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Capt. Srivastava Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Srivastava Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

13-OCT-17SRIVASTAVAWhat is weather routing? Different equipments u use for it? Quote rule 5, 6 and 19 Few situations on TSS and RV Cards of NUC, CBD- day card, dredger, fish with persuine Ur on watch and baro goes below 6mb? How to determine location of TRS What are weather routing charts and info u get from them? Symbol of occluded front Maintenance on mag and gyro compass Why we prepare deviation card? Who does it and how? When do GPS fails? He wants to hear the Jamming of signal and world war situation Errors of GYRO.. and what is ballistic effect- i screwed up in this but he was ok.. said nobody usually is able toF1
6-JULY-18SRIVASTAVA1. How r south west monsoon formed (i knew he wud ask dat as now v facing monsoon) ? 2. Passage planning as mate, inputs to 2 off 3. ers, wat info v give at dep n arrival 4. Types of ice 5. Bore tide 6. 2 cards 7. 1 narrow channel situation. Own vsl pd overtaking sailing. If sailing vessel stopz wat wil u do. Ans is rudder cycling 8. What is rudder cycling 9. What is occulusion. Draw n show 10. Types of ice 11. Gyro erratic in high lat. Y. With formula 12. Bearing discrimination in radar 13. U r mate n vdr service done. Wat chcks to b done. Mention u wil vil chk perf stds as per solas 14. What is kick aheadF1
6-JULY-18SRIVASTAVA1. Navigation in light ice precautions 2. Gyro maintenance onboard 3. Wat is dry n wet type methods used for making gyro north seeking 4. ERS 5. Quote rule 6 n 19 6. Rule 10. How to join n leave TSS, what precautions. Aft i gave my ans he also elaborated.F1
12-JULY-18SRIVASTAVAQuote rule no 5, 6, 13 & 19. Day cards. Night cards. Cardinal Buoys. Voyage planning in detail. Anchor dragging, take action. Allison with jetty while departure, actions. What information is obtained from Weather routing charts.F1
10-AUG-18SRIVASTAVA-Weather routeing in North Pacific during winter’s -GPS fail -Star sight calculation -Buys ballot law -Rule 5, 6 -Cards -Buoys -Malcca staright passage precautions -How will u determine safe speed in straits -Heavy weather precaution -How will you use weather information And how it’s given -Vsl disable how to connect towing in heavy weather -Higher latitude navigationF1
7-SEPT-18SRIVASTAVADuty as chief mates (basically he wabts to hear as per stcw nav, cargo n shipping) Rules-5,6,13 In singapore strait rv  wht safe speed wd we maintain Cards- grounding day signal, also anchor v/l signals RAM SIGNALS Magnetic compass adjustment (only wants to hear as per solas) Gyro error adjustment Grounding action as chief mate, ERS.F1
14-DEC-18SRIVASTAVAQuote 6,13,17,19. Define Nautical Mile Errors of Magnetic Compass How will u correct Magnetic Compass Methods of finding Gyro Error. Weather routing, Passage Planning as Mate. Routing charts, Wx Fax, TRS Auto Pilot n controls of Auto Pilot Emergency Steering. Significant wave height, Freak wave, abnormal wave, Tsunami, Odas bouy, Tsunamic alert system.F1
14-MAR-19SRIVASTAVAIce patrol, Ice accretion, Factors for ice accretion, Ice limits, Weather Routing, shore based weather routing, 3-4 ror cards and buoys, hygrometer, dew point, sweat, ventilation, few more meteorology questions, tide and current, why some places in India has high tide more comparative to other places, No rules or ROR situationsF1
14-MAR-19SRIVASTAVAGave me a paper and asked me to draw ETA, While drawing he asked as per which regulation, I said SOLAS chapter and regulation I don’t remember, He gave me SOLAS and asked me to find out, it was in chapter 2. He asked me why is it chapter 2 and not 5. Requirement for ETA deployment, I answered. He was not satisfied. He wants exactly what is quoted in SOLAS. Again asked me to read from SOLAS.F1
15-MAY-19SRIVASTAVAVarious cards, ROR situations, buoyage system, isolated , special mark ,safe water mark buoys as per cards. Voyage planning as per chief officer, important consideration for the voyage… Factors necessary for formation of trs, what is buys ballot law…just becoz pressure fallen below 5mb u will consider formation of low pressure…not necessary how will u confirm it at that tym???? Navigation in high latitude…to which all vessel apply….what is ice class vessel…types of ice… what should b the thickness of ice considered safe for transit… Prepare checklist for vessel arrival port… Prepare checklist for any one Emergency experience on board… Tides and ocean current Action as chief mate for grounding…F1
