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Capt. Sharma Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Sharma Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

3-APRIL-19SHARMAFunction 1 1 . One vessel on your stbd side near to qarter brng. Constant action 2. His fav situation tgt vsl on port bow  5 miles action 3 . RV vsl on stbd bow then next at stbd. Quarter radar operational 4 .rule no 6 and 19 quote 5. Margin of safety of vsl factors  to detemine the same 6. Navigation in ice 7.trs dangerous quadrant why dangerous 8 why pl is straight for celestial and why circular for terrestrial 9 characteristics of radar hbw why less and why vbw is moreF1
10-JULY-19SHARMATRS fani Various RV situations Vsl engine broke down near the coast action (alter course away from shore considering traffic) Wt all to monitor in dis situations (monitor rate n drift n shallow patch depth) How to use anchor in dis situation ( pay out d anchor once it touches the ground pay out fully under power fr 100 mtrs of depth) so Dat u cn avoid going aground U r at port strong winds.. Heavy weather wt actions (can advice Master to proceed to sea with approval from DPA) If u don’t get permission ( double up the moorings n use different bollards use additional moorings) he wants you to rig fenders n tug to be stand by U r at anchor n heavy weather is predicted your action. (secure the ship as per heavy weather and proceed to deep waters n take land shelter till d weather dissipates).F1
15-NOV-19SHARMAAll previous question – he will keep u asking until he is satisfied that u remember wat last surveyors questioned u and did u rectified ur mistakes of last attempt (suggestion- with dis surveyors u can b lucky cuz he ask same previous question n little extra from his side) Dry moon Wet moon Rule 10 TSS-he asked if i by hearted ??cuz Capt. JB Singh put remark last tym-“not able to quote”/ i said yes dis tym i knw all by heart- he said ok tell me its content Situations in TSS – as i started to tell him its content Passage plan in english channel TSS- practically on paper. Action – ur ship aground on soft bottom ( action as chief mate on bridge) – he wanted to hear abt tide n chances of refloating to b ascertained with stability point of view. Lights of aground vessel/ NUC Shapes dimensions He will give u situations and question u on basis of ur answer – so basically answer in wat u r good at n confident No cards were shown TRS-once he understands dat u knw it he will move to next questions Synoptic charts Actions in heavy weather as mate Wat is spring tide Perigean spring tide Neap tide( as i was answering he asked wat is nibbed (neaped) vessel ? I said never heard abt itF1
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