alarms -(gave him 4 alarms stated in pawans notes but he wanted one more ) Cards – ram card with 2 mast lights end on – i said it was “ram “ but he wanted the whole thing -“ram or dredger in underwater operation” and wasn’t happy that I didn’t identify dregder….. echo sounder errorsF1
7-JAN-19BAWEJAAnchor watch in Mumbai.. Master ashore..?? .. He wanted to. Listen that we should also call/inform Master. Alarms of ARPA Trial Manouvre Vessel grounded.. State actions Errors of Echo Sounder Ship routeing system ROR cards..and i fumbled….. After that no more questions for function 1F1
3-JAN-19BAWEJAPast failing Questions Cards X band and S band radar difference Errors of Echo sounder ARPA alarms NOP Trial manoeuvre? Why to use? Indication? T Y we do PM of Radar? Efficiency Formation of TRS Ocean currents How will you find ex meridian limits?F1
4-DEC-18BAWEJAPast failing Questions. Cards. X band and S band radar difference. Errors of Echo sounder. ARPA alarms. NOP. Trial manoeuvre? Why to use? Indication? T Y we do PM of Radar? Efficiency Formation of TRS. Ocean currents. How will you find ex meridian limits?F1
14-JUNE-18BAWEJA1) ROR situations – very basic ones. 2) 4-5 cards (Fishing vessel, Aground vessel, Day cards of Trawler). He is interested only in identification and action. 3) Why do we need SHM to calculate tide? 4) How will u calculate ex meridian limits. 5) TRS avoiding action(wants to hear 1-2-3 rule and asked me to draw the same and also the stuff given in subra). 6) Symbols of Cold front, warm front and Occluded front 7) Errors in gyro (I explained course speed error and started with damping error, then he changed the question. He wants to hear the formula and how the course speed error and damping error is corrected) 8) Action if vessel aground (  the first step he wants to hear is stop engine and apart from tht steps such as  u vl ask engine room to change to upper sea suction, lights and shapes and damage stability). 9) Errors of Doppler log 10) Horizontal spacing of lights 11) Cut off limits of side lightsF1
12-JUNE-18BAWEJA– planning in transiting Suez as a Chief Officer – ARPA Alarms – Synoptic charts – TRS – Dangerous quadrant and in which lat TRS occurs –  North Atlantic currents – Only two ROR Cards – sailing vessel of less than 20 m or less with side lights in a lantern and the other one Two white lights one above the other and side lights (towing or power driven vessel) – Only one situation – Crossing in clear visibility and you are the stand on vessel what actions to take and if she doesn’t alter then what actions to take – Collision – your actions – What is Trial Manoeuvre and whats the sign displayed for it on radar and how does it work and its regulations – Gyro principles, Errors and how to correct it – Ship routing system – INDSAR  and INSPIRES – Difference in VDR AND S VDR. What all data is stored in VDR extra than SVDR – Gyro fails – Actions – Principles of watchkeepingF1
15-MAY-18BAWEJA1) Radar to be started at open sea, procedure? Went deep with radar questions like performance monitor, efficiency, etc… 2) Performance standards of ARPA? 3) 2 cards, 2 situations (RV and clear visibility) 4) 1 card of buoy (Isolated Danger) 5) Passage from Mumbai to Kobe (Japan) in December, plan as a chief mate? 6) Last ship make of Gyro? 7) Vessel aground in open sea, Action?F1
1-MAY-18BAWEJAAnchoring in ice Damping in tilt Principles of watchkeeping Alarms of ARPA Some 9-10 cards, No situation TRS – approaching signs Grounding action Why u stop engines in grounding? Collision and how to do damage control? Radar starting procedure Why radar goes in standby mode? What does it do?F1
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