6-JUNE-19SRIVASTAVAROR- rule 5 n13 quote, nuc day and night signal, South cardinal buoy, Metrology- buys ballots law explain, if pressure drops by 3mb where is the low pr, BTM- if you are in fwd stn, and vessel entering port and pilot gets delayed master panicking, what will you do from fwd stn (main point he wants to hear you will call 2/o to relieve you and you will go on bridge to assist master and if reqd take over) Passenger Vessel has main engine failure action, if towing is reqd who will you inform and why, what is salvage towing, what is the best action if you are drifting towards an island ( he wants to hear the quote from dantons- never go ashore with the anchors in the hawse). Action in case of grounding. Bridge eqpt – Magnetic compass- what are the coefficients, how will you correct a magnetic compass, who does corrections for the magnetic compass. ECDIS- what to do if you need enc for a place to divert and your contract for chart supplier has expired. Echo sndr – errors. GPS errors. ETA- what is ocean towing and Harbor towing, what is the difference in the tugs, what are the eqpts in ETA of passenger vessel ; draw the top view of the fwd ETA and tug, What wire dia is used, who gives the wire to who, as chief how you know when to reject the tow line, what should be the MBL of the tow line, what is bollard pull, how to calculate it.F1
19-JUNE-19SRIVASTAVAPassage planning for mate, how will u go about planning taking bunkers at Anchorage, magnetic compass coefficients and stepwise  corrections, maintenance of magnetic compass, deviation card, ROR quote rules 6,13,9,5… Indication of bad weather barometric pressure falls by 5 mb (doesn’t want subra answer).. Stepwise actions, formation of depression in ur path 12 deg N.. Instructions for second and third officer, avoiding action TRS, reason for cyclone vayu, categories of cyclone with wind speeds, Anchor dragging master not onboard. mandatory certificates on-board stepwiseF1
3-JULY-19SRIVASTAVANo cards, No buoys, No situations, No Colregs. 1. How will you go about voyage planning as a Mate? What all aspects will you look at? 2. How will you assist Master will all information regarding voyage planning? 3. Emergency Steering Drill. How is it carried out. How often do we do the drill? 4. Routeing Charts. 5. How to carry out weather routeing? 6. Your barometric pressure falls by 5mb. Action? 7. Difference between Depression and TRS? 8. Maintenance of Magnetic compass. 9. What are the different coefficients. Give small info on them. 10. How to prepare for drydock as a Mate? 11. What is declivity of dock? And it’s purpose. 12. A lot of collision and close quarters situation is happening with vessels and small fishing boats here in Bombay waters. With regards to Rule 5, 6 and 13 give a short description why these rules failed to be followed onboard. 13. You are about to sail through the Bosphorus strait into the Black sea. As Mate, how will you prepare the vessel?F1
11-MARCH-20SRIVASTAVA2 ROR situations. – RV-You hear fog signal on port bow range is decreasing. No target on radar . ROC exist. Action – vessel on 22.5 abaft your beam. Own vsl speed 10 kts target vsl 15 kts. ROC exists. Action.( Failing question) No further questions. Said your application of ROR is poor come next timeF1
11-MARCH-20SRIVASTAVA2 Ror situations. – RV-You hear fog signal on port bow range is decreasing. No target on radar . ROC exist. Action – vessel on 22.5 abaft your beam. Own vsl speed 10 kts target vsl 15 kts. ROC exists. Action.( Failing question) No further questions. Said your application of ROR is poor come next timeF1
11-MARCH-20SRIVASTAVA– Passage planning as chief mate – international ice patrol – polar code – weather routing – weather routing charts – types of weather charts – Quote rule 13 – NUC card – south cardinal buoy – Emergency steering requirement and drill – what is global warming and it’s effects. Measures taken by government.F1
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