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Capt. Gupta Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Gupta Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

13-MAR-18GUPTAProcedure to take star sights.various cross questions on calculations. Action if radar fails. How will you ascertain ships position when gps and gyro fails. R.V. narrow channel heavy traffic and strong cross currents. How will you navigate. Vsl coming out of port and ypu see 2+1 red flasshing light..action..(i had to ask him which region after which he said region B) 4 -5 situations . Two white lights in a line..identify( i started with P/D vsl underway 50 mtrs or more.. fucked up on that part ..then he asked me can it be 40 mtrs..i said no..ans :can be less than 50mtrs as vsl less than 50 mtrs are not obliged but still can carry two masthead lights) Narrow channel you intend to overtake another vsl.. what signals you will use.( no signals as overtaking is possible without any action of the overtaken vessel ) RV you are making way and you  put your engines astern. How will you indicate that to the vessel astern of you. ( i said if making way than 1 prolonged blast..but i will increased the frequency n when m nt making way 2 prolonged blast with increased frequency) he said no . How will you ascertain that the chart is fully corrected.F1
16-MAR-18GUPTAVessel in mumbai a tanker having a voyage to taiwan vai singapore. How will u proceed and if ur charterer is forcing you to take max cargo how will u do it.? – Maximum angle of sextant –  situation of 2 PD Head on and 1 PD has a obstruction on stbd side what will be your action? – TRS avoiding action if you are on the path of the TRS – Few more situations and also situations regarding lateral buoy – No cards no rules – RV master trying out engines astern what fog signals – Sailing130 mtrs propelled by machinary day and night signals – F.V / Trawler / mine clearance operation vs lights and shape – Prepare a ht. of eye tableF1
9-OCT-18GUPTAActions upon encountering restricted visibility Precautions while navigating in narrow channel Course alteration in narrow channel with heavy current Define WIG craft and state her lights What sound signal will you give while overtaking other vessel in narrow channel when you have sufficient searoom to overtake What sound signal will you give while going astern on engines in rv 3/4 ROR situations. 3/4 buoys. Detailed procedure to take staggered sight Gyro failure at sea Master ashore in Dahej and vessel starts dragging anchor Vsl in dangerous quadrant of TRS in southern hemisphere, action?F1
5-FEB-19GUPTAPast failing Questions What is Range of tide how it effects u as C/o explain in detail. Secondary port tide calculations why and how? Anchoring procedure, brought up position holding position, holding ground..lots of cross questions by Capt.Muduli both of them were together RV ur in bridge what u will do all details Rule 6, 24,35 How will u determine safe speed , visibility Steering fail actions, Various charts when u will use n why, Star sight calculations n  procedures in details,Trs  300nm action how to avoid, Dangerous Quadrant Action, Sextant errors  and few more Questions by him.F1
7-JUNE-19GUPTAHow will you come to know the barometric pressure when you don’t have provided any meteorological aid to you when you at sea.Signs of TRSHow to secure anchor at sea ( too much cross questions on that ).Which wire will you use?calculate Breaking stress of that particular wire if I provided 20” dia.R.V. and two vessels are approaching in a narrow band of a restriceted waters,which rule will apply & why?does vsl has to give a long blast to show his presence?Vessel coming out of port in region “A”Assist master in anchoring? what all info. You will provide to master regarding anchoring prioir>Vessel transiting narrow channels in R.V. precautions?How to replace a cable of an anchor? Procedure & precautions.What is short stay? Which stay you will prefer ?Gave two P.D.V. and asked me to place them in a narrow channel? How they will head means what will be the positions of the vessel wrt the narrow channel?Sound signals for anchored vessel Very short tempered person. you tell all the things what you know exactly but still he will point out what you missed.F1
4-OCT-19GUPTA1. Dangerous quadrant in Northern hemisphere action. How to escape it. 2. Region A while departure from harbour u see a green conical buoy which side you will keep it. 3. Restricted visibility suddenly arises what is your action as mate. 4.Trs characteristics 5. Fog signal of towing vsl 6. Lights three white light in vertical direction 7. Fishing vsl lights. And also when fishing vsl is on anchor what light it will display. 8. What is tide . 9. When u r in port tide increases what is your action 10. Star sight. When n how to take. What you will Check?F1
11-OCT-19GUPTARv situations Anchor dragging action Rv ,heavy wx u r on watch, action? Narrow channel precaution? Squat,how to reduce? Towed vessel lights? How towing wire can b seen at night? Ex meridian n limit? Light of fishing vsl at anchor? Star sight? Vsl coming 1 pt abaft ur beam from stbd side, clear visibility, action? What are cross current?F1
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