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Capt. Chand Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Chand Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

6-JULY-18CHANDFirst he asked me fn 1 kyon nahin mila terko last attempt mein…jahaz chalana bhul gaya kya… Then he told me be honest with me and if you dont know any answer please tell you dont know.. Then he started 1. 2 situations one head on and vsl is in 3 miles while from stbd odr vsl is overtaking and TSS situation fishing vsl crossing..wt action?? 2. Buoys, Flags(past failing questions?) 3. 4 stages of collision avoidance 4. seasonal corrections in tide..y u do…(past failing question) 5.Annex 1 -formula for intensity and high speed craft requirement. 4. what is LRIT and how it works,   ECDIS advantages & lim 5.Inertial navigation system 6.Fohn wind effect 7.How is monsoon formed 8. Turning circle details 9. Vsl collided. Ur on bridge.Master injured. All Actions 10. Ground tackleF1
17-JULY-18CHAND1) Passage plan ( Ras Tanurah to Singapore) how will you assist 2nd officer. 2) Rule 13,16,19 understandings 3) TRS ( why dangerous semicircle called dangerous) 4) Situation Restricted visibility base on 19 (e) 6) Stages of collision. And situation based upon them. 7) Noon sight calculation. 8) Polar code and type of certification. 9) Current in Indian Ocean during northeast and southwest monsoon. 10) Solar eclipse criteria.F1
11-SEPT-18CHANDAground vsl lts Aground vsl defn Vdr information Who is authorised to take vdr info 4Stages before collision what are they?F1
7-NOV-18CHANDQuote rule 19 & 17 Various situation Fog signal As chief officer role in passage planning How will you reach your cadet about annex 4 distress signal Grounding stranding beachingF1
13-DEC-19CHANDHow will you do safe Navigating TRS. Beaching in details. ROR card No. 235 and Action. Why are you not getting married? Stages of collision with distance. Rule 9 10 18 19. Errors of GPS. Explain all equipment on bridge Gyro fails LRITF1
18-DEC-19CHANDVoyage planning as per mate Your vsl will transit in high lat in the next voyage…action as mate? Your vsl aground… action? Information given in polar code wrt navigation and pollution prevention aspect INSPIRES Characteristics of radar Arpa alarms Heavy wx precautions as mate Meteorological equipments available onboard What all equipments will work on bridge in case of blackout?F1

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