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Capt. JB Singh Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. JB Singh Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

14-SEPT-18JB SINGH– When is body’s Tr Alt. 90 deg. Wants to knw with ref to lat n dec n they shud b same name. – What is sun’s altitude today in mumbai. says tell me this irrespective of what you have studied till now just giv a basic and approx ans. Told him 60-70 deg, makes faces n says what 60-70 it is 72 with ref to lat n dec. – Why do trs recurve? Gave him 2 ans but was not convinced. As per him bcoz they try to enter into high pr areas and in doing so they stay stationary for a couple of days at that location, but when eventually unable to do so they recurve. – Are magnetic poles 180deg apart? I said no. Asked y. Told him bcoz of surface variation magnetic poles keep changing. Says that n all is ok why u have to giv so long ans. As per him they are not 180 deg apart as they are not opposite to each other. – Limitations of ecdis – what to do if you are in NH n in the dangerous semicircle? Started telling him the ans, after listening a bit he said, that n all is garbage. As per him just head south. *keeps making faces in between and saying that you dont knw anything, what material are you guys referring, only watching movies. – IALA full form. I said International Association of Lighthouse Authorities. Apparently it is wrong. Google it you’ll know. – Synoptic Charts ( Says whatever ans you have given is absolutely wrong. As per him the correct definition is that synoptic charts show a bird’s eye view of the weather in that area AT THAT SYNOPTIC HOUR. He wants to hear specifically these words only) – Currents on the east of USA with their origin n path. – You are going to take over for the 1st time as mate, what will you look in the stability booklet. (As per him EXEMPTIONS, what is not possible) – GPS full form. Told him global positioning system, says wrong it is Global Positioning fixing system. – Functions of VTS (gave ans was not satisfied with it) – NTM Contents – What is grounding, stranding, foundering. – How many contingency plans did you have onboard. (Say any number more than 25) then he asks you to name some. I said one of them as fire in galley then he stopped me there and said how will you extinguish galley fire. I said fire blanket if fire on stove. He said ok n what is that blanket made up of? I said I dont know. Then he said this is the problem with you guys, every ans your uncle has but you don’t bother to check. I askd him which uncle he said google. – Weather Routeing. I answered. He said ok but nt up to the mark. He wants to hear passage planning n stuff too with it. – How will you come to know that you are dragging your anchor. Standard answer. – How will you keep an effective watch? ( Be on bridge physically) Ok. What does effective mean here? I said but he made faces. He says effective means as per master’s desire. – Heavy weather preparations.  Wants to knw how will you make a passage plan considering heavy wx expected along. – What are disadvantages of GC sailing. Told him abt more distance and higher lat so more chances of adverse wx. Gives me a look and says you hav not studied a thing. – How many rules are there. 41. Name the annexes. – No cards, No Rules, No situationsF1
8-OCT-18JB SINGH1) How u ll do ice navigation 2) If my lat is 19 55 n urs 20 deg n we take sun sight will we get same dr long .. i said no.. den he asked who will get more me or u 3) Total no of rules n annexes.. Asked all 4 annexes 4)Quote rule 2, 5 , n 9 5) one situation .. RV fishing vessel right astern.. roc exist..radar operational..action 6) principle of watchkeeping 7) principle of watchkeeping in ice navigation 8) Perigean spring tide.. i gv him defination..he asked how it is different from other spring tide 9) Full for of IALA 10) Diff bet close quarter situation n roc 11) wat is contingency n how many contigencies given in ur last ship contingency manual 12) wat is ordinary practice of seamanship 13) Errors of gyro compass 14) Currents experienced on east  coast of america 15) why 2 gps gets different position..told him pseudo range..den he asked me who controls gps..told him usa colorado ground base segment.. he wanted specific name i could nt tel 16) Difference bet region A n B 17) Diff bet TLD n storm..told evrythng from subra book but he said wat is d main diff..i dint knw 18 ) TRS avoiding action 19) What is SPSF1
15-FEB-19JB SINGH1. Started with twilights in details 2. Diff between moon & planet 3. How to check star suitable for site in morning and in which twilight 4. Sight Calculation in detail 5. Understanding of TRS 6. What is blue moon and how often it occurs 7. Ground 8. Stranding 9. Foundering 10. Beaching 11. Difference b/w Risk of collision and close quarter situation 12. Navigation light spares 13. What is difference b/w normal bulbs and Nav lights bulb 14. Do we required to switch on nav lights in fog 15. He wants rule 34 word to word. 16. Rule 10 17. Annex 4F1
