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Capt. Jairam Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Jairam Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

7-AUG-18JAIRAM1. Past failing questions 2. Pass plan Mumbai to UK 3. POLAR Code 4. Ice Navigation 5. Pilot v/l card 6. Towing v/l card 7. Fishing v/l card 8. Gyro error 9. Gyro use in higher latitudes 10. Duration of short n long blast 11. Weather routing 12. Routing charts 13. Coastal navigation from Mumbai to cochin 14. U r on Indian flag vsl, had collision with FV near Indian coast, action n reporting. 15. Preferred channel to stbd region B n port Region B buoys 16. Difference in composite n group flashing. 17. Special precautions to be taken having quartering seas.F1
7-SEPT-18JAIRAMROR cards: Fishing Vessel, Pilot Vessel. Conditions for TRS. Weather Routeing. Ship Routeing. Ship Routeing Guide. Weather Fax. Passage Plan as a mate. Gyro error. Preferred channel Cards. Rule 14. High latitude Navigation. Screening of Side lightsF1
1-OCT-18JAIRAMTowing Vsl, Fishing Vsl and IALA Buoy Cards. Quote Rule 19,06,07. What is Ship Routeing and as per which Regulation? Publications used in Ship Routeing? Synoptic Charts. List of Meteorological Equipment’s on board and as per which Reg. Contents of ALRS & Tide Tables. What is Harmonic Tide Calculations. Action after Collision with Fishing Vessel. TRS in detail including avoiding Action. Aneroid Barometer Corrections. Echo Sounder Errors. Ranging and Phasing in Echo Sounder.F1
6-DEC-18JAIRAMRule 19. ROR card – Pilot vessel, Fishing vessel, Preferred channel to stbd, Cone shape diameter, Synoptic chart, Ships routeing system, Principle of gyro, Aneroid barometer corrections, TRS dangerous quadrant action in NH, How to find storm centre, ALRS diff volumes, Tide tables volumes, Diff between Composite group and group flashing, Publications required for the voyage from Mumbai to UK port.F1
6-DEC-18JAIRAMROR cards, IALA buoyage cards, Technical details of lights and shapes, Difference between composite flashing and group flashing, Ship routeing, Weather routeing, Routeing guide contents, Synoptic charts, ALRS contents, Seasonal correction to tides, TRS in detail, Why alter to stbd.. Where will the storm centre lie if you leave to stbd Passage planning from NY to Europe, Errors of gyro compass, Maintenance of magnetic compass.. How to rectify bubble? Duration of short and long blasts, Actions if you’re quartering seas, Types of PSC inspection, He got into a lot of technicality in all questions..F1
12-DEC-18JAIRAMROR cards, IALA buoyage cards Technical details of lights and shapes Difference between composite flashing and group flashing Ship routeing. Weather routeing Routeing guide contents Synoptic charts ALRS contents Seasonal correction to tides TRS in detail Why alter to stbd.. where will the storm centre lie if you leave to stbd? Passage planning from NY to Europe. Errors of gyro compass. Maintenance of magnetic compass.. How to rectify bubble? Duration of short and long blasts Actions if you’re quartering seas Types of PSC inspection.F1
9-JAN-19JAIRAMROR cards and buoys Rule 13 Horizontal spacing, vertical spacing, shapes size and spacing TRS in northern hemisphere ALRS volumes ATT volumes Secondary port calculations What is seasonal corrections & why, What sign Routeing charts.F1
9-JAN-19JAIRAMAll about Magnetic compass detail Day and night cards Buoys cards Gyroscope properties Rule 6,19 Trs in detail. Obtaining bearing,avoiding action,why no trs in s atlantic Ship routeing in detail. And Hw to perform routeing. Ship reporting system Passage plan Mumbai to New Orleans as chief mate Noon sight What type of gyro compass on last ship?F1
15-MAR-19JAIRAMRule no.6,8 &19, iala buoyage cards- preferred buoy, ROR Cards-Mine clearance, NUC. Ship routeing. Weather routeing, Ship reporting, outeing guide contents. Synopstic charts. Alrs contents. Navtex use, type of messages. Trs in detail. Why alter to stbd..where will the storm center lie, vertical sector, horizontal sector, screening of light & why Matt black painted, Passage planing as a chief officer, Errors of gyro compass.. Maintenance of magnetic to rectify bubble.F1
8-APRIL-19JAIRAMAround 15 cards (day and night signal and preferred buoy channel). Weather Routing. Quote rule 7& 8. General understanding of rule 1. Passage plan Mumbai to London. Ship’s routing. Synoptic and prognosis chart. Solas ch V. Vessel aground n watch action? Sextant errors.F1
14-MAY-19JAIRAMNo situation. ROR cards of NUC, trawlers, fishing,    preferred channel region b n some more. Rule 7, 13, 17 asked me to quote but told me if u can’t then explain each point. I quoted. How will u take over watch? Publications on-board all. Magnetic compass working principle. ECDIS. Secondary port tide calculation. Sextant errors. Veering, Backing. Dimensions of cone, ball. Duration of long blast. TRS in bay of Bengal how wud u determine in which semicircle and avoiding action. {After that he kept 1 pen as my ship and then told me that now u are keeping wind on Stbd bow now tell where is the centre of storm. I gave ans as per buys ballot law then he said as per ur avoiding action u will be altering course to stbd and on the stbd only side u have storm centre then how is this a good avoiding action. I told him that I’m very confident about the action and I’ll take the same.)F1
17-JUNE-19JAIRAMSome ROR cards (lights + preferred channel buoy) Quote rule 7,13,19,22 Action in TRS dangerous quadrant NH (Not happy with subra’s ans.) Oil spill in US. Action Principle of Magnetic compass Grounding. Action. Factors that will decide foundering.F1
20-NOV-19JAIRAM1. Explain rule 19 2. Cards 3. Publication u will use for preparing passage plan from Mumbai to UK 4. How you will come to know that u are getting close to the eye of TRS. 5. Principle of magnetic and gyro compassF1
6-FEB-20JAIRAM– Last attempt failing questions. Radar plotting and Rudder arrestors. -ROR cards (lights and preferred channel buoy) -Rule 13,19 – How will you determine the position of strong center in NH – Action taken in dangerous quadrant. – What all publications u will refer while planning a passage from Mumbai to japan – Synoptic charts – U r on watch from 4 to 8 at 5 o’clock collision took place what action u vl take – vessel dragging anchor action – what do u understand by ship routing – what is weather routing – Errors of echo sounder – what is quartering of seas and what action u vl take in thatF1
13-FEB-20JAIRAMROR cards, Rule 13, 19 Name of ALRS volume TRS, Vsl in dangerous quadrant action . Vsl aground action Screening of side lights annex Passage plan which all publications you will refer . Error of aneroid barometer. Gyro principles. How does GPS work. Echo  sounder Ranging.F1
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