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Capt. Deshpande Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Deshpande Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

7-JUNE-18DESHPANDETRS in detail Why Dangerous quadrant is called dangerous? Why only advance quadrant in RHSC is dangerous? Gyro overhauling what they do? How gyro works? Why Gyro gives error in heading at higher latitude? One crossing situation at calm sea good weather radar not operational  very basic and ask me to explain to third mate who is on watch ? How third mate should approach this kind of situations at sea? (Explained him about checking bearing and aspect,determine ROC exist or not everything than I can but still he wanted something different) How does strong prevailing wind affect formation of TRS? How GPS calculate position in detail?F1
11-OCT-18DESHPANDE-What is safety contour -What will happen if you cross safety contour.(told him that we will get visual and audible alarm, not satisfied) – what is SCAMIN( answered him- if we zoom out or zoom in beyond SCAMIN some data dissapears- not satisfied) ROR- one vessel on port bow and one on STBD qtr (he didn’t gave any CPA, TCPA or range).F1
7-FEB-19DESHPANDECards, TRS in detail. Currents – warm and cold with examples. Fronts – warm and cold. Mer to calculate. Rule 9. You see a fishing vessel on your port bow in narrow channel.. what’s your action What all will you check in ecdis as a mate. What is ridge and trough? Isolated danger mark. Form R. Navtex. What are mandatory messages in the navtex ..wants to know what a, b,d, l stands for?F1
12-FEB-19DESHPANDEIt told him was not up 2 the mark in gyro and magnetic compass. He asked r u aware of all the concept. I said yes. -Rule 9 -Narrow channel SV overtaking u from stbd side dist 1 miles and it is in sails and on collision course ( I gave him all the funda for o’taking ) she is not taking action and VTS ask u 2 keep clear what will u do.( Tell him what action and as per what rule) – Lights of sailing vsl -lights of trawler -Diff btwn VTS and ship reporting. – BTM and BRM what is it. – Pilot ask something to capt and he gave wrong info what will u do ( Told him about challenge and response from BTRM ) -Rule 10 2~3 situations in TSS.( I forgot to mention call master he said always that should be the 1st thing u should do u have come for mates orals and not masters orals) -Fronts – Wx fax (Asked me draw the synoptic chart and it’s symbols) -What is different btwn contingency and emergency. – What will u do in case of grounding. ( Told him 1st stop engines and then follow the checklist as per SMS). – Lights of aground vsl and sound signal – 2nd mate new onboard how will u familiarize him on bridge (told him As per checklist in SMS) – how will u navigate with Ecdis in Polar region. – what charts will u use in Polar regions. -What all things will u check in ecdis as a mate. – Asked me r u confident of taking the ship alongside without master (I said yes) asked me how will u take a short round turn.F1
7-MAR-19DESHPANDEROR Rule 10, explain ? TRS action and dangerous quadrant & why? Buoyage system- danger mark specification? Auto- pilot fail, Action? Girding of tugs? Weather routeing ? Which Reg? TSS 2 situations Frontal depression? Passage plan as per mate? Gyro north seeking and errors?F1
9-APRIL-19DESHPANDEHe started with last attemt, Surveyor names and failing questions ,and what was wrong?    He asked which is ur fvrt function, i said fun-1.  He started with ROR situations. ROR Sit- u r on PD vsl , towing vsl crossing from port bow, range 2 miles, Action. ROR Sit – TSS u r on PD vsl following traffic lane, one PD vsl coming in opposite direction in same lane , nearly reciprocal course , Action. ; Diff in VTS and ship reporting system and as per which reg. of SOLAS? TRS Coming Action, Why RHSC in NH is dangerous? Diff between TRS & TLD? Gyro Function? Gyro in higher lat? Diff in Parallel indexing and position fixes?F1
8-MAY-19DESHPANDE1. Started wid introduction 2. Last ship route 3. Passage plan between any two ports as per chief mate point of view 4. Warm current and cold current 5. Trough and ridge 6. Fronts 7. TRS in full detail 8. Equation of time 9. Many ROR cards 10. 2 situation 11. Routening charts 12. Vessel grounded action as a chief officer 13. Manoeuvring characteristics of vessel 14. Errors of aneroid barometerF1
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