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Capt. Iyyer Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Iyyer Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

11-JUNE-18IYYERNUC lights, Aground lights Towing lights Air cushion, WIG craft lights and what shapes, if any Few questions from Annex 1 regarding sectors Difference between Fish on vessel and trawlers.. Gave 2 case studies and old u r mate how u would have avoided collision.. Brings his own passage plan – told me to do parallel indexing and asked me to show how will I navigate, with buoys About 10 questions in this.. Clearing bearing, landfall Fleet of fishing vessel engaged in fishing ahead about 50 , I am senior officer,  what will I do- fishing vessel engaged in fishing won’t be underway… I drew a course through them with keeping safe cpa and continuously monitoring them on radar and pass He asked will u reduce speed or alter course and let them pass , I said I would b on safe speed with engines ready for manoeuvre,  keep situation awareness and navigate as I would around Indian, china coast.. He seemed happy Gave me few situations..  Vessel. On port, stbd quarter and 3 vessels on port bow and a head on vessel-action…. I told him own vessel will b give way only for one vessel for all rest Its a stand on.. And wide alter to stbd about 80 Deg and pass astern of stbd beam crossing vessel as per rule 15 , 16, 17 various parts Every action i took, told him as per which rule and sub paragraph too,  so he didn’t askuch and moved pretty quick Just one RV situation Difference between simplified and traditional symbols How does bay of Bengal current behave, 2 currents on East Coast of North America Falkland and Peru current difference Beaching procedure How will U assist master in decision making and train ur second officer for passage planning Cold front weather Approaching signs of TRS U r overtaking TRS,  determine ur position Lots of questions on ECDIS- limitations,  UPS, back up Ecdis,  route monitoring,  how do u update Radar plotting draw and explain,  he gave a situation off overtaking vessel,  told me to take series of compass bearing and do radar plotting Fastest turn for MAN overboard Best search pattern when position not knownF1
12-NOV-18IYYERMostly practical questions. Will give you various case studies of collisions and will ask you to review them using the rules and cross question of whatever answer you give him Lights of aground vessel, NUC , and wig craft vessel and also the day signals of them. Will cross questions you on the difference in the lights between making way and underway. OWA triangle and followed by a lot of cross questions, Passage planning essentials! He just heard the appraisal planning monitoring and execution and then changed. All the radar functions what they are and what do they do. In-depth questioning on true motion and relative motion and how do you use true vectors and relative vectors. Trial manoeuvre but not too much in detail. Little bit of performance standards of Radar. ECDIS mostly regarding updates! Doesn’t want theory.. Mostly how will you update on-board Various restricted visibility situationsF1
9-JAN-19IYYERAground and NUC lights wid. day light signals, Situations made it so complicated, Iyyer hav its own question sets n situations diagram, I’ll show u weather fax dia n normal chart n ask u what all information I’ll u get it frm der, In magnetic compass asked if u go frm india to australia wat all things u ll correct., gyro principle, shallow patch all around n u r navigating within that area what all u manage on bridge as per BTM, Will tell u to dram parallel index, Clearing line and bearind, What is leading lights n transit bearing, What is TMC in autopilotF1
9-DEC-19IYYERWill make you comfortable and ask you to pick up one topic of function 1, in which you are very confident. I didn’t choose any. 1. NUC and Aground vessel day and night signals including fog signals 2. Few ROR cards 3. You are sailing from Mumbai to Australia. State all the adjustments you will do for Magnetic Compass 4. Gyro compass principles 5. Rule 19 in your own words and what you understand 6. What do you mean by NOT TO IMPEDE THE SAFE PASSAGE and by which rule 7. WIG lightsF1
9-DEC-19IYYER•I told him about TRS signs and action. In that little bit cross questions Why do u stop vessel? What is veering and backing of wind? Change in wind direction means what? And how will u get it from where? How do u write wind direc in log book? Can u find out wind direction by just looking at the sea and how? •weather associated with Cold Fronts •ROR cards including day cards •explain rule 19 specially last part (part e) •Gave me case study and what action would hv been taken to avoid collision •gave me one diagram in which lots of fishing vessels are there and how will you navigate between them what action u will take •How RADAR Will detect weak targets and what setting u hv to do – I told him about gain, trails, vectors but ans was “u will switch to long pulse and for a moment and again switch to short pulse” •what is radar arrestors •draw radar plotting (I bungled you in this) •Gave me on chart and told me passage plan is been made by my cadet u as a senior officer what check the passage plan and find out what is wrong- It was about TSS how will u join and cross and all the markings •showed me one bouy and how will u knw from the symbol whether it is floating bouy or not •what is the difference bet traditional and simplified, draw any one simplified symbol u knw •How do u start gyro compass on board (I didn’t knw this) •What was the maker of gyro of ur last vessel (lol I could not remember that too).F1
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