18-JUNE-19JB SINGH1. At morning say 8:30 or 09:30 you took a sight ,if two persons are calculating obs long from two different lat say 19’58” and other 20’00” will both of them will get same obs long if yes/no why? 2. What all electrical requirements are required on bridge as per what? 3. Anchor dragging action? 4. What are statutory, mandatory and obligatory certificate? 5. What are BL and its type? 6. What is collision? 7. Disadvantages of ECDIS? 8. How will you prepare your vessel for  safety equipment cert survey? 9. What are rule 7,9,10,19,34? 10. How many rules in ROR? 11. How many annexes and what are they? 12. Formation of TRS, it’s motion and identification? (I said the formation and motion from oways metrology notes, he said ye sabb kaha see padhaa?)F1
11-SEPT-19JB SINGH1. What is apogee. 2. What is waxing and waning. 3. Wet moon n dry moon (i said i only know blue moon). 4. What is the effect of rotation of earth on tide. (I said it effects the range of tide.. he said it effects the height of tide). 5. What if three people taking sight at same but uses different DR. Will the long be same if yes why if no why). – I couldn’t answer. 6. Entering into ice towards berth. Procedures n princple of ice nav. – I forgot to say i will check if vsl is ice class. 7. How many rules n annex of colreg. Explain verification of compliance- he was not satisfied. 8. Anchor dragging. Action 9. TRS in detail. Why it curves to NE nly in northern hemisphere. 10. Stranding, beaching, foundering. 11. Rule 10 quote( i said i can explain he said no u have to quote as management level) 12. Are mag pole 180 deg apart i said no. Why? And which one is closer to true north SP or NP? Couldn’t answer dis. 13. ECDIS limitations. 14. Synoptic chart and how u will use it for passge. 15. Weather routing as mate. 16. Heavy wx precautions. Listened nly few points – answer him as mate.F1
18-NOV-19JB SINGH-When you can say there’s a fog in the vicinity? (When the restricted visibility is less than 1000 metres) – Perigian tides effects – causes substantial rise in height of tide ( perigee tides data not given in tidal atlas) – Nav equipments onboard ( say as per Solas ch 5 ) – Collision ( impact between two sea going vessel) – Though magnetic compass is not connected to any  power source or any other inputs how does it changes its course when we alter our ships course? (Co-efficients a, b, c, d & e) -Foundering (it’s loss of intact buoyancy and not intact stability) -Limitations of ECDIS (Virus is the main point) -Sight question – 3 persons using different DR lat ,will the obs long be same ( No) if not same then ? (All will lie on East or west but on the same PL) -Why TRS curves? (Cos high pressure in that area pushes the TRS away) -Heavy weather precautions – (follow heavy weather checklist and ensure safety of crew, cargo & vessel) -Ice navigation principle – Avoid entering ice region when a longer and warmer route exists.F1
5-DEC-19JB SINGHIf 2 person taking long by chron as same time one have Dr late 19*58′ and other hav dr late 20* 00′ .obs log obtained will b same or diff..? Lee Tide. Synoptic chart. Full. form. of IALA. Quote Rule 07/09 When can you violate rule no.9 ?? How many rules and annexes r there in ROR?? Which are they, when did they come.. r they rules. 2 GPS onboard showing diff position?? Who operates Gps? Wet moon dry moon. Precautions for heavy wx. Are magnetic pole 180 apart? Origin of TRS..movement.. Why TRS recurve? Emergency steering procedure Current at east cost of America. Weather routine type and advantage. Spring tide. Difference between TRS and TLD.F1
6-DEC-19JB SINGH1. Autopilot alarms 2. Cards 3. Arpa alarms 4. Situation with trawler 5. Gyro principle 6. Gyro errors 7. Singapore tss mob 8. Sound signals 9. Current 10. How will you come to knw that whether anchor is piled up or not. 11. Aground action 12. Metrological equipment. 13. 19D 14. Exemption as per TSS rule 15. Why rule 41 16. Changes in RORF1
6-DEC-19JB SINGHLimitations of Great Circle sailing? Lee Tide Synoptic charts What is RV (its a Wx Phenomenon.. Got pissed when i quoted the def from Rule 3) Full form of IALA (there is a new full form) Procedure and Precautions during anchoring Quote Rule 18 / 10 Define RAM with examples How will you cross a TSS (at right angles) When can you violate this (in emg)? What is Emergency? Diff. btwn Close quarter & ROC How many rules and annexes r there in ROR? Which are they, when did they come.. r they rules (they r not rules.. only supplements to add more weightage to the rules). Sound signal range for vsl less than 20mtr. 2 GPS onboard showing diff position (receiver clock error) How many GPS Satellites? Who operates them (i Said US Defence)? Who in US Defense ( I dint knw. then he said Air force) effect of lightening when it stikes the ship and Precautions (Ground all aerials to avoid damage) what all affect the turning abilities of a ship What kind of cargo do u carry on ur ship Precautions for heavy Wx how will u conduct good navigation What is Stranding /Grounding /Foundering Does mag compass run on battery or Electricity (neither) When u alter course.. how does the compass card turn then (Directive Force)F1
