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Capt. Shukla Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Shukla Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

12-DEC-18SHUKLAMajor steel renewal in dry dock, wat wud u advise master to check in terms of navigation Magnetic compass spares Preparation to be carried out b4 compass corrector comes onboard Corrections of magnetic compass How wil you check & ensure gyro compass is working properly on voyage form China to Chile Frontal depressions n draw how to identify it on a wx facsimile Most imp rule in Colregs in part B sect 2 n related cross questioning While proceeding to Fujairah anchorage how wil u assist master from fwd stationF1
15-MAR-19SHUKLASitting together and asking, Started with My Name, Company Name, Types of Ship, last ship info like Bridge equipment makers. He wanted to leave early n was taking his time thinking of questions to ask. Most of the questions were practical but he wanted to hear some typical answers what he had pre meditated n kept on asking deeper n deeper on every answer. No colregs, ror cards or situations. Voyage from South Korea to Chile, how will u prepare ur Gyro compass as its a long voyage n in Chile der is no servicing facility for Gyro if something goes wrong.  Ur in a dry dock n it has been two months everyone is busy with something or the other. Steel replacement, Surveys etc. Tell me one thing that Master might have forgotten. Magnetic compass inspection n maintenance is going to be carried out. What all preparations we can do to facilitate it. Spares for magnetic compass n how will u order spare compass.You’re  in Kandla awaiting berthing n TRS has formed in Arabian sea just outside the Gulf. It might recurve east or north east towards Kandla. How will u ride the Trs and what kind of Ships ride the TRS.Ur a selective Meteorological Ship. What all equipment’s do u carry? What is the frequency of reporting n Masters obligation. How to report n what all to report.He told me ur in north high latitude above 60deg north. Draw cold front n frontal depressions for that area on the paper.Why beaching is done. What is the types of Ships that do beaching. How will u teach ur Cadets about Sextant. Sextant errors and how to correct them. Side error. How to correct. He wanted to know by turning second adjustment screw what all things happenF1
9-AUG-19SHUKLA1. You are on a voyage from Chile to Japan. Places where you won’t get any service technician on time, high latitude. How will you as a chief officer make sure that gyro will be in order? ( I told him all the maintenance, he said this is all operational level… Think as Management level) 2. What are the spare requirements of Magnetic compass. 3. In North Atlantic, what weather will you observe. 4. Index of colregs. In section 2 of PART B, which is the most important rule? What rule you will ask your cadet to by heart the rules. 5. Which is the most important information given in wheelhouse poster? 6. Draw frontal depression as seen on surface chart. What is the speed of frontal depression? 7. Have you done dry dock? What information you will ask from docking master? 8. Your company took over a ship which is 25 years old just came out from dry dock. 300 tonnes of steel renewed. What will be your concern as chief officer? 9. You are going for Anchorage at a depth of 60-65m. As a chief officer, what all information you will check on bridge before you go forward. Action after going forward And what all information you will provide to Master from forward 10. What is beaching. When will you consider beaching? 11. Official logbook entries.F1
10-AUG-19SHUKLA1) what is the first thing you will check in the maneuvering booklet for a car carrier Me – windage area 2) what is the max wind heeling moment? Me – Sry am not able to remember 3) he showed me two diagrams one of which was angle of loll and the other severe wind and rolling Me – I said second one 4) spairs for magnetic compass Me – I said more than 150 GT spare magnetic compass and spare corrector magnets ( but he said not spare sufficient no. Of magnetic corrector magnets) 5) how will you order a spare magnetic compass if you are magnetic compass is broken and you have replaced it it with your spare Me – we know the make ,type , area where ship was built  ( he added internal dia , gimbal size and  said ur spare will come only from the shipyard ur ship was built nd all) 6) how will you train your cadet to learn side error and which time will be the best to teach him practically day or night ? Me – i explained him about side error, then told him that I will teach him in the morning or evening Twilight where you can see the stars and to check whether they are horizontally displaced 7)rule 6 and understanding specially second part 8) what are the rules that you want your cadet to be thorough in? Me – I said 5,6,7,8 lol then told many more than told party m B steering and sailing rules 9) current near new foundland nd y is that area of significance Me – because of advection fog , great circle traffic converging, ice , heavy weather 10) how does ice come there Me –  told him  about  east Greenland current West Greenland current then baffin bay and then labrador current bringing ice to new foundland 11) plan a voyage a HRA by bmp 5 Me – told him the 5 fundamental and normal HRA things that we do 12) which is the first thing you will check in a wheel house poster Me – stopping distance 13) inertial stop or crash stop Me – inertial stop 14) picking up pilot on car carrier in a busy area and pilot is delayed nd beam winds Me – reduce your speed to minimum, use bow thruster,keep anchor stand by , co ordinate with pilot stationF1
3-MARCH-20SHUKLACards, frequency of non-displacement craft light, frequency of purse Seine gear light When will you call a compass adjuster? As a mate what will you do before compass adjuster comes maintenance of magnetic compass, gyro, tests and maintenance of radar. What rules will you expect a first time third officer to know by heart, practical questions on TRS, avoiding it etc., Correction of sextant errors (told him all about them but he wanted to know how exactly we’ll adjust the screw)F1
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