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Capt. Khambata Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Khambata Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

19-NOV-19KHAMBATAVoyage planning as a mate, PONR, Abort point Bore tide and what precautions needed BTM in detail Bridge visibility criteria in detail Tides ECDIS safety settings, anti-grounding cone specifications Weather routing in detail TRS avoiding action for slow vessel in SH Damage stability when grounded in detail Aft ETA deployment in detail and requirements Magnetic compass correctorsF1
16-MARCH-20KHAMBATACCRP in ECDIS Offset function in ECDIS ENC and raster chart Minor changes in passage plan after completion of plan, what r they? AIS, RAIM in GPS Squat depends on CB During anchor where to take load once brought up…stopper TRS in SH avoiding actions.F1
3-SEPT-20KHAMBATA1. Started with bwmc D1 D2. 2. Ship receive gallons of oil on board will u note it in orb? Which part? 3. Vsl @ haldiya port wat inst u giv 2 officer n crew on duty. 4. How will u order mooring ropes n wats d new ammendment. 5. DD critical moment n prepn.F1
5-FEB-21KHAMBATAStarted with ROR (8,10,19,35) Few situations RV and TSS Current types TRS in detail and avoiding action Why no TRS after 20 degree Why magnetic and gyro don’t work in high lat Star sight (long by chron) in detail Lateral marks and isolated danger Grounding and steering fail actions Passage plan from Canada to Australia as a mate. Tidal stream and tidal diamond. Annex 4 and annex 1 specifications.F1
9-MAR-21KHAMBATA1- Purging of ECDIS 2- Roll over of GPS 3- RA in detail for HRA 4- Position monitoring and fixing ng 5- Gross UKC and net UKC 6- Spare magnetic compass stowed posn and why 7- GPS and DGPS working 8- Date dependent in ECDIS. 9- Coefficient of magnetic compass and correctionF1
14-JAN-21KHAMBATA– Errors of GPS – Describe GDOP & User clock in detail – Quote rule no 6 – Errors of Gyro in details – Why Gyro unreliable in higher latitude – Errors of magnetic compass – Why Magnetic Compass unreliable in higher latitude – SV overtaking PDV who is responsible and as per which rule.. – Compilation Scale of ECDIS – Types of Rolling and Synchronous rolling in detail. -what action to minimize these rolling – Surf riding, broaching and pooping. – Region B marks random asking – Weather Routeing – What all things u will report to shore agency in Shore base weather Routeing If u r Wx ship -TRS in details: Formation, Avoiding action in Southern Hemisphere for slow vessel -Why no TRS on equator – Passage plan in polar water – 4 to 5 crossing Situation of CBD, SV, NUC and PDV – Quote 19d -Annex 4 – No cards – End mein rapid fire for 5 min que not remembering.F1
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