12-MARCH-20JB SINGHQ. When will t alt be 90? Q. What is perigee? Q. Explain lee tide? Q. How will weather effect Radar picture? He wants to hear the word spurious echoes. Q. Limitations of Ecdis? Q. Errors of Echo sounder? Q. Angle between T. North and T. South and angle between M. North and M. South? Q. Ocean currents in East coast of N America? Q. Which sea has the highest salinity? Answer is Dead Sea. Q. Rules quote. Rules 2,6,9,10. Some cross questions on these rules. No cards or situations asked. Q. TRS formation, trend, avoiding action?F1
13-MARCH-20JB SINGH1. Two observers one 2′ north of me and 2′ south of me. Taking a long by chron sight during the day. Will we get the same obs long if yes why if no why ? And who will be east of you and who will be west of you ? 2. Why do we use a Polaris sight ? What is its advantage ? 3. Full form of IALA 4. What is wet moon? When does it occur ? During waxing or waning? 5. How many rules do we have and when did the new amendment to the rules come.? Explain 6. Explain rule 10 . Which vsls can violate this rules. 7. What is restricted visibility ? (He dint want the colregs definition. Says it’s second mates level) 8. What all equipments on the bridge ? 9. TRS formation, origin , path ? Why does it curve ?? 10. Anchor is dragging? Action as mate 11. Duties as per STCW 12. What is statutory, mandatory and class certificate.? Explain it 13. Disadvantages of ECDIS? ( He wants to hear that it’s virus prone, rest all every1 knows ) 14. What is collision? 15. Ships routeing? (When I explained it to him, he said that it’s not accurate and all and some shit) 16. How will you prepare for SEQ survey ?? 17. Weather routeing ?? How will you do it ?? 18. Emergency steering gear 19. Disadvantages of Great circle sailing ? 20. Stranding, foundering and grounding ( for foundering it’s loss of intact bouyancy and not intact stability ) 21. Currents in North America. How does it flow.? Where do the meet. Where does the gulf stream finally reach ?? 22. Which magnetic pole is near to true poles ?? North or south ?? 23. Synoptic chart ? What all info 24. How will you maintain a navigational watch? 25. Difference between close quater situation and risk of collision ?? 26. How many distress signals in annex 4 27. Heavy weather precautions 28. Gyro compass. Asked me what’s the new trend now.F1
8-MAR-21JB SINGHStarts with tell why u left great eastern other words for salary…other better word for wife  .. And den start after half hour lecture. Asked restricted visibility Limitation of ECDIS TRS origin movement decay.. Why its re-curve? Asked one preferred channel buoy Told to quote rule. I said I can explain the rule  Total no of rules.. Annex4 kitne point he.. he wants exact no. Den asked if moonrise today 9am, tmwr same place moonrise after how much time. Spring tide bore tide Why happen to magnetic compass when ship alter course? Stranding beaching foundering. Duties of chief mate as per STCW. Synoptic chartsF1
5-JULY-21JB SINGHWhat is restricted visibility – Wx phenomenon How you will determine its restricted visibility – I said using radar and objects in vicinity / backscatter of masthead light / hazy horizon in daytime. Was not happy and said talk like a chief officer. Then he said all this is bullshit rest visibility is 1000m. Asked which rule you can quote. Quote rule 10. Disadvantages of ECDIS – wants to hear prone to virus. You are on bridge and collision – action. How will you keep effective watch? Gyro principle. CSE gyro. Magnetic compass. Why magnetic compass is not stable when altering course – I explained retentive and gauzing error but said wrong.F1
7-JULY-21JB SINGHVoyage planning, Rv definition , Innocent passage, UNCLOS, How is fog formed, floundering, damage stability,  How will you tell master if ingress of water in hold or tanks after Vessel has collided, How ships magnetic compass gives heading, IALA buoyage system full form and in detail.F1
7-JULY-21JB SINGH1) What are the contents of Bridge team Management publication (My answer – Don’t know) 2) What are the errors in Magnetic compass while altering course & why does needle doesn’t settle during alteration of course: Explain him about Retentive & Gaussin but he was not happy. 3) why Voyage planning is required. 4) what all equipment is connected with emergency generator.F1
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